Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Can't Believe That I am Actually Going to Try to Be The Voice of Reason Here...

I know yesterday was horrible. A catastrophe. And the night before was a tad less worse -because though the Mets actually won, it was a game they should have easily won but did not. But think about the ekers they've won this year. They all seem like - well, at least they won. The rest of the team just looked asleep at the wheel. Believe me, I rant about it here. (I was mean, but deal with it) - and well, Billy Wagner also said his peace too. Notice I have not put Billy on my BP list yet. I think he may just be my new favorite Met.

But my point being, it's May 1 today. We go on the road to face a red-hot Diamondbacks team. Then on to L.A., who were having troubles of their own but have been on a good streak lately.

Open this here link to see what I saw this morning: Save Arizona, the Cubs and the Angels, the rest of the teams everywhere else are not faring all that well either. I mean, they have OK standings. But Florida Marlins are in first place. FIRST PLACE. They just lost five straight. Nuff said. That bloom is off the rose.

Take a look at the Yankees. They are not at .500, and their star 2007 MVP is out on the DL and their young "future ace" pitcher is also out.

On the Braves, Smotlzie is out and talking about moving back to the bullpen. Glavine is also out for the first time ever in his long distinguished career on the DL. Not to mention Mike Hampton's woes. Chipper Jones is out every other day it seems. These Braves are not the 1990s Braves.

Even the Phils, who were gift-wrapped the NL East by a flailing Mets team, didn't make it out of the playoffs with one win and are also going through their own issues.

The Nats Cordero? Also out. For a month.

My point being - look, as Mets fans, we are restless. The sky is falling. And I acknowledge they have not been better than a .500 team since last June, I do say this.

Maybe .500 is all they need to be a good team in the East.

Not to mention that we don't hear this kind of clamoring from other teams who are far worse off than we are. I mean, Alou is due back this week. Schneider may need a few more days off, but he should be back to be Pelfrey's personal catcher (That kills me. It does). BTW, I need more answers on how he got a staph infection?

Yes I know they've played .500 ball since last year. Yes I remember the collapse.

But we are not doing them any favors by bringing it up every chance we get.

I think the worst part of the collapse is that we fans are making it a hell of a lot worse.

Who knows - maybe they will kick ass on the road to show us fans.

Then they come home and suck, ha ha. Somebody has to step up and be like - these fans hate us and rightfully so. We need to come back and throw it in their faces that we are good.

I'm going to wait till May 31, personally, for my take on the team. Until then, you won't hear any sky-is-falling comments from me. Although you will see my Big Pussy columns once a week.


Metsie said...


You said it yourself, they have been below .500 since last June.

Yesterday was no different than any number of games they have played since June. Who cares if the rest of the division stinks too? I am sure the Wilpons didn't spend all this money to be mediocre.

The collapse handed the division to the Phillies and they got swept in the first round. Obviously being the best team in a horrible team does not bode well for whomever will emerge from the NL East.

The Mets' record wouldn't be so bothersome at all if they were mostly playing crisp baseball. But they are losing ugly, not getting timely hitting, not playing smart, burning their bullpen.

Outside of Ryan Church (who coincidentally was not here in 2007) and Billy Wagner, there is nothing else for me to get excited about regarding this team.

Almost nothing has changed from last year and that makes it hard to have patience.

MG said...

Honey, you can get a staph infection from riding the subway. From touching the wrong thing in the grocery store. From a shopping cart. And a guy who hangs out in locker rooms... it's a wonder that more players don't get staph infections. this one isn't suspicious, although the whole "personal catcher" thing is immature and of course very very funny. very funny.

i don't think this arizona roadtrip is going to be the same as the past few years. that guy in the front row with the broom might want to leave it in the garage.

Ceetar said...

He said he got it via a blister on his hand that popped, and then sticking in catcher's mitts and gloves and pine tar and dirt...etc.

They've shown they can win, they can win cleanly, and that they're a good team. It's about putting it together. (They _have_ won four of five). Last season is over. Saying they "Played about .500 since last May" is irrelevant, because June 16th last year doesn't count in the standings this year. They're over .500. They're in first place. And they've shown they are capable of being better than they are.

MP said...

Hate to be the downer - but Haren was better than Santana last year, and has been pitching as well this year.

Show Danny some love.

As to the main point, I absolutely agree that this team is mediocre at best.