Saturday, May 31, 2008

Coopslist Extra!!!

SO! My partner cancelled on me today and I am looking for a partner to today's game. I know it's last minute notice, but someone has to have no life like I do on a Saturday (LOL).

Click on my link to my email if you'd like to go. The rule is - I accept no cash for the tickets but I do accept payment in beer, a la Norm Peterson.

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Deb said...

So, Coop, did you find a taker for the ticket? I'll bet whomever it was wasn't sorry they went!

I have to admit, once the seventh inning ended, with all the stranded runners and the paltry couple of hits we managed to achieve, I did not hold out great hope, but when DW led of the bottom of the eighth with the double that hit the fence, well.... you just had a feeling, you know?