Tuesday, April 15, 2008


So before I get started on tonight's game, I have to rant a minute about the MTA. You'd think that with a.) all the promotion on taking the train to the game that they get and b.) schedules in advance, they'd at least make it a little easy for us to get to the stadium. NOT.

First on Opening day, there was not NEARLY enough crowd control/conductors to attend to all the people leaving the stadium. Basically, mostly no one's cards worked correctly, therefore causing major bottlenecks at the paltry TWO entrances they have for trains back to Manhattan. Now, I know that because it's rush hour at this point on Opening Day, they can't run express TO Manhattan, but the least they could do is keep things moving for us.

Next tonight's game. I was meeting my friend Numero Uno-Uno at the game and I told him it should take no longer than 40 minutes to get there from where he was (I said "give or take a few" because you know, you have to time the express train just right). HA! Give or take..GIVE like 30 extra minutes because for some ungodly reason only known to the MTA they decided to NOT run express trains to Queens during rush hour. So not only are Mets fans not able to get to the game in a timely manner, we are sharing the train with a bunch of bitter folk who have to work for a living and want to make it home. And are sharing their trains with a bunch of bitter Mets fans.

Look - you tout mass transit is the way to Shea. At least make life a little bit accomodating to us. After all, I'm sure a lot of the Mets traffic helps pay the bills.

But of course, all was well when the game let out. The express was running to Manhattan and...the Mets won.

First the good news - Old Dirty Bastard aka ODB aka Dirt McGirt aka Duaner Sanchez aka "Wild Thing" aka you've-had-enough-Coop...well, anyway whatever name you decide to call him...

He's baaaaaaa-aack.

It was like 2006 all over again. Especially with Big Pussy Heilman making things "interesting" in the 8th inning. As buddy Seat5 said - why not let Sanchez pitch the 8th? Then he got a good laugh when he said - Hey Aaron! I don't want to see Wagner in the 9th tonight!!!

Seat5 also got some laughs during Heilman's sesh with L-Millz (who got some boos tonight - like it was his fault that the NY media was out to get him...as Uncle Gene once said about El Gato Grande once upon a time, "I want him to hit .600 against other teams and against the Mets...ZEROOOOO"). Anyway, Seat5 said - I can see it now - Milledge breaks window in CitiField with home run against Heilman! At least Big Pussy got out of the inning relatively unscathed (you're still on my shit list, there, BP).

Lastly but certainly not least, the real BP - Big Pelf - was AMAZING tonight. Pitched seven shutout innings, got the win AND looked intimidating on the mound? Wow, Pelf - The Coop is so hornnnnneeeeey. Me love you long time. Seriously though folks, he dominates against the Phils and the Nats? It may be soon to say - but I am looking forward to this guy all season.

And by the way, the Mets did win. Jose Reyes was one home run away from hitting for the cycle but he got on base four times...and basically was left on base twice. If you heard some calling Beltran a pussy...well, I plead the fifth. And although it's too early to say, David Wright is already getting his MVP!! chants for 2008.

Can Brian Schneider show us also that he was brought to the Mets for his defense? His passed ball habit concerns me. And he doesn't even try - it's like he Dorn's the ball every chance he gets. Oh and speaking of Dorn, Dirty's entrance music is Rick Vaughan's version of "Wild Thing." NICE.

I'm very happy with this win tonight because it seemed like everything clicked. Make these games 100% more decent, and we'll have more victory parties around here!!!


MSF buddy Julie from Chicago Mets Fan asked me to help spread the good word about Metsopotamia coming to Chicago next week. This year, the Mets visit the Windy City in the truly windy period of April (eek). And April 21 and 22 will be the days CMF will host the technically visiting team's fans at Murphy's Bleachers. Check out the link for the 4-1-1.

Wish I could make it this year, but everything is too close together for me. But how can I hate on a place that hates the Yankees as much as we do (Murphy's had the infamous sign before Metsgrrl's and my attended game that said - Yankees Suck - We Agree).

Oh and speaking of Metsgrrl, she is moderating a panel of Mets by the Numbers in Greenpoint this Thursday. Tell her The Coop sent ya!!

And last but certainly not least, a few of us are visiting Philly for the first road trip of 2008!!! There will be a tailgate in Lot Q at Citizens Bank Park after 1:30 pm this Saturday. Identify yourselves brothers and sisters!

Sweet Pelf Dreams tonight...


schmifty said...

Hey Coop, keep your hands off my Pelf! :) j/k, i know you've got your hands more than full with OP/Maine/Dirty, um, assignments!

Speaking of entrance music - did you notice Pelf's "What I Like About You"?!? Cracks me up!

Wow, good luck in Philly, we considered it but we're not as brave as you! Thinkin' DC again this year...

MP said...

Express 7 trains to Manhattan? When does this ever happen outside of weekend nights? Every time there's supposed to be express service it's fucked up because the MTA is "fixing track problems to make your commute better!"

Supposedly Schneider is using a new glove - at least that's what he told Benigno-Gazingo and Screech the other day on WFAN. Hopefully when his bat regresses towards his career average the glove will get back up to its career average. At least he's throwing well.

Metsie said...

I always take the LIRR to/from Shea these days. It really is like going First Class in comparison to the 7.

18 minutes to/from Penn Station and you can have a pre-game beer or two at about a third of the price of a beer at Shea.

debmc said...

I always try to get the LIRR to Shea as well, because as Metsie says, it's so much better. The problem is that you have to catch the trains right; it's not as if they run one after the other.

And you must have been reading my so-called mind, or I must have been reading yours, because I made the 2006 comment on FU this morning, then I came over here, and saw that you made the same reference.

Freaky shit, as they say.

seat5 said...

That was a perfect night Coop. Sorry about the late reply here. What can I say? Work sucks, but it pays for my seats.

Have to be excited about any series that ends in a sweep with the return of Dirty, and the return of the REAL Jose Jose Jose.

You're tempting me to head to cheesesteak city and join the ruckus. But if I can't, make sure to raise hell with those idiots.

Time for the cream to rise, and the shit to sink.

Michael Leggett said...

Heilman? I remember against Houston when he walked to 1st base on a roller to him:

I went Off on him & still do.