Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Now's The Time To Say Goodbye...

Well, I did my Roll Call the other day and now it's time to relax.

Since today would have been the first game of the Mets/Rockies series, but instead the Phillies were playing them @ The Cit tonight, I'm officially in mourning.

But it also means that 2007 is over. Officially.

I think that's a good thing.

As we all know, Willie Randolph has been given the Omar Seal of Approval for 2008. Is it me, or does it seems like both their jobs are on the line if 2008 is nothing short of the World Series?

And it is only THREE DAYS after the Mets season ended. Let's not talk about crazy-ass trade proposals and get our blood pressure worked up over rumors in the media.

Right now, I'm going to relax. Take a sabbatical. For real, not just a weekend one either.

Don't worry - you can still catch the Coop weekly at Flushing University. Normally, Tuesdays...But right now, you can catch What Went Wrong -- still a front page feature! I may even post the links to my articles, but not blogging on crazy stuff.

I won't be back till Hot Stove has officially begun.

Feel free to leave comments until then. I'll be "lurking" but breaking from My Summer Family...Although now, it could be called - the Offseason Family. Whatcha think???

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seat5 said...

Hey Coop, I tried posting this in your last blog, but I just wanted to get the message out.

Sorry I didn't post earlier. I took a small break from the pain to just reorient myself.

It was a rough year at Shea, but if all I got from it was meeting fellow die hards, well then hell, it was worth it.

If there's something I've realized through all of these twists and turns, it's that there really is another "family" I belong to out at Shea. I used to say I lived and died with the Mets. Now I say I live and die with Met fans.

Get em next year. I'll call the Mets soon and tell them to take my playoff money and keep it. Keep it and get me back my seats in Mezz 14. I'll see you around.

Lets Go Met Fans!