Sunday, September 30, 2007

And In The End...

...None of it really mattered yesterday anyway.

...The guy with the pedigree, the proven vet, the one with the World Series championship under his belt not only probably saw his last game in a Mets uniform, but couldn't even get himself out of the first inning.

...The guy who said there was a team to beat this year proved he was right. Congrats, Phils. Just don't expect me to root for you.

...I wasn't as sad as I thought I would be. Rather I was more angry than anything else. The tears came down though, when I was home. Probably not a good idea for me to listen to "Fix You" by Coldplay on my iPod on my walk home ("When you lose something and it goes to waste...when you love something you can't replace...")

...Even Jose Reyes is not immune to Bronx cheers.

...Even David Wright can't carry the team 100% of the time.

...Carlos Delgado never came through when we needed him to this year, and when he did he got hurt.

...We realized we couldn't always get what we wanted.

...We ended the year with a whimper and not even anything remotely close to a bang. The day started with a sea of blue and orange, and ended in a sea of heartache.
But there were some minor miracles that happened along the way...

The bullpen finally came through today. Hooray.

The Mets got on base a lot due to walks and a not-so-hot Dontrelle. Of course, they didn't score runs. If they did, the game would have been a lot more interesting.

The 2007 Mets had not one but TWO 15 game winners on the team. The two young guys!

The fans were still believing into the 9th inning. Right to the very end. We are Mets fans. If nothing else, we never give up hope. We never stop believing in the team. heaven forbid you are the one who stops believing and they come back.

But like I said earlier, I think the general feeling is anger.

I saved a lot of money on playoff tickets too. But I get to use the credit for next season.

Although I felt such anger earlier, I cannot help but feel such disappointment and sadness too. I know I cannot give this drug up. I just can't. I signed on for this when I was 7. Sometimes, I wish I didn't! But I did, and it's a part of me. Love me, Love my Mets.

But I take a look and I see what could have been. This was what could have been.
This was supposed to be the year. It wasn't unfortunately. "Our season has come" the ads used to tell us. And just like that - POOF. It's gone.

RIP 2007 Mets.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Remember the Maine!

OK, OK, admittedly that is extremely hokey, but it makes its point. Short, sweet, concise.

After last night's all-time low, the Mets had their collective backs against the wall. We wondered aloud, what was the big difference between 2006 and 2007? It seemed that it was the clicking on all cylinders thing. There seemed to be a lack of passion. Not to mention, a lack of urgency. And going to games, madon'. It was like being lulled to sleep some nights.

Well, we wanted it, we got it, all today.

Bats awake.

Team clicking.

Bench clearing brawl. Twice.

What else? Oh yeah, a 7 2/3 inning no-hit bid by John "The USS" Maine.

I think in a way, it's almost a good thing he didn't finish his business in that respect. Unless you wanted to see a collective heart attack of 54,000+ fans, it was a probably a good idea he didn't. But he pitched the game of his life and that's what we needed today. The fans. The team. Everyone involved.

We needed one other thing too. This.

I'll be at my fifth game this week come tomorrow. A wise man named Yogi once said it aint over till it's over. A wise blogger once said, you can't script baseball.

Well, the Mets proved today that it truly aint, and that you truly can't script it if you tried.

Imagine the ending if John Maine did finish his business.

If You Remember, You Really Weren't There

There's a common theme with Mets games that The Coop tends to want to forget.

Like when LimaTime! gave up a granny to Dontrelle Willis.

Or when Coop and Metsgrrl travelled to Milwaukee and found out Brian Lawrence was pitching.

Or the first night Coop had the Oliver Perez Experience. Well, before he became "Oh Pea."

This common theme: alcohol. And lots of it, man.

Tonight, was going to be a benny of the doubt night. I was going to have a two-beer minimum and play it by ear.

I think the count was five, which was a lot. I'm feeling numb now, which is exactly how I want to feel. Especially after this.

All I can say is - need help for playoffs? Shit, I just want to finish the season with a bang, not with a whimper.

Please bear with me. I am experiencing such an incredible sadness, I cannot even begin to fathom.

The Coop has had a lot of heartache in 2007. You were privy to it here. But besides that, there was tragedy, death, drama...stuff that wasn't sharable on a blog. Nor should it be now.

But times like this and this made my life bearable.

But I...I can't...I just...I don't know.

I can't believe that my summer -- just like that -- can end so quickly. So painfully. So swift. Poof. It's gone.

Just this week I had my air conditioner on. Now the windows are open, and I'm cold. It felt like playoff weather. We should be enjoying that. Now, I'll probably enjoy the trip to California I kept blowing off because I didn't want to miss anything in October.

And I know it's still "early." We don't know what Saturday and Sunday will actually bring.

But if today is indication, then Bart Giamatti hit the nail on the head a long time ago. This game is designed to break your heart. I don't care what other "sports" you watch or are invested in. There is nothing like baseball. NOTHING.

I signed on when I was 7. I'm not leaving now. Sink or swim, I'm here till the last pitch.

But when it's over...when it's over. It's the loneliness. The loneliness that kills me.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

MGM - Tower of Terror - Full Ride

This is what our season has been reduced to boys and girls. Enjoy the ride.

Tried to Post Something from YouTube...

...but it kept failing and honestly I just want to get my thoughts up before they are irrelevant.

My thoughts are - Bittersweet.

Bittersweet is the only word I can come up with to describe last night.

Not only the comeback that wasn't...which was bittersweet because even though we lost...I felt like it was the most inspired ball we played all season.

Bittersweet that I felt better about this loss than about any of the wins in Florida...well except for the game with Oh Pea.

Bittersweet knowing that the team had it in them to mount the improbable they could in October if it comes to that...but knowing that if only Carlos Delgado returned or if the bullpen didn't give up runs like candy, we might have won.

Bittersweet. That if Tom Glavine didn't mail it in the first inning, we might have had a fighting chance this game.

Bittersweet. That I had to be happy that the Braves beat the Phillies. And needed a shower because of it.

Bittersweet because the Magic Number moved because of a Phillies loss than a Mets win.

Bittersweet that without Moises Alou, this team is nothing. And he may very well retire next year. His whole career is, you guessed it, bittersweet.

Well, we'll get 'em tonight, throwing a scrub - not just any scrub - our scrub on the mound, Phil Humber.

Hopefully, he can snakebite another team like we get against other no-names.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dana Brand, Eddie Kranepool (Society)...and Something Else...What Am I Forgetting...

Oh yeah, and a Mets win, Phillies loss. Magic Number is five. Sele and Schoeneweis actually save a game (Thanks, Will!). HELL YEAH BITCHEZ.

I was going to remark a little on the game, but why? Everything I could possibly say will probably be beat to death today and numerous blogs and frankly, like SNK and I were saying today, this team has not been good for my blood pressure. I can't relive what should have been and could have been when in the end, we won. And at this point, I take it where I can. And the Phils lost. And it looked like the guy that most people were and still are crying that we didn't get at trade deadline almost blew it there too.

So at least we are not the only 'pen visibly blowing games. But I promise, i won't harp on that.

But I do have this observation. It is Sunday, September 23. Do you know where your division winners are?

Well, as of now, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California in Orange County have clinched the AL West, and the Cleveland Indians have clinched the AL Central. To be quite honest, I haven't really paid attention to these divisional races, frankly because I've been paying attention to the Mets too much, and their heartbreakers this season -- my cardiologist loves baseball season, LOL. I mean, who doesn't pay attention to the AL East because that other team in New York and the Red Sox have been duking it out over the past few weeks.

Talk about a monumental collapse. ALMOST. If you want to see fans squirm, look no further than Red Sox Nation, with their Magic Number being SIX.

The Skanks haven't won anything yet. Lets keep it that way. Well, as long as we possibly can.

My point is - the AL East is nowhere near being decided yet. And whenever that's decided it looks like whoever finishes second there will be the WC for the AL.

The NL races are a bit complicated this year.

Well with the Mets win today, the Phils loss, there is FINALLY a little breathing room with 2.5 games (!!!). Yes, you read that right. YEESH. But keep the faith, we play tomorrow, Phils are off, the onus is all on the Mets.

The Wild Card in the NL is shaping up to be interesting. Unlike the AL East race, whoever finishes second in the division does not look as though they make the Wild Card. Well, maybe. San Diego is .5 games ahead of Philly in the race, with the Rox as the dark horse candidates in 3rd. Arizona looks to be a lock in the AL West, but also have a magic number of 5, while the Cubs ~ wonder of wonders ~ have a magic number of 4, with the Brewers 3.5 games behind, having lost today...seems to be also an unlikely candidate for the WC. (GOOD, so we don't have the possibility to face Suppan LOL).

Be careful what we wish for. We wanted a pennant race, a TRUE dyed in the wool pennant race, and we got one, dear readers. Strap yourselves in for this roller coaster ride. But not just any roller coaster...maybe the Tower of Terror is a better analogy.

I spoke with Mr. E yesterday and I remarked that I got our playoff tickets. He was surprised - home field hasn't even been decided. Well, if you are a season ticket holder, you basically buy out all "possible" games, then get reimbursed for the games not played (so I buy three possible NLDS games, but if only "two" possible are played at Shea, I get reimbursed for the 3rd game, etc). But at least I know that much is true, the games I could "possibly" go to.

Anything can happen in these next few days. ANYTHING. And it's going to be more than ever bargained for.


Oh yeah, I promised it wouldn't be long. But it was. Whatever. I'm done now.

So as per my title, I had a lot going on these past few weeks. One is -- back at the Wednesday game versus the Braves almost two weeks back, Zoe and I (and we were later joined by Will) took a detour through the Diamond Club. Where I ran into this illustrious fellow:

Well, today I was able to meet another Mets institution...actually a Mets blogger institution at Dana Brand's book party -- the Kranepool Society!

I feel like I've made it, ladies and gentleman.

But that's not to detract from the other wonderful bloggers I was able to meet face to face today -- besides Mr. Brand, a lovely man, by the way (as if there would be any other kind of Mets fan/published author?) -- Mike Steffanos from Mike's Mets, Mike Silva from Blog Talk Radio, Kathy Foronjy from the new fan documentary Mathematically Alive (this I gotta see!), and of course my homeys - the Payson Association - Zoe, SNK and Metsgrrl.

If you haven't read it or bought it yet, here is the link to Dana Brand's Mets Fan book site. He conducted a reading of some of the books passages tonight - some of the memories were good (running on the field in '69, though I definitely wasn't around for THAT LOL), bittersweet (the closing of Shea Stadium and opening of Citi), some just downright painful (like Kenny Rogers, where MG's TBF and I started simulated suicide missions, LOL). But all in all, from what I read, it truly captures the poetry and literary nature of baseball. Go out and buy it. NOW!

'Cause the Coop told you so!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sweet Pea

Oh Sweet Pea
Can it really be so easy?
Easy easy as 1,2,3...

Yes, I know that's it cheesy. But it was all I could think of on short notice.

And just like *that* - poof! - our Magic Number is now 7. Seven as in 2007. Seven as in Jose Reyes number.

Sweet Oh Pea stepped up big time in a game where we needed him most. We needed at least *seven* innings from him, seven strong innings, but he gave us one better for extra measure.

BP Heilman is starting to endear himself more to me. I may have to relinquish his title. But all in all, everyone contributed today. From replacement Ramon Castro's 3-run HR, to DW showing why he's a legit MVP candidate.

Pea is now 15-9, has the best record on the Mets...but wouldn't you know it, it's not like Steve Trashball last year who had the "best record" for the team in 2006, but had a gazillion point ERA. Pea is for real. For all you doubters.

And you all know, I was far from being one of those! I have always believed in my Sweet Pea.

And....AHHH! LOU!! AHHH! LOU!! Keeps his streak going. Keep it up, old man river!!!

Here's One Way Of Looking at Things...

I know, last night's win was...eek-inducing (see BMF for more commentary - and look at the comments section for more).

Personally, I am of the ilk that a win is a win is a win. And how many games have we lost due to shoddy defense and all around shit play on our part?

Nuff said. It's about time that karma came back to us.

And I know that I am personally PISSED OFF that the Phillies had the fucking balls to celebrate a Mets loss. Yeah, yeah, I know, they are 1.5 games in back. But the Magic Number is 8 (and Number 8 did wonders for us in the 80s...)...the Phils may still be 1.5 games because all of a sudden the Nats forgot how to play baseball...but remembered against us...I digress.


But here's another perspective.

Mets fans have always looked over their shoulders to the Braves. No matter how poorly they do, whether it was warranted or not...the Braves have always been enemy #1. Today, over at FU, my esteemed colleague Shari Forst goes into the passing of the torch of division rivals. And also chronicled by homegirl SNK at FU about the fall of the Braves.

But be sure if you want to feel really good -- visit Go Mets Die Braves, which has been my heroin recently on making myself feel better about our situation.

Yes it's tough. But dear readers, it's been tougher.

But especially now since the Braves, our enemies for all those years, are now 4 games from being eliminated.

And need I remind you that when the Mets beat the Braves in a significant fashion, what the #4 represented?


Hey, if anyone is going to Dana Brand's book party tomorrow, shoot me an email. I'll have the Coop camera, if youare not shy, stop over and say hello!

PS Did I mention

GO METS!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Deja Vu All Over Again

You know, if the Mets were just going to lose by one run anyway, why didn't they just blow it in the 9th, as per usual? And it looked that way - based loaded, no outs, Jose Reyes strikes out. You know, as per usual.

Then something magical happened. Marlon (as in Marlon, I looooooooooove you!) Anderson hits a bases clearing double. Then Shirley Beltran comes in and gets another base hit, scoring Marlon. Sweet!

I'm thinking - Wagner comes in bottom of the 9th, this game is done.

Umm...what the fuck? a Pedro Feliciano experiment later (one fucking batter???) and a Jorge Sosa melt-down (plus a David Wright brain fart)...we are back where we fucking were on Tuesday.

1.5 games ahead.

The Phils breathing down our necks. AGAIN. And why aren't the Nationals playing THEM like they played us? HUH???

But riddle me this - why the FUCK wasn't Billy Wagner in there? Yeah yeah, I know. He pitched last night. (edited to add: I heard he was out with back spasms, although i didn't hear that in the game. what a fucking pussy)

But Jorge Sosa of course has been overused lately, we can't use that excuse. He's pitched in pretty much every game the last few series!!

Which leads me to this...

I have a new link up and some of you may think it's a bit "controversial."

But I wouldn't be The Coop without any controversy, so here it is:

Fire Willie. (Also, a special shout out to Blastings! Thrilledge for their interesting take on Manny Acta)

Now, over in my Coop Seal of Approval Links column, I have it listed as Fire Willie? Basically because you know I am not the biggest Willie fan. But I can't exactly say he deserves to be fired yet. I mean, the team has been having mental brain farts. But how much of that is focus. How much of that is feeding off their manager?

But in 2005, I criticized him, but he was new so I gave him a pass.

In 2006, I thought he had it way too easy, but the team was doing well and the players responded to him and everyone told me, this is a good thing.

2007, fool me thrice, shame on me. He is not a good manager. And like Blastings, I wonder, just wonder, where we'd be if Acta had stayed on and became our manager. Because he works with crap, doesn't have nearly the resources Willie has, and still managed to be .500 at home this year. And they are a fourth place team!

I got my postseason tickets yesterday. But like yesterday's game, I'm just not sure they can pull it off. Right now, the way they play...coasting through first 9, scoring a lot of runs in the 9th, then blowing it anyway, is not a championship team.

And you can throw all the case studies in the world at me to say they don't have to dominate.


Stuck on number nine. And if the Mets think they can depend on the Phillies losing to lower their magic number, they have another thing coming. YOU ARE PLAYING TO NOT LOSE, not to WIN. ENOUGH ALREADY.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mets Get Some PELF-HELP!


WOO. Sorry, tension breaker, had to be done.

What a weird parallel universe we live in. After the Mets get what they needed out of Pelfrey (a little shaky from what I saw, but he did what he needed to do AND got his win. Woo hoo!), we started to pay attention to...The Cardinals game?

I mean, have we truly sold our souls? (Take a look at who drove in the winning run. Irony. You really can't script baseball, huh. Who knew he'd actually HELP us in a year?)

Moises Alou. I have a song for you...Wanna hear it? Hear it goes? Well too bad, i can't find the Youtube for it, but it's "I think I Love you."

And...I got notice that my postseason tickets are at the ready.

I think the Mets are. They need to seal the deal already.

Oh and as of tonight, the magic number is...

Number nine...

Number nine...

Number nine...

Number nine...

Rats on a Sinking Ship

I'm sure most of you came here today to see my reaction about last night's game.

Will Coop watch a game ever again this season?

Will Coop ever write another article for Flushing University again? (and catch my latest one here)

Will Coop call out the boys and name more members of the Big Pussy Posse?

Will Coop find it in her heart to root for the boys again?

The answers are:




and for everything that is good and holy OF COURSE I still root for my boys.

I remember several Yankees fans at the beginning of the season when they started out...not so hot...many of them were like - forget these guys. I'm done. F-ARod. Fire Torre. I'm cancelling my MLB package for cable. Etc, etc.

I don't want to sound like that. Ever.

So if this team has the most monumental collapse ever in the history of sports...

I'll be there to root for them. Good or bad, I'm in for the long haul.

I won't take a Mets sabbatical for the rest of the season. Hell, I might even WATCH THE GAME somewhere tonight!!!

But whatever the case, I might rethink my season ticket options for next year. But that's about it for now.

All I know is - I can glean one positive from last night's game.



Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Keystone Kops - Keystone Hotel

That's seriously what I feel like watching this team over the last four games. Just one bumbling idiot of a move after another.

I have to admit I wasn't too hopeful that Brian Lawrence would do much last night. But I did see him in Milwaukee pitch against a pretty good team...I thought maybe he'd surprise us.

And getting up 4 runs in the first three innings, I thought, this is a done deal. They're unstoppable.

Ha (for Sele), Ha (for Bloeneweis), Ha (for Sosa), Ha (for Smith), and Ha (for Collazo).

At least look at the bright side. Mota didn't pitch.

And why on God's green earth wasn't Pelfrey or Humber starting tonight? Why?

I know the SNY crews were talking about it, but i was on the phone, so I didn't hear why. Did Willie have a better answer than "Lawrence is one of my 'guys.'"

Pitiful. Absolutely pitiful. And I'm done. Put a fork in me, like Britney's career. Except a spread in Penthouse isn't going to revive me or the Mets now.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oops. Our Bad.

You might think that this title is in response to what we are already terming as the "Lost Weekend" in the netherworld of BMF...or maybe even giving up a granny to a pinch hitter...

But no.

I believe those words were uttered by yours truly as The Coop, SassDawg, Zoe and the rest of Coop and SassDawg's family got kicked out of a Luxury Box we tried to claim as our own.

Hey, we needed some excitement, since we weren't getting it from the game we actually paid to watch today.

And how about this for some more if irony wasn't available enough in baseball these days. What if I were to tell the ace starting pitcher (and he is, he has the best ERA and W-L Record on the team), whom the author of this blog still loves very very much, didn't put out his best stuff...the team makes like 95 errors (not kidding)...

And the pitcher who didn't deserve the win the other night gets the loss today. Totally deserved, if you asked me. But not totally his fault either. I mean, yes, the granny was his fault. The rest of the game was in the shit can before we could even sing Meet the Mets.

BUT! Believe it or not, I am actually taking a positive outlook on this.

For one - we got another esteemed member in the 30/30 Club. Davey, you're sooooo pretty!!!!!

Phillies fans are acting like -- once again -- they won the World Fucking Series by sweeping the Mets. Whoop-a-dee-do. The last time they swept, the hardly even gained any more ground.

So I can't get too concerned.

Who's in SECOND PLACE? Clap! Clap! Clap-clap-clap!

I am wiped from today. Longest. Game. Ever. Played.

I also had the opportunity to meet this blogger. Irony - I was wearing his site's t-shirt (totally unplanned).

Nice to meet you, Greg!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's Like Meeting the Man of Your Dreams...and His Beautiful Wife or Some Shit...

How about this for some irony?

What if I were to tell you that a first place had a very shaky relief pitcher. Said relief pitcher is brought in to get one out in a 3-1 game, with his team on top. Said relief pitcher also lets inherited runners score and allows the game to be tied.

Said relief pitcher gets the final out, to a mix of cheers (for the outs) and boos (for him even being in).

And what if I were to say when the home team scores the go-ahead run in the bottom of the same inning, said relief pitcher gets the WIN!!!!

As my friend SNK simply cannot script baseball.

I hope that Willie Randolph sees what we all see...that Mota should not be anywhere near a pitchers mound come October. I mean, idiots like us see it, we get it. Randolph needs to stop using him, give Collazo, Humber or Pelfrey more time in relief.


But enough of Guillermo Mota...and the faces behind him (pictures to come later).

Let's talk about the POSITIVES of the game.

Shawn Green! Ate his SMOLTZIES* this morning!!!


John Maine - save an inning where he walked the bases loaded AND a tying run to boot - managed to shake things off and pitched his ass off. Unfortunately, pitchers not deserving of wins GET wins in this game, but I'm sure this outing makes him go tete-a-tete with Sweet Pea for the postseason rotation.

And after last night's debacle, the team seems to be coming around. I mean, who here thought the team would just lay down like sheep after last night? Well, I didn't...but I can admit, it was certainly easy to!

Unfortunately, though Duque may take longer to do so...

COL-O-RA-DO!!!! Our magic number with Philly coming to town this weekend is 11!!



The game atmosphere was fun tonight. Zoe and I had a guest in the Coop box. Please, no crude remarks. Thanks. But we made section 14...erm...not-so-G-rated. We got yelled at a few times, but all in all, the crowd managed to come around and by the end of the night, we were all crude Mets fans. Sweet!


Bring on the Phils!!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Visit Zoe for more info on the title reference...(and yes, darling, you will need to keep doing this for the rest of the series, thank you!!!).

Back to the game...

Is it hot in here, or is it just me???

Probably is just me, with the way Oh Pea performed tonight. Boo-yah!!!

Thank God for David Wright too. Any naysayers about his deserving of the MVP crown should be forced to watch the rest of the Braves' pitiful miserable season in penance. And boy is it pitiful. As if the Braves can't have it gets worse. Damn. I was looking forward to chanting LARRRR-RRRRYYY! this whole series.

But if one bad turn deserves careful what we wish for, I guess is the theory of this one...Carlos Delgado is looking like he'll be out for more than the original 10 days they gave him. I may have been hard on Carlos D this season but I do think he was truly coming out of his slump and I hate to see him go down, especially now. When we could really use his bat in the lineup. But for now, Shawn Green has to hold down the fort at 1st.

So that solves the Shawn Green / Stings playing time problem.

Now -- on the topic of playoff rotation, there have been numerous discussions over here and over there about it. The long and short of it is...if Pedro continues to pitch the way he has been, NO WAY he is out of the rotation in the postseason.

Duque stays because of his (hate to use this word) "pedigree," but we need to face facts, no one gets as locked into the playoffs as Duque does.

Then there's Glavine. Oh yes, we're going to keep the anchor of our rotation out of the playoffs!

So the odd men out are...Maine and Pea. There has been some discussion, repeated rumblings mind you, about where Pea fits in, if he is better suited for the 'pen. And the argument is, El Sid -- a dominant starter in the '86 season -- went to the 'pen in the postseason and singlehandedly (well, pitching-wise, he had a little help from Ray Knight and Darryl Strawberry, to say the lease) saved the team's collective butts in Game 7. And Pea has been compared to El Sid on more than one occasion.

But I have to say that I wholeheartedly disagree with putting Pea in the 'pen. He has been far too filthy and definitely gets locked into these games.

The way Maine has been performing of late, I hate to say it, our pitching stalwart at the beginning of the season needs to find his groove. So let's petition Willie to give him a day off soon (skipped rotation, if you will, hand the ball to Pelf or Humber, let them get their licks NOW) and see how he performs.

But here's the kicker and it's not just because I am a total Oh Pea homer...Maine is far more hittable...hitters have started to figure him out. That right there is the issue with Maine.

And that's my $.02!

But for now...Go Rockies. But it is sort of satisfying to know Pat Burrell abuses more teams than just the Mets.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Who's YOUR Papi? PEDRO IS!!!!

Anybody wanna use my Swiffa'?? (Thanks Phanatic!!!)


Today, with Pedro out on the mound...timely hitting...taking out one of the best pitchers in the game (although, personally, I think he is overrated) feels like the good ol' days again.

And by good ol' days, I mean, like 2006 good ol' days.

I had a great "date" with SNK today...and we are batting 1.000 for our games this year, thank you very much! We have another date, a rain check if you will, in the Cooper seats for the make-up game against the Cards this month.

Which brings up this point...the game on September 27 vs the Cards is the only game for the rest of the month not against an NL East team.

Translation: It's go time.

Not much more to say but I will be at the game on Wednesday evening with the lovely Zoe...and its the Braves series. Boo-yah!!!!

Bring on Larry Jones, that whiny little pussy bitch!!! YEAH!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Six Games Ahead, Boys and Girls

Sorry for the erratic posting of late. My fall allergies are KILLING me and I haven't been able to do much. Plus, the way the Mets played on Wednesday, really wasn't helping my situation.

But the way they played last night...and presumably the weekend (Pedro comes home!!!), it can turn out to be a pretty good few games here.

Now, I didn't get to see any of the game last night (out to dinner where ~gasp!~ football took precedence...and a YANKEE game?? Pshaw.), but I did get some insight. A "Wow!" text comes to me towards the end of my dinner...I say, "What happened?" "Milledge opens the game wide open with a 3-run homer!" That's my boy!

I really wish I had seen Pelf pitch though, from what I heard, he was not nearly as dominating as he was in Atlanta, but he got the win, and it just seems to me he has the John Maine/Oh Pea syndrome, which is young guy has to learn to get himself out of big spots by doing minimal damage. Willie send for some Pelf-help and...we have a ball game.

He'll get through it, I'm sure. But the good news is, he got the win and only gave up 3 runs. Wow!

Other good news - The Phils lost, bringing the lead to six games. We have a very important series next week...two actually. I'm pretty stoked to see how they pan out.

I'll be at the Pedro game tomorrow with this gal. Stop by Mezzanine Section 14 and say hi!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bullpen Problems Fixed! (Just Score Lots of Runs...)

I don't have a lot of time to write today but two thoughts:

1.) Oh Pea had a no-hitter for 2 2/3 innings!! But after he gave up his first hit...he didn't harness his best stuff last night (after I was lobbying on several sites that he should MOST DEFINITELY be in the starting rotation for the postseason), but at least this wasn't a night where most Mets fans were saying - Dag, if only we could have scored more runs. I mean, I can't get too worried. His last game seriously the team should have scored more runs and we wouldn't even be having this conversation.

2.) Paul F'ing LoDuca. 7 RBIs. 2 3-run jacks!!!

3.) Jose Reyes AND David Wright both went 0-fers last night. How amazing is it that the majority of the offense for this season goes to sleep, and the rest of the team fills in. Having Pedro back DEFINITELY set the tone for the rest of the season.

4.) It looks like Jose will have the day off, plus a scheduled travel day tomorrow. I say this is good. But am I the only one who thinks...he's not just tired, but he may be ill. I know, shutter the thought...but when i watch him around the bases and even in the field, I can't help but think...mono. That would tremendously suck and I just hope that two days off in a row will certainly help.

5.) Damn Atlanta. It also looks like Larry Jones is none too happy with the way things are called around him these days. (What a little pussy bitch).

But I can't complain too much. This is the ever elusive five-game win streak the team hasn't had ALL SEASON. As a wise man once said..."Amazin'!"

Monday, September 03, 2007


So my buddy and yours, Blondies Jake, arrived in the area for a one-day-only Blondie's appearance with Mrs. Blondies Jake and some others from the Motley Crew of BMF, including A Phanatic. Sorry about your team there Phan! SNK promises to buy you a beer next time around, hee hee!!

I know I was on Mets Sabbatical this weekend, but believe me...I cheated. A lot. Everyone from SassDawg, to SNK to Zoe to a friend who had access to MLB scores on his blackberry were giving me updates...not to mention going out to see the Cyclones on Saturday, they had the nerve to give us live feeds from Fox!!!! Then on Sunday, yeah, I listened to the game on the radio. JUST for one inning though.

So in honor of Blondies Jake visiting, my Mets Sabbatical coinciding with some of the most exciting baseball the Mets have played all season, not to mention Pedro's return, I will say this:


So I owe you guys a Happy RECoop, which I am more than happy to oblige.

Well, what's there not to be happy about. The Marlins proved they are not only scrappy around us thank you very much. And after rooting against the Braves in the House of Pain this weekend, I have to say I was very pleased that they won today. Hey, I guess if the stars align accurately, the Braves will also play spoiler to teams not named the Mets. Pretty cool.

Pelf decides to show us what he made of. I am very proud of him. I saw him pitch in his very first game as a Met in 2006, and I was so excited. After his lackluster start this season, I thought maybe we hyped him a little too much. I saw something though, not so much an Oh Pea sabor thing, but something in him in his last two, maybe three starts, that showed me he had the goods. Glad he decided to show up this weekend. I mean, after a gut-wrenching sweep to the Phils last week, who would have thought that going into the Ted, against a team that has absolutely owned us this year, and in the past, with guys like Larry Jones and pitching Hudson AND Smoltzie in the same series, that the Mets might win a game? I was very happy with Pelf's performance.

Pedro. Oh, Pedro, how I love thee...Let me count the ways. How about 3,000...Career strikeouts, that is. What can I possibly say about Pedro that hasn't been? He brings with him a certain swagger, an attitude that even Stings himself cannot muster. I saw him dancing in the dugout with everyone from Stings, Oh Pea to dinosaur Moises Alou!

I'm not the only one who loves Pedro. Everyone loves Pedro. After a shaky first inning, the Mets really sparked and just annihilated the Reds pitching. Boo yah!

So now what? Well, we've got a pretty abbreviated week. One night game tomorrow against the Reds, an afternoon game on Wed...then back home on Friday for a series against the Astros.

And I am proud to announce that SNK and I will be at Pedro's first home game, thank you very much!!!

I am also going on record here at MSF and saying...Oh Pea is going to have the game of his career tomorrow night. Mark my words. He will come up huge.

Last but certainly not least, go visit Flushing University already! My article for week is already up. Enjoy. And if you post a comment, tell 'em The Coop sent ya!!

And thanks to the Dawg for those great videos of Wesley Willis and Peter Frampton in honor of Delgado's bats waking up!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Delgado Comes Alive

That's right Carlos, We want you to show us the way into the postseason!!!!