Sunday, April 20, 2008

Road Trip Queens

The Girls of Spring Strike Again!
At around 11 am, Zoe, Dykstraw and his pal hopped in a car, headed towards the Turnpike, and ended in a town as strange as Philly. Save traffic, the trip went without incident, but had some laughs mostly due to Dykstraw and his rants and raves. I really think he's missed his calling as a blogger, but I guess that his rambles on BMF, Metsblog and here as well more than make up for it.

Stopped off at a liquor outlet to get some beverages for the informal tailgate set up by Matt Cerrone in Lot N (a tailgating lot for anyone ever curious to set up shop in Philly in the future) - I thought we'd have a couple drinks, then head into the stadium - until Crazy Met Girl and her Sonny Boy showed up with a mini-banquet for us! The big smile on my face is clearly from being fed.
She brought us some pasta (that stayed hot in her tupperware all the way down the Turnpike!), Sloppy joes, Rice Krispy treats, sodas, chips and dip (I think I stationed myself next to those). It was so good I absolutely had to get the lemon pasta recipe she made. Trust me when I say it was tasty. Add in a nice little game of wiffle ball later (Metsblog Matt and Zoe at the bat)...

...and we ended up getting to our seats after the National Anthem but in time for the first pitch. Here is the sign outside of the CBP that announced it was a sold out. Now, I think it's as it is at Shea - you know those nights when they say 50,000 paid attendance are there. There were tons of empty seats, and even later on in Standing Room, it was not nearly as packed as you'd think, given the rivalry. Our seats were originally way way way way waaaaaaaaaaay up in the bleeders. Here is our view of the scoreboard from our seats.
That was, until we get a note from SNK, who had standing room only tickets. So we decided to visit and say hi...until we spent the rest of the game after the 4th inning down there. There were a bunch of Mets fans there, so we didn't feel lonely anymore!The first level at CBP is really the best because that's where they have all the good stands and the infamous crab fry stand which for $6 you get a bucket of fries spiced with Old Bay seasoning and laced with a little bit of crack I'm convinced, since I was stuffed and could not stop eating them. The line speaks for itself - it moves quickly but there are tons of people waiting for these. Trust me -- if you are a fry fan, don't miss out on these. In the meantime, I love the kids food stand in the park, on the first level - they have PB&J on the menu!!! (see below) How awesome is that? I would pretend to have a kid just to get my PB&J fix (no one loves it more than I do).
So back to SRO. Many cool Mets fans were down there, and as Zoe said, it was less lonely down there than it was in Section 423 or wherever we were. In fact, there was a block of Mets fans up in the terrace where we originally sat a few sections down, but we were surrounded by Phils fans. It was only a matter of time before we left to join our friends downstairs and we were joined by others. If you don't mind standing though, SRO is not a bad option at CBP. We were later joined by Cerrone, Ted Berg from SNY, another SNY guy, BMF, A Phanatic, Dykstraw and Kevin. All in all, it was like we were home. Here is a photo of two Mets Weekly alums (LOL), BMF and me - sporting his Chico's Bail Bonds sponsored Bad News Bears jersey!!So what else is there to say? Oh Pea looked good, ended up getting screwed by a substitute Jimmy Rollins on an admittedly good at-bat for the guy (I think SNK mentioned that Oh Pea's pitch count was up to something like 85 before that at-bat, and ended up with about 105 pitches total before the end of the 6th. Now, you all know my obsession with Oh Pea is legendary but before he and Boras think they can make a great pay day for next season, I have news for them - he has to get out of the 6th inning first let alone 7th or 8th in the future before becoming a top of the line starter. Pea, I know you have it in you. But please stop. Thanks.

Of course, what Mets game would be complete without a heart attack moment induced by Big Pussy Heilman? He managed to get out of that inning relatively unscathed with just one run scoring (not to mention, probably none of those runs would have a chance if Angel Pagan makes that play. Oh well).

We start Takin Care of Business on the way out of the stadium.

We said our goodbyes to the fans in Philly (who have more bark than bite) and went back to our spot in Lot N, waiting for the traffic to clear. Here is a view of the CBP from our lot. The lights made it look somewhat pretty - although a little bit overcast out. Still, a gorgeous day and night, weather-wise (and of course, it helped that the game turned out the way it did!).

A couple of blog groupies approached Zoe on our way out - here's a cute pic of these guys -- apparently, they love the Mets blogs and thanked us for what we do! The Mets organization do those of us who blog a disservice - Kranepool Society talked about the Dodgers putting on the dog for their bloggers - wouldn't it be great to have a Mets sponsored blogger night in the bleachers? What a great way to send off Shea.

I do have to say the ride back up was less eventful. Save a rousing rendition of Never Gonna Give You Up by Dykstraw before getting in the car...(here's him earlier in the day, waving his pompom around...OK maybe it's Zoe's but it was still funny)
...The boys slept while Zoe and I sang 80s tunes up the 'Pike. Before we know it, we are in friendly territory and it's time for bed.
All in all, it's a great weekend for New York sports. The Mets are on the verge of using their Swiffers tonight...and the Rangers beat the Devils! As I sit here in my Henrik Lundqvist shirt, this could be the year. I can feel it.


will said...

so jealous. looks like you had a blast! and i'm glad none of you got murdered or raped or punched in the face!

crazymetgirl said...

It was tons of fun -- love your pics! Next time we know to bring a folding table though, so we can really spread out instead of taking over someone's beer cooler!

Also, I realized when I got home that I forgot to pull out of the car the Mets tin of Garrett's caramel corn that I had gotten :-( (But I'm glad you guys liked the pasta!)

dykstraw said...

wow. every picture of me is worse than the one before. good thing we won!

Zoe said...

A great time and I hope we do it again!!!

Deb said...

Nice, gals and guys! And thanks for sharing all the pics. Sounds like you had a blast... and share the lemon pasta recipe, please!

Metsie said...

Jealous I wasn't there!

I can't wait for July 4

Michael Leggett said...

Cheesesteaks & Phillies Fans have one thing in common:

BOTH Suck!