Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just When I Think I Am Out, They Pull Me Back In...

Did you see that?!?!?!?!

What was better -- Tatis' game winning 2 RBI double in the 12th...or me jumping around in my living room (with my cats looking at me quizzicly), so thrilled that I had stayed up to watch the game?

Just when I was thinking that the title of my posting would be "Amezaga - DEAD." Did you see him and Hanley "I'm a Poor Man's Jose Reyes" Ramirez doing a little choreographed dance in the dugout after Alfredo's go-ahead home run? Hey boys, if you want to be a big boy team, maybe you shouldn't do EXACTLY what pissed you off about the Mets last year, eh?

And the better story -- Mets took two of three of the "first place" Marlins. Now we're talkin.

In other words - neener, neener, neener!!!

But I am willing to go on a ledge here. I am going to say that this...THIS GAME...this will change everything.

Mark my words.

This is Coop with the first Happy ReCoop of the season!

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caryn said...

as long as beltran keeps making catches like tonight, he will never be in my BPP

Coop said...


Deb said...

I know, my mom was up half the night after the win, so geared up she couldn't fall back asleep. I think she might have even watched the game again on the

I was a little pissed, because she and that bum of a dog of mine (lol) didn't even get up this morning to say buh bye before I left for work. The NERVE of them, the noy-ve!

And somebody somewhere out there has to have a petition to get Jay Horowitz to keep wearing that awfully orange and wonderfully beautiful

crazymetgirl said...

It was (finally) awesome to watch!!!!! I was also jumping around like a crazy person, but loving every minute of it... and then rewinding it and watching it again... and again... I have tix for Friday night and a few days ago I had no intention of going....

Now? I'm so there :-) Does that make me a fair-weather fan? I hope not... I was just too depressed the past couple weeks and it was literally a physical pain to watch them play... I'm so glad they seem to have gathered themselves together and are playing with heart again.

coop said...

No CMG - it makes you a FAN. I still went to games in 2002, but there were so many games I didn't go to because, well, I just knew I would be bored. The way they were playing back then, who could blame me? I went to my fair share, believe me. Even last night, if they were going to lose (which I was keeping the faith right till the end), that it would be positive they fought back every time they were down. Now, if only they could just fight and win the dang thing in regulation 9 innings, that would be great, m'k?

Ceetar said...

I posted the same thing about Hanley. I didn't mention it in my post, but I'm pretty sure Hanley wishes he was Reyes, wishes he was a Met, wishes he didn't know his team won't be in it when it counts.

And it was a very lame 'dance' compared to Reyes stuff.