Thursday, April 10, 2008

Harry M. Stevens Used to Sell Hot Cocoa in the Stands...

I said that tonight to my friend P.S. (aka Philly Steve), as cold soda here! Ice cold water here! Beer here! Were going around, all I wanted was some hot coffee or hot cocoa in chilly Shea.

Didn't happen, but I did remember that before Aramark, there was Harry M. Stevens concessions. And they used to sell hot cocoa, not to mention Crunch n Munch in the stands. Comment if you remember that. (I also remember the PBRs, although I was much too young to drink it).

I had to settle for some beers though. Fair enough.

So why am I OD'ing on nostalgia? Basically because, the Mets are doing enough of that for all of us. But I can't help but get a little sad. I mean - my summer home is going away. Not the players, not the uniforms, but basically my second home where most of my childhood memories are stored away, and some of the most memorable times of my adult life too.

But enough. Let's stick to what the Coop is good at, and talk about the games.

First, most of you know how Game 1 at home ended up. It was like, 2007 never ended. Or as Greg over at FAFIF said - wake me up when last September ends. And how apropos too - while looking for Metsie Corey, I ran into G-fafif on Opening day.

Since I ran into him at basically every last home game in September, once the game was over - LITERALLY, 2007 just didn't end.

But thank goodness, it did, late last night, as the Mets finally slayed the dragon of the Phils. But a few things - first, their starter walked the park and it took four fucking errors for the Mets to really go on a rampage and do some damage. As Dykstraw texted me during the romp - it should have been 10 -1. Well, it ended up 8- 2, so close enough...but does that mean, it should have been 12-2?

After all this, I wonder why Opening Night isn't such a big production. I mean, I guess you can't have more than one F-16 fly-bys. I guess that you can typically draw more fans to Opening Day than Opening Night. But tonight was special. Why?

It was the Mets first win at home in 2008. It was also the last "first night" of the Shea baseball season. We won't be saying - see you at Shea next year. Or "next stop - Shea Stadium" on the train. It will be Willets Point - CitiField.

It was also Big Pelf's first Big Win of 2008. He wasn't stellar, but did the job. On his way to his 10 -8 record. Woo hoo! I also see it looks like we'll be seeing a lot more of Big Pelf - since Duque is out indefinitely. If you look at the boxscore for tonight's game too - the Phils missed Jimmy Rollins. BAD. So did my friend, although he's a Phillies fan, wanted to hear the boos for him. He got to hear plenty for Burrell and Utley.

So what else is there? The Mets looked flat on Tuesday, looked marginally better on Wednesday.

But the games mean that the "Openers" are almost officially done. Except this weekend some dude named Johan will make his home opener. I won't be in town, but that's OK. I'll see him plenty of times this season, I'm sure.

But for CitiField, if we are going the nostalgia route, we have to have hot cocoa served by concessionaires in the stands. I might write to Aramark now!


Glenn said...

It's still tenative, pending the results of Thursday's game (although I think Maine has a real good start in him tomorrow) but your point about 2007 finally being over (and -- consequently, the 2008 season finally getting rolling) is a good one.

I also think tonight's win provides a nice contrast to opening "night" last year. The game against the Phillies when our starter walked everybody in sight. Attn: Phillies: the tables are turning this year.

P.S. I too remember Harry M. Stevens. Although I could never stand the Crunch-n-Munch...

Metsie said...

Writing Aramark will probably do no good.

Based upon the quality of the Aramark employees at Shea, I doubt their supervisors can even read.

Will said...

I also fondly recall the hot chocolate at Shea.

Metstradamus said...

I remember the first time I had a hot cocoa from Harry M. Stevens. It tasted like sewer water...looked like it too. Thankfully, it got better since then.

And yes I remember the Crunch N' Munch. I remember people throwing the peanuts into my hot cocoa.

Michael Leggett said...

I remember the time of a Doubleheader with Houston in 1967 in September-Banner Night- & Hot Cocoa being sold:

Boy was it cold!Even the cocoa wouldn't warm anyone up

Michael Leggett said...

Rheingold was $.55 a cup.