Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bring Us To Your Leader

Not sure what I can say about the brouhaha surrounding some of Willie's comments that showed up in the press today that Corey or Deb haven't said already.

But I can say that I took the ball and ran with it when I heard the comments about Willie blaming the fans for the Mets poor play at home that I named him the Big Pussy Pick of the Week over at GBU today.

But it goes so much further than Willie's comments about the fans. And again, I won't go into too much detail, since Corey did such a great job at calling the Mets and Willie out on everything including the lackadaisical play, our dollars being pumped in the Mets economy, our seats being sold out and season tickets holders left to hold the fabulous bag with our 20% increase after the worst collapse in baseball history.

But no. It was evident that Willie has lost any and all respect of the clubhouse when he pooh-poohed Tom Glavine's 300th win quest. And when Marlon Anderson, a dude who was only on the team half the year, felt the need to call a meeting when the Mets were free-falling into second place.

Now Willie has been the Met manager since 2005. He has been gifted with having an oer .500 winning percentage as manager in those three years.

In 2005, we gave him a pass when he was a rookie manager. And wasn't it cute when he messed up his double-switch?

In 2006, we gave him a pass because while he still had no clue how to run a bullpen (if you ask Willie, it's "into the ground"), the Mets won the NL East easily and so we loved him then.

In 2007, our patience was wearing thin. The Mets did have a winning season, but lost their heart by gift-wrapping the division to the hates Phillies.

The jig, as they say, was up for Willie.

In 2008, he still is around. But it's time for the Mets to clean house. And I'm not talking about firing Willie. I'm talking about getting rid of all the coaches, replace them and have these guys doing push-ups in a week.

No more carte-blanche to the vets anymore. And no more treating your best young players like they're cow flop. And learn how to handle a pitching staff. Because they don't like you anymore either Willie.

Let's clean house, get some new management in there, and finally, let's have someone else set the tone.

Just when I think I might have an iota of respect for Willie, he has the fucking brass cajones to tell the Mets fans we suck?

I say screw the Church Ladies and the Blue Maine Group. Let's get some fireman helmets and form the Fire Willie Department.


Julie/ChicagoMetsFan.com said...

A) I like firemen. Let them manage.

B) No matter our thoughts on having Willie and the coaches go, who do you think would be a good managerial replacement?

Julie/ChicagoMetsFan.com said...

I'd like to add that while I think Backman would be good, and I'm sure people like Mazz, I'd like to know of some non-former Mets players as options.

Someone at work mentioned Bob Brenley. I got nothing on that though.

Coop said...

I like Backman but doubt he's the "image" guy Wilpons like. I say promote Ken Oberkfell - he's an internal guy, respected in the organization and would have tese pussies doing push ups. I also say promote Randy Niemann, Tim teufel, Gary Carter - basically every guy in the organization who has paid their dues and give them a job with the big club. they have to better than what we have now.

Deb said...

I still vote for Maz, Coop. I know you're not overly enamored of him, but I just feel he's the right guy for this particular time.

I don't know enough about Oberkfell, and the only thing about Randy Niemann that readily comes to mind is Frank Cashen's biting remarks concerning him, the ones Frank made right after the Mets won the 1986 World Series, something to the effect that the ones who contribute the least celebrate the most.

That's when I knew TWO things, the first being Cashen was going to destroy the house he built, just because he could, and the second being that I would probably never think of Randy Niemann in any other context again. So I guess you could say, I'm not a Randy Niemann fan...lol.

The Coop said...

You know what though Deb, Randy Niemann (I have on good authority, two very trusted sources) is a tell-it-like-it-is kinda guy. I think the Mets need more guys like that. I know you like Maz, personally, I don't think he can run a Mister Softee truck but Oberkfell is one of those guys we heard grumblings about - then when Willie was hired we were like - what about Oberkfell? I think he had some health issues but he's 100% now. I think he can get more out of these guys than Wills or Maz *yankenstein LOL* can.

Deb said...

A tell it like it is kind of guy is exactly that, and sometimes it's a good thing, and sometimes it isn't. It depends on how, and when, and where, he does it. So it isn't necessarily good, get what I mean?

As I said, I don't know much about Oberkfell; I know he's highly thought of, and I would have to do some research into that.

I have a strange feeling that a Latino guy might be hired, though. Like maybe Felipe Alou. And if that happens... well, it'll be a bonanza for the bloggers!

Julie/ChicagoMetsFan.com said...

Yeah, I don't know much about Oberkfell, but someone else I know suggested him.

I agree with you both, someone with a little more fire would be nice. Not nec. to yell at the team, but at least get a little more emotional in those post game press conference where Willie is always the same. Always. Win or lose. Obviously a post win mood is better, but he's still so blah.