Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Euphoria...Then Pedro

So I know I'm a little late to posting here - but as CoreyNYC over at Metsie described, alcohol had a LOT to do with it, being at the Metsblog party yesterday.

I was joined yesterday by CoreyNYC himself, his gal, the great Zoe, CrazyMetGirl, Dykstraw and his lady, MetsToday Joe, Willy Fabuloso and of course the dudes from Metsblog Matty and Reege.

In fact, Joe had a great posting on how awesome it was to be a Mets fan yesterday. We got a little bit of everything - 7 full innings from Johan, David Wright being David Wright, Willie not mismanaging the bullpen (he still has 161, well technically now 160.5 games to do that), and other nicey niceys. Willy Fabs regaled us once again with his adoration of Marlon Anderson. We heard a few "Go Big Pelfs" from the audience as the team was being announced. We heard some groans for Schoeneweis. And MAYBE you might have heard an "Oh PEEEEEEAAAAA!" (I plead the fifth). Although I will say this...I think Johan impregnated me with one of his strikeouts. But I digress.

Well, I missed the first few innings of the game tonight, since I have to leave work early to go HERE (7 pm, hostesses Zoe and Coop) tomorrow night. But as I walked home, I checked the score, Pedro was still in the game and all seemed right with the world.

Hey...have I mentioned that I am a Mets fan? Shyeah.

Anyway I won't get too bent (yet...), after all if something (knock wood) were to happen to Pedro (knock my head), it should be in April. But dangnabbit, why can't we just have everything go off without a hitch?

It's only April. It's only April.

But Bart Giamatti help me if I am ever here saying "It's only September. It's only September."
Very flattering moment today - as I was reading some of my daily heroin, Kranepool Society, he mentioned that the FAFIF boys mentioned him as someone a "fan" would have to go through before being allowed entry to the Final game at Shea. Surprisingly, they mentioned ME (and Toasty Joe) as well!! ...Although I don't think even *I* could have answered Kranepool's questions...
The only question I have is who the hell is going to pitch the home opener now??? Fuckin Team.

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Ceetar said...

I stopped by the opener party for a bit, but it was just too packed and after hanging out by the kitchen for a while I ended up leaving.

I imagine you're happy with who is pitching Opening Day though. Should be a fun day, and I realize now, I have no idea where I am sitting since I wasn't the one to buy the tickets. shoot.