Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yankee Harrasin

Dawg here. So as many of you know Coop's taking a couple of nights off because we went to see the band Keane play out in Central Park. They rocked. Tons o' fun. But not nearly as much fun as I had on the walk back from Central Park. For those of you who don't read the free papers (AM New York and Metro), the Wankees had a game viewing out in Bryant Park tonight with a special appearance from Roger "The Cheater" Clemens. I took tonights festivities to give the Wankee Fans a taste of their own medicine. I never thought nursing would be so much fun, now granted I had a few pints o cheering juice at the concert, but Wooohah. I started with the Who's in Last Place cheer followed up by the Lets Go Mets from 42nd Street to 33rd Street. Too much fun, I had to share.

I Am SOOOO Glad He Is Not Playing For Us Anymore...

I remember back on Opening Day 2005, John Franco was on the Houston Astros roster. I didn't think he would play that day -- frankly, I thought their manager would be an idiot to do that, since he was booed during the introductions (back in 2005, Kazmir-gate was still fresh in our minds). Lo and behold, he comes in eventually and immediately gives up a bunch of runs.

So now think about how many times Armando Benitez blew saves for us back in the day...and how that boomerang is coming back to hit him in the head.

Couple this with Lastings Milledge hitting a game-tying home run last year in a save opportunity, and now Carlos Delgado coming back from the dead...TWICE...this was a good night.

"It's not my problem. His job is to pitch and my job is to hit." -- Delgado, on Benitez (LOL)

To be honest folks, I didn't see much of the game after Oh Pea was taken out. Though he had a decent night, the Mets just couldn't score off Lincecum -- another Gomer Pyle look-alike who was fixing to be the next SUCK ME candidate. I ended up falling asleep soon after...

Oh and by the way, Atlanta lost too.

I am going to a concert tonight with SassDawg, so I probably won't be posting for another two days or so. See you in a few!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I say F@*K You Jobu...I Do It Myself

See - two day in a row, two references to Major League...

I didn't get to the see the game, until the last two innings. I had to watch the end in a bar too, since my TV hasn't been working (long story). I asked the guy next to me if Carlos D was benched tonight. He was like - no, he's got 5 RBIs.


Good to see Carlos D is waking up bats. But also, that this is signifying some kind of turn around for the team. By beating the Marlins, especially with waking up in the 9th inning on Friday...they are beating the teams they NEED to beat.

And with Philly beating Atlanta...we are 3.5 games in first. Philly is over .500 now. But I'm not worried about them.

So for once, right field is in a quandary right now...Carlos Gomez has tweaked a hamstring, Green has a broken bone in his foot...and our replacement Stings the Blade Runner is also injured.


Now our saviour is Ben Johnson. Ben Johnson????

Well, at least we have options.

But where's Moises Alou when we need him?
Straight from You-Have-To-Be-F'ing-Kidding-Me files...Jane Heller files for divorce from the Yankees.

You know what...although the Mets have arguably provided more sadness than joy in my life over the years, the going through the sad parts really makes me appreciate the joyfulness that is baseball.

Save a few years where ~gasp~ Yankee fans couldn't see their team make the postseason, we all know they hopped on the Mets bandwagon...until oh say around 1995, when the Yanks started to show sparks of talent and rising.

Now they are not great again, they are ready to jump ship again?

As a Mets fan, and I'm sure most of you can relate, if i jumped ship all the times I was disappointed in them, was bored with their play, couldn't stay awake during games (this actually happened to me, back in 1996)...I'd have been eaten by the sharks by now.

Now the Yankees trot out of a different AA guy every five days, their antiquated rotation is getting more and more beat up by the day, their bullpen is atrocious, Torre continually runs them into the ground, and you have 25 guys taking 25 limos after each it any surprise their fans truly feel no allegiance to them?

Methinks this...if fans like Heller were ever Mets fans, they'd have given up a long time ago.

Which will make our victories even sweeter this year.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Hats...For Bats. Gracias

I had it all planned out, I did. If the Mets got shut out tonight, the title was going to be "Wake Up Bats!!" This saying panned out well last year in a game where the team was being shut down during a Cubs game last summer, I believe it was Prior who had no-hit them through like 5+ innings.

Anyway, short story long, the bats *did* indeed wake up (perhaps someone offered rum and a cigar to Jobu?). To me, it's funny because in a stroke of irony, I think...if we are up by one run in the 9th, no problem. We have Wagner coming in. HUH? When did that happen?

Instead we get Aaron "Big Pussy" Heilman in there, messing up our stuff again.

But then something magical and mystical happened. They scored runs. And lots of 'em man. Which was good because I was going to get pissed off about these RISP. What's all that about?

Of course the 9th is without incident as the Marlins score one. But we win. Thanks goodness for nine innings -- cause it truly aint over till it IS over.

And the irony is...Big Pussy gets the win. Well, wonders never cease.

Pedro's back!! OK, maybe not entirely. But I think he provides some kind of inspiration to those around him. With Duque pitching his ass off tonight, it's only appropriate. It also makes me think about how...GOOD it will be once Pedro returns.
My gals to prove it!! Check out Zoe and Metsgrrl for the Happy Recap (though the game didn't turn out the way we liked)...on our Gal Blogger Night Out (guest starring Cow"hyphen"Bell Man!).

Help Me Get This Monkey Off My Back...

{Sass, if you can find a good photo of a monkey on someone's back to insert here, do so!}

UGH! Last night's game was so frustrating. Of course, I was in good company most of the evening, so I can't complain.

But why oh why the Mets can't seal the deal against the Braves this year -- and most notably why GLAVINE can't seal the deal against his best friend Smoltzie -- is beyond me.

I got into a lot of trouble on BMF this week, about my desire to see Beltran or Delgado or any guy on the team play his guts out, with broken bones, compounded fractures, exhaustion, they did in the 80s. You know, heaven forbid they SET THE TONE early on in the season. I got reamed -- Coop, this isn't the 80s, the landscape is different, blah blah blah.

But still I ask -what's wrong with doing what Bobby O said the '86 team did...go into town, eat some steaks, drink some beers, and beat your team (in so many words). I guess my point is the swagger is different this year. And the team remains mostly the same.

Look, you guys know I am far from being a casual fan. But even I can see this was an important series. Why can't the team? Smoltzie didn't even have his best stuff and it was only two friggin runs Glavine gave up!!

My other question is - was Glavine really all that dominant when he pitched with the Braves? I mean, he clearly sucks ass at the Ted now. Thank goodness for Oh Pea.

Yes, we are still in first place. But it would have been nice to go into Miami with the extra game. And let the dust settle in Atlanta instead of them thinking they have our number.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Few Thoughts On Baseball Today...

I am watching / listening to the game right now. It's the top of the 4th and the Mets are up 2-0.

I have a lot going on but didn't want to leave my "fans" hangin! So I will leave you with some juicy tidbits to hold you over until I can write some more...

~ Most of you know I am not the biggest Willie fan. However, I do like that he can assess his line-up and he seems to have more "balls" for lack of a better term in shaking things up. Willie two years ago would have said, "These are my guys. Carlos Delgado is my clean-up hitter." Of course, I know Carlos D wasn't on the team two years ago but that's besides the point. Now, he's not afraid to move him down the order. I'm sure they had the heart-to-heart. And Carlos, being a man, took it as such. It seems to be working. Willie scores some brownie points with me as far as I'm concerned.

~ In a non-Met related note, well sort of...since he's a former Met...Heath "Taco" Bell is listed in this article as a contributor without the hype. I guess a trade worked out on the other side of Omar's favor. Where is Ben Johnson exactly? I think I'd rather have Bell than Just Forfeit at this point. Not that anyone cares about my opinion or anything. Moving right along...

~ Tomorrow night, the Back Page on 3rd Ave and 83rd St in NYC is hosting an SNY viewing party during the Mets / Braves game. I've never attended one but I've always wanted to. So I'll go! Stop by and see the likes of The Coop and other bloggers in the community (Hat tip to my gal Zoe via Metsblog).

~ As I get ready to sign off, Oh Pea strikes out the side in the bottom of the 4th. Oh, I am a Pea Brain.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Cawfee Tawk - On The Road Edition

So the Mets have a day off today, and subsequently, so do we as fans.

As my friend over in Flushing University, Debmc, says - hey, seven out of 10...that's what *I* call a winning home-stand!

I can't say that I can complain about taking two out of three from the Yankees (although, I have to admit, the sweep would have been niiiiiiiice), two out of three from the Brew Crew (the "hottest" team in baseball), three out of four from the Cubbies. How can I? Complain, that is?

Well, I can't. I'm very happy with how the home stand turned out.

But let's turn that energy into kicking some Brave butt and set the tone for the 2007 season!

Let's go back to the month of April. Let's talk about the Braves had our number in the first six games of the series this year.

Is this the same Mets team who faced them in April?

The answer is a resounding HELL NO!!!!

David Wright could barely hit his weight. Carlos Delgado was...well, he's still in the same position he was in during April, but I get more and more encouraged by his at-bats. The pitching staff is a little more solidified with Jorge Sosa (?!?!?!) replacing Pelf. Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran were carrying the team, but now the proverbial playing field is a LOT more level.

The way the team is playing now...they are a LOT better and more well-rounded than the Braves wish they could be. And I am not only predicting a series win from the Mets but complete annihilation of the Braves this week. No Prisoners!!!

This week will indeed set the tone for the season. It's up the Mets to decide who is going to set that tone.

I'm hoping that this is inspiring to you guys, because right now, I feel like going out to a biker bar and beating the snot out of the first redneck I see!!

So now I leave the floor open to y'all...Do the Mets have what it takes to lay the smack down on the Braves this week?

I think so, but I'm curious to see what you think. Forget about the past demons. Forget about the past, period. I'm talking about the now. I think we can take these bastards. And f*** where they f***in breathe!!!

Don't Ask Me What Happened...I Was Watching DH...

...And I don't mean a designated hitter. As I told Metsgrrl, I decided against watching the last game of the series. Why? Well, basically because I was DVRing two shows at the same time, and my service won't allow me to tape more than one without watching one. So Sopranos it was...then onto Desperate Housewives when I saw the score was 5-1 in the Yankees favor.

Well, if not for Yankee Killer #1 David Wright (did they intentionally walk him again? I didn't check the box scores), who knows...But the real story I guess is John Maine. Where did he go? Have hitters just started to figure him out? Or just call it three poor quality starts in a row?

Well, all I know is I'm happy I chose to watch my season finales and almost series finales last night over the game. Later.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

What a Loooooooooooooong...Strange Game It's Be-en....

All I can say is...What a bizarre game.

First of all, Coop's Dad or Mr. E as he in known in his circles gets on a train that is delayed for 30 minutes, so we miss the top half of the first inning and get to our seats to "hear" Jose Reyes has gotten on base. I'm not in the seats yet, but someone starts teasing his Yankee friend about a new pitcher they are bringing in. I'm like - huh? Seriously, I thought it was a joke.

Alas, ~this~ Mike Myers was not shouting Groovy Baby!! Turns out their starter got knocked out of the game...sounds familiar. Didn't some Yankee pitcher at the beginning of the season break his leg when he was hit by a line drive?

And so goes the rest of the game. Last night, Z-girl and I were remarking on how quick the game was. Tonight? Three and a half hours after the game starts...and I'm getting home around the same time I would if it started at 7 pm! Insanity, I tells ya.

So today Glavine obviously did not have his best stuff but he managed to eke out #295. David Wright certainly looks to be getting his groove like Stella once did...but man, are the Yankees a bunch of pussies for intentionally walking him. WTF was that about? And each time, a righty walked him to face a LEFTY!!! Insanity, once again, I tells ya!

After the 7th inning though, it certainly did look like the game *might* just coast after a LOT of weirdness. So I am going to say right now, I am not the biggest Willie fan...but I had to applaud him for having Just Forfeit on a short leash. I think some fans were going to riot if he wasn't taken out.

Then as it looked as though Billy Wagner might Wagner-ize the game once again...throwing away a sure out towards home but not getting the force?? He managed to shake it off and get the last two outs of the game.

Takin care of business!!!

But it certainly was delayed...the business end of it anyway.

Fans to note during the game:
Cow-Bell Man was hopping around and in rare-form. But for the Man of the Cow Bell...I guess rare-form is normal.

And I cannot leave tonight without remarking on a guy sitting in my dad's section today. Over in section 10 of the mezzanine, some Mets fan starts his own chant...Yankees Su-uck - Lets Go Mets! Yankees Su-uck! Lets Go Mets!!!

The whole game. Not one second of the game was not filled with his voice emanating from the rafters.

As the Yanks brought out Brian Bruley, he starts yelling - Who is Bru-no??? Who is Bru-no? (to the Lets go Rangers, it's not Lets go Yankees).

Even security thought this dude was a clown.

Finally the game was over. But I still hear his voice in my head. Lovely.

Have a good night!

Coop's Renaissance - Thanks to Oh Pea and Winning...

Going to last night's game (which by the way, thanks for the interest, I managed to do a "swap" and went last night and someone will be sitting in the Coop box tomorrow) was a big deal for me. For one, it was my first game without a man who shall remain nameless. Two, I was able to use the strength of being a blogger by finding someone to go with me through the Underground Blog Railroad Network. Lo and behold, a great time was had by all, but I can't help thinking, this is going to be a game that I will remember for many reasons and not just the personal one.

For most of my "fans," you all know one thing about me - that I am HIGH on Oliver Perez. My infatuation (purely on a pitching admiration level) for Oh Pea is legendary. So after his 1 run, 2 hit performance last Sunday, I think I was thinking what EVERYONE thought...did he have it in him to pitch two gems in a row? Something, I think we all agree, he had trouble with all season. The consistency thing.

Although he looked a little shaky at first, Pea managed to turn it around and become Senor Sabor once again. Happy jumps, not-so-happy jumps...I know his pitch count was at 108 but why Willie took him out when he did is beyond me.

I'm just glad Wagner didn't Wagner-ify the game once again. Then again...he likes the 1-run games better.

So like I said, I attended the game with a fellow female blogger. We had a lot of fun, but we sat in Upper Deck so it was a ROWDY crowd. Some of the things said during the night -

"Do you think the Yankees go back and say...'Andy, can you Pettitte? I'm feeling blue!"

Some Yankee female fan threatened me after I...and what the hell, about a 1000 guys started chanting YANKEES SUCK as we were leaving the stadium! She asked me, why I cared? Then proceeded to tell me how many championships they won. (I guess I looked non-threatening, not like the hulking guys from Woodside who would beat up their moms in a bar then go and puke and listen to the Stones).

I turn around to my partner and said...hey, remind me again, who won tonight? What was the score??

Do we REALLY TRULY care about how many championships they've won? To me, it's in the past. Yes the numbers are daunting, but I'm thinking in terms of this year.

But what I truly care about...are these classic S.U.C.K. M.E. candidates they have going out for them. I think they exorcised that demon this year.

I'll be back tomorrow with more, since I will be going today too.

Luxury Box Crashers

"Ooooooooh the Good Life" to quote a great Sinatra Song. Ok, so the Mets won last night and in spectacluar Oliver Sabor Perez fashion. Great ballgame, Endy comes out big last night and hits a 2 run jack to insure the game would end how we have all come to expect.

But the real story from last nights game is how around the 4th or 5th inning, Nick the respectable Yankee Fan (whoda thunk it) and I, had to go drain it. So we check the mens room on the Mezzanine level, looooooong motha of a line. So Nick and I decide , eh, let's go down a level and well to our surprise, it's actually very easy to sneak into the Luxury Box section. Oh and Luxury it is dear readers. Big comfy couches, free good food, nice padded seats in your section, a private bathroom, and the greatest thing of all bottles upon bottles of free beer. I was in heaven, of course this morning, I'm not feeling so hot, but I need coffee. It's really funny, Me and Nick are hangin out watching the game and the guy who organized the whole shindig is talking to us, we're shooting the shit, it's all quite funny. You really can't tell from the picture where we are, but I had to at least include some proof.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Update on The Coop's Personal Life

Yeah, I know this is supposed to be a blog about the Mets but right now, I'm just looking for some me-time.

Anyway, as some of you read, I had posted an extra "free" ticket to tonight's game -- which looks to be a wash out anyway. And I didn't even attempt to make it to Queens. Besides I'm just feeling icky and yucky and any other word that ends in "cky." (Sucky?)

The reason for me posting said extra ticket is this...

After 6 1/2 years together, Mr. Coop and I have decided to part ways.

This means - Coop is single again (not sure I can get used to that part).
The Coop is holding on to some prime real estate in the Mezzanine for the rest of this season.
And the Coop will need plenty of "dates" (guy, chick, animal, whatever) to baseball games this year.

This is not meant to be a pity thing or an attention thing but just a blurb that will make it known why I am looking for guests to baseball games this year. Frequently.

Thanks to all who responded to my offer though! It made me feel good that in this time of stress and sadness for me (because believe me, I *AM* sad, very sad) to know that I have so many people lurking on my blog. A few familiar names, a few not so familiar. I felt special :D

For the future, though, if I post that I have extra tickets available for a game, put a note in the comment thread and I will respond.

I know, it's not ideal. The problem is though, I cannot access my gmail account from work.

If you responded to my email today though and wish to go to a game with me in the future - you will be on the "Coop Double-Secret Mailing List" for dibs on games during the week. Where your price of admission is a beer. OK, maybe french fries too. (peanuts on some nights)

Would it be all right with you guys out there in MSF land if I took some time off, to rejuice my batteries for the Mets - Yankees series?

Speaking of the Mets - Yankees series, I have two extras for the game on Saturday. You can email me, since we have a few days before the game is.

Believe it or not, I am having trouble dumping them. Huh.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

So Who Wants to Go to a Game with a Really Cool Chick?

Sorry I've been MIA. I fell asleep on the couch last night and turned the TV off right before Carlos Delgado's walk. I also went into the other room after Just Faw-Fit (aks Schoeneweis) loaded the bases. I thought he might have gotten out of the jam...but apparently, he got into a granny.

I've decided not to complain about it though. Why? Because no one wants to hear me pine for Mota. (Me? Pine for Mota? Wow that's a change)

Anyway, here's the real story - if you are free tomorrow night (Wednesday) and are feeling sassy, come hang out with a really cool chick (aka, Coop) at Shea!

No charge for the ticket. Just buy me a beer once we get in the stadium.

I'm not mental or anything. So don't be afraid.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Oh Pea - Oh Pea Baby - Won't You Let Me Take You on a...Pea Cruise

Remember what I said Jose Reyes did to me a few weeks ago?

Well, amplify that more for Oh Pea.

I didn't attend the game nor did I watch it on TV. I listened to most of it on the FAN.

The funniest thing was that I got to hear another perspective on the game. For one - I could hear the cheers more and more amplified on the radio. Second, I heard Howie Rose's take on the whole non-no hitter thing for the Mets. I know he at least makes an attempt at being impartial but I got a good chuckle out of it. He said - either the first Mets no-hitter would happen in the last year Shea Stadium is alive. Or the very first game at CitiField!

I have to agree sort of. But on the other hand, I don't think we have to wait too long for "it" to happen.

This will be the year. And with John Maine and Oh Pea coming close, real know what, I think it will be someone we least expect. Like Glavine or Duque. Hey, maybe Sosa. Isn't that usually the case? It's not only the one you least expect, but it's usually the guy that turns around his season in a new park, on a new team.

Or maybe it will just be John Maine. That's who I'm pulling for anyway. Maybe we should start a pool. Any takers?

Nice to see the Mets blowing up in the 8th inning. NICE!!

All in all, I think the Brewers are finally meeting their match. After playing in mostly a weak-ish division the first month of the year, their schedule is going to get decidedly difficult. And as someone related on Flushing University this week (sorry, forget who, or I'd give you credit...if you stop by, please identify yourself!)...the Mets have obviously not been clicking on all cylinders.

Well, goddess help anyone who is playing them when they eventually DO. It will be ugly. Or beautiful, depending on your perspective.

So Pelf is finally getting some Pelf-Help. I think this kid will be decent. Just in the midst of a tight race, this is not the time to experiment. Hopefully, this won't mess with the kids head. But Mike, The Coop has to disagree. I don't think Punxsawtawney Phil is the answer. I think the Mets rotation the way it is, when Duque is back and Sosa as 5th man (sort of), is good now.

But here's another perspective. I wonder, maybe, just maybe, the calling up of Carlos Gomez - who rocked when he needed to rock - might be a showcase of sorts.

Pelf has somewhat decent stuff, it just needs to harnessed correctly. Gomez is a bonafide rising star.

Does someone maybe smell a trade?

Just some weird thinking The Coop has going on. But with Toronto being in disarray, and Oakland having a penchant for young guys with upside...maybe there is something in the works?

Just sayin'...

Hey Sassdawg (and anyone else who is interested)...take a look at Jose Valentin's new love interest. Hopefully, it won't ruin the Yankees' investment TOO much...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Can We Save Pelf From Himself?

OK, so I didn't listen past the 5th inning of this game today, so I really didn't get to see or hear anything about the BP imploding.

But does anyone have any doubt that this is the end of the road for Pelf? I mean, when Duque gets back?

Now, the short story is - he didn't do THAT bad. He pitched a decent five innings, and I think what killed his stats was that unusual run-down play in the top of the 4th. Where you know two runs scored on what appeared to be a short fly-out between RF and 2B? Yeah that. The Mets also answered back with 3 runs the next inning. Not too shabby. It was very winnable...until the 8th.

The long story is -- and I really do hate to sound like a Mets alarmist (OK, maybe I don't) -- I think it's obvious that Pelf is simply ordinary and pitching over his head right now. Glavine, Soul Glo, everyone in the dugout has had "the" talk with him about taking a few MPH off his pitches to mind-F the batters, THEN come in with your heat. Another thing is that he seems to be pitching against the top tier pitchers of other teams. Yes, I know, Brandon Webb and Jorge Sosa last week looked a bit overmatched (meaning, Webb should have kicked Sosa's butt out of the park, pitching wise), but we managed to get our crap together for that. Pelfrey faces BEN FREAKING SHEETS, a dude who is tough to hit anyway. Add that in with the Brew Crew's stellar offense and wham-o. Pelf is back in the terlet again.

And another thing - why can't the METS ever have an inning like the Brewers did today? Save Opening Day this year, it seems like we are always at the other end of a rally like that.

So what to do now? Personally, I punch Pelfrey's ticket back to NOLA, and have Sosa be the 5th man once Duque gets back. Let's work on his mechanics in the minors.

Lord knows we can't afford to lose these many games at the back of that rotation, not with the division being so close and this being so early in the year.

And I'm wondering if Jose Reyes shaving his head has anything to do with the loss...the Crew Cut look was working well for us.

So tomorrow is Mothers Day. To all you mothers out there, happy birthday.


Friday, May 11, 2007

The Mets in..."Getting Even with Suppan"...or "Revenge of the Bats"

So FINALLY we can say - we got Jeff Suppan where he f'ing breathes.

Well, technically, Shea Stadium aint where he f'ing breathes, but I just felt like saying that.

Anyway, yes, for those not watching at home (and I wasn't, I was sitting in a bar, getting drunk and cursing Aaron Heilman) or at the game (see: other postscript), the Mets finally got to Jeff SoupsOn...albeit, seven months too late.

But it felt good, period, to just score a bunch of runs off the offensively gifted, decent pitching anchored and scrappy young Brew Crew.

Now here's an issue I have here -- OK, for one, we have to give props where props are due. Billy Wagner has been simply f'ing owning the save situation. I've been afraid to say that for a while, but you know what -- if he shits from here on in, you can personally blame me.

But the true issue is -- Aaron Heilman. A few of us have speculated what his problems actually are. Is he hurt? Is he pitching in pain? Is he mentally wounded for losing Game 7? Is he lashing out at the establishment that has conformed him into a reliever when he truly believes he is a starter?

Well, after tonight, I think this.

He's a pussy.

No if ands or buts about it.

I remember something he said after the NLCS was over. About how - yeah, you know, it sucks that I gave up that home run to Yadier Molina, but hey, in the regular season, there's always a tomorrow. I have to get used to that.


(Wow, talk about repressed feelings there, Coop.)

Now, if I'm Willie, Soul Glo, Julio Franco, Glenn Chico Resch, whoever, this is what I tell Aaron.

Pitch every inning like it's your last. How do *you* want to be remembered?

Other than that, I'm very pleased with the outcome tonight. But where the fuck did Jose Reyes go?

So I was reading an interesting article today.

Actually three interesting articles, if anyone cares to count.

The short story is: The Blue Jays are fucked.

The long of it is: BJ Ryan is out for the season. Halladay is out with Xavier Nady disease. Now, Troy Glaus is out, day to day it seems (no word on whether this is serious).

OK now I read a fourth article where it mentioned that the Jays are in talks about a "fire sale." Apparently, they are not at the place they want to be, now with their proverbial lights-out closer out for the season, their ace sidelined, and a sketchy injured third baseman...who would you want?

I think the Jays are extremely talented, just not tons of direction.

If you were Omar Minaya - who would you target?


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cawfee Tawk - Travel Day Edition

Remember: Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks

So Gary Cohen says something interesting at the end of yesterday's game. As of May 9, the 2007 Mets are 21-12.

As of May 9, the 2006 Mets were 21-11.

So - my question is - why we trippin', baby?

I guess there are a few reasons.

One is - there have been in my most humble opinion a few games that we could have easily won. A few games against the Nats, the Marlins...with a team as gifted offensively, one- or two-run games are kind of nonsensical to me. I know, I know, we can't win 'em all, but in April, these are the must-win games for the must-win team.

I also feel like we need to give Pelf help another two shots since it seems like the bats just took a nap during his last two starts.

We've also had the fortune of playing against - let's face it - weakish teams in the mostly NL East. With these teams, we should fuck their moms and make them watch and cry like little bitches. But after coming back from a road trip 4-2, I was a little encouraged.

The main one reason we are tripping, I would guess being that also at this point of the year, our main competition - the Atlanta Cowards - were 14-18.

I mean, let's face it guys -- the 2006 NL East pennant was ours for the taking. This year - not so much.

We've got two "spoilers" in the division, in the Marlins and the Nats. The Marlins have the penchant for strike-out / home-run artistry and the Nats, well...they will lost a lot of games, but will definitely spoil a few come September.

The Phils are currently 15-19. But I wouldn't count them out for too long. I predict Charlie Manuel will be the first manager firing this year, and after that, the Phils will go on a win streak.

But the Braves...The Braves are going to be the proverbial thorn in our sides this year. The NL East will not be easy and we will definitely have to beat the Braves in order to do so.

This time last year, we were 6-4 against the Braves, now are 2-4. I remember the very first series we lost against them last year, Smoltzie and all those guys were saying these were a different Mets team, these guys fought all the way, blah blah blah.

I also remember Cliff Floyd and Carlos Beltran begging out of the line up then. I know, they were hurt or whatever, but i distinctly remember someone saying -- if this were the 80s, and this were a Cards series, Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, Wally Backman could have limbs torn from them and would still find a way into the line up. We desperately needed to set the tone.

Well, we took the Braves series-es 11-7 last year and set the tone for hopefully the turning of the tide. It was a little slow blasting off this year -- but with Delgado mashing and Wright finding his groove, and without sending the likes of Jose Lima and Jeremi Gonzalez and Alay Soler out there every 5th day...who knows? This season might be easier than we thought.



Speaking of setting the tone, the Brew Crew comes into Shea this weekend. The Brewers currently have the best record in baseball (WTF?) at 24-10. Our favorite playoff MVP (note: sarcasm) Jeff Soup'sOn, Ben "Dancing in the" Sheets and the Brewers' version of John Maine, Chris Capuano (5-0 record) versus the likes of Jorge Sosa, Mike Pelfrey and Oh Pea hardly invoke the fear of Yahweh in you.

I say - let's kick their asses, and show them a real team.

But mark my words, the Brew Crew stays healthy, they will ride that momentum all the way to the postseason. Not that they would make it far, but far enough.

Let's just say I am thinking a Millie-wah-kay series.

I won't be at any of the games this weekend, and my first game back at home is next Wednesday. Come visit Mezzanine Section 14 if you are planning to attend!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mets Are Rubber, Giants Are Glue, The Win Sticks to Them or Some Shit

Yeah I messed that up but whatever. I am just happy, happy happy happy, that the Mets won today. Yeah stinks that John Maine can't get the win but it's cool. I was mostly encouraged by - who'da thunk - Aaron Heilman's performance today. Hey, he didn't implode - good job!! On the other hand, another Mets fan favorite also linked to a notorious head shaving incident (this was the one I couldn't remember) -- please note sarcasm when it's there.

I am just happy happy happy that the Mets kicked butt on the road, winning both series-es. Let's bring that momentum home!!!

I'm trying to relax my last day before going back to the masses, so I will be back tomorrow night. Coffee Tawk edition!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What a Fuckin A to Z(ito) Nightmare, Man

The Coop is Back!!!

So I was all psyched initally about last night's game. My guy Oh Pea was taking on my "substitute" guy Zito -- But I also had a weird vision. Zito was 2-3 and Pea was 3-2. I thought, well, if we lose the game, Pea and Zito will be 3-3 each.

Curse myself for thinking that way.

I am still off from work so I decided not to be a big poochie and watch the west coast game. I wish I hadn't. I saw ALL the ugliness that started in the 5th. Now, I don't want to let Pea totally off the hook. After all, he had 2 outs (much like I Wanna Be a Ho) and could have gotten out of the inning with just giving up 3 runs.

And let's be honest here -- two of those runs are a little bogus (after watching the Prince Fielder-like replay a dozen and a half times with Gary calling the non-home run, at best a GR double). Plus his defense screwed him. Easley needs to just...not be starting. Green? Though he is still smacking the ball around, can't we put in like a test dummy out there to field? I think that would be better than him out there.

But you know what, I didn't get the feeling that Pea was losing it after that. He was still throwing heat, almost daring the Giants hitters to swing. Well, they did.

And what is it with these fuckin Molina catchers killing the Mets???

Anyway, I am back from vay-kay in sunny Florida, and already I'm a stressed out Mets fan.

*~~* Pick a Topic - Attend a Game with The Coop! *~~*

So as many of you know, I moonlight as a columnist for Flushing University. I have two pieces under my belt so far - one on Rick Down, the other on Bill Shea.

I had a column forming in my head on the mind of the sports fan, with hockey playoff-mania (as long as the Rangers made it to the third round) and the Mets doing so well, and the Yankees, well, Yankee fans being blinded by all this propaganda.

Well, the Rangers didn't make the third round, so I don't have all the perspective anymore...but maybe YOU do.

If you pick a topic - that is Mets-related or even just NY sports-related, I'll listen...if *I* pick that topic to write about, YOU get to attend a game with MOI!

OK, that's not much of a gift...but if I give tickets away for free, I think Mr. Coop might get upset. Plus, he takes people all the time when I can't go, it's my turn!!!

So throw out your ideas, I'll take them under consideration!

So I'm sure many of you are wondering about my reaction to the Clemens signing with the Yanks. $28 million for ONE YEAR? A HGH-test shortened year, mind you.

Granted Clemens is good...a real competitor and has the heart of a champion. But let's be honest here. He's 44 years old now. It's no longer 1999. Yet Yanks fans are treating it like it is.

In my most humble opinion, that $28 mil could have been used in other areas. Like beefing up the BP that's obviously going to be tapped on more and more with their average pitching age going up about 8 years.

In my most humble opinion, the Yankees have FAR worse problems than a $28 mil contract Clemens could sign.

Many thanks to the Dawg. for pinch hitting and doing a great job while I was away. Dawg., you did good.

Later guys.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Coffee Tawk with the Dawg

Hey folks it's the Dawg., still covering for the Coop, I would blog the last two games but they both ended waaay after the Dawg's bed time. By the time both of the last two games ended, the Dawg was drooling on the couch scratching his balls, but that's a story for another blog.

Tom Glavine is still stuck at 293 after the no decision on Thursday, but man oh man did the guys come through big time. Anybody care to make a guess as to when Glavine will make the magic 300? I am thinking that by the Wankee Stadium version of the subway series we will be there.

The big story from last night's game was that Julio Franco is still the oldest man in the history books to have hit a homerun. How that is even possible blows my mind. Is this a record that can ever be broken? I realize that I have been down on the guy and all, but is it me or is he amazin? It must be the egg whites.

John Maine pitched a stupendous game again last night, and Ron and Gary pointed out that Maine looked disapointed with himself. Could it be that John Chow Maine now has expectations for himself? I think that he now wants to go out there and dominate these teams, which on the surface is not a bad thing but could develop into something god awful if he winds up being a complete head case.

Randy "The Shriveled Unit" Johnson looked like he forgot to take his geritol last night. Man is this guy washed up or what? Getting rid of this guy could have been the best move the Wanks made in quite a long time.

Speaking of the Wanks, my oh my what the hell happened to them?????? Is this what a fall from grace looks like? My god their pitching is awful. Me thinks that Guidry is going to be the next one fired, and probably should have been before the coach? Thoughts?

With Piazza's injury over the past couple of days, we all know that Piazza is a surefire first ballot hall of famer. But is he going in as a Met? My feeling is yes, he had his best years as a Met and brought National League baseball back to the forefront in the big apple.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Does anyone else get just a bit of a chuckle

when you hear, read, or speak the name Kirk Radomski, might have something to do with how I knew a Radomski way back when and he was a Schumcko too? Saw a picture of this bobo the other day way back when he worked for the Mets, and let me tell you, he was rocking one of the most mini-truck quickie mart mullets, I have ever seen. It might be where he hid his drugs. This guy can't even hold a candle to the latest incarnation of the Mets Mullet. As I like to say, there's Magic in that Mullet.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Covering for Coop

Hi folks, The Dawg. here covering for Coop for the next couple of days while she's on vacation. While I am definitely not the English major in the family I will do my best.

Went to the game last night "so lonely". Last night's game was couple of team highs and one very personal low which I will share with you now. This game started like many of the Mets games I've been to in the past. I grabed a 32 oz. in the LIRR station. I scarfed down a couple of dried out dogs, got my ticket and boarded the train. Of all of the dumb luck I elect to sit down next to a talker....Baaaad, so bad. I won't bash on all Long Islanders, most of them are allright in my book, but let's just say that this one is moving to Brick, NJ real soon. Yack Yack Yack, I think that the White Zinfandel she was swilling through a straw went straight to the motor neurons that control yackity yack yack yack. Starts talking to me about the baaaaad career choices she's made. Explains to me how she's working for a bankrupt comodities trading group, (running the joint as a wire clerk) and taking online classes from CUNY for a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts, Yack Yack Yack. Shea Stadium could not arrive soon enough. Then further more had the audacity to ask me if I thought that was a liberal arts degree was a good idea, and if it would help her land a job working on Wall Street, final word..........NO, but it might make nice toilet paper someday, but me like a shmuck gives her my card in the hopes of landing a referral bonus when I pass her resume on to be a teller. But to quote the 40 year old virgin "It's like when I was growing pot, you have to plant a lot of seeds"

The team on the other hand: Pelfrey battled and looked 1/2 way decent, and Sugarpants finally got his sh** together and parked one like the little celebration that Mrs Sassdawg. and I had earlier this evening as a result of OH Pea's fantastic win today.

Speaking of which, let's get down to today's business then shall we.

O Pea, looked down right stupendous today, fanning 10 with only 3 walks no complaints there, ahh who am I kidding, the only thing I can complain about with respect to todays game is that I was stuck in my office, looking at the beautiful day out the window and watching the scoring summaries bounce up on my Bloomberg. It would apear that David "Sugarpants" Wright has turned the corner in his battle of the slump 2 hits and an RBI in today's slaughter.

I have a partner on my mini plan, however my partner has shown no interest in being brought into the fold of the Summer Family (but he's going to write me a recomendation for Grad School that I don't need(I'm still looking at Duke Business School, it's just a shame that I'm practically married and too old to join the Lacrosse Team)). Going forward, if somebody wants to join for a game, let me know, most Tuesday's are unspoken for.

Let me know, Seriously.

I have been experimenting on a site that I discovered last season. Does anyone else play on Protrade. It's a site where you make "investments" in players and are subsequently rewarded when they do well and are punished when they do poorly. Fun little site, but enough of a plug and a side rant.