Thursday, November 01, 2007

WTF, Omar?

So after Tom Glavine (41 y/o) blows the last game wide open, not to mention tosses away all Mets fans hopes and dreams of a Rockin' October, after John Maine singlehandedly ups the dreams of all Mets fans the second to last day of the season, after our two aces have a combined age of 51, after Moises Alou spends 2/3 of the season on the DL, after Carlos Delgado doesn't feel privileged enough to be on a talented team to not show up and AFTER cutting best friend Julio Franco for the puppy farm...

Haven't we all learned one thing?

That youth and hunger will always trump the Proven Veteran theory? I mean, just ask new Yankees manager Joe Girardi on that one when he was able to get his payroll of $15 million to play hard for him each and every day. Ask Jack McKeon about that when we had a bunch of rookies beat the Evil Empire in 2003 with young ace and newest hottest big game pitcher Josh Beckett.

What's my point?

My point is - Omar, what the fuuuuuuuuuuuck?

Let me preface this by saying -- I have heard rumblings in Met Bloggerland about how we are all but silent...only rumor mills spinning (and I address that here at Flushing University - sorry guys, i've been too busy to write about it till now), not to mention the bajillions of articles on how A-Rod has always wanted to be a Met, but we all know he's always wanted she-males and lots o' dough.

But exercising Moises Alou's option is one thing...which I detailed here also at Flushing U...After all, Alou has mentioned he is damn angry about 2007.

But Damion Easley is the last straw.

Don't get me wrong. I like Easley. I thought he was under-used at first, and Willie would always place him in no-win situations. Not to mention, Jose Valentin was technically Willie's "guy." But when Valentin went down for the stretch, it was Easley's time to shine. And he did. He showed he could really handle his share of the shit.

But...this move screams of Jose Valentin nepotism. When Valentin was re-signed for 2007, we all in Mets land were - WTF? It was totally lightning in a bottle in 2006, we're going to tempt fate again? Whatever.

That's my point - Damion Easley served his purpose in 2007.

I guess these might be some non-moves that Omar is doing. But unless he trades Delgado's fat-ass contract along with his equally as fat-ass for the Manolos I have dancing in my head (size 7.5, Omar!), I guess I'm okay with this.

But we desperately need youth. Another choice for Willie to use so he doesn't run his vets into the ground.

So what else is old? I've been a little absent from this, now that Hot Stove is officially on to keep me warm during the cold winter months, I can rant about certain things.

Like A-Hole, oops, I mean A-Rod. What a jack ass. If anything makes us forget that he has absolutely no respect for the sport that he is so naturally gifted at and makes girls and she-males everywhere horny with the swing of his bat, he pulls a stunt like this and lets us know one thing -- he is the biggest A-Hole in sports. Well, maybe not as big as his agent. But that's besides the point.

Now the question begs - COOP! What about A-Rod on the Mets?

I think it's absolutely crazy. Crazy in a bad way.

I just don't see A-Fraud filling a need on the Mets. Sure, you can't deny - his stats are impressive. Really really really fucking impressive. I mean, let's face facts -- he is the best player of our generation. But he also embodies what is wrong with our generation of sports. He tries to fleece teams out of dough and perks. And he delivers. Just not when the team needs him most.

I mean, I can't be the only Met fan out there who recognizes the need for youth. True, Pay-Rod is early 30s. And he's a hitter. Dude can mash. That's not going away soon.

But by youth I mean, young PITCHING. I'm not talking Johan Santana. As I detailed here, since when did we become Yankees fans (figuratively of course)?

We all should know Omar's M-O after watching him for three-plus years. He likes young talent, low cost, high-return. Don't tell me about "luck." Don't talk to me about trading Bannister for AmBurglar. Don't tell me about how he tried to turn Oh-Pea around for Linebrink.

Omar is going to surprise us all. I said he would do it last season but for some reason, not only did his moves blow up in his face, his non-moves really came to bite us too.

So I go from - Omar, what the FUCK are you doing here - to defending him. How did that happen?

Well, I guess that I still have faith that he'll try to get it right.

After all, the baby step with Moises Alou, which I was officially against but I'm okay with it now, I knew it would happen -- at least he's getting a pissed off veteran who was actually upset about the way things turned out.

And maybe pissed off veterans are what we need here. Guys who don't get complacent. Now if Delgado can wake up and smell the Java, I won't call for bomb testing anymore. Which as you all know, I am a pacifist and mean figuratively not literally.



benny blanco from da bronx said...

Coop, Damion Easley is going to be a backup for the team! He's a bench player. He's a pinch-hitter!
Age doesn't matter for that role, in fact, I'd probably prefer an older guy.
And you can't compare Valentin to Easley for this reason. Valentin was signed to be the starter at 2nd base for the whole year, Easley's job is to sit on the bench and hit a dinger in the 6th inning...
C'mon Coop-Star, totally unfair!

Me said...

I agree with Coop, sorry benny.

It's the same-old, same-old from Omar (pun intended).


benny blanco from da bronx said...

So instead of having someone who has proven they can be very sucesful off the bench you want someone who could be a big question mark in that role because of age?
Uhh, sorry, no, I'll stick with Damion Easley as a pinch-hitter, I mean what are the other options? Anderson Hernandez!? Please...
Or maybe you want Brett Harper the 26 year old who has never played a game over the AA level. You take that risk, not me, i'll go with the proven power bench bat of Easley.

Coop said...

Believe it or not Benny, I kinda agree with you. But I like Damion Easley only in the capacity you suggest - as a back up good bench guy (where we can all agree he absolutely shined last year). And when he was called upon to be the almost everyday 2B, he more than heeded the call. But as long as he's on the team...and let's face it, Luis Castillo's services are being courted elswhere too, we all know -- Willie will use him as an every day player.

I'm with ya - as long as we have a strongish bench with Marlon Anderson and all, I'm for Easley. But my whole rant was based on the age of the team...Moises Alou will be run into the ground, we all know that. Easley will be misused. That's all I'm sayin, ya dig

seat5 said...

I have no problem with signing Easley again Coop. The guy was a stud for us off the bench all year. And his righty bat was sorely missed in September during every at bat we had to endure from Jeff "I suck so I'm retiring in 3 days" Conine.

Now I completely agree with the young pitching mantra. If there's one positive we can take from 2007 it's that we have established 2 young talents as anchors of our rotation in Maine and Perez. I'm not sold on Pelfrey yet, and I'd pretty much throw what I can at the Giants to pry away Lincecum or Cain.

If not, I wouldn't mind the Mets pursuing a guy like AJ Burnett who might be someone you can pry away with the right package. His stuff is undeniable, and he'd easily be that top of the rotation starter this team needs.

And let's not forget the bullpen, the real culprit of what went wrong with this team. Omar, you have alot of work to do. So stop wasting time on RamRod and get this team what it really needs - pitching, pitching, pitching!