Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh I Am Soooooo Back

So my cousin -- I'll call her JD, as in Jersey Devil -- asks me a few weeks back if i was interested in seeing the Rangers / Devils game @ MSG.

Now for those who know me, I am first and foremost, a Mets fan and baseball fan, and hockey always came in second.

But there were times when the Rangers were more interesting to watch than the Mets, for many many many years. I don't want to say it questioned my love for baseball, but let's just say...many people still associate The Coop with being a big hockey fan and baseball fan secondary. Which was never the case, but people believe what they want to believe.

So I gave up on hockey for two big reasons. One was, the Rangers traded away "Mr. Lifer" Brian Leetch in 2004. That to me was inexcusable. Then they had the strike right afterwards. Never again, I said, would I give my all to two sports. It was baseball, my first love.

So I decided to cave and I get us tickets to Sunday's game. It was JD's first trip to the Garden. Since she is a partial plan holder at The Rock in Newark, she was far from impressed with the ancient MSG. Ha ha.

What we were hardly impressed with was the game. It was a big ol' snoozefest, not lots of hits, not lots of fights, heck it was a 0-0 tie till OT.

Then it happened.

Ranger (and former devil, whom I always loved) Brendan Shanahan scores the winning goal 30 seconds into OT and the place goes wild!!!!

My thought was....Oh I am sooooooo back.

Of course, JD wanted to leave and I said - honey, it's been a long time for me. I am celebrating!

Without further ado, I would like to send you over to Flushing University today for my piece on being a Mets and Ranger fan - we may share a similar color (blue shirts), but Mets and Ranger fans are a dying breed.

And, I have tickets queued up in another week to see the Rangers play the Penguins. I guess I am back.


kranepool society said...

Great post and great column on FU Coop.

I am also a lonnnnnnnng time Mets/Rangers fan as I had season tix from late 70's to the 90's til Dumb Ass Dolan used my section for a luxury box.

Someday I'll tell you about the great after parties at "STICKS" a bar own by Espo and Ronnie Dugay sipping drinks with my man Gresch and the lovely Carol Alt

The Coop said...

Steve, you'll appreciate this then -- my father was a die-hard blueshirts fan back in the hey-day 70s. Apparently, one of my first words was "Vicker" as in Steve Vickers. He always reminds me it was part of my destiny to root for the Rangers. LOL

I also got into a fight outside of the old Penn Bar outside of MSG the night they won the Cup. I got so upset, I decided to leave. Turns out about an hour later, Mess, Kypreos and a bunch of the other guys showed up, Cup in hand. Bastards!

Nick G said...

Well...You're a Ranger fan. We won't hold that against you. Least you're a Mets fan, that's one half of good.
Nick, a prowd Islander fan.

The Coop said...

Yes, Nick G, but who's your football team? LOL