Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tried to Post Something from YouTube...

...but it kept failing and honestly I just want to get my thoughts up before they are irrelevant.

My thoughts are - Bittersweet.

Bittersweet is the only word I can come up with to describe last night.

Not only the comeback that wasn't...which was bittersweet because even though we lost...I felt like it was the most inspired ball we played all season.

Bittersweet that I felt better about this loss than about any of the wins in Florida...well except for the game with Oh Pea.

Bittersweet knowing that the team had it in them to mount the improbable they could in October if it comes to that...but knowing that if only Carlos Delgado returned or if the bullpen didn't give up runs like candy, we might have won.

Bittersweet. That if Tom Glavine didn't mail it in the first inning, we might have had a fighting chance this game.

Bittersweet. That I had to be happy that the Braves beat the Phillies. And needed a shower because of it.

Bittersweet because the Magic Number moved because of a Phillies loss than a Mets win.

Bittersweet that without Moises Alou, this team is nothing. And he may very well retire next year. His whole career is, you guessed it, bittersweet.

Well, we'll get 'em tonight, throwing a scrub - not just any scrub - our scrub on the mound, Phil Humber.

Hopefully, he can snakebite another team like we get against other no-names.

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debmc said...

See, and I view this as one of the worst losses in a long time, even though yes, the Phillies lost, and yes, we almost mounted a comeback of historical importance (lol).

I took it so hard because (a) they continue to exhibit mental lapses too numerous to set forth at length herein (lol); (b) I didn't care for Reyes' first inning antics in the dugout, or his play in the field; (c) the pitching continues to struggle mightily, to put it nicely; and (d) where the fuck would we be now if the Phillies had won last night????? Don't you think the outrage over last night would have been HUGE???? We escaped holding on to our tenuous first place lead only by the grace of the Phillies' loss... and that really galls me.

Plus, I think the Mets are a mess. From the top down. I'm not sure anyone on in that organization, from Junior Jerk Boy Wilpon to Omar the Magnificent to Willie the Witless to the players is on the same page, let alone in the same BOOK. Or even the same library....... lol.

Yikes. LOL