Saturday, December 15, 2007

Some Funny Shit Right Here

So I am up pretty late on a Friday night -- oops, it's Saturday morning. Just a little keyed up from hanging out tonight. Anyway, I needed to make a few statements about the Mitchell Report.

One is that -- honestly, I really don't care. I don't. It's a witch hunt, it means nothing and as long as idiots like me go and spend gazillions of dollars to have the privilege of watching my team tank in September (with or without PEDs), then PEDs will still be ingested, injected, whatever.

Two is that -- I am going to call out a family member. I have a cousin who is a BIG Yankees fan. Of course, he rubs it in my face that they make the playoffs every year, they get like every good player, they step into golden piles every time blah blah blah (I also have a blackmail photo of him somewhere in 1989 wearing a Ron Darling Mets t-shirt...gotta find it, give it to him for Xmas).

This was also the same cousin who called out Barry Bonds and the HR race this year every time he could. When the HR record was broken, he put an asterisk in every posting he had about it. He said that if he were the guy who caught the ball, he'd hold a public ceremony where he'd put the ball in a wood chipper, because that is all it is worth.

But now...NOW that some prominent Yankees in the "dynasty" years are being called out (like guys by the name of Clemens, Pettitte, and other shits...I mean Yanks), his tune is changed. All of a sudden *we* as fans are to blame and that Barry Bonds has never failed a drug test.

Oh COME ON. I love you cuz, but you are way off here.

I agree -- we fans need to look at ourselves and see - when we all got behind Sosa and McGwire in 1998, we were shunned by the strike earlier in the 90s, and desperately wanted a reason to get back. Now they get bigger and bulkier, hit more home runs as a result and we go - ooooh, aaaah, like a bored hooker, well guess what? As long as our dollars go to spending $8 for a warm and $5 for a Nathans knock-off hot dog well, players will still cheat.

But to let these guys off the hook for simply not failing a drug test...we all knew they took drugs...does that mean Roger Maris gets his HR record back?

Probably not.

But it could mean this:

2000 World Series*

Enjoy - buy often.


Frankybonz said...

I remember listening to 660 AM when the Mitchell Report was just being read. They guys on at the time (mike and the mad dog? I have no clue, I only listen to the games on there), were hypothesizing while reading the dates of when Clemens was getting shots, and came to explain his little bout of roid-rage towards Piazza. I had to laugh a bit.

Michael Leggett said...

Roger's Head didn't get THAT Big, by eating Pizza.