Tuesday, May 27, 2008


You may think that's the term I might use for the Mets' style of uninspired play. But nah...that's the way I felt at the game last night. I really didn't care if the Mets won or lost.

I guess the general Mets malaise is rubbing off on me. How funny that this attitude can even get to the most loyal of fans (like yours truly), but that this is what I have accused the Mets of doing for almost a full year now.

Now most of you know at MSF that I am not the biggest Willie fan. I never thought he was the right guy for the job and almost always believed he was a "puppet" of sorts. Of course, now that I see the glaring weaknesses of this team, I don't believe Willie is the guy who should get canned...right now, that is. If he was gonna get fired, I would have done it in October. But now, this time, we've gone too far. And since he was named to the All-Star coaching staff, I think the Wilpons would be hard-pressed to get rid of him now. You know the saying about bad press? Well, the Wilpons don't subscribe to that notion.

So what else can I say about the game last night? Uninspired play yet again, Big Pelf has like 900 pitches by the 5th inning and Jose Reyes makes another error in the first inning that opens the proverbial floodgates. Madon' what else is there to say?

Well, LoDigs and I attended the game and had a great time nonetheless. I often say that when you attend a sporting event where you are not emotionally invested in the teams playing, that the game is a lot easier to watch.

Like last night. I am slowly getting to the point where I just don't care. Apathy. Huh. Sounds familiar.

LoDigs did see a great sign in the stands last night - indicating "Save The Mets / Free Willie." I think the Mets problems are far from what Willie can and cannot do.


Andrew Vazzano said...

I'm with you. I don't think he's a terrible manager, and I don't think he's a genius (obviously).

But the team needs a shakeup...and I think Randolph is the easiest to replace.

I'm still holding on to hope. Getting excited for the games and such, but around 8:30 when the game already seems over, I'm fine with crawling into bed and watching it on gamecast.

Deb said...

Yes, Coop, I agree, the problems with this team go far beyond Willie, but Willie is what can be changed, relatively cheaply and easily, and if the team makes a few other changes, I think perhaps the cloud might lift a little.

Something seriously needs to be done to undermine the influence of certain players in the clubhouse, which is carrying over to the field. I think a managerial change is at the top of the list; and perhaps a trade or a well placed release or DFA, lol.

I feel as you do -- I can no longer invest myself in this craphole of a team. Why should I care if they don't?

Lauren K said...

Great sign, lousy picture of sign:

Michael Leggett said...

Most of my fury is directed @ that twerp, Jeffy Wilpon. Some of my venom is directed @ Rick Peterson & last but not least, Aaron Heilman.