Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas Comes Early For Mets Fans This Year...I Think

So the big news of the day is - The Mets trade Guillermo Mota!!! The man responsible for terms such as "Mota-itis" or "This is your brain on Mota" or "Mota-ified," the man responsible for these sets of pictures (all courtesy of Zoe) is now a Brewer.

And the even better news is...Mota is traded for a warm body!!! I'd have been happy with a free medium cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee next year in exchange for Mota. But seriously in one trade, we get rid of some of the dead weight (seriously, I think he would have been booed out eventually) and take care of the "passed balls" problem by inking Johnny Estrada from the Brew Crew.

This almost seems too good to be true. Mota, who gave us odge most of the time he went out to the mound with any kind of lead, is traded to fill a need we have. And not to mention...Estrada is actually pretty good. Apparently, in an "off-season" for Estrada last year, his stats were pretty respectable, especially that of a catcher -- .278 (123-for-442) with 40 runs scored, 25 doubles, 10 home runs and 54 RBI in 120 games with the Brewers last year, according to the Press release. And well, we all know how Mota was for us last year (do I need to link the pics again?).

So...what's the bad news?

Well, I couldn't remember where or why I remembered Johnny Estrada. Then it hit me! Or rather - he hit his former manager, Ned Yost, in a clubhouse brawl in Milwaukee...at a game I was actually at! From what they leaked to the press, it was a misunderstanding, everything was fine, blah blah blah...but it was ill-timed, since the Brew Crew was in the midst of a pennant race then.

According to Brew Call Ball (hat tip to Matt "The Stat" for the link), Estrada is a clubhouse cancer. But even in the comments section, no one is exactly torn up about losing Estrada nor about getting Mota. My thoughts are after reading their responses...Milwaukee isn't exactly schooled. In fact, when Metsgrrl and I were there in August, they thought we were entertaining because we'd get pissed off at the team. So just because they are not exactly upset about either prospect...um, doesn't mean they shouldn't be? Or something?

I don't know -- I am just trying to stay happy. I should be happy. Mota is not a Met! Ding dong - The pitcher's dead!!

But Estrada can't trade brains or heart with Paul LoDuca. He might hit better though.

Oh and before I forget, the Mouth of the South (Philly) Jimmy Rollins, won the NL MVP today. I'd say congratulations, but I think it's a known fact he takes performance enhancers...he's on Viagra.


will said...

if estrada is cancer and mota is anal rape and a gun in your mouth, i'll take the former every time, cos...well, at least you can pray?

Anonymous said...

Terrible blog. I hope you never type again in your life.

Coop said...

anonymous, you have a terrible name. i hope you never visit MSF again. peace