Monday, October 22, 2007

Rock Out With Your Sox Out

She's baaaa-ackkk...

Though not for long -- if I get some more material to write about this week, I will definitely be back on.

I might's something called the World Series.

Anyway, a few quick hits before I give my shameless plug of the week for my weekly piece over at F.U.

Yes, I know that I swore off baseball till 2008. But I'm like a heroin addict. And I need my one last fix before I can't get it at all. And then I'll be jonesing all winter long. So be prepared to listen to that one too.

Plus, this is such a unique time to be a baseball fan. The Red Sox have made the World Series for the second time in three years. Of course, we all know what happened the last time. But also, in a stroke of irony, they didn't have to beat the Yankees to get there (although technically they did, since they won the division, and not the Spanks).

In case you've been living under a Rock (like say in...COLORADO?? HAHAHA I slay me!!!), it's a "Rox and Sox" World Series. I'm sure Fox (hey, that fits the rhyme scheme too!) likes that match-up a lot better than say, a Cleveland / Colorado series. At least, I hope someone has thought of the rhyme scheme. Although it kind of sounds like a porn video that Carrie and the girls watched on Sex and the City. I digress. Another special reason to watch the Series this year is that not only is it the Rockies first franchise visit to the show, they got there on a most dramatic fashion.

Predictions? This is tough one. The Rox have had a nice little break, but the Sox hardly seemed drained after this series with the Indians, although it did go 7 games. That being said, the Sox still have a nice three day hiatus before starting the next part of the season: The Fall Classic.

Remember last year, when the Tigers clinched the AL like a month before the Cardinals did (or so it seemed), they clearly lost a lot of steam and let a decidedly lesser team run away with the championship.

Now, say what you want -- at least it was an NL team, at least we could say the Mets were beat by the future World Series champs, etc etc. I say, phooey. Of course, the Cards should have not have been in there anyway, and they were and that's besides the point.

My point is (is there one?), that a long break could kinda make the Rockies forget that they, you know, won 20 of their last 21. Or 21 of their last 22. Or something like that. You get the idea. I'm too lazy to look it up now.

So anyway my point, the Sox are also rolling in their own way. So I will say that both teams will make it interesting, but I go with the Sox in six. Plus, they have Josh Beckett.

Josh Beckett. Boy-yoy-yoing. I don't want...anybody else...when I think about Josh Beckett, break out the Rabbit...or something...

So that's the story, and I'm sticking to it!!! Sox in 6. Hell yeah bitches!

You heard it here, Folks!! THE COOP SAYS SO!!!!!

OK, so for the piece de resistance, I'm sure you are all waiting for The Coop's gospel on the firing of (what Kranepool Society calls him -- thanks for this!) St Joseph of Torre.

I just have one word for that.


On one hand, we have St. Torre declining a deal that makes him the best paid manager in baseball. On the other, Torre turned it down because of certain incentives (like a cool mil for each round the Yankees make in postseason). Says he doesn't need "motivation." Which I agree with. I mean, his 800 bajillion dollar payroll sure isn't motivated enough. Torre is overrated, that's for sure, but let's get real here. He's not out there playing.

In the Steinbrenners corner, we have Hank and Hal, the new de facto owners of the Yankees. I guess we thought that when George eventually stepped, there would be less drama. WRONG!! In fact, they both talked smack about Torre turning down their "fair" offer. Whatever.

Let's look at the facts here. Since Torre has been manager, the Yankees have made it to the postseason. Every. Damned. Year.

Most teams (see: Rockies, see also: Indians) only hope they can make the postseason and make the best they can of it (see: Rockies, see also: Red Sox). The Yankees and their ownership and management think differently. It is a birthright. Whatever.

My point is - with the biggest payroll in baseball and the best player in baseball being A-Rod on said team, along with the most dominant closer in all of baseball in Mariano Rivera, PLUS Mr. Intangibles Jeter, this team should theoretically not only win the World Series but go 162-0 each year. Why aren't Steinbrenners Jr and Jr saying anything about that? I guess the idea is -- Joe Torre can do all the motivating he wants. If the players aren't motivated to, you know, win World Series championships, maybe they ought to rethink their career choices.

But I think also it might be a change in the ethos of the Yankee Corporation: they are realizing now that building a team with mercenaries (see: Juice-on Giambi -- thanks Yankee Despiser! -- see also: Roider Clemens) not only doesn't guarantee championships, but almost guarantees they have 25 guys on the team all with different individual goals.

I say, fuck that. Gimme the Mets, flaws and all.

But my take on this situation? I say - Way to go, Joe! I have never had more respect for you. And yes, I do agree, he is a classy guy. He took the high road. He's never blasted his boss in the press. He truly appreciates his players and his fans.

Just don't show up in Queens. We all know what happened the last time you were there.

Last but certainly not least, check out my column on Flushing University today --Moises, I Loooove Yoooou (but don't want you back in 2008). Be sure to drop by and say hello!


benny blanco from da bronx said...

I thin Josh Beckett is a fucking douchebag. I havn't forgotten his bitchyness when he threw at Victor Diaz because he has more wins than Diaz had homeruns.
Then (before the fight from last week) he threw at Kenny Lofton because he "didn't like the way he looked at me" when Kenny was walked and went to first base. After the game he said "Who does he think he is looking at me like that" I'm like, yo... that's Kenny fucking Lofton!
Whatever, I don't like him, he's a little bitch.

Wow, just noticed that picture to the right, you and Oliver Perez. For as crazy and fucked up as we are I'm sure the way you felt cannot be expressed here, probably incredibly inappropriate.
All I'm going to say is good job!

Fakehead said...

Nice blog Coop, not sure how I got here but I enjoyed reading it.

I agree, I'll take the Mets any day over that mess in the Bronx. Fuck them.

Coop said...

Benny! Long time no see - nothing too vulgar, read about my meeting with him here:

All G-Rated, I even called him Oh Pea to his face!

hi Fakehead - I forget where I see you post - maybe over at Ed's BOG or Toasty Joe. Anyway welcome to the Summer Family contingent - J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS!!!

Coop said...

Oh and touching on Josh, I would say I like douchebag pitchers. I think baseball would be better with punks like him. See: Lastings Milledge. See: any bad ass. I just don't want him to turn into Roider Clemens. Of course, I think Josh Beckett is hella hot. So I could be clouded. You can't deny, the man absolutely brings it.

mr. met said...

Did you really just make mention to a vibrator in a baseball post? Or were you perhaps talking about the Rabbit that opens delicious bottles of wine. I don't know if you were celebrating or celebrating.

Coop said...

Mikeee, you act like you don't know The Coop's humor LOL