Thursday, March 06, 2008


Hey, you want got 'em!! Here are some the bloggerati out in full force for the trip to PSL. Here is more of the Girls of Spring...wish I didn't look like such a pale cow in these photos but least the people I pose with are hot!! Moi, Zoe, SNK and her friend Becks

Next on the list...bloggaz in duh howse. Starring Cerrone, Moi, SNK and BecksNext - me with the blog groupies!! Here is one with Girlfriend of Dykstraw, Dykstraw (faithful reader of Metsblog, BMF and MSF) and Moi Dig that Keith Hernandez shirt...

Next is CrazyMetGirl (faithful reader of Metsgrrl and hopefully this blog!), her son Ryan (who has a Mets tattoo already!) and moi.
Next, funny I should run into Jason Lee down in PSL too...Oh wait, that's just Joe Janish from Mets Today (and F.U. alum!)
On Sunday at Dodgertown, it's a Summer Family reunion!!! Zoe, SNK, Moi, Cerrone and the fellow in the Mets jersey is none other than the great Metsradamus himself!!! Here's a pic of Damus and Cerrone, where we just happened to run into the Great One himself, taking pics. I was a first time, long time!!! Here's Zoe and Damus...
At one point during the game, I walked over to his seats and said -- You know it's bad when I start quoting the Hate List at a spring training game. Here are the five blogging amigos - Zoe, SNK, Moi, Metsradamus and Cerrone. Oh and if you haven't gotten enough of these two hot chicks, check us out AGAIN!!!
That's about it there. Next up - posts of players not named Oliver Perez.


crazymetgirl said...

Ohhhhhh.... how I wish my eyes had been all the way open for that pic!!!!! I appear to be completely wasted... and what did I have? One shot and half a beer.... so sad... LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm going to start calling you MRS. MAINE. He looks like he could bend down and say, honey do you have the car keys?
Great pics!!

will said...

dykstraw's adorable. don't tell him i said that.