Saturday, September 29, 2007

Remember the Maine!

OK, OK, admittedly that is extremely hokey, but it makes its point. Short, sweet, concise.

After last night's all-time low, the Mets had their collective backs against the wall. We wondered aloud, what was the big difference between 2006 and 2007? It seemed that it was the clicking on all cylinders thing. There seemed to be a lack of passion. Not to mention, a lack of urgency. And going to games, madon'. It was like being lulled to sleep some nights.

Well, we wanted it, we got it, all today.

Bats awake.

Team clicking.

Bench clearing brawl. Twice.

What else? Oh yeah, a 7 2/3 inning no-hit bid by John "The USS" Maine.

I think in a way, it's almost a good thing he didn't finish his business in that respect. Unless you wanted to see a collective heart attack of 54,000+ fans, it was a probably a good idea he didn't. But he pitched the game of his life and that's what we needed today. The fans. The team. Everyone involved.

We needed one other thing too. This.

I'll be at my fifth game this week come tomorrow. A wise man named Yogi once said it aint over till it's over. A wise blogger once said, you can't script baseball.

Well, the Mets proved today that it truly aint, and that you truly can't script it if you tried.

Imagine the ending if John Maine did finish his business.


Corey said...

Coop where were you today? Me and my gf swung by Sec 14 right in the midst of the brawl...didn't see you.

We'll be in my Sec 13 seats tomorrow...

...and in Philly Monday if necessary

SNK said...

Haha coop - i'm honored to be mentioned in the same paragraph as Yogi :)

Magic at Shea today...absolute magic!

I'm beyond impressed. Go Tommy!

Coop said...

Corey, I was in section 10 today with dad. Will be there again tomorrow in section 14. stay in your seats...i had to bribe a little girl with cotton candy to sit next to me since she wanted to sit somewhere else during the almost no-no LOL

And Stefi, you are my inspiration girl. I think I finally exhaled a few minutes ago!

dykstraw said...

so two weeks ago i invited my family over to my new place in queens, figuring that this game would be neither meaningful nor special. wow.

i will be there tomorrow. it will definitely be meaningful, and hopefully special.

i mean, i can't lose 4 games in a week, right?

philly monday? maybe.

debmc said...

The Mets win.

The Phillies lose.

The division is ours.

No sweat, Coop. It's there, it's ours..... and WE WILL TAKE IT! :)