Monday, November 05, 2007

The Same Old Song

Well, glad to see that the Mets are not disappointing in their usual Hot Stove rumblings. From Jason Jennings rumors to What's on Second (translation: A-Rod or David Wright), never a dull moment.

I've been crazy busy with work and preparing for year-end, so I won't bore you with regurgitated materials. Check out my post over at Flushing U today (and tomorrow!) on how Jason Jennings is not the answer. War isn't either.

But Jon Garland could make me horny.

Smell yas later.

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kranepool society said...

Now that's what I like thinking oustside the box. Jon Garland woul dmake my "go after list" as woul dJavier Vazquez and Joe Blanton (let's face it there are no Ace pitchers for sale or trade) but the guy I have my radr on is Ian Snell of the Bucs