Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Pea-Nut Gallery on Johan

So, I've decided to come up with a new fan club or exclusive membership club or something. I'm gonna call it the "Pea-Nut Gallery." This of course has a double-entendre. It's a culmination of peeps, really, who I might post their views from time to time. Voila - comments from the "Peanut gallery."

I am also making a club for those of us who want Omar to extend Oh Pea NOW, as opposed to later...or at least make an attempt to, even though the rumor is that Pea would rather play somewhere on the West Coast or down in the Southwest. (I don't have a link but several sources have verified that for me). If you are on Facebook, join the Omar, Re-Sign Ollie to a 4-Year extension NOW forum.

That said - we are all "Pea Nuts." The PEA-NUT GALLERY EVERYONE!!! w00t!


In case you missed, there, here, there, and pretty much everywhere...

Johan Santana is thisclosetobeing a Met.

Now, I know that Yankee fans must be pissed off...because this is the reaction I get...this nonchalant kind of response like...Well, at least he's not in the AL anymore.

You guys can have him.

Best pitcher around? I disagree.

I'm done with Cashman.

Red Sox fans have felt that they didn't need him anyway...just glad the Yankees didn't get him.

Now for Mets good as this could potentially be, I still get some negative nellies out there.

This wasn't all Omar's doing was my favorite response.

To that I respond...WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!? No, little fairies orchestrated this dance. Please.

Next is...I hope he didn't gut the farm.

Well, that was pretty much my assessment too...before I found out the deal. Keeping Pelf AND F-Mart...that makes the Coop very very tingly.

My home away from home, Flushing University, has some great threads here and here on the deal. Should be hopping for next 48 hours.

In fact, I got yelled at for writing something to the effect tha I was waiting for the press conference...I immediately got a phone call.


Ummm...I know as much as you do?


Check out Blondies Jake's radio show, There it is, and today's show which featured our buddy Brooklyn Met Fan. (Good job guys)

Will be back when there is more news to report. Until then...leave your thoughts on whether you would be down to a Miami trip for the Mets road opener. Sassdawg and I were thinking of arranging something.

PS For my #2 fact about The Coop, the towns are Hoboken and FREEHOLD. Bruce's music roots are in Asbury...he grew up in Freehold. Metsgrrl will back me up on this. So will Mr. E, who used to hang out with him.


Sassdawg. said...

So will the dawg

MG said...

i think i can even still find the auction site that was auctioning off his birth certificate.

It's freehold. He even wrote a song about it (called, "In Freehold")

Want pictures of the houses he lived in? I've got those too.

and honey, i wasn't yelling at you about the press conference. I was just frantic and excited and wanted to see it :) :)

Coop said...

Birth certificate??? Doesn't he need that? Or can he walk into DMV, US PS for his passport, etc and be like...hey, you know me right? I mean, I guess Bruce is given a pass in the war against terrorism. LOL

I know you weren't yelling at me...I was worried that other people might have had their hopes up LOL. And let's take a breather here on Jo-jo, because I doubt anything gets announced till next week. Little thing called the Super Bowl takes precedence over offseason trades, even for the best pitcher in baseball. Drat.

Coop said...

PS I know the house he lived AND the high school he went to. Though you know that already. But I've known that since I was 8. But I grew up three miles away from it...anyway...

Ed the Gent said...

As a fellow Mets fan, I, too, am not feeling 100% on the Johan deal (especially as it has yet to be cemented). For one, it seems that the Mets feel that they now have the team they need to go the distance. But that was how they felt last year, and we all remember how that song and dance ended.

Worries aside, I wanted to say that I enjoy your blog and would like to share with you a funny photo of Benny Agbayani.