Monday, October 01, 2007

Roll Call

24 hours the day after "yesterday," where we buried our 2007 Mets, I came to a realization.
I did not feel a kinship with this team as much as I did the 2006 Mets.

I know, the core had not really changed. Something else did though. The spirit. The fire. it seemed as though we, the fans, were willing to move on from the 2006 NLCS. The team, however, felt entitled. As though they were waiting for a "do-over" all season. A do-over that would not just come to them, unfortunately. They would have to work for it. Now a team I feel is less deserving gets to go in their place. I hope they can sleep on that this long winter. Cause I know it's gonna be a long one for me.

And I hate being right. Right about stupid shit. Back in June, during the first "swoon," I warned Dingbat (fellow FU member) that Philly was the threat and not Atlanta. He told me not to worry, the Phils always find a way to lose.

Heck, even a Phillies fan told me that too. TODAY.

Later, I lambasted a comment section over at Mike's Mets, saying that the Mets didn't need to be dominant to keep me happy. All I wanted them to do was to win the games they were supposed to. Like against the Nationals. The Marlins. You know, like the games this week. But before then, if we had won the games we were supposed to over the summer, it left little margin of error for these games this week.

As my fellow road tripper Metsgrrl told me yesterday -- Coop, you've been calling this all season.

Well, in all fairness, it was only AFTER All-Star break that I called the dominance thing. But I still don't like being right. In fact, I waited all season, in vain, for this team to prove me wrong and they never did.

So I have not officially shed a tear yet. I got really sad at one point last night, and even one point tonight. Soon the tears will come. But I think it will be due to the fact that summer is certainly over and that winter would soon come knocking at our doors. I can always kind of fool myself that even though it's cold, even though I prefer hot cocoa to beer, if the Mets were still playing ball, it's certainly still summer.



My Summer Family.

Although I have technically "sworn off" the postseason, I know I will sucked in one way or another. Because a day with bad baseball is better than a day with no baseball. And I need to take it any way I can now. I won't root for anyone though. Can't. Although the 2007 Mets never truly endeared themselves to my heart, I am willing to let them go and look forward to what my favorite team in the universe will bring for me in 2008.

So on behalf of SassDawg and myself, I would like to thank the new My Summer Family readership for a successful first season. Well, I know the Mets were not as successful as we had hoped, My Summer Family is contingent upon meeting new people and the social aspect of baseball. And all of the special people I have met over the years.

In addition to the crazies over in Mezzanine 22 back in the day, I now have the rowdies over in Mezzanine 14. Stop by the Coop box anytime there's a game. Even if I'm not there, someone will still say Hello.

In addition to Julie and Ben and Mark and Eddie, Sass and I met Seat5, whose name escapes me now, but I'm sure I'll hear from him soon.

And in addition to the bloggers I used to speak to offline, I'd like to give a shout-out to the new MSF contingent that have contributed to making my life and summer so special in 2007. In no particular order:

Metsgrrl (her TBF too). We'll always have Chicago, girl.


SNK. We both may not love Willie, but our hearts belong to the Mets. You are my counterpoint.

Debmc. Your enthusiasm and brashness regarding the Mets is my inspiration. Not to mention GaryG, Uncle Johnny, Mike, Dingbat and all the other crazies at FU. You have grounded me in a time when I didn't think I could be. Anytime you guys want to go to a game next year, name it.

Dana Brand. Thank you for inviting me to your book signing. Can't wait to finish it!

Mike from Mike's Mets. Thanks for everything you do!

The Y2K guys. Although we have not met face to face, our time will come. Karaoke anybody?

Mike Met. Hell yeah bitches!!! Free Ken Oberkfell!

Will. Will you are so pretty!!!!! My neighbors in the Coop box asked how you were doing. They may have hated us that night, but we added a little cha-cha-cha to the game for them.

BMF, MtMF, Lippy, Dykstraw, USMF, LEHE...we'll have to get our tattoos next year I guess.

Toasty Joe, Bookie, Sonny, MICH...nice to meet you guys finally. And definitely cut me off at 3 beers next time. Thanksabunch.

Trey from Coppola (aka DMW) - nice to meet you - hopefully, we'll have more events next year!

Greg, from Faith and Fear - well, the Mets didn't always win when we saw each other at the games...but they were certainly memorable. We'll always have John Maine's clutch one-hitter. Please be a guest in the Coop box next year! And maybe i'll meet your co-hort next year too.

Ed from Westchester to Eddie Kranepool Society. Steve, next time I see Eddie K in the diamond club, I will ask him for his number, so you can call him!!!

Cerrone, Anthony, REEGE! and all the Metsblog dudes. Although I can't access you from work anymore, you're still my heroin for Mets news. Keep up the good work.

I'm gonna cry now! I can't believe this season is over. But like Mr. E said yesterday, before we know it, pitchers and catchers will be reporting.

And 2007 will still be raw, but we will move on from this heartache and root root root for the Metsies again. Like we always do.

Let's Go METS Forever and Ever!!!!!!


Shell said...

Long time lurker, first time poster, LOL.

Hard to believe that it is Oct. 1 and there will be no baseball at Shea for the rest of 2007. To 2008 we go...

metsnyc said...

Very sad indeed. Since your family is away, do you go off and hide in the woods until April now? Hopefully this provides motivation for 2008 :(

SNK said...

no, metsnyc, coop's "family" is still here! We are going to be doing lots of hanging out this winter and before we know it pitchers and catchers will be reporting (who knows who those pitchers and catchers will be...)

seriously though, it's been one wild ride but in the end it wasn't as painful b/c we all went through it together. If there's one good thing that came from the 2007 season, it was connecting with you and a few others this summer. :)

Zoe said...

Yes! I agree with SNK. Just because there's no more watchable baseball doesn't mean there's no more drinkable alcohol :-)

Thanks for helping to make 2007 a great season, despite the roller coaster disappointments. That dang coaster just never got high enough.

I'm sure Oh Pea misses you already.

Ceetar said...

I too have completed, rather prematurely, my first season as a Mets blogger. I felt I was good enough to make the playoffs, but in the end it seems It wasn't meant to be.

It felt like the Mets and Phillies played hot potato with the division all season long, right up until the last day, when the music stopped with the Phillies holding the spud..*sigh*

George said...

First, the Mets, now the Padres. It's not been a good week of baseball.

Thanks for all the summer fun, and there's always next beer, I mean, year.

debmc said...

Well, thank you for the kind words, first of all, Coop. And may I return them in kind -- mostly because of you and Stef, I've discovered the new world of Mets bloggers.... lol.

And made some new friends with which to commiserate over this horrible but I suppose not-so-shocking ending, considering some of the stuff you and I and others have said about this team this year.

I think we will have a very active off-season, which should provide us all with tons of fodder for blogs, columns, message board posts, and daily vomitus.... lol.

Anyway, we will forge onward and upward. With or without the Mets! :)

will said...

that's real nice, coop. as a mets blogging rookie, i'm really grateful for you and zoe and metsgrrl and everyone else who has been there for support during this sometimes fun, too often painful season.

kranepool society said...

Coop, your the Rookie of the Year.

It was great meeting you and the Ladies of the Joan Whitney Payson Society. Keeping it old school.

It'll be spring before you know it

Ceetar said...

I assume you're talking about next year. I'd like to make a concerted (doens't seem like the right word) to overcome my shyness and meet more bloggers, and I think a concentrated section of Mets fans at away games would be pretty awesome. I don't know If i could take Citizens Bank Ballpark at this point, but maybe i'll feel differently next year. I do want to check out Nationals Park.

I was 2-0 at road Mets games this year (both in Philly) I closed out a ballpark (RFK) in what will likely be the first of consecuetive years.

The Coop said...

of course Ceetar LOL. I was just saying as much as I'm mad right now, I'm already making ST plans for next year. LOL

dykstraw said...

I think I want to go to ST.

Just because they can't really lose there.

The Coop said...

get on the bus Dykstraw!!

dykstraw said...

seriously, keep me in the loop. i'm going.

SNK said...

dystraw - i went last year and am definitely going back. I had a great time. Don't worry, we'll put something together...

Anthony De Rosa said...

I'm proud to be a part of your summer (and hopefully next season, fall) family!

Keep up the great work, it always puts a smile on my face.