Sunday, May 18, 2008

New York, New York

So Dykstraw and I headed to the House of Evil on 161st St and River Ave in the Bronx for Saturday's game.
Nuff said.

Now, I am not going wax intellectual or poetic about the Mets win yesterday. I mean, I will say a few things of course.
I know Johan pitched at a place known as a the "Homer Dome" but can someone tell him he doesn't pitch there anymore and he actually pitches in PITCHER FRIENDLY dimensions now? Look, a win is a win and I saw someone ask somewhere else - do we want Johan to dominate? In a word....YES!! Yes he has to freaking dominate. We traded him for everybody worth a damn in our system, and he was supposed to bring the goods. Like Tom Seaver, he went a pitched a no-hitter for the Reds for petes sakes, and we got, um, four scrubs for him in 1977. Whatever. Johan got lots o' value. Show us your contract buddy.

But I will concede he had an extra day of rest and hopefully he will be back to Johan Super form in no time.
Next is - if we want to see an edgier fan base than ours, look no further than the Bronx. Madon', no mind you I did not hear booing for any of their team (I guess that's "Yank-mee Class" or whatever), but I did hear Yankee fans talking smack. OK, I MIGHT have talked back (Dykstraw, shut up already), but come on. As Woodside Frank once told some Vikings fans at a Jets / Vikings game back in 2002, "Youse guys suck worse than we do."

But other than my would-be scuffle, I didn't really hear anything from Yanks fans. I mean, I think they are actually complacent in their loserdom. For now. I mean, I don't expect Tampa to be in first all season, nor do I expect the Skanks to be in last. Sound familiar for the NL East? Thought so. Here is the view from our seats. (Thanks to JH for hooking me up!)
Few thoughts on the House that Scumbags like Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle Shit In...

Their concession stands are a little sassier than Shea's. I mean, their french fries were definitely better but you had to wait 900 years to get them. Beer is more expensive but plenty of stands around. Their Stadium Club was infinitely nicer than the Diamond Club at Shea (not saying much) - but if I hadn't gotten a late start to my morning and ate late, I definitely would have wanted to partake in their buffet brunch. I mean, it was something like $31 / person. But wouldn't you pay something like that in Manhattan anyway? You'd have nicer bathrooms in Manhattan though. And speaking of bathrooms, their women's rooms were painted PINK. I wonder if Jason Giambi has ever used them. Well, maybe if they were gold lame and tiger striped.
Needless to say, my lighthearted mood today has to do with two things. One is - the Mets haven't played yet today. But I do fully expect Big Game Ollie (Or Dr. Oliver Jekyll Perez) to show up tonight - he likes games like this. Two is - the Mets won and lots of good things out of it. David Wright and Jose Reyes both were accountable for a few runs and as Dykstraw pointed out in later innings - Carlos Delgado was due for an "accidental" hit - which he DID get! Carlos Beltran even jacked a triple. I noticed something interesting too - lots of scooting their hineys out of the box. Men were left on base early on, but they got to Pettitte early. And scoring a run of Joba the Hut -- nothing to shake a stick at. Let's see them string a few of these pups together. We got a game tonight and a series against the Cowards.
But another question I have is - why do the Yankees have sole ownership of Ol' Blue Eyes' version of "New York, New York?" I mean, the Mets definitely deserve a PART OF IT (ba dum - New York, Neeeewwwww Yorrrrkk...ok I'm done, well Dykstraw might continue). I mean, we get the drag queen fave version starring Liza Minnelli. I mean, I love Liza as much as the next person - but can't the Mets get joint custody of that song too? Kiss' "New York Groove" aint the same. Maybe we can get U2's "New York." It's a little morose and not a good karaoke. Here's Dykstraw and me, taking a break from singing (we sang all the way outside the stadium and down the ramps too). OOH! Maybe we can make "New York, New York" our 8th inning sing-a-long!!! Write in to the Mets now!!!


Deb said...

You know what, Coop? Those are lovely pics, and may I say you look quite fetching in your Mets-like blue, but frankly, I hate "New York, New York," and can't think of a worse song that I'd want to hear every day at a Mets game.

Except some of the ones they're currently playing, that is, heh heh heh.

Let's have some Ramones, baby! Let's wake the place up some!

Lauren K said...

"New York, New York" is tired and overplayed, much like the Yankees. They can have it. The Mets deserve a better song anyway.

Michael Leggett said...


I was at Fenway Park, Saturday, at my 2nd Annual Subway Series Avoidance Day, following the Game on my phone, as well as the flight of Papi's Homer and avoiding the "Jeter" Humdrum of Tim Mc Carver;

A "Sterling-esque" Chant of "Thahhhhhhhhhh Yankees Suck", went up around a few laughs.

dykstraw said...

reading this post tonight is surreal. it is like we traveled back in time a year or two to watch a game.

this is turning into one of those "well at least we won the subway series!" years.