Saturday, March 31, 2007

Shut Up and Play Ball

Now *that’s* what I’M talkin’ ‘bout!! Part Deux

So from the looks of it, Chan “The Show down for the ‘Ho’ Down” Park had a great outing (surprise number one), the AmBurglar (thanks Mike!) gave up a home run but had a solid inning (surprise number two) and Pedro Dos Feliciano seems to be getting me psyched that I picked a LOOGY for my Hell Yeah Bitches fantasy team (part of the Chuck Norris League). Well, no real surprise there. So that’s positive.


Now can we please get on with this shit and have the regular season start already? I just want to get into no excuses mode and instead of saying “Well, technically the games *don’t* count” to “these guys don’t look so fuckin’ good.” (Yes, that’s also a good line from Major League)
Well, we don’t have to wait too long now. Thank you for calling…

So speaking of the Ho’Down, Chan Ho Park was sent down to the minors. Not sure how I feel about that. Along with our buddy Jon “Pork Rinds and Cheese” Adkins (no love loss there). AmBurglar and Stings made the Opening day roster. (muchos gracias to Adam Rubin)
From the You-have-to-be-fucking-kidding-me-department…
Thanks to Mike Met at Metropolitans for this:

Project A13

Wow, I feel like I just stepped into an Amway convention.

David Wright Song Contest –

So as my cousin Sass Dawg posted a few days back, and for anyone who frequents the mets website, apparently there is some contest for the David Wright entrance song contest. Of course, I was holed up in classes until last week, so I missed the whole thing. But I started thinking that, hey, maybe *we* at My Summer Family can think of a few songs…

System of a Down – Sugar
Van Morrison – Domino (Domino SUGAR, get it?)
Rick James – Superfreak (Thanks Dawg)
How About a Little Poontang? (not sure, its from Howard Stern’s show)
Jermaine – We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off
Wreckx N Effect – Rump Shaker
John Denver – Thank God I’m a Country Boy
NWA – Just Don’t Bite It

Any other suggestions? I kinda liked Brass Monkey last year.

Wouldn't it be funnier though to pick the entrance music to another teammate. I mean, we all know DW is the Golden Boy on the team. For example, Jose Valentin. I think it would be funny for Jose to come out to that porn music in American Pie, right when Pie Fucker goes to, um, well, you know.

What do you think???

Just in case you didn’t hear me the first time:
BMF is the host with the most, hosting a Mets Opening Night Party at his haunt Blondies (located at 79th between BWay and Amsterdam). Apparently they have good chicken wings (chicken on the bones…blech). More detes are found at the link. Coming in from Jersey, Mr. Coop and I may just drive in. He doesn’t drink, so that works for me.
Off to see Blades of Glory. BYE!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Pelf-Help? Bats in the Pelfrey?

Sorry guys I'm just thinking out loud. See, my buddy and yours "Its Mets for Me" has created a Mets Nickname website and has enlisted yours truly in assisting.

So I've been thinking about nicknames for Mike Pelfrey, and just to call him "Pelf" doesn't seem to capture it. A Pelf-Help outing? Nahhh

Anyway, check it out and add your names. There are only a few players up now, but it's sure to grow.

So Yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh!! That's what I'M talkin' 'bout! Not bad for a couple of scrubs and a decent outing by John Maine, whose line was over six inning, 5 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 5 SO,1 HR. Not bad, dude, not bad at all. The bats seemed to wake up (thanks Jobu) -- Ramon Castro led the mashing. But from the looks of the box score…I think our chants should be Lets Go Scrubs. Anyway…I’ll take it as I can.
Oh and if anyone is interested, my cousin SassDawg. (period, end of sentence) has some tickets available for Opening Day at Shea. Post a comment if you are interested in going!

Incidentally, I sell a bunch of tickets off my season plan too, so if you ever want to go to a game, I have two tickets in the mezzanine. Let me know.

I’m pretty uninspired today. I'll be back later.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Best Baseball Movie Ever

I guess until the regular season officially starts, things will be a little dry here on MSF. So I think around this time of the year, when Spring Training has given me enough of an appetizer, and I’m ready for the entrée (the regular season), I start to psych myself up by watching some good baseball movies. So last night, Mr. Coop and I watched Major League as we tried to figure out what games we are going to.

Some great quotes from this movie:
“Nice velocity.” “Sounded like it.”
“Let’s teach this kid some control before he kills someone.”
“Too high – too high” (in response to a Clue Haywood smash to South America)
“Too high?” “Too hard!” “Who gives a shit? It’s out of here!” “The trajectory of the ball…”
“Juuuuust a bit outside.”
“Ball four…ball eight…and Vaughn walks the bases loaded on twelve straight pitches.”
“Don’t give me this olé bullshit Dorn!”
“What league did you play in?” “California penal.” “Never heard of it…how’d you end up there?” “Stole a car.”
“What language is this in?” “French.” “They got chili dogs over there?”
“Come on, we need some defense here! Hey Johnny, maybe we should start one of them waves…” (Next scene: two guys going back and forth in a wave)
“Haywood is a convicted felon, isn’t he?” “Doesn’t say here.” “Well he should be!”
“Hats…hats, for bats. Keep bats warm. Gracias.”
“You no help me now, I say fuck you Jobu. I do it myself.”
“You man! You man!”
“Bring that shit to me man!”

During the playoffs, I almost bought a Jobu doll to change the vibe around Shea (And if anyone has any idea where I can get one, please let me know). I even spoke to some guys one night in the stands to get some Cleveland Indians jerseys with Vaughn -99 on them.
Other baseball movies that get the Coop Seal of Approval – Fever Pitch (sorry, Toasty!), Field of Dreams…and Naked Gun, the first one. Although it’s not centered around baseball entirely, key scenes occur during the Angles game. “Hey! That’s Enrico Pallazzo!” “Enri-co Palla-zzo! Enri-co Palla-zzo!” I saw that movie originally with my Dad back in 1988, and it’s one of our favorites. Needless to say, whenever there is a questionable call, we’ll say – HEY! That’s Enrico Pallazzo! Our buddy Mark noticed there was an opera singer before a Saturday game last year and called him Enrico Pallazzo. Now that got some good laughs in section 10.

If you haven’t seen it already, the Village Voice has a GREAT story on one Jose Bernabe Reyes (Not to be confused with Jose A. Reyes, the catcher).

I’m just thrilled that for once we have someone as exciting, young and with as much potential as Jo-Z does. I may have a weird obsession with Oh Pea, but my <3 belongs to Jose, Jose, Jose!

And from the “you’ve come a long way, baby” files, it appears as though the projected Yankee home opener pitcher is Carl Pavano. Repeat after me folks – CARL PAVANO.
And people think the METS have problems? Whatever.

Shameless plug alert: My friend and yours Brooklyn Met Fan is hosting a Mets Opening Night party at Blondie’s, @ 79th between B-Way and Amsterdam. Discount drinks all evening, and no cover! Hang out with other crazies like yourself. Name tags and markers will be available at the event for identification purposes. I’m sure I’ll plug this all weekend too, so if you don’t have plans Sunday evening, why not spend it with like-minded people? Yeah!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I just told the DHL guy who delivered my season tickets that I feel like Jimmy Fallon in Fever Pitch -- ready to hug him. He asked me if I was the Mets fan in the relationship. I'm like - dare you ask? "Mr Coop" grew up in New England, and was a Detroit Tigers fan till he met me. He wasn't emotionally invested in them though.

As an aside, the title of my blog is an homage to Fever Pitch.



Shea ticket plan holders, unite!

Mr Coop and I have been told on numerous occasions when our expected delivery date of our season tickets will be. Needless to say, if we had held our breath, we'd both be the same color as Shea by now.

Has anyone - mini-plan, full-season, single ticket buyers, etc -- received their packages yet?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh, Pea...

Well, I guess it could have been a lot worse. My consolation is that a.) it's only Spring Training (still!) and 2.) you can't win them all. Heck, even Dwight Gooden lost 4 games in 1985.

Here's Oh-Pea's line after 5 2/3 innings:

H 9 R 5 ER 4 BB 2 SO 5 HR 0 ERA 3.51

So he struck out about one batter per inning. not bad. Only 2 walks, not bad either. Gave up lost of hits and a decent amount of runs - not good.

When you get a chance, look at my homage to Oh Pea. Oh yeah, and the MSF has two "unofficial" mascots. Say HI to Napoleon (the stripy cat) and Cassie (the one hiding in the box).

Out of School and Ready to Devote My Attention to Oh Pea

So I decided to take some time off today (and tomorrow) due to school being over. I slept until 10, went tanning, and am now chilling with my kitties. Sweet. But I decide to look what time the game is tonight and lo and behold, Oh Pea is pitching tonight. Hell yeah bitches!!! And mad hugs go to MG for sending me the most "dreamy" picture of him from ST.

Which leads me to some rants about pitching. I was just over on Metsblog, and some d-bags (fill in the blank with your own choice of "D" words) are showing no love for the Mets once again. Some "experts" are even considering them third place material. While I don't think this season will be a cake walk (as I'm sure most of you would agree), I think it's much too early to discount them. Once again, pitching is considered to be the Achilles heel of the team, and by not getting Dice-K or Zito, the Mets suck.

Now, let's go back to last year (and being a typical fan, I bought this propaganda hook line and "stinker"), all these so-called experts were saying the Mets would be lucky to win the Wild Card, they'd never be able to beat the Braves, their pitching sucks, they gave up too much youth for LoDuca and Delgado, the Yankees are the better NY team, blah blah blah. Yet, the Mets were in first place from Day One (well, technically, like 4 days into the season but you get my drift), and didn't look back. And this was giving starts to the likes of Jose Lima "Time" and Alay "Let's teach this kid some control before he kills someone" Soler. And with our "ace" Pedro Martinez being out for basically the second half. And let's not mention who the "best" pitcher on the staff was on paper (I'm looking at you, Steve Trash-ball).

I guess my point is - I'm not discounting the rest of the NL East, but they hardly improved their pitching staffs either. I mean, seriously guys, does Brett Lyers, Freddy "I hurt my pretty arm already" Garcia and Cole "Nothing about my Facts is actually True" Hamels invoke the fear of whatever in you? The only thing that scares me about the Braves at this point is that their BP seems to be on a par with the Mets, but our team is a lot younger and hungrier.

Nah, they don't do that to me either.

But I think this season will be a HELL of a lot more interesting than last season. I mean, I don't think there was a day that I wasn't waiting for the other shoe to drop last season, even after they won the division and were in first place by a lot. But that comes from being a Mets fan. I think there will be more edge of the seat excitement and more pennant race games in September than last year. Who's with me!???!?!?

Monday, March 26, 2007

News Flash - Dirty to go under knife again

Hat tip to Metsblog for this - although other outlets are reporting it now. Dirty Duaner Sanchez is apparently going to go under the knife once again because of some torn ligaments.

I guess it makes sense what they are doing to Ho Park now. Just keeping ya posted...Cause the Coop says so!

Clever Fans

What I love most about going to sporting events of any kind are the interesting mix of people who show up to said events. Like my first Nascar event...Nuff said. But something else -- you always see someone standing out of the crowd at these events and I thought it might be fun to share some of the nutty people we've met in our lives as a result of baseball in particular, but any sporting event.

I remember when I first met Cow "hyphen" Bell Man and Sign Guy. Now it turns out at any sporting event, I'm always looking for their equivalent. Save Home Boy Larry at Ranger hockey games (and I'm not even sure he does that anymore), I have no idea. I was bored out of my goard at a Tampa Bay Devil Rays game once, it's a mix of old farts and rednecks. Nice combo. If not the $4 buckets of beers, I would have been bored to DEATH. (Oh and on a side note, I went down there back in 2001 to see the Mets play and wore my hat. Some creature started talking shit to me about the Yankees and got all in my face. OK first of all - Yankees weren't playing. Second of all - I could give a crap. Third of all - I'd punch you, but you'd lose your tooth)

Anyway back to the fans - I remember a guy back in 1999 running around the stands in his good luck Mets jersey and his lucky Kermit D Frog puppet. I still have his pic somewhere, it always makes me smile.

Last summer, Chas and I drove up to Boston for the day to catch an afternoon game at Fenway. There was a guy in the rows in front of us with an old school Sox jersey on with the name "Malone" on the back. I also sat and wax intellectual with a bunch of fans at the 86 reunion game about making up Cleveland Indian jerseys with Vaughan, Hayes and Cerrano.

Chas also bought a Bad News Bears jersey, complete with the Chico's Bail Bonds back. It's Tanner's number, for those who ask.

I used to sit in a section with Dad where there were a couple of loudmouths from Woodside who were always good for a laugh. Tommy, the biggest loudmouth of them all, would start off wearing his Mets jersey -- now keep in mind, this was during 2002, the team wasn't all that "great" -- and there would be a blow out like 6-0 in the 5th inning, and Tommy wouldn't be wearing his jersey anymore and would start clapping at really nothing at all, and be like "Lets go METS!" Imagine that really sarcastically and with a thick Queens accent.

In that same section, there was also a really funny guy name Richie. He'd start these like rodeo calls in the middle of a game -- YEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! And during that same blowout of 6-0 in the 5th inning, he'd say something like, "It's 6-nothing, bottom of the 5th, 2 out, no one on...We got 'em right where we want 'em!"

Needless to say, "we got 'em right where we want 'em" is something that's repeated a lot at games.

In Mets-related news (what, the world doesn't revolve around me??? Tee hee), it seems as though The Pelf has made the team. In a Willie's World-made quote, our fearless leader apparently said something to the effect of, "You're one of my guys."

And in other news, officials are sprinkling rock salt where hell froze over, due to Willie actually trusting a rookie over a "proven veteran."

Now *that* - as Casey Stengel used to say - is AMAZIN.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Coop's Seal of Approval Blogs

Let me preface this post by giving you the background of why I am a self-proclaimed "blog groupie." Back in 2004, I was really down about being a Mets fan. I'm sure that I am not alone in this feeling. Actually, I remember telling someone at a bar I was at watching game 7 of the ALCS in 2003 that I was a Mets fan by way of Brooklyn Dodgers. I was so disappointed in my team, but I still had a mini-plan and still went to games, yes, but I just started to ingratiate myself in local sports history. But 2004 was disappointment central. Besides fix-him-in-ten-minutes-gate, Kris Benson coming to the team and subsequently getting injured, Art Howe being a clueless old man, our then-"ace" Tom Glavine knocking his front teeth out in a taxi ride, it was just horrific being a Stems fan. If not for Omar putting on his cape and saving the day, who knows where I'd be. Yeah I'd still be a fan, but it would be painful.

I don't remember how I came across the blogs and the wonderfully witty people who comment on them, but I think someone directed me to a site (no longer existent) called "" This was a good website but became demised once Old Man Art was axed. But from there I found all of my wonderfully funny who-I-consider-to-be-"friends" who wrote their blogs -- the Metropolitans with Mike Met, Metsblog, Kranepool Society, FAFIF, Metstradamus and Take the 7 Train, and other non-Mets sites like Sons of Sam Horn (Red Sox site) and Yankee Despiser. I had no use for sports news anymore, I found myself getting my "crack" from these sites and found that not only was I getting the information I needed, I was getting a much-needed laugh from visiting these sites and the people who posted to them.

Not only that -- Something else interesting happened. My focus here at MSF is about the social aspect and escapism that baseball provides, with a Mets-centric view. I like to think that my prose here is reminiscent of discussions that happen in the stands. I think most people are surprised with some of the stuff that comes out of my mouth at sporting events. For example, at a hockey game, I once told a Devils fan to go back to the swamp, you piece of shit. In 2005, I once told a bunch of people I attended a game with as a group that Mike Piazza was ready for the "glue factory." Yes I am very opinionated, but I think most Mets fans are. And I think that blogs take the "voices from the stands" to another level -- and this is typified by all of you, fellow bloggers. All of you get two thumbs up from The Coop!!

So the other day, Sports Illustrated posts its "best Met blogs" and only four were nominated -- including Metsgeek, Cerrone's Metsblog, FAFIF, and Mikes Mets (which for reasons unknown, I have never visited).

While all of these are great in their own right, I think most of us frequent the blogs we frequent because of the unique perspective each fan provides. So in this light, I will go through why the Coop Seal of Approval Blogs do indeed get the Coop's seal of approval.

Ed's Blue Orange and Green Cafe - a former commenter and blog groupie himself, Ed provides a true hardened NY fan's experience and witty voice to his column. Especially noteworthy: his Wednesday weekly observations which encompass any kind of pop culture event to anything in the relevant sports media.

Eddie Kranepool's Society - Steve Keane, the author of this blog, is possibly one of the fucking funniest people I have ever read in my life. To me, he exemplifies the opinionated fan in the stands, questioning everything the management does and giving tough love to his team. This isn't updated daily, but frequent enough.

Brooklyn Met Fan - BMF calls this a "Fan site" where fans get his commentary on the state of affairs of his team, then some quick chewy and tasty nuggets to ponder. For any Mets fan, this is a must-read. The comments are ALWAYS bust-a-gut funny. Especially noteworthy: his sidebar items including the tattoo gallery and pet pics.

Faith & Fear in Flushing - I remember somebody saying once that FAFIF is a guide on how to feel and do as a Mets fan. I couldn't agree more. I think I shed a tear in Greg's Flashback Friday the day after Game 7, when instead of flashing back to 1986, he "flashed back" to 2006 from 2026, about how special the 2006 team was. I was heartsick, but Greg and Jason made me feel like this was something to smile about. This site captures the essence and the pure poetry that is baseball.

It's Mets for Me! - Possibly one of the biggest enigmas of the blog-o-sphere, IMFM provides a unique and funny perspective on the state of the Mets. IMFM's sister blogs are equally as funny, check it out.

The Metropolitans - Mike provides many perspectives from a sports fan, to hardened and battle weary Mets fan to "stat head." Mike's column is like a written Dave Letterman monologue, followed by items in the news. Frequent commenters like DG and Benny Blanco from da Bronx keep me coming back for more.

Metblog with Matt Cerrone - While he has not returned my several emails about me promoting his blog on MSF, I understand he has his hands full by being THE pre-eminent Mets news source out there. This is the go-to place for many Mets fans.

Metsgrrl! - Hey look! It's another woman who enjoys baseball for the sport of it, and not just for the cute butts in uniforms! (though I'm sure, she might agree that's a nice fringe benefit!) I can just imagine sitting in the stands, drinking a beer and sharing peanuts with my grrrl. Check her out.

Mets Guy in Mich - The Mets perspective from the midwest. Interesting, because back in the day, if you moved to a state outside of the tri-state area, you were pretty much screwed by coverage of your team in that area. I guess it's easier now, with MLBTV and satellite radio.

MetsGeek - Mets nuggets with a stats perspective. Conversations in the "rooms" during games can get quite eventful, almost like being in the stands or watching the game in a bar full of Mets fans.

Metstradamus - With all due respect to the other blogs I read, this is by far some of the funniest shit I have ever read in my life. His (usually) daily Hate Lists are legendary. His annual Hall of Hate columns and his famous post on 50 reasons to hate the Yankees are classics in their own right.

Take the 7 Train -- Mad props go to Shari (another female blogger) and Kevin on their news-focused and game-wrap-up piece, but for nailing the heart of what Met fans are. Shari's opinions make me look like Marie Osmond sometimes and I absolutely love her for it. She is also responsible for the term "Stinks on ice." Love her and love Kev. A lot.

The Jose Valentin Experience - YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH...Makes the Ground Round a fashionable place to eat and macking on some honeys in the hot tub a national pastime.

Easley Does It - Damian Easley is a new Met but has a good blog so far. Takes to heart that he looks sort of like Bernie Williams, but it's all good.

Yes Joe, It's Toasted - Toasty Joe is the fucking man. His Carlos Beltran Mole "facts" are hilarious as are his perspectives. The prototypical summer family member, who goes to lots of games, reports on the vibe at games and provides a real perspective from the fan base.

Willie's World - Hey, I can't write about blogs without the one that coined "Hell Yeah Bitches" and "Boo-Yah." For the longest time, I was convinced that Mike Met and / or Toasty Joe were responsible for this, but no one has taken responsibility for this yet. If you want to, please email me and I will keep your identity a secret there "Deep Throat." Hey, it might even be Willie, who knows.

Yankees 2000: Promote the Curse - Coop's boys Sippy Momo, Cheddar Ben and a Friend of Mr Glass encouraged her to blog and have some of the most heartfelt posts about Mets loving and Yankee hating. I also like their taste in music.

Milledge Facts - a must-read
The Scoreboards - a news site and Mets bulletin board. I've been quoted on there several times, regarding Oh Pea

Mike's Neighborhood - while not a Mets-centric blog, Mike is a witty Mets fan who remarks on pop culture events and sometimes rants about the political nature and economics of our country. I can identify with him too, since he says he's a lawyer who can't earn "bupkis" (love it) doing anything else. That's me with IB, too. Love the blog and love Mike!

American Defender - OK this is a political blog but my friend Jason writes it. He has been studying for the bar recently and it's dwindled but if I tell him to get cracking on it again he will.

So sorry this was so long-winded but I wanted to thank all of you, if you do read it, because it's the comments, the embracing of Mets fans and respect for other's opinions that encouraged me to start writing again. When I tell people I work in investment banking, and was an English major, they ask me how that happened. I usually say that I have no idea, but I wanted to be a sports writer originally. ^shrug^ It's weird how things happen, yes?

Be back tomorrow. IT'S MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! WOO HOO!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

From the "WTF" Files...

I know I promised a post on the Coop Seal of Approval blogs, but I will hold off on that till tomorrow. I have something fresh in my mind that I wanted to rant about for a few minutes if you don't mind.

It's about the Yankees. I was in Borders bookstores today and saw there was a book called the Yankee Manual or Yankee Primer or some crap. It was essentially the "guide" to be a Yankees fan.

But my question is -- is there such a thing as a "Yankee fan?"

Save my cousin Big Cat and my friend Paulie Vee, two non-assholio Yankee fans who actually know something about baseball besides Derek Jeetuh and "26 rings biotch," most Yankee fans take their dickhead medication in the morning and proceed to be brown-eyes to those around them.

Take for instance my boyfriend, Chas or "Mr Coop" as you have taken to calling him. He has had two run-ins with Yankee fans in the past year which have been comical to say the very least. The first one was where he was walking in Manhattan with one of his guitars (BF is a musician). OK, a normal person with half a brain would kindly move out of the way of a non-hulking guy carrying a big guitar case. Of course, this dude is wearing his typical "Fuh-I-bought-it-at-Modells" Yankee's #2 Jeter shirt and a hat he probably just bought that morning because he decided he wanted to be a Yankee fan. So *he* bumps into Chas, and starts yelling at HIM! "What duh fuck do you think you're doing?!?! What, you blind or somethin'." To which my darling boyfriend replies, "Step in front of a bus and die Yankee scumbag."

This morning he has another run-in with a Yankee fan on the streets of Hoboken. Chas is carrying his guitar once again but is wearing a Mets windbreaker or something like that. Chas doesn't even acknowledge the Yankee fan and this a-hole says all sarcastically, "Fwuh, lets go Mets." To which Chas once again replies, "Go to hell, Yankee scumbag."

I see a trend here. And I am happy to say that he acquired all this hostility towards Yankee fans from me, even though he grew up in Red Sox country.

My point is -- after I see this book, I think -- what exactly constitutes a Yankees fan? I mean, I think most of us as Mets fans knows what draws us to the team. The youth maybe, the blue collar background, your grandfather was a Brooklyn Dodger fan and became a Mets fan, etc. Besides my friend Paulie Vee, whose whole family was basically Yankee since his ancestors came over from Italy, I would say that the name recognition and marketability of those bastards leads to most of the fans. I remember something the ever intuitive Metstradamus once said about a woman buying a Yankee t-shirt in an AIRPORT souvenir shop -- you DO NOT love the Yankees, you love souvenirs!

So what would be the guide to being a Yankee fan?
One is - you have to be a loudmouthed know-nothing asshole. Know-nothing constitutes everything. Said person probably voted for George W Bush too. (No offense if you are a Mets fan who actually voted for W)
Two is - you have to work in a white-collar industry. I'm looking at you investment banking partners, republican lawyers and stock brokers. Although I work in IB and Mike is a lawyer I believe, and we're both Mets fan, we are not assholes, so I guess we didn't meet one requirement and found it easier to like the Mets.
Third - you have to wear your Yankee gear to opposing team's stadiums EVEN when your team is not there. Hey asshole -- here's an idea. Don't waste a space in another team's stadium when a REAL fan could be sitting there.
Fourth - "I only like winners." Meanwhile, most of them were nowhere to be seen when the Yankees lost in the playoffs last year. Didn't most of Mets fans proudly wear our colors after our team lost on our home turf?
Fifth - You like to talk shit with everyone. EVERYONE. Including Royals fans whose team hasn't won jack in forever and have nothing bad to say about anyone. It's like the jocks at Adams College in Revenge of the Nerds and trashing their house when they won the Greek Council. Like they're much of a THREAT. Like a dog, they have to piss on their territory.
Sixth - you have to like to advertise your team on your windshield. Do you know how many jerks I saw today driving today with the NY logo tattooed on their windshields? Gosh, they must want EVERYONE to know who they root for -- may they get into a rear-ending accident from someone admiring their art work or thinking - what asshole puts his team's logo so big on his back window that they can't see anything?

Anyway, I'm sorry about that rant but I had to get it out.

In other news, since I am finishing school in two days, I can catch up on some reading I've had in oh, say two years. I am going to finish "And the Sea will tell" By Vince Bugliosi and the Roberto Clemente biography, which I am PSYCHED about.

Peace out

Friday, March 23, 2007

Why I’m High on Oliver Perez

So let me tell you a little story about a girl named Coop. About 5’3”, blonde hair, blue eyes. Die hard Mets fan since about eight years old. But let’s go back – way back – to when she was eight. Let’s just say the marquis player on the team was a dude named Mex and the star pitcher was a kid named Doc.

Doc was something special. Of course, Coop was too young at the time to realize it. Being eight, The Coop didn’t know much about Mets history. Sure she knew who Tom Seaver was, but this was before ingratiating herself in Mets history like she would years later. She also didn’t know at the time being a Mets fan usually meant more pain than pleasure, more sadness than joy, more ennui than excitement.

But back to Doc. I remember my dad and his best friend, who I affectionately call to this day “Uncle Gene,” talk about this 19-year old kid…meanwhile, at eight, Coop thinks– 19?! That’s ancient or some shit. But if most of you are old enough to remember – when Doc took the mound, it was an EVENT. Everybody came from miles around, and the stadium was electrified.

Looking back, I didn’t realize at the time just how special he was, but looking at old footage in my old age…I say…wow. Just wow. He was electric, he was switched-on baby, yeah!

Fast forward to the summer of 2006. Coop and her boyfriend Mr Coop aka Chas attend five games in a matter of six days. They talk to a ticket rep and decided to sleep on getting a season plan. Later on, Coop was talking to a fellow in the stands about 1986 versus 2006. The ‘86 team was special, yes. But as this dude said – I don’t remember the ‘86 team being this good. You know what, maybe it was youth, maybe the memories that fade with old age, but you know what – he was on to something. Coop and Chas bought the plan that day.

So why this long intro? Well, in real life, I am very long-winded person, so deal with it. But I wanted to show what my history was with the team. Well, short story long, I have always gravitated towards players with style, panache and as they say in my old neighborhood sabor. See: Why I am not a NY Yankees fan. See also: Why Jose Reyes is my favorite player now and potentially favorite player ever.

But I still haven’t gotten to why I am so high on Oh Pea.

So let’s go back to July 31, 2006… I was waiting – like most of you -- just waiting for the BIG MOVE Omar was going to make. Would it be Oswalt? Would it be Zito? Both in a wacky four-team trade where it would be easier to change the names of the teams? Oh Omar, please don’t keep me waiting anymore, baby please!

Instead a rumor comes out and says a player is injured. Huh? Turns out that injured party was Dirty Duaner Sanchez, someone I thought – as Mike says – is “balls deep.” Someone who I truly enjoyed watching pitch because he could “bring it.” (See also: why I like players with sabor). Instead of Roy Oswalt, Barry Zito or anybody, we end up without Xavier Nady (which at the time I thought was a mistake) and got back Bert Hernandez and Oliver Perez. Bert: OK in my book. But Oliver Perez - That guy??? WHY?!?!?

I remember going on The Metropolitans that day and dining my guts over the whole thing. We lost Dirty AND Nady? They were two of the best guys on the team. But Oliver Perez was rationalized to me as THE pitcher Rick Peterson could fix in ten minutes. Since I never thought much of “Soul Glo” Rick Peterson to begin with – I only thought he could “fix” pitchers names Hudson, Mulder or Zito – I didn’t buy it. Needless to say, I’ve been singing Rick Peterson’s praises lately and have had a sip of the Soul Glo Kool Aid.

At the time though I thought -- Another reclamation project? Well, that’s fucking great. Why don’t you fix my life in 10 minutes and make me a millionaire too while you’re at it there Soul Glo?

So let’s travel to August 26. I was in attendance at this Satuday night game and lo and behold, Oliver Perez was scheduled to start. I was like - *SIGH* --Oliver Perez is starting. FUCKING GREAT, part deux. I was fully expecting a blow out on the wrong side of a blow out. Hey, it won’t be all too bad. I figure, I’ll just drink a lot like I would when Jose Lima Time was pitching.

He starts the game by walking the first two batters. I thought – this is gonna be a looonng game. But then something happened. I don’t know what. The baseball spirits put their hands over Shea Stadium and all of a sudden Oliver Perez became William Wallace…he could shoot lightning bolts out of his arse. He ended up striking out the third out of the inning and he did something I never saw before.

He did a fist pump. And did a very dramatic jump over the foul line to get back to the dugout. I thought – holy crap! This guy has balls!

I couldn’t believe it. The rest of the game was like that. Oliver Perez was dramatic and creative and electric. I was hooked the second I saw him pitch, and although he had a lackluster turn out and gave up a few runs, the Mets got the win, and that’s all that mattered to me.

When I left the game, I thought – I need to keep an eye on this guy. Maybe, just maybe, this is Rick Peterson’s shining moment. And Ollie’s too.

Save one game against the Colorado Rockies which was a bona fide blow out, he had some decent outings. As Principal Edwards said in Wildcats once upon a time, he could make that a 100% more decent, and we’ll have some victory parties around here!

So during the playoffs, I was a little disappointed that OP (as I had abbreviated his name to at that point, since we had become “so close”) wasn’t going to be on the roster. Until El Puque went down, then I had some hope. I remember some Pirates fan telling me that I better hope Oliver Perez doesn’t start any playoff game. I said – you know what, I hope he does. I knew he would bring it. He did, but unfortunately, the baseball gods didn’t have it in them for one more Miracle at Shea.

And you know what, as much as I loved the 2006 team, and as sad as I was at the way Game 7 of the NLCS turned out, I was not disappointed. The team came a lot further than I had thought in March 2006. But another thing I thought was, being the English major I am and looking for deeper meaning in life, Oliver Perez’s growth and success was representative of the team. He embodied, to me, what the 2006 Mets were. They rose out of the ashes of teams past, and become electrifying and exciting and winners once again.

Which is why I felt more of a kinship with the 2006 team than I did with the 1986 team. And why I feel a kinship with Oliver Perez.

I hope that explains why I’m obsessed with him. Like Doc in the 80s, this kid is special. And I hope to say that about Lastings Milledge as a Met someday, because I think he’s got the goods to be balls deep too.

And another thing – why do I call him Oh Pea? Very simple. I told you above that I had shortened his name to OP. When I write to people in real life, take my Uncle Gene for instance, I call him “Gene-Oh.” I call my dad “Daddy-Oh.” Just something cutesy I do I guess. So instead of OP, I started writing down Oh-P in comments sections. Then I was going to do the phonetic thing with Oh-Pee. Then I thought it sounded too much like a bathroom code. So voila! Oh-Pea.

See you tomorrow!

WEEKEND POST: Coop’s “Best Met Blogs” in response to Sports Illustrated’s Best Met Blogs.

Sorry to Disappoint...

But I will be back later tonight with my Oliver Perez post.

Please, don't cry!!! I'll probably post this weekend too, so be sure to visit My Summer Family for some Coop Commentary!


Thursday, March 22, 2007

State of Affairs for the 2007 Mets

So as I promised, there’s some bid-ness I need to take care of before getting down to the nitty gritty stuff of the season…like my obsession with one Oliver Perez or Oh Pea as many of you have taken to calling him on account of yours truly. I will get to that tomorrow. Today’s theme is something that I tried to post on Ed’s BOG the other day, and **surprise surprise**, the PC ate it. Drat. It was a good one. But thankfully I remember most of the commentary, so I thought – why not use it as a topic for my blog? Mad props go to Ed though, since this is a response to his posting on Tuesday. But now the thoughts are a Coop Original.

So from my perspective, there are three keys to this season being a runaway success on a par with 2006. Here’s a hint: it has nothing to do with pitching. Believe it or not, I am fine with the pitching staff as is. Don’t get me wrong, I was totally drinking the Zito kool-aid during hot stove, as many on The Metropolitans can attest (Hi Benny!). Put the big Dice-K cherry on top, and I thought the Mets might make out well in the off season. Alas, Dice-K went to not-the-Yankees and Zito…well you know he was drinking his own Kool Aid or smoking wacky tabacky too with the sweet moolah he made off with or thought he deserved. If you remember correctly, the last two years, everyone had question marks on their pitching but somehow the Mets made it through two over .500 seasons with such starters as Kaz Yeesh-ii, Alay Soler, Lima Time and Jeremy-Jeremi-Jeromy-Jeremei oh forget it Gonzalez. And they still had winning records. Pitching does not concern me.

Three things or rather players do and I believe they are the keys to a successful season. The three keys are: Shawn “String Bean” Green, David “Sugar Pants” Wright and Jose “The Mack Daddy” Valentin.

OK I think we pretty much know that Green is WAY over his prime. His offense is questionable, his fielding sucks, and overall, we cannot really count on him to drive in the RISP or pretty much get on base anytime but sporadically. OK, some of you may think I am being harsh, but I am not. I will get into this more tomorrow in my Oh Pea post, but I was truly against the Xavier Nady trade, and I still am to a certain extent. I feel without the knee jerk reaction trade, we would have been a better team defensively and offensively in the later parts of the season and we would not have Shawn Green. Of course, 20/20 hindsight is a bitch. We can wax intellectual over what would have been with X Nady instead of String bean, but the fact is…Shawn Green blows. But to have Lastings Milledge start over a “proven veteran” on Willie’s Watch? Oh hush yo mouth!! I want Stings in there as badly as anybody else. Without a strong start or maybe more apt term consistent start from String Bean Green, the bottom of the order will truly suffer without a ZING from a young Stings.

Next is Sugar Pants aka David Wright. OK so we saw SP take a beating after the HR Derby and all over, we heard the rumblings of – is it the HR Derby curse? Will he return to his form? Where’s his next public appearance? Well, I think Ryan Howard can attest, there is no HR Derby curse, but SP’s second half taper-off did concern me. Sure, he might have been tired but I have another explanation. He’s starting to believe his own hype. Think of how many night show appearances, TV interviews, magazine articles he did after his performance in the All-Star game. Don’t get me wrong, I think he can still put up MVP numbers like last year, but he needs to set limits. I mean, I’d rather him have a consistently good year, then mash in the post-season. A-Fraud gets a lot of flak for not performing in the post-season, not that it’s not deserved ($26 mm per year anyone?). But I think it’s only a matter of time before someone points that out about SP. Just sayin…

Lastly, another key is YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH…Jose Valentin. I admit, I was one of the people on the cut the bastard train regarding him last year, but I have to say, the man, the myth and the Stache have grown on me. After all, he singlehandedly won the NL East clincher for us. Well that and an unusual stellar performance from Steve Trashball. I digress. I was totally one of the choir who was singing to get him the hell out of town before 2007 when the opportunity came to get somebody – anybody – at second base. Lo and behold, Omar extends him. Why – so our slogan can be “40 is the next 30?” I’m still not sold on him. My anecdote behind him is this – during Game 5 of the NLCS, he struck out looking in a critical at-bat (and don’t get me started on Game 7. I still have nightmares about that). He made a face like it was the umpire’s fault. WRONG! I remember what Mike from the Metropolitans said about – dude, not cool. It wasn’t cool and it still isn’t. Jose has got to step up and be the mack daddy he was last year. Otherwise, his extension is just piss in the wind.

So that’s the big three for more in 2007. I think everyone else will pretty much fall into place in the Coop Crystal Ball. We’ll get what we expect out of Beltran, Jo-Z Reyes will put up MVP numbers all season and Delgado can still mash. But without production from Green, Wright and valentine, coupled without a quick start to the new season, the Mets can bend over and kiss their collective ass good-bye.

Oh yeah...And Oliver Perez will be the CY winner in the NL. THE END.

TOMORROW’S POST: The most anticipated Coop posting yet…her strange obsession with Oliver Perez.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself...


The handle's Coop, and I would venture to say that most of you know me as being a prominent and opinionated commenter on several blogs (special shout outs to Ed from Westchester, The Metropolitans, Y2K: Promote the Curse, and Brooklyn Met Fan). As a result of these comments, I have made some interesting acquaitances and have quoted several people on some funny stuff I have read in the "rooms."

So to give you a little background...I'm a Jersey girl through and through. I work in Manhattan and hate my job. I have two cats who are the loves of my lives -- I have no problem saying that I'll be a crazy cat lady when I'm like 90. I have been in a committed relationship for the last six years. I'm finishing up an MBA program next week and finally will have a semblance of a social life at hand after two years. Oh yeah...and I'm a lifelong Mets fan, which is probably the most important and time-consuming part of my life!! Possibly, my biggest passion in life is going to Mets games and having new experiences in new ballparks. This season alone I am *finally* making it over to the Cit in Philly, and I'm going on a trip to the Midwest when the Stems make it to Milwaukee and Chicago. HELL YEAH BITCHES!!!!

So what is the focus of this blog? Well, I'm not a "stat-head." In fact, when the conversation turns to VORP, OPS, BB/K ratio (OK, I think that's pretty cool, but that's about it), etc, my eyes pretty much glaze over. I'm also not one of those "girly" Met fans who wears pink hats and gets all shrieky for "Sugar Pants" David Wright (though admittedly, he *is* cute). I like to analyze the state of affairs of the team, focus on the strengths and what I perceive to be weakness -- for example, Shawn Green - super weak. Oliver Perez (or "Oh Pea" as I like to call him) -- potential strength. Consider this blog to be a cross between Brooklyn Met Fan and Ed's Blue and Orange (and green!) Cafe...lots of opinions, relevant stuff in the media...but a little softer. After all, I *am* a chick. But I won't bore you with girly details.

What I do know is this...2006 was possibly one of the funnest years I've had as a lifelong Mets fan. I became a full season ticket plan holder for the first time in my life. Going to games, meeting new people and the "social aspect" is possibly the most unique aspect of baseball. And I plan to chroncle that along with my very strong opinions on the state of the Mets and baseball in general. Come join me on this magical ride!!

COMING TOMORROW: State of affairs for the 2007 Mets

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blog Dedication

This blog is dedicated to all of the special people I have met over the years going to ball games. From Dominic, Rob & Mike in the 80s, to Cow-Bell Man and Sign Guy in the 90s, to Tommy, Frank and the Woodside Crew Mezzanine Section 22, to the new generation including Julie & Ben, Mark & Eddie and Matt and his two sons. This is for Dad, Uncle Gene, Aunt Melissa, Chas, Sass-Dawg and my "real" family who understand where this comes from. Come join me in following my beloved Mets!

The Coopster

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Countdown to Coop!

Just editing some things today. So exciting! Who knew that having an English degree with journalism would actually be put to good use some day! (Coming from someone who is finishing an MBA and working as a merger nerd at an investment bank)

Just cleaning up some stuff, so feel free to comment again. Later