Thursday, February 28, 2008

You Have Some 'Splainin To Do, Port St. Lucie...

So this weekend some of the not-exactly-ready-for-prime-time-players are heading down to catch some sun, a bit of summer, some beers...and oh yeah a little bit of SPRING TRAINING BABY!!!!

By "not-exactly-ready-for-prime-time-players," I mean the likes of...
SNK and one of her pals
Dykstraw (& his lady)
CrazyMetGirl (a blog "groupie" LOL) and her son
plus Blog legend Matt Cerrone from Metsblog

So on our agenda includes: three baseball games -- including two at Tradition Field and one at Dodgertown; going to the bowling lanes where David Wright was featured on last year in Mets Weekly; hopefully, me catching some rays by the pool; and this little shindig Saturday night. For those of you who are down there and can make it, drop by. We'll probably be the crew wearing lots of Mets gear. Plus, Zoe has this notion that we are going to get on television...well if we are, I'll probably be the crazy lady stalking Oliver Perez!!

Anyway, I'll be back sometime Monday, with pics and hopefully some good stories. In the meantime, I am Florida Dreaming, on such a cold winter's day. Yes, I know it's a horrible Mamas & Papas reference, but deal with it.

Did anyone hear this one? Scott "Shit Lip" Spiezio was released by the Cardinals today, apparently in reference to a warrant that is out for his arrest, regarding a DWI.

Hmm, it would have been nice if they did something about this guy though, for the same damn thing. Is Willie Randolph running things over there? I keed, I keed.

Guess they wouldn't get rid of him, though, since they had rings to distribute.

And on a side note, I got a note from Metsgrrl last night, putting in her pre-season order for Coop box tickets. She and her TBF are buying a game the first week against the Phils, since I will not be in town. Plus she and I have already taken dibs on the foam finger day...I think that Mr. E might fight her on it though...

I will also probably miss Johan's first home start which is a bummer, but I'll be seeing him tomorrow in PSL, so I guess that's good.

So the word is...ask The Coop about games...and I will see if they are free.

I discount if you buy more than one game.

Email me and let me know.


will said...

yo cooperstown, any games you won't be in town for this season, give ol billyfabs a holla. i'll be glad to take those seats off your hands (or ass, i suppose).

though of course obviously we need to re-enact my crashing your box w/ zoe, cos that was a fun night indeed.

have fun down there, knock some sense into ollie, and if you see joe smith, give him my number.

Shell said...

Dodgertown is REALLY awesome, I hope you enjoy it. I was there last year during spring training. Unfortunately they'll be in Japan when I'm down there this year...

Ceetar said...

Really disappointed I'm not getting down to Spring Training this year. I was planning on it, but employment issues let to money issues...

Of course, that didn't stop me from buying tickets to two Subway Series games at Yankee Stadium, the third to last game there(hoping to turn a profit on that one) one in Philly and so far 15 games at Shea, not including the extra seat I have for my saturday plan that I hope I don't end up eating..