Monday, April 21, 2008

He Is The Eggman (Goo Goo Ga Joob)

Two things are on my mind as I watch tonight's game.

One is - Willie Randolph really pisses me off.

The other is...well, Willie still pisses me off.

A couple of interesting theories popped up our fearless leader today.

One is - why mess with perfection? Meaning - Ryan Church was hitting in the two-spot for the past five games moving Gimpy Castillo to the 8th spot, which is where he should be being that he can't hit the broad side of a barn these days. Plus, with his little pussy bitch whining last week about how he needs days off - guess what Luis? Most of us in the real world don't get time off nor do we get four-year guaranteed contracts for being a gimpy pussy bitch.

Can you tell I don't like Luis Castillo? Well, you would be right. The theory was that if the Mets signed him to a longish contract, his buddy over in Minnesota - oh you might have heard of him, his name is Johan Santana - would be inclined to play in New York.

So why couldn't Omar Minaya sign him to a two-year contract, with a third-year option, or better yet, one year, with a second-year option (playing X amount of innings, since you know he doesn't intend on playing all that much this year)? I don't know, maybe it was too smart.

Now why am I ranting on Willie for what is clearly an Omar move? Well, I'm getting to that.

So like I said, the last few days (prior to Sunday), Ryan Church was successfully hitting in the second spot in the line up. Church even remarked as much when he said he was seeing better pitches and he was able to get our boy Jose Reyes in scoring position without bunting that much. Hallelujah - he's not Paul LoDuca!

So you'd think after a few days of this successful experiment, if it wasn't broken, you wouldn't fix it right? Not in Willie's World.

Mr. "Show Me" decided that he couldn't leave well enough alone and decided to go back to the original set up that clearly didn't work as well as it should. Of course, there's no telling that the Mets would have won that way anyway with Schneider and Pagan out of the line up. But hey, he might have had a fighting chance there.

So what's next? Andrew V over at The 'Ropolitans had an interesting theory on this. Basically, the idea is that Omar might have forced Willie's hand in their "closed door" meeting that said - have Church bat second. It's an interesting theory, but I wonder how true could be. We all know, well sort of, that when Rick Down (Willie's "brother") was let go as hitting coach last year, Willie was heard to call out Omar on his buddy Julio Franco and said - you let my guy go, you let your guy go. Of course, this was all speculation, but many people think it, so you never know...

That said, I don't believe Omar has that much pull over Willie. We all know that Willie runs the clubhouse, Omar makes the transactions. I know that Andrew V disagreed with me, being that this is Willie's boss, but I wonder how much of this change was Willie being Willie Coyote, "Super Genius." Since he openly complained about the "fraternizing" between opposing teams and the Mets (like Tony Bernazard yukking it up with Manny Acta), I wonder if Willie pulled the old okee-doke on Omar by toying with the line up.

Could it have been the opposite? Maybe Omar got in Willie's ear and told him to bat his guy Luis Castillo higher in the order? Chances are, if Castillo is bitching about off days weeks into the season, he may not be too high on Willie's priority list.

But another thing that grinds my gears about Willie is that, well, he's repeating the same garl durn mistakes he did last year. But I'm not talking about fundamental management, which we all know he sucks at, what I'm talking about is killer instinct. No pussying around. The Mets had the opportunity to take two sweeps in a row and it's almost like - well, we did good enough, let's fuck with the line up and diminish our chances of fucking these guys where they breathe.

Of course, I know the Willie supporters will say that I'm wrong. The team lost, not Willie. But riddle me this as someone else asked (not sure where) - who do you want to see with two men on base in the 9th inning - Church or Castillo? Of course, we can't predict the future to know this was how it would turn out - but when Church himself says the experiment is successful - when Castillo the "Trusted Vet" is broke and bitchy - isn't that sign enough that

Of course, I know they are going to win some games, they're going to lose some games...that didn't stop the '86 teams from going into St Louis the first road trip there in April and sticking it to them. Wally Backman said to a Cardinal as he left Busch Stadium after SWEEPING the series -- don't let us get too far ahead. But nooooo. We can't have that.

I know, it's a marathon, not a sprint, etc etc. But this pisses me off. It's this type of complacency, as Carlos Delwhiffo said, that gets them into trouble. Thank goodness for David Wright, who said we won't take this sitting down.

Believe it or not, I am ok with taking two out of three in Philly. As long as we can keep that streak going. But Willie has got to learn not to mess with something that works. Hopefully once Schneider is back in the lineup, he can go back to the way it worked. For now.

As I write, the Mets are losing 2-1. UGH. This is a game they should win, now that Carlos Z is out of the game. John Maine doesn't seem to have much luck at Wrigley. Later gators.


crazymetgirl said...

Couldn't agree more about Willie. It's almost like he looks around, says "Whoa! Things are going TOO well -- gotta fix that!" and then makes his adjustments.

Never loved him, never will.

Deb said...

I saw a comment on a Mets forum which referred to "Willie's adolescent mind."

I'm still laughing, mostly, because it's true... hee hee hee!