Monday, April 30, 2007

So Now That April's Over...Is It *Still* Too Early To Be Concerned?

All I can say is...bottom of the 7th, men on first and second, no outs. The Marlins go in for a pitching change...let's just say their bullpen has been a tad overworked this year, not to mention, it's not exactly their strong point. David Wright strikes out, then Alou GIDPs.

I try to justify it. I really do.

#We can't win every game.#

#You know, even the sucky teams have to win sometimes.#

#We batlled.# (sounds too much like Grandpa Art though. Ugh)

#Even a broken clock is right twice a day.# (OK, that I don't understand, but whatever)

And yes, throwing Chan "I Wanna be a" Ho Park out on the mound is probably as much of a Just Forfeit moment as putting Scott Schoeneweis in during a close game. But I was having faith. Till the defense just shit on the shower floor like Vito Jr on Sopranos. Is it me -- or does Jose Valentin make that play Sl-Easley missed, thus never enduring the massacre that inning? Though Park can't be completely off the hook for the walking the bases loaded practically (1 hit, then 2 walks). 5 runs out that mess? COME ON. There were two outs. Then later two more HRs. UGH. Coulda shoulda woulda.

So when I say -- is it too early to be concerned...I'm still concerned about Sugar Pants. I keep saying he'll come around, but I'm wondering if the Carlos Delgado mental health treatment will do him better.

If I'm Willie, I seriously consider that.

I also have concerns over the lack of timely hitting. You have to be fucking kidding me.

So coulda shoulda woulda - coulda shoulda woulda won this game. Coulda shoulda woulda started Aaron Sele over Park. Coulda shoulda woulda just forfeited. It coulda shoulda woulda saved me some headaches.

BTW, "Just forfeit" came from a disgruntled fan in Baltimore about 10 years ago. Jesse Orosco was a relief pitcher and the game we were at went into extras. So they bring Orosco out. The guy behind me yells, "Just forfeit! Just forfeit the game!"

So my just forfeits are nods to this guy. Whoever the hell he was.

Just so you guys know - I'll be on vacation this week and not posting this weekend. I'm trying to get a surprise fill-in for The Coop, so be on the lookout!!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy RECoop, 2007 Season, April 2007

If there's anything that this weekend has taught me it's this -- we cannot count the Mets out. Ever. Even if it seems like the game is lost, the whole team is slumping and making traditional S.U.C.K. M.E. pitchers and middle relief pitchers on floundering teams look like Nolan Ryan, no one is swinging the bat...then Julio Franco comes out and shuts me up. AGAIN. The Old Man is off the hook in my view until All Star Break at the very least.

I'm sure MSF's faithful fans were wondering where my commentary was on Oh Pea's start on Friday. I did that intentionally, because I wanted to save it for the Happy RECoop this week. Although he didn't win, I was very pleased and encouraged by his performance. I'm sure most of us agree, the old Pea would have fallen apart after the 3 run HR by Austin Kearns -- and he didn't. Which to me speaks volume. He's matured, still threw some nasty pitches after, and NO WALKS. I've never been more encouraged by a losing Mets pitcher! Now he has to go on and win the next 20 starts. Hee hee.

The sad part was, they had PLENTY of opportunity to win that game. Which leads me to the next phase...

Where the fuck are the Mets bats? It seems like the usual suspects are not hitting (DW, Rock N Roll Delgado, even PLD). And the unusual suspects (Moises, Stringbean and Valentin) are. Jose Reyes is doing as well as can be expected, and then some. Even when he's in a "slump" (which to him is more of a not hitting triples thing), he still gets on base. Which is more than you can ask for of a lead-off hitter. But not scoring against the Nats? That's unacceptable. Especially when you potential "ace" is on the mound holding down the fort. All I can think of is Manny Acta must have their number. Thank goodness they won Saturday's game in extras.

But even that was encouraging. I remember them walking Rock n Roll, to get to David Wright. To which Mr. Coop says, this will be the time Wright gets out of his slump. He hasn't been smacking the hell out of the ball yet, but Coop is OK with it. I had an argument with my Yankee friend Paulie Vee on Friday (which I will go into greater detail later) about Wright. "You're boy," he says, "he hasn't had a home run yet." What's the big deal? Sugar Pants was not a big home run hitter (though it would be cool to see him do it soon) to beging with, but the New York Times had a great read today about other hitters not heating things up. Richie Sexson (.148), Dougie Eyecharts (not surprisingly though, but .140), Carlos Delgado (.195), Brandon Inge (WTF? .129), and Jason Kendall, who between him and SP are completely killing my fantasy team (.183), it is clear to me that Sugar is just getting off to a slow start.

But let me analyze my three keys to a successful 2007 season that I put out in March. Stringbean Green, Sugar Pants and The Stache were the big three. My theory was, we can pretty much get what we expect out of the rest of the team, so they are key but not central. these included Beltran (who, in my humble opinion, has been far more valuable to the team than Jo-Z), Jo-Z and PLD, hell even the pitching (which has been solid so far).

Carlos Delgado's stats I think are misleading, since he is hitting, just long fly ball outs. When they start hitting the gaps, though, watch out. Now that Stache might be out for a few games, I never thought I would say this but -- NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I was not sold on him last year, not sold on him STILL this year, but the dude is a solid defender and great with the bat. He singlehandedly makes the bottom of the lineup more formidable.

So now that it's the end of April, I will revamp my three keys to the season. They still include David Wright, but now include Carlos Delgado and the bullpen. But I am not as alarmist as i was in the preseason because I think with DW's little RBI insurance run thing last night, his confidence is back and now will get the respect he needs. That first HR is right around the corner, I can feel it. Carlos Delgado -- he just needs to get those gappers as I said. Once that happens, watch out.

Now the bullpen is a little more concerning to me. Is it me, or does the whole BP (with the exception of Joe Smith, who is quickly making me forget about Chad Bradford, and Billy Wagner, who is who he is) seem l ike a reclamation project? Ok, Scott Schoeneweis? Just forfeit! Aaron Sele? He's OK, but really makes me wish Dave Williams was 100% healthy. Amburglar? I call him Armando-lite. Pedro Feliciano is good but to me, he seems to be off a little more than he was last season. Maybe I'm looking at him with rose-colored glasses. I don't think I missed anyone here, but the BP needs to become more solid and scary. Because to be honest, when as a fan I fear the NATIONALS bullpen...that's a problem. But when GMs around the league are modeling their BPs after Omar's (go O!), now THAT's something I never imagined seeing as a Mets fan. Yeah that's right - RESPECT for our management.

Again, it's April, and we really need to beat up the rest of the league before coming back to the Braves. Since it seems like we have Brave-o-phobia once again. Let's take the Maine game today and go on to whip Florida at home.

So my Yankee friend Paulie Vee comes into my office the other day to be all apologetic about the Yankees. That's what I like - a Yankee apologist. Anyway, he said - don't call me after we lose tonight. I said, honey I got bigger fish to fry. Then he starts laying it on about David Wright. And I'm like, yeah but I have Jose Reyes.

To which he says - yeah, but he aint Jeter.

OK, so I lost my shit. Which is pretty normal with him especially. We start arguing (people have actually mistaken us for a married couple, I swear...even Mr. Coop has!) pretty heatedly about this...and he says, Jeet-uh's won gold gloves. I said, WTF does that have to do with anything? Gold gloves are overrated. And he says, name me a better shortstop in the AL (because I think he actually conceded that Reyes is better than Jeter, i mean, no brainer there). I said - that's easy -- he's already playing third for you guys.

And he just stood there, dumbfounded. And he starts laughing hysterically and shakes my hand.
I guess I won that match.

But I think it's very telling -- that the Yankee propaganda artists actually have them convinced the best shortstop in baseball is playing for them. I'm sure though many of us agree -- he's just not PHYSICALLY playing shortstop for them now.

And how telling that the Yanks wouldn't even entertain moving Jeets for him. But whatever.

I also want to comment on the Willie get thrown out of the game last night thing. I didn't see it, but apparently f-bombs were VISIBLY flying out of his mouth.

I'm sure many of you here know that I am not the biggest Willie fan. But I know that even HE had to be really justifiably pissed off to get that riled up. Hopefully, with the win last night, and Willie getting fired up, this is an indication of things to come.

On a more serious note, my heart goes out to the Cardinals for the loss of their relief pitcher Josh Hancock in a car accident.

I can't even imagine. Join me in a moment of silence for the Cards, who have canceled their game today with the Cubs.


Thank you.



Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cawfee Tawk With Your Host Coop

I’ve decided to make “Cawfee Tawk” part of the MSF segments on Mets off-days. This will be an event to cause you to think and express your feelings on the state of the Mets. This can be a free-for-all rant or just some random tidbits I think are juicy enough to dissect.

So grab a cup, stir it with your pencil and think about the state of the Mets.

Ready to hear it? Here it goes...

OK first on my list is Mike Pelfrey. I've been talked down from the bridge on this guy but I'm hanging out by it, just in case. But I gotta tell ya - I've been stoked since day one to see what this guy is really made of. On paper, though, I always was led to believe that out of the two, Humber was the better one, just more injury-prone. And I believed the hype regarding the next Verlander and shit.

But is he?

To be honest guys, and I know I'll get flogged for it, but I think Pelf is *gasp* ordinary. I saw that in his very first game against the Marlins last year, and I see it now. In order to be dominant, he's got to work out those kinks. And given with how tight the division is shaping out to be, methinks that kink working should not happen against ML teams.

But who can replace him? My understanding is that Dave Williams is coming back from surgery in a few weeks. But can he be as reliable as last year?

Humber? I think he needs more polishing than Pelf, to be honest.

Chan "I Wanna Be a" Ho Park? Wait, didn't I read about him getting shelled in AAA last week? Nice.

Anyone else I believe is way too young or WAY too overmatched for the bigs.

If I were Omar, I'd have had the dude packing his bags. Luckily for the Mets and for Pelf, though, I am not. But what would you do if you were Omar in this situation? DISCUSS!

Next on my shit list is Carlos "Rock n Roll" Delgado (thanks Sass).

Is it a slump? Or is he just old and tired?

Willie seems to think he'll snap out of it sooner or later. He's hitting the ball, he's making contact but he's barely hitting his weight.

Would you sit Delgado one game this weekend? Or just let him work it out?


David "Don't Believe the Hype" Wright. I said at the beginning of the season that he would be one of the three keys to a successful season (which has changed, so be on the lookout for a Coop's Crystal Ball Redux soon).

I stand by that claim for him and full believe it. But I think my worst fears are confirmed -- he does believe his own hype as evidenced in the linked article.

One key quote is here:
"But as the endorsements and the appearances and the accolades kept flowing in, the home runs and RBI have started to trickle. Wright's power stroke vanished after last season's All-Star break. His lousy showing in the NLCS ranked at or near the top of the list of reasons the Mets missed out on the World Series. And in the first 18 games of this season, he has four RBI and no home runs. All of which makes you wonder -- has it become a little too cool to be David Wright? All of the endorsements, the magazine covers, the public appearances and praise ... is it all too much too soon?"

I believe it is. Will he snap out of it?

I think he should stop hitting the poonani and get his ass back in gear. Take some hitting lessons from HoJo and get back on track, baseball wise.

Toasty remarked the other night that his long fly ball out was an indication of things to come. Maybe I'm just too impatient, but he needs to produce.

Jose! Jose Jose Jose! Best lead-off hitter in baseball?

Sure I'll take it.

Best player in baseball?

I'll take that too.

Last, but certainly not least, Mets fans. I'm sorry, but did I hear BOOING after Billy Wagner gave up the run in the Rockies game on Tuesday night?

What about for Aaron Heilman one night last week?

David Wright?

Mets fans, with the exception of present company and other bloggers, are idiots. There's no reason to boo anyone on our team. Even if they are Robbie "I'm Coming Out" Alomar. OK, maybe then it's cool. But we don't have to worry about him. But we need to support our team.

I wouldn't have even booed Pelf on Wednesday if I were at the game. Even though I want him back in NOLA.

Hope you enjoyed your sumatra!! Be back this weekend. Later

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

U-G-L-Y, Hey, You Aint Got No Alibi, You Ugly!

Wow, what else can I say about today's massacre that hasn't been. Pitiful, and that's being kind.

I didn't see the game at all, but I wasn't missing much anyway. First, Mr. Coop was at the game and he called me after the first inning and told me that Pelf needed some "Pelf Help." I said - it's only one run, you are such an alarmist.

Well, after about the sixth call before the fourth inning, I had to say I was right there with him. It may be early, it may not be May yet, but Pelf to me is clearly overmatched in the bigs. You know, I almost started to believe his hype -- that he's the next Verlander or whatever. When I saw him in his first game last year, I saw some good potential but nothing too exciting. And I thought -- you know, with the Rockies, he'll be able to showcase his talent.

Then Aaron "White Flag" Sele comes in -- Oh, Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Where's Darren Oliver when you need him? Or Dave Williams, for that matter?

Well, the good news is -- I think that Williams is coming back in a few weeks, at least I heard that somewhere. The bad news is -- Pelf has got to go and work on more stuff.

In other news...Hey, I wrote a song about Carlos Delgado - wanna hear it? Here is goes!

#Where have you gone - Carlos Del-ga-a-do, a fan-base turns its lonely eyes to you. Boo hoo hoo. #

I thought his problems were over when he hit his HR the other night. Seems to me he is lukewarm. I won't jump off a cliff yet, but he is dragging the team down.

Speaking of a downer, don't get me started on David Wright either.

I think Willie needs to bench these guys. Toughen 'em up or something. I don't think it would be detrimental or hurt their feelings. I think these guys know they are dragging the team down. You know it's bad when Jose Valentin and Shawn Green are carrying the team.

I know, it's still early in the year, but the Mets are showing inconsistencies so early on, I have a feeling we'll be the Yankees of the NL -- winning games, sure, but losing lots of games like 10-8. With the division as tight as its shaping out to be, we need to be able to wipe the floor with the poor teams (Rockies, Nats) and hold our own against the better teams. All things considered, that has really only been the Braves thus far in this short season. If you count the World Champs, OK, but they have not been exactly hot either. Lukewarm, maybe, definitely not hot.

Now let's get to the Phillies. They've won, what five in a row now? They're going to be the sleeping giant. Mark my words.

This weekend will be a litmus test. The Mets have to sweep the Nats. No ifs ands or buts about it.

At the risk of sounding alarmist like Mr. Coop, I can't help but feel like this season is going to be a tough one. I am excited about that prospect, but it's disheartening when you see the potential future of the franchise get murdered on the field. Let's teach this kid some control before he kills someone!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Takin It Easley!

What a great game. I don't have much to say about this game except that a.) the mets are still in first, 2.) first place teams win games like these and D.) Endy Chavez is still the Best Little Bastard in Baseball (BLBB)* courtesy of BMF.

I was totally resigned to this being on the losing end of a great pitcher's duel. But of course these Mets prove once again the old adage - it aint over til it's over.

PS I still *heart* Joe Smith. And the young guy gets his first ML win. Nice!

Oh and the Yankees lost. Again. To the Devil Rays. Life is gooooooood!

Visit my friend Mike at the Metropolitans for some good dialogue on Willie.

Break out the brooms for tomorrow! Mr. Coop gets to go, and I don't! Oh well, I'll get over it.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Redemption Song

Yes, yes, yes!

First - Mets beat the Rockies, 6-1 tonight. Most notable was the STELLAR pitching performance of John Maine. I am very impressed with how this kid has come around in the past year. He has great command, and even when he gets into trouble with those pesky walks sometimes, he is mature enough to get himself out of jams. Rarely do I see this kid sweat. Dude has his poker face on all the time.

The other story was YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH - Jose Valentin. Ole! The ladies man himself got 4 ribbies and a free appetizer at the GR tonight.

Carlos Delgado looks to be coming around as he hit a HR tonight. I am not too concerned with his hitting less than his weight right now, but I truly believe he'll be on his way.

David Wright on the other hand -- OUCH. He's still painful to watch and it looks like he's throwing temper tantrums. Hey, I'm all for sabor out there, but no one has ever hit better by throwing his helmet around like a baby. Just ask Billy Doran from the 80s Astros.

Tonight was an interesting mix of people at the game. Not many people came out tonight -- well, except for the "creepy guy with weed" who Mr. Coop and I met on the LIRR on Saturday. That nickname is courtesy of the little Britneys on the train.

But you know what -- and I know Metsgrrl and SassDawg will probably have my ass right now. But "Sweet Caroline" in the 8th inning is starting to grow on me. I didn't get up to sing it, but plenty of other people did. Guys had their arms around each other, people were dancing in field level to it, "So good, so good, so good!" was yelled at the top of their lungs. I had to admit, I kinda liked it.


On a different note...

First of all, I freely admit that I am one of "those" fans. Yes -- One of "those" fans who happily roots for the Mets, and happily boos everything the Yankees do.

It may be counterproductive to hate as much as you love something, but it's just so easy to root against the Yankees. Metstradamus fully endorses hate, so he would be proud.

I think what is extremely telling about this series is that the Yankee fans all have their proverbial teets in a tizzy. Wondering what went wrong? Hey people, relax. It's only friggin April. If you seriously thought Chase Wright was going to be the savior of your pitching woes, you got another thing coming, as Rob Halford once sang.

So not only do the Red Sox hit back-to-back-to-back-to-back home runs, the sweep the Yankees for the first time in ages.

Then the Yankees lose to the Devil Rays tonight after fighting back numerous times.

Does this mean the changing of the guard in the AL East? Oh, hell no. I will never count the Yankees out unless its the last day of the season and all the playoff spots are filled.

But I think it's interesting because it's pretty safe to think that if they don't take the AL East, they don't make the playoffs. I doubt the WC will be in the AL East. Or, maybe it will. It seems like Baltimore's pitching is coming together, Blue Jays are putting together a formidable team and the Red Sox are a lot more competitive. That should be interesting to see how it pans out.

I'm exhausted so I might take tomorrow off. Please don't cry!!!

The Happy RECoop! 2007 Season Week Three

Blah blah blah whatever.

I was on such a high from Oh Pea's great game yesterday, I was SO SURE the Mets would ride that momentum into today's game. Alas, it was not meant to be.

I wasn't around to see the massacre that was Scott "Just Forfeit" Schoeneweis and Aaron Heilman giving up another home run.

I can't get too bent about these guys -- after all, I'd rather they lose their shit now as opposed to say, a month in the fall when it's getting colder out.

After "sweeping" the Phillies (one game series, after the first game was rained out) and sweeping the Marlins (for real), it looked as though the Mets were the proverbial team to beat.

For us fans though, I'm not sure what's worse or better or what -- if we lose to the Phillies, it's like - we lost to a subpar team. We lose to the Braves - well, OK, they're pretty decent, we should lose SOME games to them.

But do we *really* have to lose a game that theoretically should have been in the bag? And not to mention to our biggest rivals? I mean, if there is a team to beat, it's them.

The funny thing is, prior to this game today, I thought about how last year in April, the Mets were in first from practically day one and never looked back. Like most Mets fans, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Lo and behold, it didn't -- well, not till a Thursday night in October anyway.

I can wax intellectual over this stuff, but it's late and I don't feel like it right now. The Yankees / Red Sox game is still going on, so I can at least think that I can redeem myself.

Good things from this week:
1.) Jose Reyes. As I mentioned before, I think Mike is gonna have to fight me on this one.

What, you were expecting me to say something else??????

2.) Oh Fuckin Pea. Did anyone catch this article? How can you not love him?

3.) Carlos Beltran. He's not just hitting the straight ball very much anymore.

4.) Carlos Delgado. Glad to see someone woke him up from his winter slumber.

5.) The Bullpen.

6.) The starting pitching. John Maine for example. Zoinks!

Last season, I think the Mets sent a message about their BP -- our starting pitching will get us through the first innings, then get through our bullet proof bullpen. It seems like both are pretty impenetrable.

Some things to worry / think about:

1.) David Wright. I know the "streak" is over, but this was weird to me. Has anyone ever seen a guy in a streak have a simultaneous slump? Only in New York

2.) Shawn Green. Can someone tell him that when he muffs plays, he fucks everything up for the team?

3.) Idiot fans -- runner up for Toasty's fucktard award this week is this guy. No wonder the likes of Larry Jones and John Rocker hate us. Not that their opinion matters anyway.

Anyway like I said at top, I can't get too bent about this week. Going 4-2 in a week is not a bad thing.

Let's get to some of those non-division rivals, and see what we're really made of.

And let's wipe our butts with the Rockies this week, and call it a day.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

No, my first name aint "Baby," it's Ollie...Senor Sabor if ya NASTY

##Oh Ollie, how do I love thee. Let me count the ways...##

In case you didn't see it today, Oh Pea was balls on this whole game. 9 Ks, goose eggs for BBs. I mean the kid was throwing STRIKES. I wish I took note of the ratio before he left the game, but I know he left the game with 98 pitches, and had only like 30 balls, rest strikes. AMAZING.

Throw in a little salsa action from Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran, and a little help from Damion Sleasley and Carlos Delgado, the Mets have themselves a win.

I think my favorite part of the game was when Oh Pea was taken out. No, not because I wanted him out. But he did something only Senor Sabor could do -- he did his patented leap over the first base line...then tipped his cap to the cheering crowd. Reminded me of Turk Wendell and how he would fire up the crowd with his rosin bag and his little quirks.

I'm telling you, big things are going to happen for this kid.

Now I know after his last outing, I was expecting a lot of abuse on his performance and I was very apologetic. But I think I've come up with a happy medium here. I will give him a span of eight games to give us more performances like today and not like last week vs. the Phils.

That should give us a sample set for us to make an informed judgment.

Deal? Deal.

What a glorious day for baseball!

Hey Toasty - I think you have your "Fucktard of the Week" right here.

Let's get the rubber game tomorrow. I will be back with the Happy RECoop tomorrow.



Well, I can say this about last night's game -- at least I am no dining my guts over this loss. I know it's only April, and they staged a mini-comeback in the bottom of the 9th (of course, what else can I expect from this team).

But is it me -- or are losses to the hated Braves just worse than any other loss? I'd rather lose to the Nationals than these guys.

The game wasn't without event last night. The fans were pretty out of it by like the 5th inning. Willie needed to send out for the some "Pelf-Help" with the likes of Amburglar, Schoeneweis (just forfeit!) and Joe Smith.

I think something to glean from last night's massacre was that -- we still have a pretty good BP, even with all the turnover. Amburglar was pretty shaky but he looked OK. A lot better than our starter.

Does Mike Pelfrey seem a little overmatched these days? I know that two games hardly a sample set makes...but even last week with all the cold, I feel like the "next Justin Verlander" should hasn't shown us these pictures of greatness. I mean, just sometimes is all I ask, I know he has to lose every once in a while.

At least we had something to laugh about -- SassDawg joined Mr. Coop and me in the final innings of the game. Some people were starting to leave. As people were walking by, SassDawg announces, "Hey - I just farted. And it was squishy!!"

Needless to say, nearly EVERYONE got up from the section.

I don't know if they were leaving because of the ugliness of the game...but it was still friggin funny.

All I can say is now -- let's take two out of three. I hate having Larry and On-droo and Frenchy and all those guys thinking they are the bosses again. Out of the two, the Mets definitely have the stronger lineup.

But...nothing like a Yankees humiliation can make me forget about a Mets loss. Against the Red Sox no less!!!

And Tim Hudson looked DAMN good last night. But I still take Oh Pea over him anyday.

Hey Itsmetsforme! SassDawg and I have a couple of questions to ask Jose Valentin when we have an interview with him!

~ What kind of advice do you give for your sons Jesmuel and Yomar on the ladies?
~ Do you prefer the landing strip or the wood floor?
~ Do you want to move this over to the GR for some boneless buffalo bites and a pitcher?

What questions would you ask Jose Valentin if you had the chance?

I have about a gazillion things to do this morning before heading out to Queens. I have some tickets for sale in May -- all lower than face value. If interested, just click on my email at top and I will send you the games I have available.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

S.U.C.K. M.E.*, Beautiful

*S.U.C.K. M.E. = Shaky Unknown Chuckers Kill Mets Everytime
- Courtesy of one Toasty Joe

So who here after a.) Reyes struck out to begin the game, 2.) Duque quickly gave up two runs and subsequently the lead in the bottom and of the 1st and D.) a lackluster 2nd inning, didn't think this would be a repeat of last year?

You know what I mean by "repeat of last year." The Paul Maholms and the rookie pitchers on the Nats (forget his name) making their debut, facing the strongest line up in the NL, only to have the Mets make him look like the Cy Young reincarnate.

Oh, yeah, THAT.

So I totally thought that the Frying Dutchman had our number early on in the game. Needless to say, I am glad to put the SUCK ME theory to rest, for tonight at least. Although, it's still fuckin funny.

Few things I would like to say though:

1.) Jose Reyes makes my nipples hard. Sorry, Mike, you might have some competition for your "second wife." My freebie may just have to be Jose, and no longer Dale Earnhardt Jr.

2.) As much as I *heart* Paul LoDuca and his spirit, I gotta say - I love to watch Ramon Castro mash. Best back-up catcher in the league, hands down.

3.) I was very very very happy to see Carlos Delgado MASH tonight. Oh yeah and Shawn Green too.

4.) Carlos Fucking Beltran. Nuff said. Hey Toasty - any new mole facts from Miami?

5.) I am AMAZED by the amount of Mets fans down there in Miami. Hey, Johnny! Was that you I heard yelling when Duque looked good?!?

6.) Old Man Duque kicked ass tonight, by the way. 10 Ks!?!? Madon'.

7.) Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez are hands-down the best play-by-play announcers anywhere. Find me two others who can just play off each other all night. Keith is such a pimp. I love him.

8.) OK, so I may bash Willie from time to time, for being such a Wonker. Especially the handling of the BP (and WTF what was he doing, putting Billy Wagner in a non-save situation in the 9th??? Idiot).

But -- I feel kinda bad for Fredi Gonzalez. I mean, he has no BP and he mismanages it.

9.) YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHH...Jose Valentin hits his 1st HR of the season. Someone's getting lucky at the GR tonight.

In other baseball news -
OK, so A-Rod hits like his 10th HR of this thus far short season and today was quite dramatic because it was yet *another* walk off for him.

But to say this absolves him of all other Yankee hatred and not coming through in the playoffs? Come onnnnnn...Toasty Joe, Mike and I are the few of the many who believe that the second he starts slumping, the booo-birds will come out of hibernation.

I do have to admit something -- I like A-Rod. I just think its funny how the NYY fans are so fickle about him. Love him or hate him. Outright. But don't just love him when he's *good*

PS To my cousin Big Cat (and btw, he is not related to my other cousin, also named after a domestic animal), I know you are one of the few who will root for him, good or bad. So you are exempt. :D
In sports-related non-baseball news -- the Rangers have made it past the second round in the NHL playoffs. Dare I say...1994? (Sorry Mr. E, don't want to jinx em)

Actually, Mr. Coop and I were joking, because of the seeming lack of interest in the hockey playoffs, that even if the NYRs were to make it to the finals, we could probably walk up to the ticket booths at MSG and be like -- excuse me, sir, two tickets to the finals, please.

Sky box, or center ice?

Center ice, please!
So with a Braves loss tonight, and a Mets win...the Mets are coming back home in first place. Let's keep it that way.

Keith and Gary also made a comment that the ONLY team the Mets have NOT dominated this young season are the Braves.

Well let's take care of that this weekend.

And let's give em a heroes welcome for the road trip.

Go Mets.

(And Mr. Coop and I will be there Friday & Saturday.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Goose Eggs

When lord, when?? When's gonna be my time????? - Ben Affleck in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Man, who out there was thinking -- TONIGHT is the going to THE night.

My first thought though was -- I was a little disappointed that a no-hitter would be pitched outside of Shea. But hey man, beggars can't be choosers, so I can't complain.

How great would that have been.

Alas, that will be saved for some other night.

And hopefully I will be in attendance.

But if you think about -- In two of John Maine's first three starts of the season, he pitched at least half way into the game giving up zero hits.

Folks, it's only a matter of time. This is the year, as Oprah. *THIS* is the year!!! I can feel it.

Hey it better - since we only have one and a half more years to go in our charmless dump.

I'm glad to see the bats woke up -- against Dontrelle Willis, who has always owned the Mets. We were talking in the forums at F-U today about Carlos Delgado and his lack of hitting, with fellow female professor debmc (of course, I blamed Rick Down...THAT'S A JOKE MIKE!!!). SO I was glad to see that everyone contributed tonight -- even Shawn Green.
Some quick tid bits:
~ From the "This-guy-is-a-sandwich-short" files, Charlie Manuel apparently challenged some talk radio host to a fight. Class all the way for the Phillies!

~ Mark Buehrle tosses no-hitter for White Sox tonight. Again I ask - when lord, when?? When's gonna be my time?!?!?

~ Visit Toasty Joe for good ol' fashioned Yankee bashing!

~ Hat tip to my buddy AFOMG at Y2K for the link to this story -- Mets in search of an identity. I think tonight was very telling -- they are going to be offensively strong once again, strike early and often...and rely on pitching more.

I mean, shit, if this is the year a no-hitter is finally pitched by a Met, it better be pitching reliant.

Smell yas later

PS Who's going to the games on Friday and Saturday
PPS Hey Bookie - I won't be there on Sunday anyway. So you and Mrs. Bookie have a good time!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Three Down, Seven to Go

When SassDawg and The Coop were just a SassPupp and A MiniCoop, we attended a game with our respective old men and other various family members at the old Veterans Stadium in Philly -- the Mets were playing of course.

We met these old busty Irish ladies who came all the way from Yonkers to root for their Mets. See back in the late 80s, the Vet was also known as the Mets home away from home. You heard more "Lets go Mets" chants than anything for the Phils.

To this day, Sass and I still talk about these ladies -- Therese and Ann were their names, as we exchanged addresses and Christmas cards that year. They addressed it to the Little Coop, the two little guys at the game (Sass and our other cousin) and all *her* (meaning me) family.

Well, Therese and Ann are part of my All-Time Summer Family Hall of Fame, since we have basically plagiarized songs and chants they had from this game to this day.

When the Mets were on defense, and had one out for example, the ladies would sing "One down, two to go! One down, two to go!" Later the next year, during the 1988 LCS, I started this chant in our section in Mezzanine -- the whole section chanted it till the Dodgers hit into a double play, ending the inning. To which the guys yelled -- "Three down, let's go! Three down, let's go!"

They also sang songs about players -- like if Gary Carter got a base hit, they'd sing, "Good one, Ga-ry! Good one, son! Good one, Ga-ry - let's have another one!" Now it's more in line like - "Good one Da-vid! Good one, son!" You get the picture, I'm sure.

Tonight, I was singing -- Nice one, Tommy - nice one, son! With his win tonight -- 3-1 on the young year -- he has seven more wins to go to get to the big three-oh-oh. But then, I'm sure most of you can do basic math, so I won't bore you there.

Other stories of the night:

David Wright has tied the club record for hitting streaks -- nice!

A-looooooo! Alou-Alou-Aloouuuuuu. A-looooooooo. A-looooooooo.


AmBurglar looked flat-out nasty. Robble, robble!

I still *heart* Joe Smith.

Oh yeah, and in case you couldn't figured it out the Mets beat the Phillies. TAKE THAT JIMMY (although he didn't do bad tonight, but whatever).

Other interesting stories -- Reyes the next Jackie Robinson? Verducci seems to think so. Reyes is definitely exciting and a breath of fresh air -- but I'm not sure if he's the next Jackie. Reyes certainly breaks barriers -- everyone loves him.


Other news around the league - Zito won his first game on Monday. Whoop-a-dee-do. At least my fantasy team made out well.

Alfonso Soriano - the 8-year, bigger contract than Beltran-man - is injured. Well sort of - on the record just "sore." Interesting.

Jason Schmidt is on 15-day DL. I like the guy, but I am SO glad the Mets didn't sign him.

Dice-K loses what appeared to have been a pitchers duel. Did anyone see the game though? The dude got 10Ks, 3BBs though, which seems to have doomed him. It sounds like he was filthy, but just got a bad break.


A new Coop MSF segment!

Cawfee Tawk ~Have some cawfee, we'll talk, no big whoop.~

Some interesting baseball notes -- CC Sabathia might be available in a trade. What are your thoughts?

Other notes -- I can't find the article right now, but Johan Santana and Twins talks have hit a wall, since he wants no less than an 8-year contract. We all know, judging by last year's off-season, how high exactly teams will go.

If the Mets don't do it someone else will.

The question is -- do the Mets offer Johan that years / $$ he is asking?



Lastly, I just want to send my thoughts on the Virginia Tech massacre. I think for most of us, it hits close to home because it could have been anyone of us, or any of our loved ones who could have been hurt. Even someone like David Wright was not exempt, since his brother attends there and was not reachable for some time, but is OK, thank goodness.

I just want to send my thoughts and express what heartfelt sorrow I feel on this senseless tragedy. I will now take a moment of silence.


Thank you.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Happy RECoop! 2007 Season Week Two

The hors d'oeuvres were served in week one...the main course was served this week, with the Mets coming home finally!!!

I know they played six games on the road to open the season. But to me, the season doesn't officially start until they have played back home.

So what's to glean from this week. Well for me, it was one thing and one thing only:

If Mike Winters is umpiring the majority of games at Shea Stadium this year, Mets pitchers will not be winning lots of home games!

In the vein of Angel Hernandez, Winters is making me tell my umpteenth Enrico Pallazzo joke in the first week of April home games. I mean, OK, I am not down there, I am not up close and personal with every pitch, I don't get paid for my objectivity in a game. I know that Paul LoDuca (as catcher) and Carlos Beltran (as a hitter) were NOT happy with the calls they were getting. I know complaining about the baseball officials is a sign of "weakness" for any fan (or player), not just Mets fans (or players), but I just felt like the team was not getting the calls at the plate that they should have. It was almost like, Winters wanted to make it interesting. Was that just me? If it was, I'll shut up right now (actually, I'm done complaining about the officiating now).

It was cold too. Like whatever the opposite of Africa hot is -- Antarctica cold, maybe? -- that's what it was at Shea this week, except for Saturday. I know the pitchers were having a tough time gripping the ball, I know that balls were not carrying as well as they might have had the wind not been blowing directly from the back walls of Shea.

Jose Reyes is the happiest players in the major leagues. And I think he was the only one with a freaking smile on his face the whole time they played in the cold. I know his hermanos were not happy. I think someone remarked somewhere (not sure where) that Carlos Beltran looked like he was gonna cry on Thursday night!

And...the obligatory Oh Pea worship. I know I was upset after his last game where he walked the park and brought back memories of I Killed Kenny Rogers, circa 1999 postseason, but I can be more objective now. Yeah, right, *me* objective with Oh Pea??? Well, I think he was not prepared for Antarctic temperatures. Or Enrico Pallazzo calling the game (so I wasn't done complaining about the officiating). Yes, I know he had lots of high and outside pitches so no excuse there...but there were lots of borderline pitches, and not being the Oh Pea apologist, it looked like they would qualify as strikes. I would have said that had it been John Maine out there. (Pallazzo did that with Pelf on Friday too). I think he'll come around next time -- will that be tomorrow though, since Maine got rained out today? I would think that Willie would just bump Maine to start tomorrow.

End of Oh Pea worship.

So the Mets are now 7 - 4, currently in 2nd place in the NL East behind the hated Braves. Of course, the Braves are in first since the Mets couldn't play today (and since they won), but whatever.

Jose Reyes continues to amaze. He is tied for 3rd place in the NL for RBIs -- sort of unprecedented for a lead-off man, don'tcha think? Hitting .311 and most amazingly OBP of .415. Nice. John Smoltz even noticed his plate patience now.

Sugar Pants is leading the team in batting average with a .333.

Tom Glavine is eight wins away from the big three-oh-oh with his win on Thursday evening.

And that's all I have to say about that!

It's only April folks. I'm taking everything in stride. Whenever I get a little heated about the team losing or bats not swinging or pitchers not making me happy (Oh Pea), just take it with a grain of salt. I am a Mets fan, people -- we tend to fly off the deep end and ask questions later!

Lastly, I have an announcement to make. After years of wondering how I would figure in my journalism minor (and a major in English lit) into a hobby or a full-time job, I've managed to do so! Not with a full-time job (that's still in finance), but with a new hobby. What I call blogging on steroids, and where I can be a mini "The Lip" Lupica, but not as The Lip, as "The Coop."

Without further ado, I have been asked to serve on the Faculty at a relatively new Mets blogging roundtable, Flushing University. I believe I stumbled upon this site accidentally, but I really started following it once I saw that my friend and yours, Edward of Westchester, was asked to write for it.

I don't know how they found me, but good job! I am flattered and humbled that people with strong (and informed) opinions on the Mets (besides my Mets friends who I pay to come read my crap on MSF) actually want me to state my opinion on *their* site. Gentleman and ladies, I look forward to working with you all!

Now if only I can get Jay Horwitz to take my calls...

Coop's piece "Down on Rick" should be available Tuesday. Come on by, visit, and rip me apart in two sites!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Perfect Shitstorm

I don't think anyone wants to hear me complain about the Mets loss today. I was there, but quite frankly, I'm not as much of a sour puss today as I normally am when the Mets lose. For one, I think I would be more angry if I just had my weekend plan with Mr. E (The Coop's dad) and today was my first official game of the season. Alas, I was at two great games this week, plus I like Manny Acta, and the Nationals have to win every once in a while, so why not today?

That said, I do have to say that I am truly disappointed that the Mets more than likely will not be able to participate in Jackie Robinson Day festivities tomorrow. I couldn't go the game anyway, but I won't be able to do what I had to miss the game for anyway (drive to Maryland for a wedding shower) due to the upcoming weather.

I can't say that I can really complain about the Mets missing their first game due to weather though, since the Indians had to have their home opener on the road (What?!?!?!?) and the Red Sox, Mariners and Cubs have had wind chill and snow-outs already.

Mother Nature, if you are listening -- we're sorry for the damage we've done to the earth. So could you please not let it rain or snow anymore this baseball season? Thank you - The Coop.

Some points to ponder to make us feel better about today, if you are stressing: Carl Pavano's arm is falling off two games into the season. *Snicker*

And the poor man's Dice-K still hasn't won his first official game (though he hasn't lost one yet either, it's still funny).
Touching on Jackie Robinson once again, I think it's important for all of us to take a step back and respect the man who broke the infamous color barrier in not only baseball, but professional sports and in a larger respect the country itself.

Here's a guy who had enough self-confidence, dignity and moxie to play on an all-white team, in an all-white sport, to travel to the southern states and not even be afforded the luxury of staying in the same hotel with his teammates.

Here's a man who had to be called every derogatory name and racially motivated insult just to play the game he loved.

With Jackie Robinson crossing that invisible bridge, we were able to be graced with players like Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente, Bobby Gibson and Hank Aaron. Men who not only changed the faces of their teams, but the face of the game.

No one, as Branch Rickey decided, would have had the intestinal fortitude to handle the stress and the name-calling and segregated south like he would. And he did. With dignity and class.

Jackie Robinson does not belong to the Brooklyn Dodgers or even the Los Angeles Dodgers or New York baseball. He belongs to all of baseball. Hence why we've retired his number universally.

And with that, I leave you with this -- I wonder if Mariano Rivera understands the importance of the #42. Because if he did, I doubt he would still wear it. I don't care about the grandfather law. The Yankees should have made him relinquish it out of common respect.

Fucking Yankees. And their fucking sense of entitlement.

Back tomorrow with the Happy RECoop!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Baby, It's COOOOOLLLLLD Outside!

Holy mackaral! First, I just want to say that this game rivaled the Tom Glavine massacre on Opening Day 2003, weather-wise. I thought Mr. Coop and cousin Sass Dawg would be the only people in the stands, but of course appearances by the great Metsgrrl herself -- we both agreed...when it's warmer out...*that* will be the time to socialize. Not tonight, however. I was nice and warm in my layers, but we had out Bank of America freebie Mets blanket rockin out.

I was also surprised that with the number of people coming in -- my cousin was not able to dump his other ticket. He was screaming "Ticket for Five bucks!" Till finally, he says - "I'll *give* you five bucks if you take my ticket." Of course, some guy took him up on the offer. I was laughing all the way to the Diamond Club entrance.

Now let me preface the highlights of the game by saying this was another curious outing for Willie the Wonker. I felt kinda bad for Pelf. Here was his first game back, it's ice cold, and Enrico Pallazzo is calling the game. It was tough, even against the Nationals. But anyway, is it me, or when he has to bat there in the bottom of the 5th, do you send a PH up there...when there are two men on base with 2 a close game...only to have him cause the 3rd out...and THEN get taken out in the top of the 6th anyway?

Of course, later on, I start heckling Willie - why-oh-why is Julio Franco there? WHY!?!? Well, yeah, he shut me up soon after.

But again, Willie is let off the hook, and we sit here and ponder...what if?

Well, I'll take the win. As my cousin said at the end -- Lets go Mets? Lets go HOME!!!!

Be back tomorrow.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Offense, Schmoffense

I didn’t go to the game tonight. Short story long, Mr. Coop is a big pussy and I just didn’t want to deal with going out to Shea all by my lonesome on such a crap night. So I got a pedicure, ordered some Indian food (second night in a row), and watched the game. I missed a good, but I got about 70+ more of these bad boys to go to, not to mention the road trips I am going on (BTW - Toasty – Chicago is all set, we’ll be there Friday, August 3).

But instead of going through the game highlights, I wanted to do some analysis, which I don’t really do. But don’t worry – I’m not a stat head, so I clearly have no clue what I’m talking about. But anyway…

So I read something interesting – After the Oh Pea massacre, the reporters were hounding everyone from Soul Glo Peterson to Paul LoDuca on their take on Ollie’s night. Soul Glo basically asked where these guys were when he had his stellar outing versus the Braves the other night (priceless).

But then PLD says something to the effect of “We’re not swinging the bats.” You can even read it here (hat tip to Cerrone’s Metsblog for the link).

But then I started thinking – weren’t we just absolutely killing the ball a few days ago? According to my calculations (which are probably wrong, so someone double check me if you feel like it), we are outscoring our opponents 54-24 in the first nine games. Holy mackaral! But of course, there are three losses in there somewhere, plus three lopsided wins, so of course this is not indicative of what to expect.

But then I’m like – well if Paulie Lo says they’re not swinging the bats, maybe it’s because they are doing a horrible job with RISP? That has to be it. Because I’m not too-too concerned with how the batting averages are laying out. OK so far for everyday players, here are the batting averages (basically the only thing I understand) from highest to lowest:

LoDuca .333
Reyes .333
Green (?!?!) .323
Beltran .310
Alou .290
Wright .281
Delgado .242
Valentin .172

So what’s the problem here? Well, at a glance, I can see the usual suspects – Reyes and LoDuca are up there as expected, but then look at Green. I think we can all agree we can’t expect this kind of production from here all year, but this is a small sample set, so it’s definitely misleading.
Like, with Sugar Pants for example. Wright is getting off to a slow start but with each at-bat, he appears to get more comfortable, especially with keeping his hit streak alive tonight with a triple. Nice.

Delgado I remember got off to a slow start last year, so I’m not set to throw him under a bus just yet. I know there is a masher in there, he just may be sleep deprived with his new baby.
Alou had a nice night tonight. I was not one of those people against the Alou signing. I think in time, he will be strong. But I also don’t think we can expect a full-year’s production out of him. After all, he is old.

So the odd-man out here is Valentin. Now I love the man, the myth, the stache as much as anyone does, but come on. The dude was a fluke last year, and he’s not going to be the Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh man this year. So his replacement tonight was Damion Sl-Easley. Whew-ee, that leaves me quaking in my shorts. I mean, I guess he could have done a lot worse tonight – three AB’s, one BB, and fourLOBs. OK, maybe not so good. He’s still batting a big ol’ goose egg.

OK, I guess my point is – the hitters are doing as well as can be expected, but the bottom of the order, although if you take it at face value, it’s not all too bad, but does not exactly scare the bejeezus out of pitchers. I mean, when Tom Glavine gets more respect out of the defense, that’s not a good thing.

My solution? Well, um, I don’t have one yet. The one thing I think we in the blogging community can agree upon is that Omar did not do enough to strengthen our spot at 2B in the offseason. Plus, we got older with bringing in Moises. Again, I’m not concerned about him, I think he’s pretty good and can produce. Plus, it’s just a one-year contract. Don’t sweat it.

My first suggestion would be – well, it’s more of a question. Where the fuck is Rick Down in this mess? People jump all over Soul Glo when the pitching is not up to par (see: Ollie article in NYT), but when Sugar Pants is not comfortable at the plate, when Jose Reyes was impatient a few years back – why wasn’t Down’s name mentioned? Why does he get off the hook for stuff like this? Isn’t this his forte?

Another suggestion is that with Julio Franco, Takin it Sleasley and Stash taking up roster spaces, it leaves little room for guys like Road Warrior Stings (who left for NOLA tonight to make room for Pelf), Ben Johnson (who I think can be really good), or like an Andy Hernandy (yes, I know he’s not the offensive heavyweight, but he’s got a very small sample set and can provide the defense Stash does anyway and is like half his age).

Omar has backed himself into a corner with these geriatrics, and does not allow for the young guys to showcase their stuff to be everyday contributors or at the very least net us a return in a trade.

I know it’s only eight games into the season though, I can’t get too worked up about it. Since as Ron Darling commented today, cold weather can impact the sample. The ball doesn’t travel as far or something like that. I also can’t complain because the Mets won tonight. Sweet. But ya know, just something to think about.

No luck on Friday the 13th? I’ll say – you know how friggin cold it’s gonna be?

Off-topic! So Imus got fired. Big whoop. This dude has been so irrelevant anyway and his material is outdated. Yes, I know of his comments and think they are reprehensible. But come on, no one can legislate being an asshole.

I saw Pelf’s first game last year – and will be seeing his first game in 2007. He has a good uniform number too – 34. 3+4=7, 7 is a good number.

See you tomorrow!!! Maybe pics from the game will be posted if you are all good soldiers. Peace.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into, Ollie

I can just hear Mike and Ed right now – what’d we say, Coop? Ollie’s proving *us* right now, Coop. One good game, followed by one blah game.

Well, yeah, anyone with eyes can see he had a blah game, and yes – dare I say, reminiscent of a certain pitcher we got from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on July 31m 2004, who shall remain nameless here.

But it’s weird to me. For one, I didn’t really see any flashes of brilliance like I did in the first game I watched Ollie on August 26, 2006. Lots of really, really bad pitches. He just seemed off, to put it mildly. Then again, John Maine did on Monday too. I mean, not nearly as skittish, but still – our two best young pitchers both have off-days? At home? I guess as long as it doesn’t last long, it’s cool. But of course, I just have this pit in my stomach...Oh, Pea. I still love ya.

But then it’s not so cool. I mean, I guess one thing I can glean from this massacre was that well, at least they weren’t *hitting* him. And Aaron Sele didn’t look too bad. Although I got bored and ordered Indian food in the middle of his set, so I didn’t watch a lot of it.

On the offensive side, Jose Reyes got on base a lot but also got caught stealing. What a drag.
But this was a very winnable game. But I can’t get too jizzed about not winning.

All in all, just an ugly ugly night for a Mets fan.

As Eddie Murphy once said – baby, please, change the subject!
So, the other “big story” of the night was of a Japanese nature:
Felix Hernandez throws a one-hitter and Dice-K loses his first game of the season. Yup, you read that right – I didn’t get that backwards or anything.
Interesting piece on ESPN on the old Ebbets Field site:You know, I remember reading when I was a kid that Ebbets Field was turned into apartment towers, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. And I often imagined what life would be like, baseball-wise, if the Dodgers had stayed in Brooklyn. Granted, they might not have stayed at Ebbets, but it’s an interesting thought. From the sounds of it, it’s worse than the Bronx.
Jose Reyes – the new big threat? I’ll drink to that!
I’ll be at the games Thursday, Friday and Saturday if anyone wants to join me! I’ll be sitting in Mezzanine, Section 14., Box 572C.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Robble, Robble!!

This title is in honor of Mr. Coop’s -- whoops, my bad, Sass Dawg's -- very “clever” rally cry for Ambiorix Burgos or more aptly the “AmBurglar.” And btw, Mike, weren’t the “fry guys” blue and orange?

Anyway, as you all know, the Mets won the Shea home opener, the second to last home opener at the grand dame. Oh hell, who am I kidding, the purple toilet bowl. But in true Mets fashion, it was not without incident.

But first let me discuss the crowd mood. First, when the Phillies were introduced, even the trainer was booed relentlessly. Even worse, whenever they would announce a name like “equipment manager for the Phillies, Joe Schmoe,” the crowd would yell “SUCK!” after each name was read. It didn’t matter if it was Charlie Manuel or Joe Schmoe, all Phils were equally hated. Metstradamus would be proud.

But most interestingly would be a.) how the Mets would react to Cole “Hamel-toe” (courtesy of SassDawg) and b.) how Jimmy Rollins would perform.

Well, all I can say is thank goodness for some breaks in simple fielding errors and the travesty that is the Phils bullpen. Because if not for that, the whole lay out of the game was reminiscent of a Mets game in 2006 – with what used to be the Mets on the winning end, now the Phils.

Some points to note:

~ Someone (I believe Bookie D) related that on Saturday, he questioned Willie’s decision to leave Glavine in. Yes, I know the dude is on his way to win 300, but he obviously didn’t have his best stuff on Saturday, yet he probably said he was game for it. Like I said about Oh Pea the other night, no reason to keep the dude in if he’s struggling or underlying factors like the extreme cold or the first freaking games of the season.

Well, today I felt that way with John Maine. When it came time for his turn in the line up, after he kept getting behind in the count, backing himself into several corners but working himself out, Willie didn't have a pinch hit -- complete with men on base and 2 outs. Like Glavine, it was obvious John Maine didn’t have his best stuff today. Although the game turned out in the Mets favor, there was no way to tell this at that point.

~ AmBurglar looked like he was on his way to having another stellar outing. Although, why do they not intentionally walk Ryan Howard at that point? I mean, OK, the dude wasn’t having his best day at the plate, but it doesn’t matter—he still scares the bejeezus out of pitchers. No shame in walking him to load the bases for the force out. Of course, he jacks a 3-run HR, and it still hasn’t landed. In any case, 20.20 hindsight, it didn’t matter anyway. Again, we didn’t know.

~ I love Joe Smith.

~ Oh yeah, Jimmy “The Team to Beat” Rollins did not back his claims up himself either. What I feel is interesting is that if a team representative talks smack (see: Larry Fine in the 1999 playoffs), that representative should at least walk the walk. Needless to say, Rollins was taunted MISERABLY after he goofed on what should have been at the very least a fielders choice and best case scenario a double-play. If you heard the game on the FAN, you probably heard our taunts. It was pretty bad.

~ And in another element of irony, Billy Wagner did not make it interesting in the 9th. Well done, sandman!

All in all, April 10, 2007, at Shea Stadium was a steal for the Mets. This was a game they could have easily lost and called it a day. A few misplays by the Phils defense, lucky breaks here and there, and a turn around day for Big Carlos Delgado, the Mets certainly showed one team was the team to beat. Robble, robble, indeed.

Coop fans, I will not be posting on Tuesday but checking in periodically for comments. Please, don't cry! I realize I've hardly had a day off since I started this little hobby. But will be back on Wednesday for my obligatory Oh Pea worship.


So I'm about an hour and a half away from leaving for Flushing. I am getting myself psyched up by watching some baseball documentaries. Opening Day -- especially at home -- is such a hopeful time. We may have started on the road, but this is more of a clean slate than anything.

I think we want to erase the last time most of us were there and start anew.

For those of you who care (???), Mr. Coop and I will be sitting in Mezzanine, Section 14, Box 572C, seats 7 & 8. We will be there about an hour before the festivities begin. See you there! And Lets go METS!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Happy RECoop! 2007 Season Week One

Well, everyone, I've decided to include like a week-in-review type thing called the Happy RECoop, a play on my name of course, and a nod to Mr. Met himself, Bob Murphy.

This week is kinda easy, since it's the first week, hardly a sample set, but I feel as a Mets fan, has set the tone for the expectation of the season.

Some of the players to "set the trend" for the season would be of course, Jose Reyes and Oliver "Senor Sabor" Perez. Even Mike over at Metropolitans agrees that the most exciting players to watch this season would be those two.

Jose Jose Jose has absolutely been on fire. As one commenter suggested weeks ago, where Jose goes, the Mets will go too. Of course, this was during my firestorm of a column about players believing their own hype and old men rising to the occasion. But Jose set the tone for many games last year, and still does this year.

As for Senor Sabor, I just cannot help but be excited. Judging by how the Braves played Glavine, one of the most dominating pitchers of his time, Oh Pea rattled them to looking like Little Leaguers. Of course, the Mets totally preyed upon their weak-ish pen and starting pitching. But his line there was most impressive and of course, the big ol' goose egg for BBs! YEAH BABY!!!

The rest of the team is slowly but surely coming around. Carlos Delgado has yet to really kill the ball, but I am not concerned. YET. I remember last year, my dad and Uncle Gene were ready to cut the Dos Carloses after Opening Day because they weren't killing the ball. Relax. Delgado will be fine.

Some other things to glean from these two road series -

~ Aaron Heilman equally thrills me and scares me
~ Oh and...our bullpen fucking scares me. Except for Pedro Feliciano.
~ El Duque is still the fucking man
~ Is it me, or is Ramon Castro the best back-up catcher in baseball?
~ 4-2 is not a bad way to start off the baseball season
~ I am still stoked to see how John Maine will turn out
~ Did you realize that David Wright apparently has an 18-game hitting streak?

I don't really have more to say except it -- it will be sweet to be back HOME!!!

I am really tired from having to put my happy face on today. But I promise, the Happy RECoop will be a lot better in the upcoming season!!

Happy Opening Day-eve!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

So, we can't go 162-0

Today was one of those blah days as far as baseball goes. I mean, as far as I am concerned, ANY day baseball is better than none at all. But today was one of those rare "gems" where a.) the Mets lost and b.) the Yankees won. Usually, if one of two of those things were to happen (choice B), I would be able to deal better with the way A. turned out.

But today was one of those Fox Game of the Week "Future Hall of Fame" games, with Glavine vs. Smoltz. A few bad breaks here and there and the Mets lost. But it's OK, since Tommy won last week, and we blasted them last night. I just kind of liked the idea of back-to-back sweeps.

On the other hand, A-Rod surprises all and moves one month up from being "Mr. March" to "Mr. April." Glad to see that private jet, paid entourage, personal shrink and $25 mm per year is put to good use.

As for me, it was a good day. I was able to shop in the morning, then meet up with Mr. Met for some beers. Bud, it was good to meet you finally. Hope you enjoyed your sliders!

TOMORROW: A weekly round up

Friday, April 06, 2007

Senor Sabor

Or "Mr Flavor" for those of you who do not speak Spanish.

In any case, this is my new nickname for Oliver Perez aka Oh Pea.

I know it was the first game and all, so I don't want to say he was "balls on" or "balls deep" as a certain blogger would say (Hi Mike!).

But - oh hell, he was balls on. BALLS ON BABY!!

I'm pretty sure Oh Pea could have pitched the entire game, but I give props to Willie for taking him out when he did. I mean, it's still early in the season, it was obviously freezing there, and by that point, it was a freaking bloodbath. No sense in killing him today. Meanwhile, when Ambi was out there pitching, and Cohen kept referring to him as "Burgos," I said to Mr. Coop - "Why doesn't he call him AmBurglar?" Hee hee. This blogging community is running my life.

Anyway, here is Ollie's line for the night:

7.0 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 6K, 1 HR, ERA 1.29

Look at that little goose egg for the bases on balls. BALLS ON my friends, balls on.

What I think is noteworthy is that during the post-game, Sheepshead Bay Lee talks about Smoltz vs Glavine line up tomorrow, and says one is a strike out pitcher (Smoltz) and the other a ground ball / finesse type guy (guess who).

Amazingly enough, Oh Pea is neither of those categories. He's a strike out pitcher who GETS ground ball outs too. AMAZING!!

OK I may be getting a little ahead of myself here - take a breather there Coop! - but...I just have good vibes about Senor Sabor. I think I might make the shirts.

So in the bloodbath in Atlanta, everyone joined in on the fun. I told Mr. Coop that Delgado would make them "pay" for intentionally walking Beltran to get him to ground out. Nice. Good to see him get his swing back. Of course, I was a little upset that's he not mashworthy Carlos, but I remember he didn't get off to a smoking start last year, so I'm all good with him.

On the offense side, the big story is Jose-Jose-Jose! Madon', that bastard is faster than Walt Flanagan's dog. Two triples? He's my other Senor Sabor.
The irony is, I go to ESPN to see the write up on the game, and there is a special piece on how the Braves have "faith" in their bullpen. Actually, weren't they still in the game when they brought in the BP? Didn't matter though, cause my man was BALLS ON!
So did anyone notice that during the telecast, the Phil Niekro picture looked like Klinger from M*A*S*H? After Yates got nailed with the hit, they were playing the M*A*S*H theme in the background. Needless to say, that got a good laugh in my house.
Tomorrow is Glavine vs. Smoltz, 3:55 pm. Not sure if SNY is showing the game. Anyway, I see that Igawa is starting for the Yank-these tomorrow, therefore not giving us the train wreck I so desperately wanted to see, with the Traxx vs. Pavano.
One more thing - help a gal out! I believe that Oh Pea's first home game is Wednesday. Yet Mr. Coop promised a die-hard Phils fan that he would go to the game with him. If you or anyone you know has an extra ticket for Wednesday's game, I will buy the beer, I just gotta see Oh Pea. Thanks.

Off-Day Rambles

I hate that during the beginning of the season there are so many off-days in between so many "critical" games (and by "critical," I mean days off between the season opener and the second game. Hey, a gal has to get her fix, right?). But I was glad to get my fix in other ways, like Yankee-hating, seeing Dice-K's performance and one for the Mets nostalgians.

So Andy Pettitte had his first game back as a Yankee. Whoop-a-dee-doo! Seriously, don't you love it when the Yankee homer announcers make a big stink about the Mets' rotation, yet they truly believe they will recapture the glory days of the late 90s by bringing back a guy who should have retired gracefully last year? And don't get me started on Fat Boy Clemens. I hate that fat bastard, and not just from his beaning of Mike Piazza. My friend Paulie Vee, big Yankees fan, is the first one drinking the Clemens Kool-Aid, "We're gonna have Clemens back for Octobuh." I'm thinking - how the Sox are more competitive now, and you can't shake a stick at the Blue Jays, and hell, the DEVIL RAYS are beating you with their broke-ass bullpen and young players...OK I know it's only April, but it will still fun to watch.

Speaking from "The It's April Department," if you look at the back cover of the Daily News today, the title is "Cold Turkeys." OK that was pretty funny. But here are some of the esteemed bullet points from this fine publication: A-Rod Fails in Clutch! Jeter Makes Two Errors! Andy's Return So-So! Jason Giambi Looks Like the "Bug" From "Men In Black!" (OK, that last one might be mine). But don't you think it's funny that the Daily News are ready to throw in the towel for the Skanks now?

Oh and apparently some mathemagician has predicted the Yankees to win 110 games this year. Since when are they back in 1996 form? You have to be f'ing kidding me. Steinbrenner probably paid the guy to say that.

In other news, Dice-K apparently was everything the fantasy we all thought him to be. Or are we making a little more of this than we should??? I mean, he *did* face the Kansas city Royals...How much of a sample set is that going to provide us with how he will perform this season? Striking out 10 is impressive...Against the KC Royals though? Call me when he does that against the Yanks or some other larger market team.

Last but certainly not least, Mike Piazza delivers his first HR as a DH for the A's (enough letters for you?). I think most of us Mets fans want to see him succeed, and I was a pretty vocal advocate for him going to the AL after he left the Mets. I hope he does long as he doesn't have a repeat performance of August 9 last year when the A's come to town...

The Mets might not have played, but there was plenty of baseball abounding for us junkies yesterday. Oh yeah and the Mets are still undefeated. But it's still only April. Drat.

Speaking of undefeated, the Mets currently are tied for the best record in baseball with the Twins, the Braves, and the Pirates (???). Since we are playing the Braves this weekend, I would gather to say this is why teams cannot go undefeated all season, since one of these teams will eventually have to lose. I'd also like to point out that the "team to beat" (according to Jimmy Rollins) is "defeated." But don't worry guys. It's still only April. *snicker*

That said, let's see the Mets take all three from these bastards. Especially since Oh Pea is pitching tonight!!! Incidentally, my favorite writer and yours, Ken Rosenthal, is ready to hoist the NL East banner for the Braves this year . Unbelievable. These guys are older and more broke-ass than us.
Provind that money can't buy common sense, the Cubs lost a tough one to the Reds last night.
I still have them as my NL Central winners this year though in my baseball pool. I just don't see anyone running away with it there.
Lastly, my friend and yours Ed in Westchester is a contributor for a great website called "Flushing University." If you haven't checked it out already, definitely do, it's a must-read for any Mets fan. Anyway, Ed regales us with the state of the Mets pitching, which I believe most of us feel. As I told the CBS radio guy at Blondie's the other night, give me a pitching staff without Justin Verlander and Johan Santana on it that aren't flawed. Yet the Mets get it in the ass. Whatever.
TONIGHT! The moment the Coop has been waiting for since October. Oh Pea versus Redman, 7:35 pm start.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Looper Blows!

And in other news, bear shits in woods.

To be honest, I thought Looper could have looked a lot WORSE and it was really the Cards BP that did them in. I guess time will tell how Looper fares as a starter. Unfortunately, though, I didn’t get to watch most of the game, so I can't make a pure judgment on him anyway. (I was in transit during most of it (damn it went quick!), and met a friend for dinner and drinks.)

I kept on checking the game on my way home. Seriously, I had to walk eight blocks and stopped in every bar that had a TV on. All I know is that Looper gave up one run and fell apart quickly thereafter. Typical, of what we know of him as a reliever.

The real story here though is John Maine. 7 innings. 1 hit. 0 runs.

Maine. Rock star. Nuff said.

This was also my first real look at Ambiorix “The AmBurglar” Burgos. Filthy dude. I gotta give props to Mike – you gave him a good name.

I liked how Aaron Sele made Pooholes look like a little leaguer with his strikeout.

The Mets outscored the Cardinals 20-2 this series. Let’s just look at that for a minute. 20-2 over three games. Versus the world champions. It was nice to see Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes get back to form. And what about Paul LoDuca. He was the man last night, as far as I was concerned. (Oh yeah, Shawn Green had an RBI too). All I can say's a little bittersweet to be "Takin Care of Business" now. All in all, I feel like we are exorcising some demons left over from 2006. Now let's kick some Brave and Phillie butt!

Happy Birthday, Matt the Met Fan! Hope you enjoyed your sweep!!

I am very pleased with how Willie “The Wonker” is handling the pen. Although it was pretty much a no-brainer tonight, I was thinking to myself, if AmBurglar or Sele are the least bit shaky, he will have no qualms taking them out. Just like the other night with Joe Smith’s butterfly incident.
So it appears as though Johnny Damon is a bit “sore” – I think he’s reporting a sore breached anus. Ironically enough, A-Rod is complaining of a sore groin. OH!
Off day today. Two days till Oh Pea’s first pitching experience! Yeah! Now if I can only find a Red Sox bar that will have the Dice K game on. I gotta see this dude for myself. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Mike from Metropolitans had the suggestion to drive to Connecticut. But I’m too old for that shit. There has to be some Sawx bars in Manhattan.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Nicey nicey!

Quick hits on the game:

~Did anyone catch Gary Cohen's BURN on A-Rod? "He played shortstop when he was still happy with his career." HA!!

~ Before Duque's first pitch, I remarked to Mr. Coop - "I hope Eckstein gets beaned." *Snicker* That little fucker annoys me

~ Shawn Green : Officially on Coop's shit list

~ Mr. Coop remarked to me during the game - Does anyone realize hat HoJo is YOUNGER than Old Man River aka Franco? At least HoJo has the balls to retire.

~ So Ed Spiezio was brought in to give his son, Scott (aka ShitLip) his world championship ring. I can only imagine what he said to him. "Son, I love you, but please shave that shit off your lip."

~ Oh yeah...Duque fucking ROCKED. Does anyone realize that if not for him, Mets win the game with 2 unearned runs to 1? When the pitcher drives in the runs, that's a problem. I hope that Jobu comes and wakes up bats.


So did anyone happen to see what the pitching line up is for Friday's Baltimore - Yankees game? Pavano vs. Trachsel? If it wasn't for Oh Pea's first game, I'd be down for watching that train wreck.


Speaking of other games, does anyone know where I can catch the first Dice-K game? I doubt anywhere around here, but just some ideas. I don't have MLBTV, so I might be screwed.


"My Man" (that's for Benny B) Barry Zito lost his first game yesterday. *snicker* Glad the Mets signed him to a seven-year contr....oh waitaminnit....


For a good laugh, go visit my friend Mike's Metropolitans post from yesterday -- for some tue homery goodness on the NL East.


Tonight! John "Remember the" Maine versus Braden Loophole. Or as ItsMetsforMe calls him - Fucking jackolantern or some shit.

Pretty stoked to see Maine's first game. And of course, Oh Pea's.

The MSF/BMF Tattoo Pledge of 2007

So I’m not sure if many of you know, but I currently am inked with six tattoos. Mr. Coop has me beat by just one more.

Last season, I made a pact with my head about getting a Mets logo tattoo on my foot…IF the Mets won the World Series. I kept it to myself until after the season.

As many of you have seen, our friend Brooklyn Met Fan has a Mets tattoo gallery. When he was profiling it one day, all the guys were like – man, the women around here must not understand. I said – au contraire! Not only do I think it’s cool, but I plan on getting one myself. Who’s wit’ me, as my friend Woodside Frank used to say.

So the pact is this – I (state your name) will get a Mets logo tattoo of choice – including the NY logo, the Mets uniform logo, or something snazzy of my own choice. This will be done no later than December 31, 2007, IF the New York Mets are indeed the World Champions of 2007.

We already have Coop, Mr. Coop, Sassdawg, Mr. E (Coop’s Dad), Matt the Met Fan…who else wants to make the pledge?

I have some tattoo parlors we can go to. Oh and don’t worry, no blame or harm in not wanting to get one. It’s all good.

So it’s the Cardinals ring ceremony tonight. Whoop-a- de-doo! What would be more fitting is if the Mets once again wiped their asses with the Cards. Although I don’t condone animal abuse.

Anyway game is 8:05 pm tonight, Duque vs. Kip Wells. Now that sounds like a guy who was given LOTS of wedgies in high school.

See ya later.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Off-Day Thoughts

So after last night's game I was very encouraged. Most of all, I think I was impressed with Willie's judgment - his "gut" if you will - in not keeping his guys in the BP too long. Take for example Joe Smith. I would be peeing my pants too if I had to face Pujols in that situation. Instead of figuring out how he'd handle it, he just went to someone else. That's cool. It's the first game of the season, yes, but I think even Willie realizes that these games "do" indeed count.

A few things I gleaned - Glavine is now at 291 wins. Nice.

Shawn Green was leading the league in batting last night.

What else? All in all, I am very excited that baseball is back.

Sorry I'm not giving too many details but I've been feeling like Hong Kong Phooey all day. Later.

Well, I guess the healing process has officially ended

I am really beat right now, but a few thoughts I gleaned from the Mets event celebrating opening night (hosted by BMF):

2006 is officially over

Mets are in first place as of tonight, baby, yeah!

BMF and Mrs. BMF are the UltiMET couple

Matt the Met Fan (poster on BMF) is on board with the great tattoo pledge for 2007

Toasty Joe is still the fucking man

I will discuss more later, but right now I am so wiped. GO METS. Ed in Westchester, I guess you called it, eh?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Coop's Crystal Ball


After a long cold lonely winter, a luke-warm hot stove and a pretty uneventful spring, it's finally here folks. OPENING DAY (or Night).

Now, I’m not one to make predictions but…My psychic *did* tell me I have a certain sixth sense about things. Sometimes I might be a little off, but I surprised a lot of people back in 1999 – I said the number four would figure in prominently with the series. Of course, I saw it like – 4 games to win the series. The Mets will sweep!! Woo hoo! Well we all know that didn’t happen. BUT #4 – Robin “Ace” Ventura (allrighty then!) – hit a grand slam (4 runs). Most significant memorable moment that series. But I digress…

Being a blogger means you state your opinion. Well, my opinion is shit. So I’m going to throw some of that to the wall, and see if it sticks…

1.) The NL East pennant winner will be decided in the last week of the year

2.) The Mets will win 90 games this year

3.) Needless to say, the NL East will be VERY VERY TIGHT and whoever doesn’t win the pennant will win the WC

4.) ‘Stings “The Blade Runner” Milledge will be our starting RF come May

5.) I predicted something big in the off-season. Well that didn’t happen. Doesn’t mean Omar doesn’t have something up his sleeve. Therefore, I predict something BIG will be done by ASB. It will include a top o’ the line pitcher. It will not include Stings. Coop’s Crystal Ball says it might include a Notre Dame alum with the initials “AH”.

6.) Speaking of ASB, Tom “Glav-o-line” (like an oil name, get it?? Like it, Its Mets for me??) will win the big three-oh-oh by ASB. His name will then Kickin’ Ass, not Kickin’ Wing.

7.) Glav-o-line will also be the darkhouse candidate for the CY behind the unanimous winner, Oliver Perez (OK I’m just a little obsessed)

8.) No seriously, Oh Pea will have an outstanding year, proving Mike and Ed in Westchester wrong. Did you hear me?!?!? Wrong, baby, wrong!!!! Yeeeeeaaaaahh.

9.) Our pitching staff will be held down by the bellweathers Johnny “Remember The” Maine and OPP (thanks Bookie-D). Our BP will be anchored by the AmBurglar and young Joe Smith, helping us quickly forget Dirty Sanchez and ChadBrad. We will also be sick of hearing how great a starter Aaron Heilman is for the Oakland A’s. OOOOPS did I say too much there??

10.) Pedro will come back but will not greatly impact the team. By the time he comes back, he will neither help the team or hurt the team significantly. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, you know.

That’s the big ten I guess. NOW LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!



Come to Blondies (79th between BWay and Amsterdam) for a Mets kick-off party tonight, commencing around 7:30 pm. As the song goes, bring your kiddies, bring your wife...guaranteed to have the time of your life!!!

Hosted by the always lovely, always talented, Brooklyn Met Fan.