Saturday, June 30, 2007

Coop + Oh Pea = 2Gether 4Ever

Before I get started I have something to say...

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Coop, who grew up to be a die hard Mets fan. In the course of the years, she became readily obsessed with certain players but none so much as Oliver Perez.
So without further ado, today - June 30 ,2007 - I, Coop The Coop, met my obsession.

Of course, that was not the only story of the day...since the Mets have taken THREE out of FOUR games thus far with the Phillies, division rivals and skanky fans...but a team that has a really nice stadium.

Let me take a step back here. Mr. E (The Coop's Dad) and I head to Philly this afternoon and get in to see some of the warm-ups. But beforehand, we were psyched to be at a new nice stadium and look forward to us getting out new one ourselves:

I can only hope that Fred Wilpon is taking lots of notes at these newer stadiums...there were virtually NO lines at any stand at a sell-out Saturday game. And the kicker? The help was actually POLITE!!!!!!
Anyway, it was nice to see the likes of John Maine (who I thanked for a "lovely evening last night..." the people in the crowd thought it was funny), Duque, Mighty Joe Smith, Pedro Feliciano, and of course Oh Pea. I kept yelling "OH PEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAA!" When he was throwing, he had a spring to his step and wondered if maybe my affectionate nickname for him was doing that. Then I started yelling, "Senor Sabor!! Senor Sabor!!"
A few of the guys (Maine, Smith, Duque) came over to sign autographs, and I had a feeling Pea would be too. So I positioned myself in the stands to be by him. Lo and behold, he's RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Finally, I have his attention.
So what does The Coop say?

"Ollie, I call you 'Senor Sabor.' YOU are 'Senor Sabor.'"
Pea's response? "Yes."
Hmmm...I guess he agreed...
Anyway, I said, "Pea (note from Coop: I really did call him 'Pea' to his face!!!), I NEED to get your pic, you don't understand." Well I guess he did, because he posed with me.
So couple that with a Mets win (Three in a row against the Philthy Phils!!!), and Coop is one happy camper. So is Mr. E.

And for the record, we *did* specifically ask for the last row!!! A bunch of crazies in our section...I even ran into Cow-Bell Man!!!... I visited another expat in the lower section. Apparently, someone had a "Joe Carter for President" sign. I thought it was very clever.

Apparently, meeting The Coop was too much for Oh Pea tomorrow and he got out of his start. So now we turn to some Pelf-Help. Just when I thought a sweep was within our reach...

Well it can be. Cause you know's a good day. I mean, I met Oh Pea today. Wonders never cease. I am a happy camper. And by the way, did I mention I met Oh Pea and called him "Pea" and "Senor Sabor" right to his face???

Oh and as of today, the Phils fall back into third place, 6 games back. Braves are back in second, 4 games back. Mets won. Coop met Oh Pea. Life is gooooooooooooooood.

Damn You Pantera

This video just reminded me of everything that Mets fans have been going through lately. That and it's a damn funny video, so enjoy.

Friday, June 29, 2007

What do you mean...Rained OUT??!!?!?!?!

I believe those were the exact words I uttered while talking to GG from FU tonight...

Short story long, SNK and I met up at get into the Diamond Club or as Bookie calls it "The Bus Depot to Purgatory" (love it).

So the good news is...the Mets didn't lose!!! Even better...we can save Pelf from himself.

Bad news -- I didn't get any of the cool pictures I planned on taking tonight. Oh well. Maybe next time.

In other news, I wanted to take this rain out to announce that the host with the most, BMF, is having a "season do-over" party at Blondies, Friday July 6 vs the Astros. Be there or be very very square!!!

This is in light of the Mets season taking a dive in have a "do-over" since the last time the Motley Krew of BMF constituents last got together was a good thing. Join The Coop, SassDawg, Matt the Met Fan, SNK and all the others in celebrating almost-All Star Break!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

If Looks Could Kill, I'd Kill My Television

I'm sitting here in my computer room...I have to admit, I got a little frustrated at a few things tonight. For one, Oh Pea pitched a gem, as per usual when he needs to step up his game. But that's not what's frustrating per se -- the fact that everytime Carlos "Rally Killer" Delgado comes up to bat at a BIG moment -- you know, like in a key at-bat when there are 2 outs and runners at the corners in a tie game -- he grounds out, strikes out, pops out, fill in the blank...He just doesn't HIT one out.

Couple that with Jose Valentin muffing a get-out-of-the-inning play in the 7th...

I was pissed.

Turned my TV off and decided to futz around on the Internet. But of course, being the sadomasochist I am, I keep sneaking peaks at the box score. Just sneaking.

Of course, in typical Met fashion, Jose Valentin hits a game-tying double in the bottom of the 9th. And THEN, of course, Willie sends up Julio "Rally Killer Jr" Franco to get the 3rd out.

Oh by the way, I was still afraid to turn on my TV. Still haven't. Still watching the box score.

Good news is, Oh Pea gets a no-decision. Just as long as he didn't get a loss. Just not right - he pitched his ass off tonight. That I DID keep the TV on for.

It turns out I could have left the lights, the TV and the radio on as far as the game was concerned.

Wanna know why?

Cause Just Forfeit just forfeited the game.

Make him Rally Killer III.
According to Yahoo! Sports, both New York teams are interested in Buehrle.

Essentially, we'd be giving up a few mid-to-top tier prospects for a 3-month rental.

Something tells me, once again, the media is using New York team's to up Buehrle's ante. Which you know, is fine by me, just as long as like Pelfrey/Humber and Milledge don't end up ChiSox.

Omar's never pulled the trigger for a deal like this before, something tells me he aint gonna do it now.

In a stroke of irony though, our buddy Metstradamus almost accurately put the wheels in motion for this type of deal by suggesting a trade for Buehrle back in November (scroll down to November 2nd's posting and subsequent follow-ups on November 3). It's a classic, and I remember chuckling at his ideas. They might just come true...hopefully not, but whatever.

Lastly, I will be in attendance at Citizens Bank Park this weekend on Saturday for the FOX broadcasted game. Quick question -- I was going to drive there, but I wondered if anyone had ever taken the Amtrak there. Thoughts? Feedback? I did a quick search and it seems awfully expensive for an event I paid like $40 for.

If A Mets Fan Doesn't Complain...

Is (s)he still a Mets fan?

I should be happy they won last night (on a Shawn Green 11th inning home run, no less)...I should.

But three hits? Three goddamn hits??? (If you don't know where that's from, dude, I'm not gonna tell ya!!)

Don't get me wrong...a win is a win is a win.

But come on guys. You can do better than that.

In other news, Atlanta won last night. Phils had the night off.

And the Pennant Race begins...
Visit Flushing University today for my piece on Moises Alou!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

SWEEP - It cures what ails ya

Just don't ask me what happened...Let's just put it this way -- this was a "lost weekend." For me, though, not for the Mets.

All I saw of any game this weekend was DW's walk-off (which is still amazing to watch -- check out the video link, the best I could find non-You Tube) when I was at a bar.

And just like that ~ poof ~ it's gone.

All the bad will we've felt, all the name calling (OK, that was all me)...goes as Kaiser Soze goes.

Now, I can't get *too* far ahead of myself. But it sure was promising.

Now onto the Cards...

Oh and before you get all - the other part I saw (vital) was Paul LoDuca's ejection. Before you go and ask -- where's the props to PLD? Well, I've actually officially disassociated him from the BPP.

For those who didn't see the ejection - check out Metsgrrl's thoughts on it. She basically says what I think and I 100% agree with it.
Photo Credit to Yahoo Images and Mz. Carol Burnett.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Coop and Dingo's Bogus Journey

Let me preface this by an Eddie Murphy voice...I AM HAVING. A VERY. BAD. DAY!!!!

While a bitch didn't try to stab me in the baffroom, it seems like everything could have wrong and did today. Like my cat deciding to knock over every single thing on my dresser in the middle of the night. Then not being able to go back to sleep.

Couple that with making it to the ferry landing in time for the boat...only to have myself and the five people in front of me be the "cut off." The next ferry was late.

Work wasn't too bad. But afterward was going to be my escape...The Mets game! And my date with Oh Pea.

And I got to meet up with a fellow F-Uer. Nice.

So it should go off without a hitch right?

Ummm...have the Mets won any serieses since like May?

OK I digress. I tell my buddy Dingo (or Ding Dong or Ding-ee, as we like to call him over at FU) to meet me at 6:45. The Coop likes to pride herself on being on time.

The #4 train leaves me in the dust...waited another 10 minutes for the next...take to Grand Central...wait ANOTHER five minutes for the 7 (which is usually like right there).

Needless to say - we miss Oh Pea's first pitch. Damn. I was feeling that no-hitter tonight too.

It was obvious Pea didn't have his best stuff but it didn't matter...the Mets were going to WIN this one!! Versus some scrub no one's heard of (btw, does the Twins starter count as a SUCK ME candidate?). In the bag baby.

Well, when Pea threw his mitt across the clubhouse after he was taken out...I knew trouble was a-brewing.

And hey, with the way the rest of my day went...I should have known.

So Dingo and I entertained each other during this loss by spouting off movie quotes all night. Ladies and gentlemen, I think I've met my long-lost twin brother. And yet, we look nothing alike. Huh.

Of course, I had to wait another 5 minutes for the next #7 train to get me the hell out of the dodge. Which by the way, couldn't come soon enough.

But with the way my day went, was it surprising?

Nope, not even shocking.

Thank goodness for off-days because frankly I can't take another one of these series.

Oh by the way, Cleveland and Boston won. Look who they played if you don't know already (but I know you do, dear readers)...We're still in first, as Ding-ee so eloquently put it. Hey, we've won the most games in the division. That's something to cheer about, right?

Bogus, dude.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ugly. Pitiful. Disgusting. A Disgrace.

And that's just being kind.

I was at this debacle tonight, sitting in the Picnic Area. There was some obnoxious Yankee fan, wearing his team colors, with the name "RedSoxHater" on it...rooting FOR the Twins.

Umm, does anyone see anything wrong with that?

I could almost justify getting shut out by Johan Santana. I mean, if there's any guy you're gonna lose to and be OK with it, it's him.

Four errors? That's just horrifying.

I am going to the game tomorrow night with an FU constituent. Don't know why though. Oh I know - Oh Pea is going tomorrow. YAY!!!

For S's and G's, visit Flushing University today for my "where are they now?" piece. Interesting tidbit that I was able to use at the game today: Jason Tyner's middle name is "Renyt."

And Tyner spelled backwards is...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Where's Mark Messier When You Need Him?

It was the year 1994, and Mark Messier came out and almost dared the NJ Devils to actually man-up and win a important game, as the NY Rangers were one game away from elimination in the Eastern Conference finals.

"We'll win tonight," the back pages of the NY sports rags claimed -- although the words came out of the Messiah's mouth, and was not just filler.

Lo and behold, Mess scores a hat trick and the Rangers go on to one more game.

We all know what happened later (well, if you are no hockey fan, short story long is that the Rangers ulimately went on to the Stanley Cup finals, beat the Vancouver Canucks and won a championship for the first time in 54 years).

We need a Messiah, or a Messier or someone who will get the butts in gear...

I would have thought it to be Delgado. Definitely not Beltran (re-read BPP's Award Nominees)...maybe Glavine, but unfortunately he could not back it up.

I'm thinking -- it's got to be Duque. Which is fortunate, since he is pitching tonight.

Or me - and I am saying...we WILL win tonight. It's a certainty.

I won't be watching - I will be here -- but I will be sure to drop in a bar on my walk home...slightly humming Hungry like the Wolf...but hoping the Mets are hungrier.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Oh Pea So Horny

I'm sure many of you are coming to visit MSF for my views on Oh Pea.

Or Pea Balls, as we have come to call Roidger Clemens.

And all I can say is...

Jose Reyes makes me hot.

Oh Pea makes me hot.

But that goes without saying.

All I can say coherently now is (cause I was just out with Metsgrrl...and I'm a bit tipsy)...The Mets won.

They simultaneously stopped the Yankees streak...and started a new one.

Lets keep it going.

Be back tomorrow. Later

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Big Pussy's Posse Award Nominees

I've decided to try something new here at MSF. Basically, I learned something today -- I can either sit and bitch about the Mets current state of affairs HERE...

Or participate in it somewhere else.

I thought my constituents don't want me to regurgitate what's been either said by other people or by me someplace else. So I am introducing a new segment that may warrant some discussion from y'all or warrant me making it a regular piece of MSF...

Or both. Whatever.

So without further ado...WELCOME!!! To the Big Pussy's Posse Award Nominees, June 2007!

First, I have to give credit where credit is due. The title of this post is a shoot-off of a conversation that took a wild turn in Flushing University, starring yours truly, Debmc and GG. The conversation started with Beltran, and it ended with Debmc suggesting he should be named "Big Pussy" -- the name I had specially reserved for Aaron Heilman.

Say what you want about him -- I happened to think he was our MVP more so than Jose Reyes in the month of the April and in most of May too -- but the a -- as Hanz and Franz would say -- "girly man." I got flamed for saying that he was such in some forum!

#Beltran played with his face broken after his hit with Cameron in San Diego!#
#He plays hurt!!#
#He had no protection in the line-up#

To channel Artie Lange - WAH!

Yeah and when he plays hurt, he whines and bitches about it all the time. Either suck it up and take some extra Advil, or go on the DL. But you hurt the team. And you whine and bitch about it some more. ENOUGH.

And don't get us started on - well, he's two-hole hitter. He better shut up and stop bitching, or he's gonna get a bat in his "two-hole." But I digress...Beltran's only threat is not his legs, or his eyes or his mole. It's himself.

Now as far as protection in the line up, forgive me for saying I have a tough time being sympathetic towards a $117 million man who complains he has no protection? Here's an idea - be more selective in your at-bats. And quit trying to Bunt your way on, Bunt-on.


So you see? He can get us to the point where we can just say it out loud. YOU ARE A FREAKING PUSSY.

And these are baseball players folks. They get paid tons of money to play in dirt, wear cool uniforms and be idolized by millions.

Now that felt better.

So who else qualifies to be a part of Big Pussy's Posse? I say Aaron Heilman is definitely the leader, Beltran is second in command. You know -- he *is* a two-hole guy.

Well, to us over at F-U, Delgado (or Del-god-awful as I saw over in Jessica's blog -- btw, if you come here, please identify yourself!!!) qualifies. Why? Does the number .226 ring any bells? Anybody? It just jacks me that someone with the talent and SMARTS of Delgado is going through the troubles he is. He gets a Big Pussy nod since he won't ask for help.

Hell, even Tom Glavine took advice from Pedro Martinez and went on a roll shortly after. So don't tell me anything about pride. As Marsellus Wallace once wisely said in Pulp Fiction -- FUCK PRIDE!!!

The last nominee I can think of is someone you wouldn't expect me to choose. It's Paul LoDuca. And Mike, I'm going to give you a nod here, and bring back BloDuca if you don't mind.

On the surface, there doesn't seem to be a problem. He's hitting .305, he gets on base a lot, blah blah blah. We also like his spark, his spunk, his enthusiasm.

Until today that is. On an interview with WFAN, he said, and I quote -- We need to win at least one of the next two games against the Dodgers. We can't get swept.

In the immortal words of Denis Leary -- what the fuck is that about??????

Yeah, no shit, Paulie, you can't get swept. But here's an idea - go in and say - we're not only gonna take the next two games, we're gonna fuck the Dodgers' moms and make them watch while they sit and cry like little bitches???!?!?!?!?!

Moreover -- this is the same fucking attitude that got them into trouble in the NLCS. In Game 7, it was evident to me at some point...they were not playing to win. They were playing to NOT LOSE. Big difference in approach here. And when the team's heart and spirits says, "We can't get swept." Makes me think -- he's definitely a super secret special member of the BPP.

Lastly, Willie is a charter member of the BPP. What he needs to do is slap these guys silly, give them some sumatra and be like - here's some coffee, now wake up. Easy right? He won't though. You know why?


So are you down with BPP? Apparently, the Mets are too.

On that note, let's fuck the Dodgers, their moms, their girlfriend and wives. And Paulie, you can get a teenager too, if that makes you stop being such a wimp.


This just in - Justin Verlander pitched a no-hitter against the Brewers today. I like Verlander, I think he rocks.

I'm just glad we didn't have to face him in that series.
Photo credit goes to Gothamist, I guess by way of HBO. Thanks Vinny!!!

The Slide

This slide simply cannot, repeat, CANNOT go on forever.

I didn't stay up to watch the game and I guess it was with good reason there, eh?

And once again it seems like the bats didn't show up and the pitching was pretty decent.

I can't even begin to think what is going on with the team. First, did Green bat SECOND last night? It's his first freaking game back from an injury and you want him behind Jose? I just don't see the logic there.

I think what is most disturbing just looking at the box score is that...we had 9 hits to the Dodgers' 8...and only scored three measly runs?

Further our lead is down to 2...repeat...TWO GAMES.

I'm going to get sick if we don't start kicking some Dodger butt.

And if we go into the Yankees series on this skid.

Lastly...Carlos Delgado needs to go. I know, that's a bit drastic. But he is absolutely killing the team with his whopping .228 average. Where's Mike Carp when you need him?

I guess there's one positive to glean. The bullpen ~ which included Just Forfeit, Magik Man and Pedro Dos ~ didn't give up unnecessary runs. Well wonders never cease...

EDITED TO ADD: Check out my piece on Flushing University today - called Phreedom Phighters. Three guesses on what it's about...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

It's Good to Get Wood...

...OK so that was TOTALLY not mine but an advertisement I saw in Port Authority Bus Terminal for Six Flags.

But it made me laugh after a particularly frustrating loss today. Plus it was terribly ironic, since the Mets did in fact get some "wood" today..

...Meaning the BATS!! People, bats!!!! Bats are made of WOOD get it???

Ok enough.

So Oh Pea had a less than stellar outing but that's OK. I give him a pass since he's had his game face on this whole season. But I am getting a bit concerned. I had him pegged to be a CY this year, but at this point I might be lucky for him to a .500 pitcher. Which I guess is decent for him. but I feel like Oh Pea should be better than that. Stat, care to enlighten what his stats should provide?

I guess the real story here is that even down 8-3, the team "battled" in the spirit of Art Howe to get within a run. This is promising since the last few games, no one on the team could hit water if they fell out of a boat. So 7 runs while seemingly behind the whole game...that's good. Good good good. go. I'd almost rather have Just forfeit out there.

What pisses me off about Mota though is that Oh Pea would be looking at a no-decision had he not given up three runs. Bastard. Doesn't he realize I have big plans for Pea? Sheesh.

Now for tomorrow, I'm liking our chances again tomorrow. It could go either way. All I know is I'm going to start rioting if Tom Glavine doesn't win again soon. Or if Jose Reyes has any more rally killing stumbles and gets picked off or doesn't remember how to hit.


OK so Roidger Clemens made his debut today. I figured this would make y'all laugh cause it certainly helped me out -- Some Yankee blowhard over at SI writes that Clemens is the swift kick in the ass the team needs.

Ok the same guy who begged out of a game against a real team to play the Pirates.

Repeat after me. THE PIRATES.

In the immortal words of my aunt, you have to be fucking kidding me.

I can't even dignify this with a response. So instead I'm going to read a book. Later.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Pat *Bleeping* Burrell

I think I have decided something today. That the Phillies, and no longer the Braves, are enemy #1. To me, it makes a lot more sense. The Braves rivalry in my view has always been a one-sided thing. Meaning, we cared way too much about a Braves series, and their fans could really care less. And although it's an east division rivalry, it's too far to get any hecklers down to Atlanta anyway. (Because everyone is so nice down there, there are no hecklers up here for the Braves)

But with the Phils being so close...and train ride or quick drive makes tons more sense to hate the Phillies even more.

Being swept in our house is one thing, but the first two games I can almost give the team a pass due to injuries, bad luck, and lack o' offense.

But a Pat Burrell home run to tie the game in the 9th is almost more than I can bear.

Believe it or not, in a Cole Hamels / John Maine match up, I like our chances just as well. Why? Because John Maine unlike certain ~ ahem ~ *Just Forfeit* ~ ahem ~ other pitchers ~ ahem ~*Big Pussy* ~ ahem ~ knows how to bring "it."

And I certainly liked our chances with Wagner closing out the game. Dude has been balls on all season. I can't throw Wagner completely under the bus though -- not entirely. Dude can bring "it" but it's been a matter of time before he blew a tailor made save and of course, it had to be last night.

In a series sweep. When it meant 4 losses in a row. Ugh.

I guess some positives to glean were that there was a back-to-back-to-back home run situation there. Off Cole Hamels. To get the lead. That was pretty sweet.

But another thing to glean is - can Scott "Just Forfeit" Schoeneweis please be cut already? Just cut our losses with him. He's got no business on this team. NONE.


Now it's on to Detroit for some good ol' fashioned interleague play.

Which begs the question - why on earth are we playing Detroit when the Yankees get to play the likes of the Pirates???

Well tonight it's battle of the scrubs with Sosa vs Durbin. (Has anyone heard of this dude?).

Saturdays match up is what I would like to deem the Coop Special. Bonderman vs. Oh Pea. It makes me feel kinda funny, like when we used to climb the rope in gym class.

Next week - Dodgers and Yanks. Why, God, why?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Jimmy *Bleeping* Rollins

So I sat down with a gal pal of mine tonight to drink some beer, eat some greasy bar food and watch the game. And of course we were a little giddy not only because of the drink specials but because the Mets were up 2-nuthin on a team that looked like the life was beat out of.

Enter Aaron "Big Pussy" Heilman.

First off everyone, i apologize for any negative thoughts I may have had about Mr. Pussy. I have been trying to incorporate more positive thoughts towards the Mets because I have learned the like attracts like. Unfortunately though I think it only works when Pussy thinks more of himself.

I can rationalize this, I really can. After all, the Braves lost too and to me - the Phils may be OK at best, but I can totally see them playing the part of spoiler this season.

But giving up a 3-run go-ahead homer to Jimmy F'ing Rollins? It's almost too much for me to bear.

Well, at least I had some damn good fish and chips out of the deal.

With Cole Hamel-toe going tomorrow...those fish and chips aren't sitting too well right now.

And let's say a prayer to the baseball gods for Endy Chavez. Since I was in a bar, I didn't get to hear the news but I saw what happened. Can anyone provide news on him?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Back! Back! Am I Glad She's Back!

Hope you guys didn't miss me too much. I really tried to get on here to do Cawfee Tawk with the off day but my day job interferes with my hobby so much. *SIGH* Guess I'm going to have to pass that memo out again on the world revolving around me.

As I write the Mets Phils are tied at 2 in the 8th, Glavine pitched his butt off from what I understand...didn't see the beginning of the game either since I was still at work. Like I said, work has been kicking my butt recently.

Anyway, to hold you over while I get my bearings back together, go to Flushing University, where yours truly wrote a column in response to a backhanded compliment on Omar. Omar = Overrated? Since I've sung his praises more than once, I think you all know my answer to that proverbial question. My buddy Ed in Westchester (father of the Blue Orange - and green! - Cafe) also did a piece on waking up bats. Nicely done my friend.

I'll be back tomorrow or I'll try. It looks like another loooooooooong day in the world of Coop. Later.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Oh, the Barrel Maker and the Baker and the People on the Streets...Where Do They Go?

To Meet the Mets!!

So I redeem myself. I wasn't going to go to the game on Friday night, but at the last minute my original plans fell through and SassDawg had an extra ticket...Thought...Webb vs Maine? I'd be stupid NOT to go. Of course, it was a waste of five hours of my life (except for hanging with the Dawg. That's always fun). But I guess my worst day at the ballpark is better than my best day at home, so it's a draw.

But today's game...Redemption at last. My friend The Baker (loyal reader and blog "lurker") and I went to the stadium early, got ourselves a free cap and were half way to victory.

But how apt...I went to a game with a Baker...AND freaking baked in the sun all day. (I can't think of anything witty to say about the Barrel Maker part, so I'll just leave it at that). I guess that's a drawback of season tickets...seats in the sun (Oh, woe is The Coop). Next time, remember the sunscreen. The two beers made me forget the heat though. Sort of.

Anyway back to the game. Carlos Beltran is still out of the lineup (but is back soon hopefully)but Dave was back...Carlos Delgado once again wakes up bats...I was certainly happy to bash Livan since he seems to own us every now and then...

But the big story here is Ruben "Do not call me Loo-ban" Gotay.

Is Gotay the next Omar coup? It certainly seems it -- I was kinda ho-hum about the trade with Keppinger, since it didn't appear to be Omar's best move (I have to learn to not doubt so much)...It seemed like nothin for nothin. I guess the issue is...there comes a time when one is no longer a "prospect" but a AAAA player. Gotay has promise.

But I certainly am looking forward to Jose Valentin returning. We can take our meeting to the Ground Round for a pitcher and some buffalo bites.

Oh by the way...just throwing something out there. There is going to be an SNY viewing party on the 29th in Queens, not sure where yet, but of course Cow-Bell Man is the man about town and told me all about it Friday evening. I'd be down for going, even though I am going to Philly the next day with Mr. E (aka Dad of Coop) for the Mets / Phils game.

Some sites have *their* outings...let's have a My Summer Family outing!!

Maybe back tomorrow, maybe not. Later.

Webb Brings It

So I've been involved in some discussions on who "true" pitching aces are. For example, when Pedro is 100%, or even 90%, he's a bona fide ace. Barry Zito, however, is not. Yet he gets paid like one.

I would venture to say that the only true aces out there (meaning, guys I would expend a Lastings Milledge for) are Santana, Halladay, Oswalt, Schilling used to be, maybe Beckett is back to his form now...Dontrelle Willis on his best day would be there, but he's lost a bit of his la-da-da over the years (maybe it's playing in Miami...). Heck, I wouldn't even pay what Dice-K what he's commanding. Carlos Zambrano is another story...but I aint touching it. I certainly believe he will be paid like an ace...but he is not one.

But Brandon Webb...watching him last night just give up two hits to Jose Reyes (and had they been hit by anyone else, we might have been looking at potential disaster in last night's game)...I realized something. THIS is a guy I would give up Lastings Milledge for...or a Gomez-type. Webb absolutely has his game face on.

Too bad, because John Maine, save one bad pitch, was pitching his ass off. Glad he's on our side!

And man, what is up with our outfield? Lastings Milledge is so much better than the crap we are throwing out there with Beltran out day-to-day. Of course, he's injured. Sorry Blondies Jake!!

I'll be at the game today. Stop by Mezzanine Section 14 and yell COOOOOOOOP! I'll be sure to respond.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Happy RECoop!! May 2007

What time is it? It's Happy ReCoop time!!!

I've decided to make this a monthly feature instead of a weekly - that got way too trying!

April might have been tough to compete with, since the almost flying start (excepting a few bad losses to the Braves early on, etc) netted of Player AND Pitcher of the Month honors with Jose Reyes and John Maine, respectively. Of course, those two seemed to have come down to earth in May, but are still pulling in decently.

Anyway, the short story of May is...David Wright. Thankfully, he decided to return this month after disappearing in the month of April. For the month of May, he raised his average from a measly .244 to .286, bringing it to a total average of .267. Although that is a glaring dropoff from his totals in the entire 2006 season (.311), keep in mind his taper off occurred around All-Star Break last year (which led me to believe HE believed his own hype), and he still managed to hit over .300 on the season. Which also leads me to believe he'll be JUUUUUUST right.

The second story of May is the re-emergence of Carlos Delgado. Not only a week ago, over at Flushing University, we were calling for his head on a platter. After he jacks two home runs, 5 RBIs in Florida, PLUS 2 HRs that still haven't landed against the Giants in the last week, Carlos D is starting to produce and become intimidating once again. Delgado coming around can only mean scary things for the rest of the NL. Or AL, since more interleague play is coming up. On April, he hit a whopping .188 (really? I got this from Ultimate Mets Database, but I thought he was at least .200) to .284 in May. NICE.

On a side note, it's interesting to see how each member of the team carries the rest of the guys when someone is slumping. In April, it was Reyes, Beltran and Green holding the team together, with an occasional late-inning home run from Damion Easley! Now, Reyes, Beltran and Green tapered off in May, but with the re-emergence of Wright and Delgado, plus with Paul LoDuca producing in the mid-bottom of the line up, this team will also be JUUUUUUST right.

Lastly - who was right about Oh Pea all along?!?!? In a paraphrase of Pedro, who's *your* mami? Seriously folks, you all know I've been high on Oh Pea all year. With three wins (and a no-decision against the "Real Deal" Lincecum, but kept the Mets in the game where they ended up winning), our newest Brave and Yankee-killer has evolved from erratic and flamboyant head-case to flamboyant control pitcher who makes hitters look like Little Leaguers.

Someone brought up - has any one team one pitcher and player of the month two months in a row? Since this month, clearly Wright and Pea have carried the team.

I was also saying last night to a Mets-naysayer (he's a Yankees fan) that when Pedro returns (who's already talking smack, I love it), Mets will be unstoppable. I also wrote at the beginning of the season, in Coop's Crystal Ball, that Pedro would neither positively nor negatively impact the team. It would be status quo -- which could be a good thing. But I see the light he brings to the team when he's around, it's only a matter of time folks.

June will be a test - interleague always seems to screw the Mets, meanwhile division rivals get to play teams like the Royals. But it should be fun.

D-Backs this weekend. Hopefully, the scattered storms won't delay the games toooo much. On a side note, last year on Cap Day (which is this weekend), it also rained like a bastard, and it was delayed for hours...PLUS it was a doubleheader I believe. Yikes! I left that before the game even started.

Anyway I'll be around this weekend, so look for postings on the weekend. Later...

I missed the collision that sent Beltran out last night - but here's hoping he'll just sit out the games this weekend. I never imagined myself saying this - since I have been known to call him a poochie sometimes - but Beltran has really centered this team. I would hate to think he'd miss any significant time.

To Matt & Ant - sorry guys, I had a brain fart about plugging you.

This is straight from the source! A highly educational blog spot!!

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