Monday, April 14, 2008


The Coop has some apologizing to do...

First, since Omar Minaya refused to pay attention to the memo that the world revolved around me, I scheduled a vacation during the first weekend of Mets home know, before Johan was traded to the team. So I missed all the hullabaloo surrounding that. But not to worry - although I got a little sunburned, I hear that I didn't miss all that much anyway.

Second...I know I was delinquent in mentioning that I was invited to do a Mets blogger roundtable on Mets Weekly for SNY - I participated in it with Cerrone, HotFoot and Joe from Mets Today, and it was moderated by Ted Berg from Flushing Fussing on SNY. The filming was a lot of fun and muchos gracias to Matt Cerrone on organizing the shindig! (I hope I didn't come off as too much of a nitwit). Anyway, I didn't promote it on MSF because basically I didn't know for sure when the segment would air and I was away anyway...

But yes, we talked about "Shea-ing" goodbye and Hello to Citi for this week's segment - I had a good hair day. Ha ha. You can catch repeats during the week and we taped other segments, so be sure to catch Mets Weekly every Saturday at 12:30 on SNY!

Anyway, back to what happened over the weekend. First, visit Brooklyn Met Fan on their debate on whether Mets fans have the right to "boo."

While I don't participate in the boos myself, I have to say that I think it is in extremely poor taste to boo the "ace" of the Mets staff in his very first game at home. Now, think of a few things. For one - Johan does have a propensity to give up the long ball. That happened in Saturday's game. Next is, I wonder how much of it had to do with his new introduction to Shea. I mean, I saw Johan pitch in his first Spring Training game in March. Technically, end of February. And he gave up a 3-run shot in the first inning but looked good the rest of the time.

I can't believe some mo-mos had the brass to boo the future anchor of the Mets pitching staff in his very first start. If I remember correctly, in 2005, Pedro didn't exactly have the most stellar outing against the Marlins in April of that year. He also pitched against Al Leiter who decided he was in the "mood" to pitch that day. No one booed him then, but I guess the expectation wasn't all that high either back then.

My point is, this is neither the place nor the time to boo Johan. If this had happened in say, July and it was his first bad outing, would he have gotten that reaction? I would think not. He's allowed a poor outing or a few in the season. Let it go. But with his history with the long ball, I wonder how he'll fare this Friday at Citizens Bank. We'll see...

As for Oh Pea, hey, you know what. We need to know that we get Dr. Oliver Hekyll and Mr. Ollie Hyde every now and then. Sunday just seemed like a poor game all around and we need to dust ourselves off.

I am all for setting the tone early in the season but technically, the team did that in 2007 and look where they ended up. Slow and steady, as the tortoise once said.

The only thing I can glean from this weekend is the bullpen. Apparently, Dirt McGirt is on his way to return soon and if he can perform to his abilities from 2006 (or even like 75%), we'll be back in biz. Sort of.

But is it too early to be concerned about Aaron Heilman though? When you are outplayed by Guillermo Mota in the same game, that can be bad.

As my gal Deb from FU said, I took him off the Big Pussy Posse MUCH too quickly this season. I admit. OK, Aaron, would it help to put you back on? I guess maybe he got jealous that I put Pedro Martinez on it. Who wouldn't want to be part of an elite group like that? Aaron, I'm sorry, you are put back on. OK?

Seriously folks, after looking at box scores, getting updates from friends while I was away for the weekend, I am a bit concerned. The team has not gotten out of the funk where nothing was clicking at the same time. When Johan pitched a gem in Atlanta last week, the hitting took a nap. When the starters do well enough to win, the bullpen throws it away. When the offense is one like on Sunday, the other team kicks it up a notch and beats the shit out of our starters AND the 'pen.

It's getting tiresome. And is it too soon to blame Willie once again? I honestly don't know. I feel like if Willie takes the fall, then certainly, Omar needs to take HIS share of the blame for some of his boneheaded short-sighted moves. I know that last year I was not the biggest loudmouth against the Bannister for AmBurglar trade, but looking back - it was incredibly dumb to trade away a starter (who granted was surplus at the time) for a fire throwing potential closer-of-the-future. But then, our starters don't mean jack if the offense goes to sleep.

Again, meet the New Mets, same as the Old Mets.

For a good read, visit my co-roundtabler Joe at Mets Today for his take on Willie. Good job my friend!


will said...

heilman actually pitched leagues better than mota on sunday. which isn't saying much, granted, but credit where credit's due i guess.

benny blanco from da bronx said...

The reason why the boo'ing pisses me off is because when it happens it gives off that "oh god, what are they gonna think of us now" type of mentality. I get embrassed to be in the stands.
For as intense as I am when it comes to baseball players and the suckiness of some players, I don't boo. I just don't do it.

Shea Stadium is starting to feel like Yankee Stadium and that's depressing. Where do some of the guys in the stands come from anyway?

Great nickname for Dirty Sanchez, haha. I love it. Dirt McGirt, is good stuff, Coop.

And is it too soon to blame Willie once again?

Coop, its never to early to blame Willie! Afterall it cannot be stressed enough he was hired despite having 0 experience managing any form of a baseball team, not even Little League!

debmc said...

I second the Dirt McGirt... *stick*!

When you look back to last year, as I said many times during the year, this team has played little better than .500 ball going on about a year now, going back to the middle of last May. Give or take the off season, of course *snicker,* lol. So I don't really think it's too much for the fans to be a bit p'd off and frustrated and angry to see the same Ishiit to begin the 2008 season.

Still, I do not believe booing players when announced at the home opener, or booing Johan Santana, who had ABSOLUTELY NO PART IN IT, is a good way to react to this mess of a team. That's right, I'm saying it, saying it out loud - it's a mess, and it ain't proud *snicker.*

kranepool said...

Coop you were great on Mets Weekly the camera loves you!