Friday, August 31, 2007

Rock N Roll McDonalds (A Tribute to Wesley Willis)

In honor of the huge performance from one Rock and Roll Delgado this evening!!!!

Going On Mets Sabbatical

I know, I totally sound like a fairweather fan right now. But think what you want. Most of my Mets Family, Summer Family, Real Family, whatever other classifications know I am the furthest thing from that.

But I don't think my blood pressure can bear any more of these heartbreaking losses.

Look, yesterday was just ugly. We need to face it and realize the Phils wanted it more and just chalk it up to just really really ugly and bad luck. Not to mention a really really ugly and bad bullpen.

I was supposed to be attached to the television this weekend. I mean, prior to the Phils series (which I truly believed we would at WORST split, not get swept out of town), I was looking forward to the Mets fucking the Braves' moms while the likes of Frenchy, Ondroo and the rest all watched and cried like little bitches.

Right now, I could give a shit.

I was supposed to go watch the game with someone tonight. I told him, unless you want to hang out with the biggest bitch in the world tonight, take me to the movies.

So I'm going to the movies. I'm going to a Cyclones game tomorrow night. And Pedro is supposed to return soon.

I'm reading a book on Sunday. I *might* return to the Mets world by Monday, but that's only cause Blondies Jake is making a super special appearance this weekend and he's watching the game at his home away from home. Seeing Blondie's Jake is as rare as an Elvis viewing.

So I can only hope for three things.

One is that the Mets FINALLY figure out that pitching to Larry Jones is a bad thing.

Two, that the Marlins splat the Phils hearts like they did to us earlier in the month.

And that the Mets may still be in first place next week.

But the Phils are hot right now. And the Mets are like the OutKast song - Ice Cold.

Ice Cold like my beers tomorrow night with LoDigs at the Cyclones game.

And the Happy RECoop is just not coming this month. What's there to be happy about? The fact we are still in first place? Whoop-a-dee-doo. I just paid my postseason invoice. I hope I can use them. Later.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Not happy right now. Not at all.

First, I had a great "date" with the great Zoe (wipe those dirty thoughts out of your head please) at the Ziegfeld Theater.

The not so great part - the Mets sucking the life out of me, one breath at a time.

Starting with:
Making mediocre pitchers look like Cy Young, Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver and Rick Sutcliffe rolled into one...TWO nights in a row. (e.g. Jamie Moyer - JAMIE MOYER!!! - and friggin Adam Eaton).
Jose Reyes getting picked off. Twice. Can he pretty please get a hit every once in a while?
Carlos Delgado trying to desperately rebound.
Rallies getting killed left and right.
Marlon Anderson getting called for interference on the last play of the game.
Oh Pea getting the loss tonight.

I know, I know. It's a team effort (and believe me, at this point, I would take a team win with No-Pea Decision over an Oh Pea win anyday of the week), but he did pitch well enough to win.

So goes the way of the Mets I guess.

I guess some things to glean is that -- if you are an opposing team to the Mets, and you have a pitcher who needs to get his stats up (like ERA), just throw him on the mound. Mets wouldn't able to hit the broad side of a barn right now.

As for the offense. Where have all-llll the batters gone...Long time passing?

Seriously, I feel like it's been years since we had a good game. And the last one we had was on SATURDAY.

I guess I will leave you with this thought - at Faith and Fear today, commenter Whitney said that the winning streaks are "brief respites from all of the ugliness and frustration" which i thought so eloquently described what was going on this year.


It's more ~Whew~ Glad we got that one.

And what the phlying phuck is that about?

Few things to make you smile though:

Zoe has got great pictures of the bloggerati event on Tuesday. Of course, the game didn't turn out like we expected, but I had some good laughs courtesy of....well basically everyone at the table.

Looks like Pedro might be making his first start during the next home series against the Astros. I plan to be there with bells on, whatever game he is making his appearance at.

September call ups are soon!!!! Maybe young blood like Willie Collazzo, Joe Smith and Phil Humber can inject some youth into this old fart team.

I'm taking a few days off. This team has pissed me off so much. I'll be available for comments. Later.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

When In Doubt, Walk Alou

Some may argue that the turning point of the game was when Paul LoDuca tried to let a meek grounder roll foul, allowing Shane "Flyin Hawaiian" Victorino to score the tying run in the bottom of the 8th tonight.

Others may say it was when Ryan Howard hit an almost predictable walk-off home run against ~ Yep, you guessed it ~ Guillermo "Where's the Roids" Mota in the bottom of the 10th.

Well, both were pretty painful to watch (but I had good company...and then some more good company, and you know what they say about misery and more good company)...

But I would have to go ahead and sort of disagree with both of those. The game was over when Beat-your-local-reporter Myers actually had the balls to pitch around Alou to get to ~ yep, you guessed it once again ~ Carlos "Laverne" Delgado. Carlos of course meekly strikes out, end of inning, fail to score more runs.

Fuck beans.

So now, not only is Big Pussy Heilman back on the Coop shit list, but so is Mota...but that hasn't really changed since about...oh, I would gather since Game 2 of the NLCS last year.

But when are we going to realize that Carlos Delgado is not the player we think he is.

OK, I will give you that without him, we had no offense. Which to me is beyond all my comprehension, since we were facing Adam Eaton who has like a 99.999 ERA against every other team not named Mets. Throw in a little Geary and a little Myers and what do we have?

A fucking embarrassment.

Look. There are still two games left of this series. IF (and it's a big IF at this point) we take the next two, this is good...technically the Phils are back at Square One. Good for the Mets, bad for the Phils I guess.

But do I need to give "the lecture" again about setting the tone, gaining games when they should, beating the teams (not to mention pitchers) they should be beating, blah blah blah, etc etc?

Nah, you don't want to hear it. Prof The Coop has lectured long enough on this.

But I will say this. We are slowly approaching a series where the end result matters more to the fans than to the players.

And man, that really pisses me off.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Let's Go METS! F-A-N! (Don, don, don!)

Sorry, I'm a little wired right now. I was just humming that song to myself, expecting to hear Howie Rose to jump into my head.

Anyway, I don't have much to write about, except -

Yeah losing to Fat Bastard (aka Dave Wells) sucks but what can you do? I guess we can only pray that he goes on a Big Fat Losing Streak and loses his moxie.

So tonight the Mets are playing the Phils. Whoop-a-dee-doo!

Just kidding. These two series - vs Phils and Braves, back-to-back - are two of the most important must-win series of the season. Yes I am going there. I mean, I think it might be a tall order to sweep (although that would be delicious, or swellicious as a hella cool blogger said once upon a time), but to take five out of seven games? I don't think 4-3 on this road trip will cut it.

So on that note, I'd like to bring up a few items.

One: Get thee to the Blind Pig tomorrow night. And buy a beer for The Coop! (just kidding, I might be on antibiotics tomorrow night. Yeesh) Get your booties there 6:45. And we will be the loud obnoxious Mets fans all sitting together. We shouldn't be too tough to figure out!

Two: Visit Flushing University! Why? Cause not only did The Coop say so, I have the cover story tonight as opposed to Tuesday morning. No clue. But it's a fun article, so stop by, read it and say hi while you are at it.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Give 'Em Hell, Carlos

I'm wondering during the game if part of the reason Carlos D is doing so poorly this because of himself.

As I once asked the question if we could save Mike Pelfrey from himself-frey, what kills me about Carlos Delgado is not that he is a shadow of his former self but that he is SUCH a keen baseball player. We will only see few like him in our lifetime.

So when the Dodgers intentionally loaded up the bases with 2 out to get to Delgado, the crowd roared. But not with boos, with CHEERS. With standing ovations. I also said out loud - give 'em hell, Carlos.

And give 'em hell he did. Driving in 2 runs with one swing, Laverne Delgado's clutch hit turned out to be the difference maker in the game today.

Not to mention El Duque's balls-on performance. Sure, he gave up back-to-back home runs towards the end, but you have to give him a pass. Not only did he managed to only give up something like 2 hits up to that point, he is also 89 years old. Let's cut him some slack, eh?

And of course my MVP candidate, David Wright, is also clutch.

And I think I might love Jeff Conine. I used to love his name (I used to call him Jeff "Canine" - how funny am I, right??????), but now I love that he is such a gamer on our team.

All in all, it was nice to see the Mets *finally* take a series with the first two games of the series.

Let's get em tomorrow too.

Hercu-Peas! Hercu-Peas!

I just want to ask - why is there so much hype surrounding Brad Penny?

I know he's a pretty fly pitcher and all...for, you know, the first half of most seasons. Then he tapers off and usually finishes off the year, 15-8. Decent, but hardly mind-blowing. Al Leiter-esque, if you ask me.

But Oh *here* is God's gift to a pitching staff. OK, maybe just a gift for yours truly, but after getting into some early trouble this evening, my boy gives himself a stern talking to (maybe like Willie last Saturday, only this time Pea says, "Yes")...Then he puts on his cape and is Senor Sabor once again. Maybe MG had her Chorizo Sabor doll with her for good luck tonight...

For now, though, I am just overwhelmed by the amount of offense and clutch hitting going down these days.

First, I said it once, I will say it again - say what you want about Jose Reyes being a sparkplug. David Wright will be the MVP this year. .400 for the month of August? Plus he defensive web gems of the day...yowza.

Carlos Beltran - may not be a Shirley or a BP candidate for long...

Carlos Delgado on the other hand (sorry Zoe!) patience is wearing very thin with him.

Do you know I had people telling me after the game tonight that there's still time with Carlos Delgado to turn things around?

OK people - De Nile is NOT just a river in Egypt. People, it's SEPTEMBER! Unless your name is Yadier Friggin Molina and you don't play on the Mets, turning it around late in the season (or post-season...) is a fluke. Carlos Delgado, I can see it now...he will be a dead weight come this post-season, mark my words. Being a Mets fan for so many years...I can try to be as optimistic and Ya Gotta Believe as much as possible...but I've had my heart broken so many times and this stuff happens to the teams PLAYING the Mets, not the Mets themselves.

However, I will be the first to eat crow when/if that happens (I also know the BMF and MSF pact to get tattoos is contingent upon this too).

I have an announcement to make...

Coop's made the big time, y'all!!! Seriously folks, Cerrone and the folks over at Metsblog were kind enough to give MSF a mini-blurb today - so if you don't visit there, visit often and or some shit.

So in the spirit of "link-dropping," visit the other sites mentioned too if you haven't already. While I've been to Blastings Thrilledge (which get the Coop seal of approval, I don't think I've put it up yet) and Do Me Wright a few times, the others I was not familiar with and they all have very unique angles. Check 'em out, tell 'em The Coop sent ya!...

...Or don't. I just felt like saying that.

And last but certainly not least (because if you've made it this far, you must be pretty cool), the always lovely and always talented (in addition to many other superlatives!) Zoe is hosting a "bloggerati" event at the Blind Pig on Tuesday, August 28, in honor of the Mets plundering into Philly like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! 6:30, be there or be very very circlish. Zoe has arranged to get the Mets on the big screen and hopefully she is working her mojo to get some drink specials going past happy hour! (Pretty please, with all the good stuff?!?!?!?)

Even if you are not a "blogger," what the heck! All are invited as well! Kidding about the groupies part, not kidding about coming. You guys make our sites more interesting.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Playoff Atmosphere at Shea Today

The title is a play on Tim McCarver's call during Gary Carter's first game as a New York Met (Besides the "Welcome to New York, Gary Carter"). We all got to see just how clutch Gary was, by hitting a walk off home run against the hated Neil Allen and the Cardinals. McCarver said (in his less homery days), "It's a World Series atmosphere today."

With the chill in the air, and two top teams in their respective divisions facing each other...why, yes, Coop, there is a playoff atmosphere.

Think about it - two former fan favorites on the rival team, one who never lived up to his potential, the other as a scrappy guy who always seemed to come through.

And that scrappy guy's replacement? Has a 5 RBI night. Thank you very much.

Both teams showcase the two top closers in the league, who are as bulletproof as they come.

Wonder who's going to blow the save first??? Well, technically, Wags gets the win, so you figure it out.

Welcome to New York, Luis Castillo.

And welcome to New York, Jeff Conine, who joins the team via a trade with the Reds. I like the move, reasons illustrated here. And so long to Damion Easley, who grew on me, as I'm sure he did many Mets fans.

Carlos Beltran won Player of the Week honors. Good job Carlos! He may have earned the POTW title...he may disearn the FU and MSF titles we have bestowed upon him here, if he keeps this play up.
I'll be at the game tomorrow, stop by and say hey!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

And It Makes Me Wonder

If not for David Wright's timely bat this season, we'd be fighting for third place in the division.

What set this way of thinking off is when I saw him hit a big 2RBI double in the 5th inning tonight.

Then I remembered the beginning of the season, when I made the prediction that his performance would be a key component to the season. I also said he was in danger of believing his own hype.

Say what you want about Jose Reyes being MVP this year. Think what you want about Billy Wagner being a legit CY candidate this year (although I think he has a good shot if it weren't for Brandon Webb channeling Orel Hershiser's pre-Met days).

DW slumped at the beginning of the season...along with Carlos Delgado and a bunch of others who couldn't get their groove. Then came May, and he never looked back.

David Wright is the mack daddy boombatty caddy.

Oh and by the way, the Mets won two in a row. The Phils lost tonight, as did Atlanta.

NOW it's starting to feel like a season.

The Coop is off to a wedding in Bumblepark Long Island tomorrow. I also have some family issues that suddenly popped up and I might not be posting for a few days. It depends on where I have to be in the next few days.

Dawg, if you read this, feel free to take over the posting for the next couple.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Big Pussy Strikes Again

Just when you think you are out...he sucks you right back in. Sounds like The Sopranos or The Godfather or some shit.

OK, so as of Wednesday, the Mets won three in a row, managed to gain a whole game in the standings...until Philly won tonight, but Atlanta lost...All good news on the homefront, right?

Unless you count Big Pussy Heilman giving up the winning runs in the 8th inning to the freaking PIRATES.

Granted, I didn't get to see the game since I had the technology day from hell at work...

But this series -- oh, by the way, did I mention the Mets WON it? Well you'd never know, because this was probably about the ugliest series the team won since...I don't know, I guess this season. I have no others in recent memory. Usually, series wins, they're a good thing. This was just ugliness. It was just ugliness from the first pitch Duque threw on Tuesday night to Big Pussy's insurance runs.

And just when we think we can let Shirley Beltran off the hook...Shirley comes up big with a jack in the first inning...but then Brian Lawrence, who seemed to be unhittable at first, gives up three runs. Hey, who knows -- maybe Deb and I over at FU will stop heckling him in cyberspace eventually.

Not to worry...until the Pirates finally caught up with them.

Which begs the question -- why can't this team beat last place teams? It makes no sense.

Well of course it does make sense, if you are a Mets fan that is.

Just showcases their inconsistencies.

Anyway, I guess I can be relieved that this team was able to take the series and all.

I just hope any momentum from the wins carries into Washington for this weekend's series. I hate to say it, but these series will dictate the rest of the season. And I will proudly stand by those words.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Random Thoughts

I'm not in the mood to write a real posting on the Mets today. First, I did that on Flushing University yesterday, where I was basically chased out with pitchforks and torches by my dear friend Dingo for writing this. At least, I believe that most Mets fans are divided on Willie.

I also attended the Hawaiian Tropic Zone SNY event last night - chronicled in a job well done (as usual) by the great Zoe herself. Also in attendance was home girl SNK, Trey (nice to meet you finally!) and the boys from Metsblog, Mets Heads and Hotfoot. It was great meeting everyone.

I don't plan on going back to the "Zone" anytime soon - if at all - but it was definitely "tastefully" done even though a.) their drinks - although very creative and yummy -did not come with a side of Vaseline and b.) their dude bartender Scott was a real dickhead - or douchefuck, I think was the word once used on The Metropolitans or Toasty Joe (don't remember which one guys, but it always stood out for me). Now, I may have a mouth like a truckdriver on here and in real life (I am the daughter of a construction worker), but I do only reserve either of those two words for the well-deserving!

Now, our Mets won a heart-racer-to-the-end of a game last night...against the Pirates, but a win is a win and I take it. But let's get the train rolling for the rest of this series and the ones against the Nats, m'kay? And let's make last night's game 100% more decent this time!!

In other news, just a few MSF Announcements:

Eddie Kranepool Society, one of the godfathers of the Mets blogging community, has returned after a semi-brief hiatus! Welcome back, Mr. Kranepool!

Also, one of our dearly departed Mets, Jose "Awfulman" Offerman was arrested today for assault with a bat - during a Long Island Ducks game. There are no words. If you haven't seen the video, well, it's not for the feint of heart, but you should give it a look. Ugh.

And - that's about it folks. If you are new to the MSF, welcome! Please identify yourself and say hello. Visit often!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Panama...By Van Halen

The title is in honor of two things: 1.) my favorite episode ever of Drew Carey's Show and 2.) Van Halen (*not* Van Hagar) announced a reunion tour. Of course, it won't be the same without "The Other Guy" Michael Anthony (very underrated bassist, but not nearly as good as my boy John Taylor from Duran Duran), but hey...I heard Wolfie Van Halen (Eddie and Valerie's son) is pretty good.

Anyway, I don't have much to write about today. Well I do, but I'm just tired of being negative about the team - I mean, I do enough of that over here. And I really don't have any Cawfee Tawk topics, but I do have a few announcements. So here goes.

One is check out Flushing University columns for my weekly Tuesday morning piece. This week's teaser: it's about Willie. Sort of. Make sure if you stop by, say The Coop sent ya!!

Two: SNY is hosting a viewing party for the Mets vs Bucs game tomorrow night at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone, doors at 6:30 pm. Join The Coop with Mz. Zoe, SNK or as she is known over at FU "Ya Gotta Believe!," and a few others.

And no, contrary to popular belief, the female bloggerati will not be showcasing bikinis. Ron Darling will be there in a Speedo though...Kidding. Not about the Ron Darling part. Be there or be square...but if you DO come, find me. I'll gladly let you buy me a beer.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mr. Met Says "Takin Care of Business!"

Did you know that Mr. Met has an entourage of Pepsi and Mets "fun" crew around him at all times? I shit you not, some fan started yelling, "Hey everyone, Mr. Met is coming down!" And all the kids around us starting going nuts...till one of the Pepsi crew said, "Please don't do that, Mr. Met needs to get somewhere."


Well, any other day, I might have let the Pepsi beyotch have it. But I was happy. First, I got to attend the game with one of my favorite Mets fans ever, and I am proud to announce that we have a 1.000 record on the season for live games at Shea!! And ironically, Oh Pea has started both those games. Oh Pea got the win the last time around...this time, unfortunately, no.

But it's OK. I will take a No-Pea Decision any day for a Mets win in the end. And win they did, although it seemed to take a while before they decided to click on all cylinders. Mr. Contribution himself (Thanks Toasty!) Moises Alou contributed big time, by getting two of the Mets 10 hits and four RBIs of the Mets 10 runs scored this game. Wheee!

Heck, even Metsgrrl agreed we might have to change our little nickname for Moises now. (And considering everyone in the midwest thinks all NYers heckle their own players because of us...this is a huge undertaking!).

In other news...Paul LoDuca has hit the DL and Mike "Dr. Evil" DiFelice is called up. Now it looks like Ramon "Pumpkin Head" Castro (if you can give me the Spanish translation for Pumpkin head, I will buy you a cerveza at the next game we both attend) might be out too. Although it sounds like nothing a little advil (or Massengill, like in Beltran's case) can't cure.

Otherwise -- we just wait. Wait and see. Wait and see how the Phils and Braves match up ends this weekend. And maybe, just maybe, win a series against two last place teams in the Pirates and the Nats this week.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Let Me At 'Em, I'll Splat 'Em!!

Courtesy of Yahoo! Pictures
What is it with these scrappy Marlins??

I didn't write about Friday night's game because...I mean...why? I figured I'd have better news on Saturday.

Is there any consolation? Sort of. Friday, Philly defeated Atlanta. So today, Atlanta returns the favor and beats Philly. I guess if they go up and down like that it can't be TOO bad for the Mets right?

And I mean...with Billy Wagner blowing the save on Friday, he got it out of his system, right? So that means Billy, I give you a pass this time. But no more this season. OK?
Well, I guess we have Florida -- another sub par team -- to worry about. Heaven forbid we take a series or SWEEP a 4th place team.
I guess my consolation is hanging out with my homegirl tomorrow and watching Oh Pea. This will be the first Sunday game I've attended on my season plan this year, if you can believe it. We'll be getting this AND seeing a celebration for Glavine too! NICE!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Fuck Larry Jones. Fuck Him in His Stupid Ass.

Why, God, Why?

First, I just want to go on record and acknowledge that Larry Jones (I refuse to call a grown-man Chipper, even if he is a redneck) has absolutely OWNED the Mets since...oh I don't know, I guess since the beginning of time. It's so much fun booing him when he plays in New York but you totally KNOW he's one of those guys who plays better because of the boos (like Jim-my Roll-ins! on Opening Day).

But dammit it all to hell. Why don't we have a guy like that? You know, someone who always comes through for his team -- for US, for the Mets -- against the Braves? It seemed like David Wright rose to the occasion in 2006, this year he disappeared. Making a brief appearance in the 9th inning today. Too little, too late, I guess.

Oh I know, the other guy who owns the Braves -- he's on the DL.

Once again, it's the same old song in these parts. The Mets had a chance, nay, SEVERAL chances to take a stand and set the tone. Set these Braves back as far back as they could. Heck, I'd even take a game over what they came in. They just needed to take TWO FRIGGIN GAMES. Just to show 'em who's boss.

Now, we play the Marlins this weekend and I have to worry. If we can't own the last place teams like Nats and Bucs, what is this scrappy young Marlin team going to do to us?

In other news, I had to laugh about this one right here. Confirming what we all knew all along: Roger Clemens is a fucking prick.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

This Apple Doesn't Fall Too Far...

At the risk of sounding like a South Park episode, I learned something today.

That everything I say about the Mets, my dad could say too.

Mr. E and I attended a night weekday game for the first time in...oooh...I'm not sure how long. Maybe 2005? I think the last time was the night Ramon Castro hit the go-ahead home run to beat the Phillies in the 8th inning, right around the Wild Card race (which we ultimately lost, but so did the Phils, so there).

Anyway, Mr. E asks me on the train tonight, "What about Beltran, huh?" To which I reply, "He's a pussy." Then my dad starts bitching about how if *he* strains an oblique muscle, guess what, he still has to hammer his nails to build the house or add onto a renovation. It's LIFE. I say, when Delgado and LoDuca played hurt last year, no one realized it even though we all knew it. Why? THEY PERFORMED. Big difference in performing hurt players and those who hurt the team playing hurt.

Later at the game, we start heckling players. Alou was one of them. Needless to say, later he was absolved of any wrongdoing.

I also point out a spectacular catch by my boy, the big Stings. My dad likes him too. Good. I say, we should trade Beltran and keep him out there. Mr. E agrees. Although I'm not too sure how I feel about that, though it's been discussed here at length.

Mr. E starts complaining about LoDuca. How he begged Willie -- actually, as my dad so eloquently put it -- had the "sack" to tell Willie that he could play, that he wanted to be ready for the Braves series. How many ground outs did he have? Whatever. PLD needs to wake up. And smell whatever Alou (and Castillo, clutch!) did tonight.

Then Billy Wagner. Madon', as Tony Soprano would say. This dude wants to kill me.

A heart attack later, and now I don't care how many people he left on base. Of course I'd be singing a different tune if we lost.

But we won. I got to see a win with my dad. And baby, was it sweet. Of course, we are back at square one. A win tomorrow, we take the series AND a bigger lead in the East. How about THEM apples? That's what I call applesauce, beyotches.

Continuing with the apples theme...has anyone been to this site yet? Save the Apple. Apparently there is a grass roots effort to save the papier-mache apple hat at Shea. I guess you want to know my opinion. I love the apple. If the Mets move, they have to bring that screaming piece of crap with them.

If it doesn't go, it definitely belongs in the Hall of Fame. The thing is too cool for words and really brings me back to my youth. I used to totally dig it when it would pop out for Darryl Strawberry home run.

F-Larry. F-Frenchy. F-em all. Go John Maine. Afternoon game tomorrow, 12:10 pm. Later beyotches.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Leave it to Pea-ver

**Down from euphoric road trip, back to being a regular ol' Mets fan**

I gotta give Willie some props (and you know it's a rare day when i actually do that).

When facing potentially the most important series of the year against the hated Braves, second place by 4.5 games, and your second starter in the series is Brian Lawrence, who was decent when Metsgrrl and I saw him in Milwaukee, what do you do with the extra day of rest? Start Lawrence on Wednesday anyway, or bump Duque and Maine up so your three stronger starters finish the job?

Of course, Willie makes the right decision.

But according to folklore (well, reality-lore if you will), Oh Pea has been the strongest starter against the Braves, as the winning pitcher for all three games won against the Braves this year.

And out of the three starters, suffice to say, I had the most confidence in Pea. Not just because of my strange obsession with him but because he has the most cajones on the pitching staff. Tom Glavine would have blown a game. Duque is a warrior but...sometimes...he has his moments. Maine will do a good job but that will be the night the Mets forget to hit (of course, Tim Hudson, aka met Kryptonite, is starting that game).

So what happens? Pea loses it. Gives up a three-run dinger to Frenchy. WTF? This was the same guy talking smack last year...along with his butt buddy Marcus Giles about how winning the Wild Card was like kissing your sister (ask Smoltzie about his feelings on that too).

Not to mention they blow through the 'pen tonight. For the love of fuck as Sassdawg would say - Sele AND Schoeneweis? Why doesn't Willie just wave the white flag then and there?

But now we just have to take the next two. Take it in the ass today. And rely on Duque and Maine.

Otherwise this has the potential to become another series the fans care more about than the fucking team does.


Drop by Section 14 tomorrow night if you're in da howse. Mr. E and I will be there in grand fashion.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Come On...Baby Don't Ya Wanna Go...Back to that Same Ol' Place

Sweet Home...Chicago!
I made it yesterday to the Mecca of all ballparks...Wrigley Field. Just an overall joyful and relaxing and overwhelmingly FUN baseball experience.

Of course as we are walking up -- I give Mr. E (who by the way, is verrrrrrry jealous The Coop went without him) a call and say - "1060 West Addison...That's Wrigley Field!!!" Blues Brothers references NEVER get old with Mr. E and The Coop. (and it's humor was not lost on Metsgrrl either when we were trying to find our car rental place...when I did, I said, "Bob's Country we are!" After about 20 straight hours, it was hysterically funny...)

OK enough Blues Bros talk, back to Wrigley.

So right outside of the stadium, you see that McDonald's - yes, that McDonald's. I had to promise MG I would not go "there" with the McNuggets song or whatever. But there are also bar upon bar upon bar with Cubs fans around...not to mention tons of souvenir stands. To the right of this photo (besides MG paying an homage to our boy, now Cubs boy Cliff Floyd) are these stands that sell shirts with the sayings of your choice: "Cardinals Suck," "Yankees Suck," "Sox Suck" (I am believing it's the white variety).

We didn't spend too much time on the streets - we had other thangs to do. Like this! Checking out what the inside of Wrigley looked like!

I purposely took a picture of the Harry Caray banner. For those living under a rock, Harry Caray is the revered color man of Cubs baseball. The irony is this - two of the "sucks" teams not named Yankees I mentioned earlier...Yeah, Caray was the announcer for both of those teams too (just don't remind Cubs fans of that). But Caray did make Wrigley what it is today, as far as the party atmosphere and the 7th inning stretch tradition.

Here are pics of his "booth" and the Harry Caray restaurant across the way from Wrigley:

Other notable items - like the scoreboard - I like how all the other games are "NITE GAMES" - the scoreboard operators must LOVE days like that!!!
And looking at some other distinctly unique Wrigley items, like the homes you see on TV with the stands on top of them - but this one house in particular with the Budweiser logo on it - I wonder if it was Dale Earnhardt Jr's home. SNICKER. I keed I keed!And here's the "Hey Hey!" Home Run pole...with other rooftop bleachers next to it - it's just strange! We got to see the warm ups and stretching by our boys...And of course, what My Summer Family road trip would be complete without the obligatory Oh Pea pic...where he's doing a yoga stretch!!!!! BONUS!!!
Plenty of Mets fans around us...
Oh and did I mention that Eddie Vedder threw out the first pitch...
...AND sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch????? I have no pics of that, our seats were not six rows behind home plate this time unfortunately...but this was our view, which was nonetheless a GOOD view...
But next time around...I think I wanna sit here:Fast forward a couple of innings and couple of beers later...Coop and Metsgrrl are not only happy campers...
...But our boys are Takin' Care of Business once again!!
After the game, we paid our respects to the Harry Caray Monument (along with some other Mets fans)...
And feel bad for some guy who turned 21 on the day the Mets annihilated their closer!!!

All in all, the first annual Snarky Bitches Road Trip (the name I gave us -- since for some reason in Chicago, everyone thinks New Yorkers are thieves -- gypsies and tramps not so much -- but also snarky), and I just want to go on the record and say this was seriously the most fun I've ever crammed into 36 hours in my life time. I'm not even joking. Thanks to MG, the Mets and to the great cities of Chicago and Milwaukee for doing their part!!
Now it's on to see these guys tomorrow! And to think I actually have to go back to work soon!!!

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight...Schlemeel, schlemazel...

Hasenfeffer incorporated!!!!!
And so goes the song to our favorite girls from Milwaukee, Laverne and Shirley, although Shirley has been on the DL. *snicker* I keed, I keed, this is supposed to be a lighthearted trip round up, right!?!?!

So it all starts when I land in Chicago very early in Thursday morning, wait for Metsgrrl, get the car, and hop on I-94 which is a straight shot from O'Hare right to Millie-wah-kay (which is Algonquin for "the good land" -- if you are not familiar, please watch "Wayne's World")

Driving through Wisconsin was....weird. I can't really describe it, it was the first time I had driven through it, but it was just pastures upon green pastures. Then "Cheese Houses," firework shops and pornography.

But then the oasis in the green desert was this:

It just literally appeared out of nowhere!

We a sea of tailgaters. At around 11:30 am. These people were there way before. Here are some Mets fans we happened upon, who were parked right by us!
Of course, no Brewers park is complete without homages to Hank Aaron:

...and to Robin Yount and his mullet (which was dead-on, if you ask me).
We walk in through the rotunda behind home plate. MG found the last piece of her Miller Park Sausage Race collection, the Chorizo (as detailed in my Coop & Metsgrrl's Excellent Adventure posting) -- after which she turns to me and says - "Yes." (The Ollie Perez way of saying "yes" has become our rallying cry, to say the least). Then the lifesize bobble head dolls!!!

We also saw the back of our newly anointed Senor Sabor and all the other racing Sausages -- no doubt heading to warm up for their big race.
(I didn't get a good shot of the race unfortunately, I got caught in a line and caught the race from up high)
Lo and behold, our seats were in Section 117, straight in from the rotunda and right behind home plate (six rows back to be exact!).
Here is a view of the scoreboard from our seats (pretty sweet, huh?)

If you've watched the games from home, you must be familiar with Bernie's perch - the Brewers mascot!

Since this was a day game after a night game, no BP :( - but we did get to see the likes of Pedro Feliciano and Guillermo Mota stretching in the outfield before the game (and no, people, The Coop didn't say anything obnoxious to Mota about ANYTHING...really, I didn't!! MG will back me up on it).
Once the game started, Bernie hung out and hung up "K" signs whenever their pitcher struck a Met out!!! I also saw him go down the slide when the Brewers hit a home run, but he was too quick for me to snap a pic. Anyway...
And no My Summer Family road trip would be complete without a pic of Oh Pea -- albeit a very grainy one, but he's wearing sunglasses that he thinks are very cool. "Yes." I'm sure he would say.
Of course, Brian Lawrence starts the game and we think -- dang, too bad we can't drink. He did his part though, holding down the fort while the Mets came back in a sabor-like fashion in the 9th inning...saving MG and I from having to miss extra innings to make the PJ concert back in Chicago. Sweet.
We were happy campers...the fans there thought we were funny - I mean, we were making fun of our *own* players, not their own. I think that it's a definitively NY thing.

Did I mention it was HOT, I mean, Africa hot there. And the bugs! OMG! Green things. They were gross. But all in all, a very very good time.

The verdict is out on the stadium. I might have to attend a night game there next year just to see if I like it or not. I'm sure you call can tell, it was beautifully done, the gimmicks there are extra gimmicky and I can you hate on a place that serves Miller High Life on DRAFT!!!
And tomorrow, the moment you've all been waiting for...The Wrigley Wreport!!!
Speaking of Wrigley...tough breaks for John Maine today. Oh well. Glavine goes up for #300 again tomorrow night. I have a better feeling about it. He has to be on his money tomorrow.

Coop and Metsgrrl's Excellent Adventure


Let me put it to you this way. I have been a Mets fans since I was about seven. Since I was 11, I remember telling Mr. E that I wanted to follow the Mets when I was old enough to...follow them into different cities, check out the local fares and the other stadiums. Meet the people who rooted for the other team. And give my boys the love and support they need on the road.

That said, I can't even begin to comprehend everything that has happened in the past 48 hours and change. But I'll try my best.

To get to that point now, I would like to introduce you to somebody special...Meet the "new" Senor Sabor -- the official My Summer Family and Metsgrrl Mets Road Trip Mascot!!! This little guy is the last Miller Park Sausage Race doll that Metsgrrl did NOT have...the Chorizo sausage. Add a little spicy kick - it's Senor Sabor II.

I think this sums it up here..."Yes." (In case you are not in on the joke, perhaps you should revisit this post from back in June, from another Mets road trip, when the original Senor Sabor talked to me before the game)...

As most of you know, Metsgrrl and I took a much needed road trip to follow our beloved Mets in Milwaukee and Chicago. MG also fell into a private Pearl Jam show which won't be discussed in detail on MSF, unfortunately...I will leave that to MG if she is feeling up to the challenge (suffice to say, she's seen them a lot more than I have...and I mean...a LOT MORE), so I think she is more qualified.

And BESIDES, people...this is a BASEBALL BLOG!!!!!!

For now...Coop is home now representin'...and planning to catch up on some much needed rest!!

I will post more details on each stadium (complete with pics) between tonight and tomorrow. To quench your thirst for some on-the-road reporting, I will say that Milwaukee had a really nice and new stadium but the verdict is still out on whether I want to attend another game there...

On the other hand, Wrigley absolutely blew me away. Definitely a must-see for any baseball fan, whether the Mets are playing that day or not. There were LOTS o' Mets fans representin' in the Bratwurst capital of the world. EVEN MORE in the Windy City. I would say the representation was 50/50 Mets fans / Cubs fans. Sometimes, it sounded like we were back in Shea.

Some Cubbie fans gave us a hard time but for the most part, the local fans were all nice. I think the Brewers fans got a kick out of us "New Yawkers" since we heckle our own players more than the other team.

But if there was one thing we could agree on, as Cubs fans and Mets fans, it's THIS (taken outside of the Wrigley bleacher entrance at a bar called Murphy's):
Be back later tonight with the Miller Park Happy ReCoop!!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Chicago Is...

...My kind of town!

I only have a short amount of time to write. I refuse to talk about what happened last night. It's in the past, and I can hope that Glavs can get this monkey off his back and move on with the rest of the season.

I also have nothing to say about Luis Castillo. I fear this is Mike Bordick II, but hey...we didn't give up a Melvin Mora for him...and at least we get some draft picks out of him. I call it a draw.

In the Irony Department, we have Julio Franco getting DFA'd by the Braves today. Irony's a bitch, huh there Julio? (hat tip to Metsblog for the info)

And of course, I find out today that scrub minor leaguer Brian Lawrence has been activated to pitch Thursday. I will be in attendance at this game. And i we didn't have to drive all over creation, I'd say, let's drink!!!

All in all, I am looking forward to this drive-by trip to Chicago and Milwaukee. I'm a Chicago virgin, not to mention a Miller Park and Wrigley one at that...So I says...Let the games begin!!!