Monday, July 30, 2007

Glavine = Mr. 300! (Maybe...)

I don't have much to say (especially about this or that)...but I do have to say that tomorrow night - Tuesday evening - is Tom Glavine's night, bro.

Come join some of us Mets fans at the Blind Pig -- well, for now, just the Coop and this one right here and root root for Tommy's #300!

And also have a send-off for the Coop who is representin' out in Chicago and Milwaukee this week with another expat. Mets Divas represents!!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

THIS JUST IN: Carlos Beltran Sits with Yeast Infection

OK OK OK...I know, that was pretty mean but this is the like eight millionth time this dude has sat with some kind of "ailment" that he doesn't DL for.

According to the linked article, Shirley Beltran has not only been sitting for the past two games, but has no intentions of playing either doubleheader game NOR the game on Sunday (well, to be fair, "playing" has not been ruled out either).

Let's just wax intellectual about that for a moment...

Beltran, the $119 million man, has to "think" about playing.

Let me make sure *I* am crystal clear on this. Beltran has two games and is planning on sitting out an additional one to the one for today. Add Sunday's "possibility" and this is five games.


Willie, Omar, I beg of thee - if you don't DL Beltran NOW or at the very least retroactively, I will pull a PETA stunt in front of Shea. OK, maybe not that drastic but I can think of five occasions that this has happened in the past few years. I'm sure most of us can. Some people applaud when a.) Beltran plays hurt or b.) begs out of the line up but does not DL. ENOUGH. He hurts the team when he plays hurt and guess what - he hurts the team if he and his mole take up a roster space.

I think it is most evident that Beltran just begs out when he actually has to perform. Like this weekend, I think it goes without saying this Nats series is an extremely crucial series, two extremely crucial series that the Mets desperately need to set a tone with. Beat up the bad teams and hold their own against the better teams. We took two out of three against the Bucs (though thursdays loss was a tough one, even without Oh Pea). We lost last night's game to the Nats and Mike Bacsik (WTF?). We desperately need to win and honestly folks, with Pelf going tonight, I think The Coop is going to pull a Jose Lima Time and start drinking. Heavily.

Last year, Beltran begged out of the lineup during a series against the Braves. This year - how many times has he done it?

Either DL him or, you know, here's an idea: take some Massengill and shut the F up, Shirley. I'm sick of you. You fucking pussy. No wonder we named a cocktail after you.

Hey -- at least Stings is getting a lot of playing time out of this fucking guy. But Shirley should start earning his paycheck.

Updated after Saturday night's game:
Willie, in typical Willie wisdom, sends Tom Glavine up to pinch hit in a 1-run game, bottom of the game, 1 out.

To quote Denis Leary - what the fuck is that about??????

I know the bench must be decimated due to the craziness of the game, not to mention being the second half of a doubleheader. But COME ON. Someone else has GOT to be there! SassDawg did try to make the best out of a bad situation...saying that if Glavine DID come in to pitch the could be his 300th. Well, he'd get it one way or another.

But come one, Heilman was doing well, just use HIM. Please.

But this is just to say -- if BELTRAN was DL'd...we could have ANOTHER bat sitting on the bench to hit in the 9th. I mean, if he's just sitting there, and quote-unquote NOT INJURED...why isn't he getting the at-bat?

Pussies man.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Maine Milestone

Well tonight's game sponsored two John Maine milestones...his 200th Strikeout and his first ever ML home run!!

I had the luxury of attending this game and believe me when I tell just knew when the ball hit the bat it was going towards LaGuardia.

A Stings Devotee (besides The Coop) and I were also thrilled that Stings went yard too.

A heart attack later by Guillermo Mota...and the Mets win.

Nice one boys.

Another thing Stings Devotee mentioned at one point during the game was - Where's Moises Alou? Initially, Coop thought SD was joking...apparently, not. Just when I think I'm out, it pulls me back in. Alooooooouuuuuuu...stop being so old dammit.

Another item of interest in that article -- Pedro's update. I think...I think...and The Coop has been wrong before...but I would say that Pedro aint gonna come back this season :(.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For

Yup, The Coop is late to the game in acknowledging this but this is the first time I've been able to sit at my computer for a consecutive 15 minutes all weekend --

After mucho bitching about the second base state-of-affairs on the Mets -- Jose Valentin breaks his leg and is potentially out for the season (and presumably finished as a Met).

Although I was totally against The Man, The Myth and The Stache last season and even his extension this season, Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaah grew on me. Jose, it was nice knowing you. And thank you for endless hours of entertainment at your expense.

But the good forces Willie's hand in playing Gotay on a regular basis. And to put his trust in the younger guys for once.

But I guess the real issue of the weekend was -- how was the injury to Jose Valentin going to effect the team dynamic? We know and see that the Mets of '07 are completely different than '06, and that's besides being one year older.

Besides Victor Zambrano who (thankfully) was injured early in the season, and the loss of Pedro prior to the playoff run and Duque in the postseason, the injury bug (knock wood) didn't hit the Mets too much in '06. Which could have contributed to the amazing 2006 regular season run.

This year, I'm sure we all agree it's MUCH different. Moises Alou goes down. Duque goes on the DL. The BLBB (Endy Chavez, also known as Best Little Bastard in Baseball, courtesy of our friends at BMF) injures himself. Sosa AND Oh Pea take a little "health break" prior to the All-Star break. We see how the Moises Alou break down hit the Mets where it hurt the most -- the offense.

On the other hand, we've been able to truly see how formidable the Mets pitching staff is.

But when the Mets lost on Saturday behind Sosa who's normally very strong -- but granted against first half stalwart and second-half enigma Brad Penny -- I couldn't help but think about what Mama used to say.

Be careful what you wish for, because it just might come true.

Would the loss of Jose Valentin be the straw the broke the proverbial camel back?

After today, I would say NO, Kyle! NO! You go to hell Kyle!! You go to hell and you die!!!

I mean, how many serieses have the Mets actually won since like June 1? Nuff said. Especially getting swept out of LA the last time around, this turned out to be a feel-good series (well, except for Tom Glavine's showing on Thursday, but I digress).

Chip Ambres comes up huge (Hey Willie did you see that? A YOUNG GUY DROVE IN ANOTHER YOUNG GUY!!!!). And the Mets are the heartbreakers for another team for once and not the heartbreak-ees. Of course, it seems Gotay was a non-factor, striking out three times but my boy Stings drives in 1 run...NICE! I'll be looking forward to seeing my boy with another Stings devotee on Tuesday.

So I guess the idea here is -- Jose Valentin, as unfortunate as his injury is and the fact this could be the thing that causes him to retire...The Mets could afford to part ways with him. I can deal. I think.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I'm not going to comment about this or that...Why you may ask? Well, I've bitched about it enough here and there.

Besides, I've been having to wear my asbestos suits and damn, it's not comfortable.

I've decided to try something a little bit different. I'm not going to bitch about the Mets
(and the "Shirleys" as we've decided to start calling them, according to this thread from FU on Tuesday...). BTW, it's a good one, so don't skip it.

I'm going to bitch about something RELATED to the Mets. And once again, to prove how idiotic some sports writers can be.

FoxSports today had a picture of Pedro Martinez on, relating what contenders needs for the trading deadline were. Contenders meaning, of course, playoff candidates.

What I found EXTREMELY thought provoking is this: Most sports writers still believe the Mets problem is *shock! gasp!* PITCHING. As evidenced by Dayn Perry. Now I happen to believe that Dayn Perry is pretty talented and objective for a sports writers, especially in such a biased industry...but let's get real here.

But I have to say (and I'm sure most of you agree with me) that he is WAAAAAAAAY off in his assessment.

I guess the deeper question - who out there is better than who we have already?

Let's look at the big picture. According to Baseball Reference, the team's average ERA is 3.83. Second best in the National League, behind the team we are playing the rubber game tonight. This is very impressive considering the Padres have arguably the best pitcher and CY candidate in the National League with Jake Peavy, another strong starter in Chris Young and old stalwart and Brave bastard Greg Maddux (boasting, btw, a "mighty" 4.35 ERA, snicker).

Oh and I would like to point out that John Maine, our "projected back-end starter" this year, is solid ranking #5 in ERA in the NL. Suh-weet. Plus, I would like to point out that Baseball reference has earmarked a stat called hits allowed/9IP. Young and Peavy rank #1 and #2 respectively...but guess who are #3 and #4? I'll give you two hints: one is a guy I mentioned at the top of this paragraph...the other is the object of my affection.

So let me ask you this - why is it that the Mets pitching staff is the Rodney Dangerfield of pitching staffs?
Basically, it's because they are the Mets. And with relative unknowns like Jorge Sosa and John Maine going every fifth day (though Maine is arguably becoming "known"), and old farts like Tom "When am I gonna get #300?" Glavine and El Duque anchoring the rotation (and Oh Pea being labeled "erratic" when he is not-so-much anymore)...I can see almost why.

But you would think by now, people would see that with their team ERA, and the fact that some dude name Pedro is coming back soon, that it's not the pitching.

It's the offense, stupid! And the middle relief. So technically, OK, it can be "pitching," but in all fairness, Perry DID say "starting pitching." So meh.

Anyway, my point is...we don't need anymore starting pitching. I mean, starting pitching GOOD...but not to the point where we have to give up a Stings or a Mike Carp or some high level prospect. I mean, honestly, Mike Pelfrey is working out the 'pen, which I think can be a good thing for him to at least work on some of his secondary stuff and we've got Phil Humber, who I truly believe can be dominant or at least, a dominant #2 or #3 in my heart.

And unless we are getting Danny Haren for Aaron Heilman and cash straight up...We aint getting no starting pitching.

But bats...bats are good. And that is what the Mets need.

And if Moises Al-Who? returns this century, we may get that bat we desperately need. Without trading anyone, praise jeebus!

And I better not hear any Milledge for Manny rumors either.

What I need to hear is Carl Crawford rumors. I need to hear Brian Roberts rumors (I know, that's Dawg's player du jour, but I am throwing his name out there)...I need to hear Prince Fielder rumors (OK, not a good example, but you get my drift).

I'll take some other young dudes on the DRays. The blue Jays are supposed to have a fire sale soon, Omar can surely scout some low-priced, high-return players. But we all know one thing from previous trading deadlines...Omar will not make a move simply to make a move. Not his mojo.

But I'll tell you what. The last thing the Mets need is more pitching. They have plenty of it. It's been strong. It's been good. Lastly, it's kept us contending. Because without that pitching, we'd be a LOT worse off than we have been.

Now wake up bats.
Pics all found on Yahoo! Rodney Dangerfield courtesy of the "No Respect" album, Shirley Temple from whatever movie, and Major League!!

Hot Stove 2007

Yahoo Sports had an interesting article on the upcoming class of free agents. While I know this is very premature, I am going to address the needs of the team through the blockbusters and through attrition. As it stands right now, the Mets stand to lose the following players to Free Agency

1)Paul Lo Duca
2)Ramon Castro
3)Jose "Yeaaaah" Valentin
4)Moises Alou
5)Shawn Green
6)Damion Easly

First off I think that the Mets would be well served to resign Paul Lo Duca to a 2 year contract, however, given that Pudge Rodriguez is a FA to be, that could be an excellent viable alternative. The rest of the Free Agency class should be let go.

Now for the gaps: The obvious: 2b, the Corner Outfielders, The Pen, and of all things the front end of the rotation.

Now for the filling: I feel it's inevitable, but I think that as the O's are going to be net sellers at the trading deadline and will not be dealing pitching, the Mets are going to move Milledge (who's playing his playa hatin heart out at the right time) and possibly Carlos Gomez for one of the best 2 hole hitting 2nd basemen in the game in Brian Roberts. The only reason I say they will be willing to part with him is because they have said that they are absolutely unwilling to part with any of their young pitching and given as how the Mets got them to take a bucket of balls in order to get John Maine, they would be smart not to trade pitching with us.

Now for the hot stovers:

2) Carlos Zambrano, SP, Chicago Cubs, 26: Should the Cubs continue to spit the bit and not lock down Zambrano with a long-term deal, he represents a true free-agent anomaly: The legitimate No. 1 starter (ahem, Mr. Zito) who hasn't even entered the prime of his career. Forget questions about his maturity and chew on this: In 58 innings since June 6, Zambrano has given up 28 hits. If the Cubs don't act soon, his price tag could almost double on the open market.

Projected contract: seven years, $140 million (and Cheap, let's face it, Glavine is not getting any younger any time soon, Peety might or might not be healthy, and Duque may or may not be 41, the rotation has moved towards being younger, and this move would help)

5) Adam Dunn, LF/1B, Cincinnati, 28: It's not going to happen, just wanted to point it out. I could strike this guy out with my 25 mph fastball

Projected contract: five years, $75 million

6) Kosuke Fukudome, RF, Chunichi Dragons (Japan), 29: While this is a slightly intriguing option, the Mets have never had luck signing players from Japan (ala Shinjosan and Matsuisan) Probably not happening.
Projected contract: three years, $27 million

11) Eric Byrnes, OF, Arizona, 31: An intriguing option, I have always liked that this guy's got guts. And he's also got a bulldog and as all of you know, I'm a sucker for a bulldog.

Projected contract: five years, $55 million

14) Eric Gagne, RP, Texas, 32: Eric Gagne could be an excellent option for late inning setup role work and as a backup for Wags considering that he's going to be 37 at the start of next season, Projected contract: three years, $35 million

Potential bargains

1) Kerry Wood, RP, Chicago Cubs, 30 (worth a shot, now that Soulglo is done reclaiming Oh Pea, it could be a good project for him)

4) Mike Lamb, UT, Houston, 32 (could be the new Easly)

Big contracts getting smaller

1) Jason Kendall, C, Oakland, 33: $13.43 million (might make a nice backup backstop)

4) Armando Benitez, RP, Florida, 35: $9.87 million (no thank you)

Players who should retire

1) Craig Biggio, 2B, Houston, 42

2) Jeff Conine, OF, Cincinnati, 41

3) Julio Franco, IF, free agent, 49 (you think)

4) Todd Jones, RP, Detroit, 39

5) Corey Koskie, 3B, Milwaukee, 34

6) Neifi Perez, IF, Detroit, 34 (Mr Meth himself)

7) Rudy Seanez, RP, Los Angeles Dodgers, 39

8) Mike Timlin, RP, Boston, 41

9) Jose Valentin, 2B, New York Mets, 38 (I don't think he's going to retire, but could make a good Julio Franco bench role player)

10) Bob Wickman, RP, Atlanta, 39

Other free agents worth watching

1) Paul Lo Duca, C, New York Mets, 34

2) Luis Castillo, 2B, Minnesota, 32

3) David Eckstein, SS, St. Louis, 33

4) Milton Bradley, OF, San Diego, 29

5) Bobby Kielty, OF, Oakland, 31

6) Kyle Lohse, SP, Cincinnati, 29

7) Carlos Silva, SP, Minnesota, 28

8) Omar Vizquel, SS, San Francisco, 40

9) Sean Casey, 1B, Detroit, 33

10) Joe Kennedy, P, Oakland, 28

11) Jeremy Affeldt, RP, Colorado, 28

12) Jorge Julio, RP, Colorado, 29

13) Russell Branyan, UT, San Diego, 32

14) Tony Clark, 1B, Arizona, 35

15) Byung-Hyun Kim, P, Florida, 29

16) Jason Michaels, OF, Cleveland, 31

17) Rodrigo Lopez, SP, Colorado, 32

18) Reggie Sanders, OF, Kansas City, 40

19) Mike Myers, RP, New York Yankees, 38

20) Damian Miller, C, Milwaukee, 38

21) Damion Easley, IF, New York Mets, 38

22) Josh Fogg, SP, Colorado, 31

23) Kip Wells, SP, St. Louis, 30

24) Trever Miller, RP, Houston, 34

25) John McDonald, IF, Toronto, 32

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ever-Lastings Love

**Note from The Coop, I think I may have ripped this title off from somewhere, but it's all in good fun. Please take credit for it, and I will give it to you! Thanks**

OK, for all your Lastings Milledge nay-sayers, can we please get some mad love for The Blade Runner Stings, please?

My boy figured in prominently in every single game this series against the Reds. From a magnificent slide into home for the go-ahead run, to a home run that still hasn't landed, to a go-ahead RBI in the 298th win of Glavine's career, and ANOTHER 2-RBI double today, we are asking not only "Carlos Gomez who?" but not even dreaming that Moises Alou will return this season. If he does, all the more better...we can bench Shawn Green. Hell yeah bitches!!

And save an interview where he mentioned "I" and "me" instead of "team" and "we," he seems to have changed and matured a lot. Not sure which game it was, but I believe Jose Reyes was teaching his buddy "Lasto" a new hand jive for a home run. Sweet.

Say what you want -- a bad rap song, "Know your place, rook," or high-five gate...Lastings is the real deal. I think we can give him our new "difference maker"a pass after this weekend.

He may just be the swift kick in the nuts this team needed. And to think we didn't need to trade anyone for him!


Another thing to point out, (which I may touch upon in my Flushing University column for this week) is Ruben Gotay. Yowza, was this another Omar coup or what? I think most of the people I know understand I was very BIG on the idea of Keppinger coming up to the be the starting 2B last year, especially when it appeared Andy Hernandez was way overmatched in the majors, plus Jose Valentin was just the punch line to a seemingly bad joke. But when Hip-Hip-Jose started to shine at 2B, Kepp became "not part of the mix" (Willie's words, not mine).

Now with Jose's injury, we've been blessed with the emergence of Ruben "Lets" Go-tay (credit to Dykstraw for the nickname). My buddy Mike over at The Metropolitans has a posting relating an Adam Rubin interview about Willie's loyalty to Jose Valentin. (And very good insight Mikeee). Even if Jose sucked ass at the beginning of the season (and he was putting up some decent numbers so we can technically give him a pass), but Ruben Gotay a starter on Willie's watch whether a somewhat decent Jose Valentin was healthy? Puh-leeze. This is the same guy who called Stings out on the slide the other night for taking a "risk."

Heaven forbid we shake things up around here Willie. As your buddy Joe Torre over in the Bronx has admitted, things don't just work out on their own (well, actually I said that...Torre said something to the effect that this year is tough. Considering they just went one game over .500 playing the D-Rays today...I think that says it all).

So I am happy that Omar seems to have some sack left. Things don't work out on their own, so if it means I have to deal with Rickey being Rickey, or Stings bringing some much-needed swagger to the ethos of the what you gotta do Omar. And tell Willie to stick it! (Just kidding).


Off to San Diego! But before we get on that plane, I would like to point out one thing...

Oh Pea won today!! Whoda thought at the beginning of the season, Pea and Maine would be the showstoppers? NICE. Pleasant surprises are always just pleasant.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

I Went to a Baseball Game and All I Got Was This Lousy Endy Chavez Bobblehead

I don't know what to say that hasn't been said or thought already.

Stings had the pressure off and hit a home run. I guess he didn't feel the need to high-five everyone going down the line.

John Maine had ONE bad inning. I'm giving him a pass, since it's rare he has bad innings like that. Still, I was calling for a mulligan the whole game, which would have left the game tied in the 9th if you think about it. But then they'd probably still be playing and I'd not be home writing a post.

Rickey Henderson was coaching first. I nearly fell out when I saw Shawn Green steal a base. Repeat after me folks: Shawn Green.

The Endy Chavez bobblehead was pretty righteous though. Also pretty righteous was seeing Dykstraw (who had a great nickname for Norris Hopper: "Grass" and he takes full credit for it!!)and BMF and Metsgrrl and other constituents of the Summer Family in full force. Oh and Sassdawg was there too.

I don't know when I'll be able to post again, but I'll be back sometime this weekend. I'll definitely be at Ralph Kiner night. Swing by Section 14 and say hey to The Coop.

Friday, July 13, 2007

In Honor of Endy Chavez Bobblehead night

I decided to come up with a list of all of the players in Mets history who deserve their own bobble head. My first thought was that the Mets should have a Jose Valentin Bobblehead night. But I think that the Jose's head should remain motionless and there should be a female head in his lap where the bobbling takes place, now that would be a collectors item.

A Roger Cedeno bobble head would be cool, but only if the head moved side to side as though he were looking for the ball.

A Roger McDowell bobblehead would have to have a book of matches in his hand. I'm also thinking that a Willie bobble would have to have a bottle of Jose Valentin XXX Bathtub Tequila, as opposed to a bottle of Jose Cuervo.

Bobbleheads for the post homer handshakes would rock, quite possibly Carlos Delgado and Jose Reyes.

Quite possibly for next season they should do Bobbleheads for all of the great non baseball moments that took place at Shea, but they all should be wearing Mets Jerseys (I.E. the Pope in a Mets Jersey, the Beatles in Mets Jerseys, Joe Namith kissing a broad wearing a Mets jersey)

An Anthony Young bobblehead would be great however it would have to be covered in all of the lucky charms that people sent in during the losing streak. I also think that a Shinjo bobble would be cool if only for kitsch factor.

Enjoy the game tonight and get well soon Endy.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Change...Is Good

I know, The Coop is a little late to the party with the news, but I have some commentary on it that you're going to hear whether you like it or deal!!

Just kidding. I won't even touch the game tonight since I didn't watch a lick of it, but I know they won, so that's good. Very positive start to the second half. And goes in line with my idea of setting the tone.

But in case you're living on Mars or something, here's the deal with the Mets as of today.
  • Rick Down - #1 on the Coop's shitlist for quite some time - is finito. (Lo and behold, he seemed surprised at the move. Um, no surprise to this ordinary fan, who thought it should have happened LOOONG ago)
  • Rickey Henderson was named as a new Mets coach. Rickey says this is a good thing (any insight as to where he figured in tonight? Is he the 1st base coach now?).
  • HoJo is apparently the new hitting coach. Or at least according to this article it's tentative till they figure out the logistics. Rickey says he likes HoJo.
  • Julio Franco? GONE!!! People get ready...ummm....Julio Franco is DFA'd. Or something.
  • Marlon Anderson? Signed, sealed and delivered to minors. Hope to see you soon, buddy!
  • Oh and Coop's bright star, Lastings Milledge, was recalled. Can I get a Boo-yah? And apparently runs his ass off to score the winning run?? Go Team and Go Stings!!!

One thing that keeps getting reiterated in business today is that the only constant is change. Change is good. Imagine if things always stayed the same. How boring would life be! Not to mention any competitive advantage is lost if you don't stay ahead of the trends or at the very least current.

This is my way of thinking for the Mets right now. Remember back in 1999, Bobby Valentine was "forced" to fire his coaching staff (or aptly demote them) by order of Steve Phillips. I have been calling for Willie (or Omar) to do something along those lines to shake things up in Mets land. I didn't think he'd have the balls to do it. I mean, obviously, Willie is a Big Pussy Posse member, and Omar...well Omar is loyal to a fault (especially with his loyalty to Julio Franco, whose demotion surprised the hell out of me, personally). But the demotions in 1999 set the tone for the rest of the season and I think these strong changes are saying -- the Mets mean business. Look out!!

And according to a poll on Flushing University (my family away from My Summer Family), we were asked as Mets fans, are we happy? 80% of the respondents proclaimed the Mets needed a shake-up. I was one of those. So in this case, along with the win tonight, leads to change being potentially good.

And hopefully, Lastings will start tomorrow night. Since I will be in attendance with SassDawg (drop by Section 14 if you are around).

So with goodwill and thanksgiving, I leave you with this thought...



Breaking News

On the Proactive front, news reports surfaced this morning that the Mets have fired Hitting Coach Rick "Syndrome" Down. He was replaced by none other than Jose Reyes favorite Ridin' with Ricky Henderson. Congratulations Ricky, now lets see some positive hitting.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy RECoop! First Half 2007

So I decided in an effort of solidarity that I would hold off on doing the monthly RECoop until All-Star Break.

Since, you know, there really wasn't anything to be really happy about in the month of June. I figured that July had to be a tad better.

Well, no, it wasn't.

It just seemed like we couldn't stop the bleeding no matter what. And we didn't get Danny Haren in a trade (now it doesn't seem like he'll be going anywhere thank you very much), so of course I'm a little disillusioned.

But being the optimist I am (yeah, right), I am going to try to look at the glass of being half-full. Because somebody has to.

Ricky Ledee has been DFA'd (no link but know it to be true), in a surprising move to leave room for...Sandy Alomar Jr? Well, this leads most of us to believe Stings the Blade Runner Milledge will be activated for Thursday night's game.

Can I get a praise jeebus? I am just down for some new blood. And preferably, new blood we didn't have to sacrifice anything for!!!

John Maine will be a starting pitcher for the Mets. OK, that hasn't changed but man, oh man, has he been a pleasant surprise or what?

He will be joined by MSF fave, Oh Pea. Again, I get a praise jeebus.

But here's another thing, something most of haven't really fully sunk that some guy named Pedro will be joining us prior to the anticipated hot pennant race in September.

This could be the difference maker, oh faithful readers. One in which we do not part with any prospects or current players. As we talked about on Flushing University yesterday, Pedro has the infectious enthusiasm of a rookie and the knowledge and master of being a veteran. This very well could have been what we were "missing" as far as swagger, moxie and just abject brazeness. Pedro will be a welcome relief.

And Moises Alou could be returning by July end. I won't hold my breath though. But I truly believe his injuries ~ along with not having Pedro around ~ really did give way to some sort of monumentale collaps-ee (As Denis Leary would say).

Other things to consider -- Carlos Delgado decided to wake up in the first half of July. Carlos Beltran still has his moxie -- with his fabulous catch and home run against the Astros last Saturday night. David Wright will aw-shucks his way to more sponsorship and 100 RBIs. Jose Reyes will still be our difference maker (and apparently, the ASB's difference maker too at this point).

And folks, if you are not optimistic yet, here's one more thing to consider as we look at our half-full glasses...

In case I haven't mentioned it yet...The Mets are still in first place as of Tuesday, July 10. Leading two games over the hated Braves and 4.5 over the third-place Phils.

Repeat after me -- still in first shitty as they played, all the drama, all the ejections and flung equipment, all the horse shit, all the Big Pussy Posse nominees, all the ugly losses, all the games that were lost by Just Forfeit, Big Pussy himself or Willie's stupidity...

We were never dethroned.

And that my friends, is truly beautiful. This will be a great year after all.

So here's Coop signing off for the first half of return after the second half has resumed. And looking forward to seeing the Mets shellacking their competition. Heck, I need something to look forward to now. Dagnabbit, I know I aint lookin' back. Hopefully the Metties won't either.

Onto the second half!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wish I Could Remember to Forget

So I head over to Blondie's last night and meet up with the likes of SassDawg, Zoe, SNK, Blondie's Jake, Matt the Met Fan, Dykstraw, the Phanatic (a respectable Phillies fan), heck even a surprise appearance from old friend The Baker! BMF hosted a do-over party for us Mets fans, and hoo-ee, do-over it was. Plenty of beer flowed, food got passed around, and even Miller Lite girls came around and handed out free beers and other novelties (and for the record everyone, my Miller Lite "necklace" is STILL lit up!!).

The night started out pretty well and positive. As evidenced by these photos from Miss Zoe. But the night got uglier and uglier. Even uglier was the fact that Sass and I decided to take the PATH back to Jerzee. Not a good idea. The Coop even got to re-view her drinks and eats for the night when she got home, if you know what I mean.

Oh, wait a minute. You wanted to hear about the game? Oh, you mean this game? Do I need to even go there? I would like to point out one thing however -- we cannot pin this entirely on Mike Pelfrey's head. We simply can't. The Mets bats are thrown out in support of every other pitcher except for him. And save one bad inning, he did pretty well. But treating Wandy Rodriguez like he was Roy Oswalt? Come onnnnnnn. I'd hate to see what it's like when the *real* Roy Oswalt shows up.

Anyway after careful consideration, I've decided to take a mental vacation from this Mets hobby I have, since it not only sucks the life out of me, obviously the team has gone on All-Star Break a few days beforehand. I should be back Wednesday of next week with a second-half review. Let's put it this way's not going to be a glass half-full as my initial pre-season review was. I guess we've all been brought back to earth.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Oh Can't You, Pea...What This Pitcher, Lawd, He Been Doin' To Me...

So I am still basking in the glow of the Oh Pea meeting...who by the way looked FINE running, and jumping, and kicking, and throwing catch with Duque on Saturday...and now I find he AND Sosa go on the DL.

I heard the DL of the Pea is more of a precautionary thing, which is good for an extended break I guess, and get some more of the young 'uns in here to throw.

But speaking of a not-so-young-un, WTH is up with Tom Glavine? Six runs in the third inning? I think that was when The Coop went to bed last night.

Well I hope they can string together a few wins, because my piece for Flushing University today is about "Setting the Tone." I hope you enjoy!! Although it won't mean nothin', as Richard Marx would say, if they can't at least win two of the next three of this series and then go and wipe the floor with the 'Stros.

Remember - Blondies Party with BMF on Friday!!!