Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Entitlement? Flushing University

Hey all - how's everything? We are a few weeks removed from the Mets season, and a few weeks ahead of Hot Stove.

I may be posting semi-regularly next week with the Series and all. With the Roxx doing so well (they advanced last night, which I mean, if there is a feel-good story with the postseason this year, well, it's them -- and why wasn't Kaz Matsui MVP???), I feel this has the makings of an interesting series. I'm pulling for the Indians in the ALCS (I mean, who wasn't an Indians sympathizer after Major League?). That would be interesting, a Rox/Indians match-up, although Fox probably doesn't like the ideas ratings-wise, ha ha!

But I digress. It's Tuesday! Stop by Flushing University today and read my article, Entitlement. DISCUSS!!!


will said...

due to my alliances, i am forced into rooting for the red sox, though i secretly am also rooting for the indians.

and the rockies are never going to lose another game.

The Coop said...

I thought you had it bad for Grady though? :D

will said...

my buddies allow me to say GRADY YOUR SO HOT so long as i do it in a boston accent.

The Coop said...

Grady, you're so pretty!!!!

Ceetar said...

I agree actually. I hate hot stove baseball, because it's all crazy conjecture and rumors and never worth while.

I would stop at saying "Do not" though. Like "Do Not get Santana, A-Rod, etc" those two specifically are as close to can't miss as you can get. If you can get them for something worthwhile. Santana is a no for next year. 2009, when it's just money? Sure. A-Rod is an iffy subject. He can't bring in too much revenue, as Shea/Citi is going to be very full in the future, so that makes it a little less worth it to acquire him. (I've written an article on his contract actually).
Wright's not a gold glove (well, maybe not a gold arm anyway) at Third, enough that I wouldn't mind moving him to second. However, it'd have to be at a pay-cut for A-Rod from what he's making now. Otherwise I'm fine with what we have, offense isn't the problem.

I want to see some of those freaky Omar moves too. I want him to pull relievers out of hats and ears and bogs and find a bullpen for next year. That's my #1 hope.