Saturday, April 26, 2008

Random Things from Mz. Coop

Sorry it's been so quiet over here at MSF. I attended the last two games - one sucked, the other was decidedly way cooler. I went with Tracy aka CrazyMetGirl Friday and thank goodness I am all Norm Peterson in my ticket payment plan. If not for her, I would not have been as drunken to not care less than I did Friday night about the team's shitty performance. Mr. E and I went today, our first win together this season. But Sunday (tomorrow) with Metsgrrl will be the tie-breaker. Hopefully, it will be more on the side of today than Friday. But a match-up with Smoltz vs Figgy? Somebody break out the caffeine and the crack.

But a few things ran through my head as I went home today. They may seem haphazard, but this is the way the Coop things, so deal with it.

One is - as much as I am down on Carlos Delgado these days - I don't think I am alone in thinking that he cannot possibly play like this all season. And a high note of today's game...he managed to make two unassisted plays at first AND cleanly handled the rest of the balls hit his way today. He did get booed unmercifully at the plate. Look, I feel bad for him. I do. It's gotta suck for him. But booing him is not going to help matters here.

Another random thought - John Maine did not bring his A-game with him today. But I do declare, he and Oh Pea need to man up and un-pussy-ify themselves and start going deeper into games. If they can throw an extra 20 pitches per game just to give the BP a rest, so be it. The 'pen is being taxed enough already. Although - since i was at the game and clearly not watching at home...right before the end of the 5th, everyone came up to the mound. Seemed he was having a bit of trouble but shook it off. Can someone tell me if they said anything about it on the broadcast?

Here's another thought - honestly, I have not taken the standings seriously this year because it's only April still and I know how the Mets have been doing. I also know I haven't really heard much from the peanut gallery about how good or bad the rest of the division is doing. I know that the D-Backs with the A+ pitching staff will be a force to be reckoned with. Other than that...does anyone truly scare me? As of today, the Florida Marlins have a 14-9 record, the leading record in the NL East. The Phils are in second with the Mets in third for now. Let's just mull over that for a moment. Everyone predicted that the Braves would be tough to beat, and they have a .500 record. And the team everyone picked to finish dead last, the Marlins, are leading the division. My question is - with all this doom and gloom surrounding the Mets play this early in the year, are we hearing that same Eeyore-esque picture for the other teams?

Remember last season - David Wright got off to a slow start. He put up MVP numbers for the rest of the season - heck it even took a month into the season for him to hit a round-tripper! And if you saw me on Mets Weekly (shameless plug) this week, I reiterated my stance that David Wright will happen this year.

But now how ironic that the team I have predicted for him to carry on his back is floundering much the same way he did in April 2007. The good news is (I guess) that nothing is really working this year so far. Last year, we had parts working (e.g. pitching good, hitting off; pitching sucked, hitting was good but sometimes not good enough; everything else was working but bullpen betrayed, etc).

I am going to say that the team is playing like David Wright did at the beginning of 2007 - not up to his (or their) potential. Which is obvious right now. But here's the beauty part - it's not even May 1, and we can truly start to "worry" on May 31 if things aren't going right.

Deal? Deal.

And in other good news from today, the Yankees lost.
OK so now it's shameless link time. I just want to pass on the gospel from my blogging friends who have been on fire this week and you should definitely visit. Why? CAUSE THE COOP SAID SO DAMMIT!!!

CoreyNYC over at Metsie has had some very clever observations. Besides taking an idea from MSF buddy and frequent BMF and Metsblog commenter Dykstraw and running with it here - since the Mets have given up the most grand slams of the season, Denny's "Home of the Grand Slam Breakfast" will be taking over the naming rights for CitiField in 2009. Priceless, man. Priceless. But Corey does have some "serious" stuff to talk about - namely about how the Wilpons put profits over people. Again, well done my friend. Meanwhile, I have been saying that all along. But it was great to see someone else rant about it. And Corey is good people, so visit him and say Coop says hello.

For all you females out there, gal pal Zoe put up a great list of must-have clothing pieces for the fashionable female who likes sports. She particularly points out that these are not groupie-looking but make us look like smart and informed baseball fans who aren't into simply for cute butts in uniforms (but I do have to say, that is a fringe benefit, hee hee). I ordered the retro sweatshirt hoodie - CrazyMetGirl partook in the handbag.

Metsgrrl struck again with her hilarious take on how she reacted to some interpretation on Fire Joe Morgan. Nice to see someone laughs hysterically on the train besides me - but lets say, I'm usually just chuckling at people, not an anything remotely smart or intellligible...

Brooklyn Met Fan has been on fire this week, mostly due to us nutty fans. But today he points out that Billy Wagner has the first Mets no-no under his belt!!! Hey, if a no-hitter is nine-consecutive pitched innings, that has to count for something, right? Well, we can still dream.

Visit friends of MSF often!! See y'all at the game tomorrow.


Andrew Vazzano said...

Is it me or does it seem our pitchers are losing focus a lot lately?

Coop said...

you're not the only one AV - I think that the younger guys get distracted easily and i mean the fact that a 24-y/o rookie needs a personal catcher is beyond me - it means he will never be a good pitcher.

Andrew Vazzano said...

Amen to that.

Smith has been the one surprise and steadfast young pitcher thus far. Hopefully last season doesn't repeat itself (in more ways than one!).

crazymetgirl said...

Ryan's got it all planned out: IF a starting pitcher can make it through 6 innings (is that really asking so much?!), then Smith or Feliciano comes in for the 7th, Sanchez for the 8th, Wags for the 9th and we all go home happy. You'll notice one name not mentioned, and even though he wasn't horrific today, I still have no faith in him. He's just an implosion waiting to happen.

And while I am very happy about the win today, I still feel like we need to see more enthusiasm and less sleepwalking on a consistent basis before I'll believe they have any chance at all.

Glad you got to go today and get the bad taste of Friday's game out of your mouth! Have fun tomorrow... and Monday... and Tue---

SNK said...

coop - I'll swing by tomorrow- i'll be in Mezz :) Didn't realize you were there today or I would've said hi!

Toasty Joe said...

Ummm, yeah, Coop, so, like, I totally saw you on TV just now. Heh. I don't have anything to say other than, cool!!

Coop said...

Toasty, don't be flattered. They cut out a lot of what I said (in fact, everything) about Jose. But my first show was two weeks ago - I said cooler things then!!