Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ollie Gets Paid, Bitchez

So I'm sure everyone knows by now that Oliver Perez won his arbitration case and is getting paid to the tune of $6.5 million.

Now, everyone knows that I am probably the biggest Oh Pea fan there is...well, except for maybe *this* person...but I have to say...are people on crack?

Seriously. OK I know that pitching, especially that of a starting nature, is at a premium these days. Save the Johan trade, which I feel the Mets made off like bandits, Danny Haren, a decent starter, netted like 100 prospects in the Arizona system, to the liking of prospect-lover Billy Beane. Jon Garland was traded to Anaheim straight up for a starting SS in Orlando Cabrera.

And Lastings Milledge got us two scrubs. But I digress. This is about pitching.

My point is, I get that Ollie deserved a raise this year. No question, given that he was a semi-legit ace (OK, i know that was kinda oxymoron-ish, but if you know Oh Pea, you get it).

But I have to take the Mets side here. Given that we have no idea which Pea will show up - Dr. Oliver Jekyll or Mr. Ollie Hyde (like in 2006)? makes SO MUCH SENSE why he and the Satan Boras won't negotiate prior to the offseason.

If Jekyll shows up, he makes a mint. If Hyde shows up, the Mets will be like - told ya so. But what's the worst that can happen to Pea then? He gets paid Gil Meche money? Oh, cry me a river.

Look, Pea, you know I love you. I do. But let's get real here. Give credit where it is due. You would be floundering in the Pirates system or worse, somewhere like where Gil Meche is playing, and be a sub-.500 pitcher. Rick Peterson, the METS made you who you are. An ace in the making. A dude who won't have the heat on you because you have a legit ace covering your butt.

So you better, like Carlos Beltran, put your money where your dick is. And step it up.

I love you.


MP said...

Never give The Professor credit for a reclamation project. He might be the inspiration for the title of my blog - but he (along with Leiter, Franco, and a bad choice of weight room music) is the reason why Kazmir is a (Devil) Ray.

Waiting until the offseason to negotiate with Perez is the smart move in my mind based on what you discussed...who knows if it's going to be 8 BB 3 IP Perez or '06 Game 7 Perez.

His splits last season were encouraging, but I'd like to see it for another season. In any event, it doesn't matter much as it's not like the Mets were offering him a contract that he turned down.

That being said, if they don't lock him up after this season 2009 is going to need a pretty catchy slogan to get people to come out to CitiField to watch the mediocrity that will be Santana, Pelfrey, Maine, and 2 PTBNL.

MP said...

Well, people will come out because of the newness...but the team will suck. You get the idea.

Coop said...

don't count out big pelf. He's gonna come out huge this year, i can feel it.

Rickey Henderson said...

"like Carlos Beltran, put your money where your dick is"

Carlos Beltran owns a monkey. Logic dictates that he spent money to procure one. Are you suggestion that moleman fucks monkeys?