Monday, March 31, 2008

Let's Rock and Roll

At least, that's the message I got from a note from Willie Randolph. Well, I'm sure it was a ghost writer for, but that's besides the point. I'm sure Willie had to agree to it somehow.

"Our team is ready to go. That's the message I want to send to you Mets fans as we prepare for today's opener in South Florida.The goal this year is to make our final season at Shea something special and I think we can."

As I was watching television late last night (I'm a bit of a night owl), I saw that SNY had the "Simply Amazin" documentary from the 1986 Mets. Watching all those clips of the late inning heroics, awesome defense, curtain calls, bench clearing brawls, and even footage from the amazing (for lack of a better term...) playoffs, my heart not only swelled with pride...but I thought, this could happen again this year. And what a fitting way to celebrate Shea's Swan Song!

I also remember Davey Johnson setting the tone for the season. He said - we would not only win, but we will dominate the league. He was right, but the team needed that confidence to sort of push them over, to take the pressure off. Of course, with a rotation of Dwight Gooden, Bobby O and Ron Darling, Keith Hernandez at 1st, Gary Carter catching, who would have the pressure?

I truly hope Willie gives these inspiration speeches, rather than his "champagne is sweeter" bullshit he gave them last year. The guys were tired, they were listless, they were (eek) complacent. This year, they have an itch they need to scratch.

"In closing I want to say one more thing. We all hated the way last year ended for us. For 98 percent of the season we were the best team in our division, but we let it slip away. When I spoke to the team this spring I didn't look backwards that much, I tried to look forward so we can all learn from what happened. The lesson is simple: don't take anything for granted and don't expect things to happen just because you think they will. The season is here. It's time to make it happen."

Of course, you guys hated how last year ended. We were all there and in some ways, not to trivialize it, but Mets fans have been around a lot longer than most of these players. In most ways, we felt it a lot more. This year, we have something to prove, but that doesn't mean the players can't hold up their end of the bargain.

In conclusion - it's time to say hello to the pink suede elephant in the room and move on from 2007. We cannot dwell on it, but like Willie says, you can't take anything for granted or things to fall into place simply because you expect them to be.

It's time to rock. It's time to roll. There is way too much fucking talent on this team to finish in 2nd place. We're gonna take the division, fuck the rest of the team's moms while they watch and cry like little bitches.

It's time to play ball. It's time to rock and motherfuckin roll.

Game at 4:10 pm today. Mets @ Marlins, Johan (0-0) vs. Hendrickson (0-0). Party at Butterfield 8, 4 pm, 5 E. 38th St, hosted by Metsblog.

Bring it.


Andrew Vazzano said...

Ahhhh...Baseball is back.

I'm so excited, I just can't hide it!

debmc said...

I dunno, Coop. I guess I got something different from Willie's message than you did.

Re-read the first paragraph of it. He doesn't say, our goal is to win the division, or to win the NLDS, or NLCS, or to go to the World Series, or to win a championship; no, he says our goal is to make the season "something special." Gimme a fucking break with this horseshit. Think the Yankees would ever say something like that, we want to make the season "something special?"

Goes to show you exactly what the Mets franchise is all about, and maybe even goes a long way towards explaining last year, and why with all the talent the team has, it hasn't won anything.

Notwithstanding the Willie bullshit message, I'm ready to go. Strap me in, Scotty, and beam me up into the stratasphere of Mets baseball, 2008!

Metsie said...


I agree with the "something special" garbage and I wrote something to that effect on my blog (plus I dissected the letter even further).

coreynyc said...

debmc said...


I visited, and left my mark *snicker,* lol.

Tracy said...

OK, I just now read this entry and I LOVED IT!!!! I'm sitting here cracking up -- 'specially the part about the moms and crying like little bitches!!!! Great stuff!

Tonight was fun -- see you Wednesday!

PS: I'm back to my blogging, trying to keep up now... I seemed to have collapsed last season, but I am optimistic about this season. Sound familiar?

Toasty Joe said...

"We're gonna take the division, fuck the rest of the team's moms while they watch and cry like little bitches."

Oh, my.

Will said...

Gotta go dig out my 1987 of Think Big, the Star Wars Holiday Special of Mets Videos.