Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oops. Our Bad.

You might think that this title is in response to what we are already terming as the "Lost Weekend" in the netherworld of BMF...or maybe even giving up a granny to a pinch hitter...

But no.

I believe those words were uttered by yours truly as The Coop, SassDawg, Zoe and the rest of Coop and SassDawg's family got kicked out of a Luxury Box we tried to claim as our own.

Hey, we needed some excitement, since we weren't getting it from the game we actually paid to watch today.

And how about this for some more if irony wasn't available enough in baseball these days. What if I were to tell the ace starting pitcher (and he is, he has the best ERA and W-L Record on the team), whom the author of this blog still loves very very much, didn't put out his best stuff...the team makes like 95 errors (not kidding)...

And the pitcher who didn't deserve the win the other night gets the loss today. Totally deserved, if you asked me. But not totally his fault either. I mean, yes, the granny was his fault. The rest of the game was in the shit can before we could even sing Meet the Mets.

BUT! Believe it or not, I am actually taking a positive outlook on this.

For one - we got another esteemed member in the 30/30 Club. Davey, you're sooooo pretty!!!!!

Phillies fans are acting like -- once again -- they won the World Fucking Series by sweeping the Mets. Whoop-a-dee-do. The last time they swept, the hardly even gained any more ground.

So I can't get too concerned.

Who's in SECOND PLACE? Clap! Clap! Clap-clap-clap!

I am wiped from today. Longest. Game. Ever. Played.

I also had the opportunity to meet this blogger. Irony - I was wearing his site's t-shirt (totally unplanned).

Nice to meet you, Greg!!!


G-Fafif said...

Nice to meet you, too, Coop. Let us know next time you storm a luxury box. We'll be there with backup.

will said...

oh coop, it was only 94 errors.

debmc said...

94, 84, what's the fucking difference? LOL There is simply no excuse for the level of play exhibited by this team this weekend. Talk about being embarrassed to be a Mets fan.... lol. And people talk about the FANS' poor behavior.... lol.

The Lost Weekend, indeed *snort*, lol.

I have one question -- are the Phillies the new Braves? LOL

Ceetar said...

I'll sign up for backup!

I thought there'd be some sort of guard on the luxury boxes. Did you really only get kicked out of the boxes? I'd have thought for sure a full security escort out of the stadium would be in order for that. (guess they were busy with the Phillies/Eagles fans though)

The Coop said...

I'll leave it to the Dawg for more explanations on the luxury boxes...but depending on where you enter, it's pretty relaxed. Plus, Zoe and I had left because of few "official" looking people kept coming in (prob knowing this was supposed to be empty) and we just skiddaddled. The rest of my fam was just back in their seats a few minutes later.

dykstraw said...

Sorry you guys didn't get kicked out entirely. Actually, I would have requested to be shot rather than watch the rest of that shitshow.

Khalid said...

If we go .500 the rest of the way (against the fish and nats), the Phillies need to go 10-3 just to tie us. Not....gonna....happen. All is well. Its not the hot team goin in that wins it all, its the team that plays best in the playoffs. Suicidal Mets fans, slowly put the razor blades down.