Friday, April 18, 2008

Shutting the Door

A common theme last season was the Mets inability to shut the door on opposing teams. What I mean is, how many series were there during the year that the Mets would take two, drop the third, when they could have easily swept the series? Or lose two out of three to say the Marlins and just suck it up. Look, I know even the Skanks lose to the Rays sometimes, and boy is that funny, but the Mets definitely did not play to their potential in we all know now. Thank you, Carlos Delgado.

So last night when I watched Delgado drive in the tying run in later innings, I thought - there is no way they can lose this game. Mr. Complacent, Mr. Futility, Mr. I'm-Bored...he was able to make the game a little interesting.

While I thought it was a little bogus and lame for them to only score 2 runs in regulation innings, the Mets were able to pull off the win, the sweep, and have a nice little streak going into Citizens Bank Park this weekend. Oh, you know, where they are playing rival Phils.

My only concern here is that they are playing WAY too many extra inning games early in the season. There is no excuse for that, especially against the Nats. I remember in 2007, last April, when they had a mutliple inning affair down in DC which they ended up winning. It's nice to see a win in a walk-off fashion for the non-home team. My point is - they are still lacking in some areas. Meaning, they are winning the game they need to now (come back to me in July and August though...), but they need to be swift and quick.

They need a killer instinct. How many of us fans are out for blood this weekend with the Mets / Phils series? Meanwhile, the players are like - hohum, another series?

Whatever. It's far from ordinary. Santana. Hamels. Gotta be there. Or at least watch.

I'll be down in Philly Saturday with Zoe, SNK, Dykstraw and a bunch of other nuts. In fact, there will be a tailgate at Lot Q amongst Mets fans at 1:30 pm in Philly. Not a formal tailgate in the traditional sense (no food or drinks will be served), but do identify yourself if you come.


Deb said...

Going to Philly, huh? Nice gig, ladies and gents. I'd love to go to a game at Citizens Bank, if only to harrass the fans (*snicker*), but alas, as I barely have enough time to even think about going to Mets games, and I have to power wash the world tomorrow, I suppose I'm relegated to watching the game on FOX.

And it was great to see the boys battle (shades of Art Howe? lol) and overcome and actually sweep a team they should beat every single time they play, the Nationals suck so bad. LOL It's a shame to have such a sucky team playing in our nation's capital.

Zoe said...

Girl, we gotta bring the fire for them in Philly!!

crazymetgirl said...

Can't wait for Philly... Matt sent out an email that the Mets tailgate was in Lot N, not Q though... did that change back?

the Coop said...

CMG - it is Lot N - it was changed after I posted this morning

Anonymous said...

I think you have a misconception that teams with the caliber of the Nationals should lose every single game. They're a professional baseball team, have a lot of young talent, and are by no means a guaranteed win. The Mets are susceptible to left-handed pitching. Eleven strikeouts by John Lanner is not a fluke.

The killer instinct you're referring to is probably clutch hitting. Once the weather warms up, the Mets bats will be as hot as the temperature outside. Luis Castillo missed a lot of spring training, so he's having to play catch-up, which is evident by his batting eighth, and the real hole in the lineup by far is the #4 spot held by Carlos Delgado, who no longer is Carlos Delgado but a shadow of his former self. If he can find himself, it'll be smooth sailing. Let's go Mets!

Deb said...

No misconceptions, I don't think, and of course, every team wins SOME games.

SOME being the key word there,!

Everybody knows that baseball is basically a three-tiered game. Pretty much every team will lose a third and win a third. It's what the team does with the remaining third that determines its meddle, and the standings. :)