Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Coop's Eight Random Things

OK, I got tagged as it seems by My Summer Family buddy, Toasty Joe, about posting eight random facts about myself. Well, I was having a hard time coming up with random things about me, since I am pretty open about everything here. And apparently, I need to flag eight "victims" myself.

Well, I thought long and hard and thought of a few. Let me throw some shit to the walls here, see if it sticks.

1.) In pics, most of you have seen that the Coop is blonde. However, I have not seen my real hair color in over 17 years.

2.) Most readers know The Coop is a lifelong Jersey resident. However, she has lived in two towns of the most influential music icons from the Garden State. See if you can guess who. (HINT: Not Jon Bon Blow-me)

3.) Quite possibly, the Coop's favorite food is chocolate -- chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, candy bars, etc. However, Coop hates chocolate ice cream. Well, not hate. I just prefer vanilla. And I hate Cold Stone, Marble Slab and those new found ice cream "bakeries" and "confectionaries." Gimme a Mr Softee soft vanilla cone any day, any week, any time.

4.) The Coop had LASIK surgery in 2002, after being pretty hazy in vision since middle school. She now sees better than 20 / 20.

5.) The Coop has seven tattoos, in case you have not read that here and here. My dream tattoo, however, is to get a likeness of Bono (of U2, folks, not Sonny) somewhere on my arms. It is also a well-documented fact that if I were to ever meet Paul David Hewson (aka Bono) in person, I would promptly get on my knees and kiss his feet. (PS Metsgrrl knows this fact already)

6.) The Coop's favorite book: The Great Gatsby. Coincidentally, the author F. Scott Fitzgerald is also from Jersey.

7.) The Coop isn't afraid to go to movies alone. In fact, why anyone needs a companion to a film is beyond me. You can't exactly talk in the theaters or socialize. But I almost prefer to go by myself and don't care if people think I'm a crazy lady for laughing at Superbad by myself.

8.) The Coop played the flute in her high school band (and grade school band). I also used to take singing lessons but now am completely tone deaf (just ask Zoe about karaoke).

Bonus Fact: I have never attended Spring Training before. I have plans and tickets to go this year with Zoe as well. SNK will be there too. Which leads me to...

My next victims...Tag, you're it!

Joe D from Metsmerized
Uncle Johnny
JP from Blastings! Thrilledge
Ken Dynamo


Rickey Henderson said...

How dare you ridicule the artistry of one Jon Bon Jovi? Rickey is shocked and appalled, madam.

Also, you may be the only female Rickey knows who thought Superbad was funny. Good work with that--it totally was.

Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Neat facts, Coop!

But please, don't use a photo of the Live Aid-era Bono with the horrendous mullet for your tat!

Sassdawg. said...

Completely Random:

1) I really know my way around a kitchen...Ask the coop she knows, for thanksgiving, I made a turducken from scratch and for the superbowl, I'm making a buffalo chicken pizza, cheese and garlic fries, a mean bean dip, and beef satay. Speaking of which coop, if you're down you're invited.

2) I like cats who are tough, like alley cat, kick your ass tough.

3) I've partied with loads of famous and 15 minutes famous people over the years...names on the list:

Scott Weiland
the dudes from Fountains of Wayne
David Spade
Woody Harrelson (got my friends and I a round of PBR's and Wild Turkey out in Utah)

4) I ski pretty darned good for a fat guy

5)I haven't had hair, like hair that need to have a brush or shampoo and conditioner ran through it since 2003 (i think)

6)I got married on December 27, 2007

7)I got the nickname Sassy when I was a senior in High School, my friend Patrick Lowney tagged me with it, and it stuck because of my last name (Sansone). It's stuck to the point where friend parents call me it as though it's my first name.

8)Since the Coop is a life long Jersey Resident it would stand to reason that the Dawg is too, I am also from the hometown of a former member of the Mets, see if you can guess who, I'll give you a hint, it's not Mookie Wilson.

Don't really have anybody to tag, so sorry, the chain's dying here.

Sassdawg. said...

Honorable mentions

a) I have an awesome English Bulldog named Ham, I like to take the words of poplular songs and change them to Puppy, Hambone, and sing them to my dog.

b) Spent my 21st birthday at game one of the 2000 subway World Series.

c) The dawg has a true talent for talking his way into parties he wasn't invited to. While out in Utah, I snuck into a Kenneth Cole open bar party (Amanda Cole, if you read this tell your pop he throws a bitchin party)

kranepool society said...

I'm guessing your an Asbury Park girl since you seem to skeeve Jon Bon Duchebag as I do.

I haven't seen my natural hair color in 20 yrs Christ I haven't seen my hair in 15 yrs but I had hair lots of it, when I needed it.

Oh if your ever getting ice cream from a Mr. Softee truck in NYC and he plays that jingle over and over and over tell the driver he's in violation of the NYC Noise Code and Inspector Kranepool Society will be issuing him a violation.

debmc said...

OK, Coop, here goes:

1. I am a HUGE dog lover. I have a rat terrier named "Paws," who is the love of my life (of course, along with my former dog, Petey, who's now eating dog bones in heaven), whose picture I proudly sport as my avatar on FU.

2. I am a huge lover of food and cooking. Why, just this past weekend, I cooked a Polish feast (grated 5 lbs. of potatoes and a couple of big onions by hand, mind you, to make a Polish dish called "babka") on Saturday, and a huge turkey breast and homemade stuffing feast on Sunday. I generally feed half the free world most weekends.

3. I'm a huge lover of reading. My favorites include Janet Evanovich (Stephanie Plum is a fucking riot), Stuart Woods, Robert B. Parker, and I love biographies, at least, most of them.

4. I'm a religious education teacher (fifth grade this year), and a facilitator for continuing religious education studies. So, you might say, I have 18 old ladies on Tuesday night, and 30 kids on Wednesday afternoon. I'm also a Eucharistic Minister and am actively recruiting help from anyone and everyone -- any of you Catholic, living near Edison New Jersey? LOL

5. Of course, I love the orange and blue with a passion reserved only for my dog. I've been a Mets fan since about 1970, and I'm not talking casual here.

6. I do just about everything with my mom. She's the youngest 75-year-old I've ever seen. And when I'm not with her, I'm with my aunt and uncle, who are in her age group. So this has prepared me well for #4, hee hee hee :)!

7. I write columns for FU. Now, I'm not so sure how great I am at this, but I enjoy it.

8. Like Coop, I haven't seen my real hair color in many, many years. More than I care to think about. I am currently, and have been for the last 10+ years, a redhead. A Polish redhead.

Who's next????

John Peterson said...

All right, I'll post the random facts on B!T.

Michael Leggett said...

Nice Poochie:

I've just gone off(Sarcastically) on Jeffy;

All are invited to read my latest salvo.

Ken Dynamo said...

thanks for thinking of me to tag. i just wish there were 8 interesting things about me. might have to make some stuff up.

btw, DID YOU KNOW: Jon Bon Jovi's real name is Jon BonGiovi?

i learned that from Guitar Hero.

Ken Dynamo said...

ps - the towns you lived in are Hoboken and Asbury Park, no?