Thursday, May 22, 2008

Misdirected Hostility (That's What You Got, See)

I have a lot of anger these days. Geez, any particular reason why Coop?

As if it could get any worse than being swept by the hated Braves, who as Zoe's friend Rob pointed out, we are 2-7 (TWO and FREAKING SEVEN!) so far this year, a 13-inning affair that should have theoretically been locked up with Billy Wagner in the 9th last night (he's certainly entitled to a blown save now and then, but did anyone else notice the lack of warming up by him in the bottom of the 8th? He hadn't pitched in days at that point).

But my anger is a little misdirected these days and probably goes against people who don't deserve it much.

I'd say it goes to Omar Minaya and to David Wright.

For one, Omar does the right thing and puts his support to Willie. But I think we all know why. He fucked this team in the ass so royally the last few years, where do I begin? Now, don't get Metsie Corey started on his feelings about the "Teflon GM" - although I have been an unabashed supporter of Minaya over the years (well, i do remember the Al Harazin days, at least this team has an over .500 record), I have to say that the blinders have been coming off recently and I see the forest for the trees or rather, the team and all its warts and shit.

Overall, I think the reliance on overpaid, over-the-hill and declining veterans have really put this team at a disadvantage.

Let's ask ourselves this question: if Omar hadn't traded away everyone worth a damn for Johan Santana (who, I'm sorry, has failed to impress me thus far - I know he'll come around, but I doubt we can count on him to be THE Big Game Pitcher we want him to be), would any of us be surprised at any of this stuff happening?

Let's go down the list:

  • Carlos Delgado's decline which was evident last season, plus the lack of depth at 1B in the farm system or on the bench.
  • Moises Alou - well you know, do I really need to insult your intelligence here - read the great Metstradamus' take on Death, Taxes and Moises Alou. Shit I even think Felipe Alou knew Moises wouldn't make it through half a season let alone another.
  • Carlos Beltran dogging it and making excuses for his pussy play. YOU ARE A PUSSY!
  • Aaron Heilman. I feel bad for him because I think he can be good, many of his problems are in his head. However, what will we get in a trade for him - 10 bats, like this guy did?
  • Luis Castillo for a four-year contract. In other words, WTF Omar?

Now, I'm going to touch on a slightly sensitive topic but on the whole idea that Omar is starting an all-Latin team, which is hogwash. Latin American development is the next great bastion of untapped resource, and Omar is wise to get the ball rolling. And if Jose Reyes became the next fill-in-the-blank star from Dominican, we would be on our knees bowing to Minaya. But that's not the case here. I think that the whole Luis Castillo, Carlos Delgado, and sticking with Alou - has to do more with "these are my guys" mentality.

And yet Willie gets raked over the coals for trusting his guys and saying it out loud. While Omar Minaya has said ON RECORD that as along as he's employed,guys with questionable motives and character like Rickey Henderson and Julio Franco would always have a job? And for those who believe in his Latin preference, look no further than losing Jesus Flores to the Rule V Draft in a rumored protective effort for Julio Franco who ended up being released in 2007 anyway.

Bull-shit! (Clap clap!).

Let's just say, catchers don't age well and it was obvious Paul LoDuca was not in the long term plans of the team (and let's be real, neither is Brian Schneider) he later traded a minority for two white dudes, one of whom can catch in the offseason, so let's put the whole Latin preference to rest. It's a BUDDY preference. If Willie were to fired, I think we can see a guy like Felipe Alou managing the team not because he has Dominican roots but because he's Omar's FRIEND. So kudos to Corey for bringing up the whole crony-ism thing which no one will touch because it's easier to sell the whole Latin slant. End of story as my dear Aunt would say. BOOM.

Omar has done a lot of goodwill with the fans, like going out and believing that this team can get the best players on the free agency market. With all the competition, that's nothing to shake a stick at but when spending another guy's money to make yourself look good, of course it's going to benefit the team. However, the team has also suffered in it's drafting choices giving up sandwich picks for free agents. Four years of coveting these guys and getting them will only make the greater team suffer in the long run.

I give Omar credit where its due but it's time to take off our blinders about him. He's as guilty if not more than Willie at this point and I think and hope and dream that the Wilpons are seeing that too. Yes I know we cannot fire the entire team but firing Willie won't change anything. Imminently.

Lastly, I am going to pick on David Wright...Stuff your sorries in a sack, mister!!!

Don't cry and don't lose sleep over this sorry sack of losers, David. Because it's obvious they go home to their mansions and yachts and look forward to golfing in October.

Listen to me: THIS IS YOUR TEAM. You are the face of the franchise.

Last year, all the attention went to your buddy Jose Reyes who let the whole team down by faltering in the stretch. You, my friend, were the only one worth a damn in those last horrible weeks of 2007.

This year, for some strange reason, I think you are still under the impression that Carlos Delgado is running thangs. Let me clue you in on something: Delgado couldn't manage the Hudson News stand at the downtown PATH Station.


And I have news for you - none of your teammates take these losses personally. I'm sure at my job when a multi-million dollar deal is lost, some people may lose sleep initially but they get back out there and start making deals. None of this pussy feeling sorry for yourself bullshit.

This is a jay-oh-bee to your teammates. Never forget that. You have a God-given talent that will waste away and it's obvious with you hacking at pitches with no game plan that their attitudes are affecting you too. Here's what you do. Stop crying. Start hitting. Start playing. You can be the saviour of this club and be the face of the franchise. If you allow it - do you want loafers running the team?

Don't think so. This is one thing you and we fans can get on board with.

Start doing it. Thank you.


Andrew Vazzano said...

Nick Evans will be our savior.

Deb said...

This is soooo right on, Coop. Right on sister! Especially the DW Mini-Rant. He needs to wake up and smell the pussy (did I really say that???? lol) that is this team personality, and set a different course for himself and for the team of the future. Because Delgado will be a gone goon next year, and the David ship will be sailing into Flushing harbor. Is there a Flushing harbor, anyway? LOL Well, you get my drift.

Most excellent post, Coop. :)