Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chicks Dig The Longball...

...and so did the Mets today, as there were many hit today!! Raul Casanova joined in the brigade with his first one of the season (ever? hee hee...) and lo and behold, Carlos Delgado hits not one but TWO dingers today!

Metsgrrl was an esteemed guest of the Coop box today - we realized early on in the game though we have been in attendance at many of the same games at Shea, we have actually never sat together at a game there. Weird. We have sat at more road games than homes games. I digress. For both home runs I think we were both in shock. I mean, as soon as he hit them, you knew they were gone. But we were both looking at each quizzicly like - Carlos? Delgado? Really?? ^Shrug^

Although I do have to say, at the time, I didn't know what to make of his non-curtain call appearance. I heard that Gary and the others were talking about it on SNY today, but I think I agree with him not taking the call. He was getting boos (and I mean, loud boos) during introductions. But I have to say today's crowd was not nearly as hostile as it was on Friday night maybe even Saturday, although I think that yesterday was not even as bad since he technically did drive in a run...on a groundout. But still, he drove in a run.

As Dykstraw said, he was about halfway around the bases before he stopped booing him and start cheering him.

But Mets fans, I implore you. Please stop the booing. You make us real fans look bad by being so mean.

But again, Carlos Delgado is a man of principles. And I think that his not coming out for a curtain call was not a Carlos Beltran pussy-esque attempt at snubbing us, but that this is not something deserving of a curtain call. I agree. Wait until later in the season.

But could it be...might it be...that the team is turning a corner?

I promised myself that I would not say that here just yet. It's not even freaking May yet. But like I said yesterday, the Marlins can't possibly stay in first place all season. The Mets can't be as bad as they have been. And heck, the Braves and Phils, whom everyone predicted would come in first and second respectively over the third place Mets, are barely keeping their heads above water. Brandon Webb and Jake Peavy have to lose a game sometime this year (well technically, Peavy did lose today against Webb). Barry Zito has to win a game eventually. It may not be this month. But point being, the standing aren't going to stay the way they are so far.

And hopefully, Carlos Delgado will be able to help out. After doesn't look like Moises Alou will be back to take any diggers at first base anytime soon. YEESH. But again, like we didn't see this coming from a country mile away.

Be at Jets night tomorrow night! I am not doing five games in a row again anytime soon. What's sleep?


seat5 said...

The last 2 games felt like faint, but strengthening, blips of life on the heart monitor. We can only hope they pull a 2006 instead of a 2007 and actually get hot and run with it for once.

As for Delgado and the booing, I'm beyond sick of these Johnny-come-lately's who's angry pubescent voices are drowning out the real Shea faithful each day.

I understand that prolonged virginity can be frustrating, but really, don't take it out on our Metsies and ruin it for the true fans at Shea.

If you like to boo, either stay at home or go join the bandwagon that you truly belong on. Just keep driving past Shea, cross the Triboro and get on the Deegan.

I'm sure your instincts will help you figure out where to stop.

Ceetar said...

I've decided the turning point was Wagner's "no-hitter". but I'm sure i'll find another turning point to be excited about soon too.