Thursday, May 15, 2008

Smile Like You Mean It

I can't believe that I ever suggested that the Mets should have been given a heroes' welcome when they returned from their quasi-successful road trip last week. That said, I was pretty adamant about if they won four out of six games. But you know what - they split the trip against one very successful team and one hot team. So that spoke volumes to me.

But this - a 3-4 home stand. This is more than I can bear.

Against the Reds. And the Nationals. Two sub par teams with horrible pitching staffs and no hitting. Do I have to bring up the Bronson Arroyo game again? Or you know, maybe I won't even bring up the fact that today Mike Pelfrey pitched his ass off for once in his life, and the team just mailed it in. You know, they have to travel to the Bronx tomorrow. That travel day fucks with their menstrual cycles.

And yet, I have to give props to Billy Wagner for calling out the veteran contingent on the team for not taking their lumps with the media. Let's face it - Wags is the man. If he outright sucks, he comes right out and says it. He can take it like a man. Get the rest of this team some testosterone pills. I'm sick of it.

The worst part is Billy is right - where the f#$% are these guys? That is unacceptable. A few weeks ago, Matt Cerrone over at Metsblog had a great survey on what the fans want to see out of the team.

And I think it was summed up nicely by - we want to see that they care.

It was obvious Moises Alou cared last night by getting tosses, arguing balls and strikes.

It was obvious Willie Randolph did NOT, since he refused to back Moises on his argument.

It was obvious that Claudio Vargas deserved a win at best on Wednesday night, a no-decision at worst.

It is obvious that Aaron Heilman is still the ringleader of the Big Pussy Posse.

It is obvious that guys like Carlos Delgado loaf in games like today.

And it is obvious that mentality is trickling down to the young guys with heart like Reyes and Wright.

That said, all I ask is what Mets fans around ask.

Play like you mean it. Make diving plays. Cut yourself up, get bruised. Play with the dirtiest uniform imaginable. Don't be afraid of walls in the outfield.

Oh yeah and fucking hit like you mean it. You want to get back at the fairweather contingent booing your sorry asses at Shea? Start pounding the ball like nobody's business.

We know you have it in you. But right now, the fucking Marlins - universally panned as the worst team in baseball - is making ALL of us look like chumps.

Go Mets. Yankees suck. Who's going Saturday?


Andrew Vazzano said...

"Or you know, maybe I won't even bring up the fact that today Mike Pelfrey pitched his ass off for once in his life, and the team just mailed it in."

I actually think they sent it using the Pony Express.

Julie/ said...

I feel horrible for Pelfrey after this loss. As has been the case most of the season, people were left on base throughout the whole damn game!

But I gotta give it to Wagner, tells it like it is. Can't ask for much more.

Man, they gotta at least take 2 this weekend.

Coop said...

Julie dare I say they have to sweep. One thing this team since game 7 of 2006 was that they cannot set a tone. If they're gonna lose a lot - go on a losing streak. If you're the kicking butt team you say you are, take no prisoners. But if they are a .500 club, i guess the wins are like brief respite from an otherwise unglowing season.

Deb said...

And if the likes of Billy Wagner, a guy who defines his role on the team down to the finest point, has to speak up, what does that say? I mean, what is that really telling us?

It's telling us that there is no leader on this team, and that anybody on the team can do anything anytime he wants, and Stoic Willie just slaps their little pussies *titter* and they just go about doing what they want to do anyway.

There must be a Mets Fairy somewhere....