Friday, January 11, 2008

Miscellaneous Shiznit

It's been pretty boring to be a Mets fan. It could be could like hockey more than baseball. I made the mistake of going to the Rangers / Flyers game last night...with a big Philly sports fan. Actually, he was not a big hockey fan and even was wearing a freebie Ranger cap we got. But I was surrounded by lots of action in the stands so I was entertained to say the least.

But of course this is a Mets fan site, so I'll keep it brief. After all, if I hear one more damned Johan Santana rumor, I'm gonna flip. I'm not gonna bore you with my details but I will say that my buddy Brooklyn Met Fan puts it into perspective here. I basically agree with everything he writes. I'm sorry, I don't care if God herself is coming over by trading away basically the entire farm, I don't trade these guys for Santana. My issue is this -- what IF Santana gets hurt? Seriously. There is no Plan B, Plan C or Plan X. We are putting all our eggs in Santana's basket basically and it's not gonna work. In fact, I see this becoming Mike Hampton Part II, where we trade away a bunch of guys for a dude who's gonna leave for the "better schools" in Colorado.


Don't get me wrong. I heart Johan. Love him to be a Met. But let's wait. If he's serious about playing in New York AND in the National League, he'll be in orange and blue in no time.

Now for you naysayers who say we need more pitching, or a formidable I say HOGWASH. For one, do I have to say there are no true aces out these days? Shit, if the best we can do is Joe Blanton, I'd rather make do with what we have.

We had not one but TWO aces on the team last year and mark my words, they are going to get BETTER. And notice no one is exactly picking up Livan or Bartolo or any of those other guys who basically are glorified jock strap carriers...I heard Bartolo was looked at and basically turned away by the Mets due to arm issues. We will have two Hernandezes on the team come Opening Day. And they'll have the same father. Or some shit.

So other news...Dirty Sanchez signs a one-year deal. Who didn't see that one coming? I mean, we need the BP arms, Dirty owes us, this was a no-brainer. The word is that Dirty is back and dirtier than ever. We'll see for ourselves once the season starts...I'm not too concerned about this move. Whatever.

Now some other grumblings in the offseason of healing have to do with Fat Ass Delgado. I mean Carlos Delgado. Actually, did you know Delgado means "Skinny?" Hat tip to my buddy Eddie in Section 10. But I digress. I was never 100% for Delgado being traded here but it turned out to be the right move at the right time and I was happy by 2007 that he was on the team.

Of course that all changed last year when he forgot how to fucking hit. But the problem wasn't his batting average...that's stayed relatively level over the years. Let's talk about his fucking RBIs. I know, I'm ancient because I still pay attention to that shit. But when there is a 20+ RBI drop off from 2006 to 2007, guess what? All those games we lost by 1 run, all those RISPs, grounding weakly into a double play...that had a huge effect.

I would dare say, Carlos Delgado is the deal maker or breaker in 2008.

He better be up for the challenge.

I have nothing else for now...I'll be up and running at Flushing University again soon. I've just been so uninspired lately. But I'm starting to get pissed off again. So that should spur some good art.

In the meantime, you should visit some friends of Coop!

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See you in a couple days...Peace and love y'all.


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Michael Leggett said...

WHY are The Mets as BORING This Winter, as they were LAST Winter