Monday, September 03, 2007


So my buddy and yours, Blondies Jake, arrived in the area for a one-day-only Blondie's appearance with Mrs. Blondies Jake and some others from the Motley Crew of BMF, including A Phanatic. Sorry about your team there Phan! SNK promises to buy you a beer next time around, hee hee!!

I know I was on Mets Sabbatical this weekend, but believe me...I cheated. A lot. Everyone from SassDawg, to SNK to Zoe to a friend who had access to MLB scores on his blackberry were giving me updates...not to mention going out to see the Cyclones on Saturday, they had the nerve to give us live feeds from Fox!!!! Then on Sunday, yeah, I listened to the game on the radio. JUST for one inning though.

So in honor of Blondies Jake visiting, my Mets Sabbatical coinciding with some of the most exciting baseball the Mets have played all season, not to mention Pedro's return, I will say this:


So I owe you guys a Happy RECoop, which I am more than happy to oblige.

Well, what's there not to be happy about. The Marlins proved they are not only scrappy around us thank you very much. And after rooting against the Braves in the House of Pain this weekend, I have to say I was very pleased that they won today. Hey, I guess if the stars align accurately, the Braves will also play spoiler to teams not named the Mets. Pretty cool.

Pelf decides to show us what he made of. I am very proud of him. I saw him pitch in his very first game as a Met in 2006, and I was so excited. After his lackluster start this season, I thought maybe we hyped him a little too much. I saw something though, not so much an Oh Pea sabor thing, but something in him in his last two, maybe three starts, that showed me he had the goods. Glad he decided to show up this weekend. I mean, after a gut-wrenching sweep to the Phils last week, who would have thought that going into the Ted, against a team that has absolutely owned us this year, and in the past, with guys like Larry Jones and pitching Hudson AND Smoltzie in the same series, that the Mets might win a game? I was very happy with Pelf's performance.

Pedro. Oh, Pedro, how I love thee...Let me count the ways. How about 3,000...Career strikeouts, that is. What can I possibly say about Pedro that hasn't been? He brings with him a certain swagger, an attitude that even Stings himself cannot muster. I saw him dancing in the dugout with everyone from Stings, Oh Pea to dinosaur Moises Alou!

I'm not the only one who loves Pedro. Everyone loves Pedro. After a shaky first inning, the Mets really sparked and just annihilated the Reds pitching. Boo yah!

So now what? Well, we've got a pretty abbreviated week. One night game tomorrow against the Reds, an afternoon game on Wed...then back home on Friday for a series against the Astros.

And I am proud to announce that SNK and I will be at Pedro's first home game, thank you very much!!!

I am also going on record here at MSF and saying...Oh Pea is going to have the game of his career tomorrow night. Mark my words. He will come up huge.

Last but certainly not least, go visit Flushing University already! My article for week is already up. Enjoy. And if you post a comment, tell 'em The Coop sent ya!!

And thanks to the Dawg for those great videos of Wesley Willis and Peter Frampton in honor of Delgado's bats waking up!!!


SNK said...

WOOHOO!! can't wait for Sunday :) You have to smile as a Mets fan today, huh? Life is very good in Metsland, so much so that I actually offered to buy the Phanatic a beer! Everyone loves Pedro - it's a fact.

debmc said...

The "Happy ReCoop...." -- I just love it, lol!

I'll tell you, though, I am so phucking confused with this team right now I can barely see straight. Just last week, they showed how bad they could really be; then did a total 180 and looked like worldbeaters. And then Pelfrey, and then Pedro.... well, I think Stef had it right earlier this year when in one of her columns, she talked about how it was the Pedro Factor that was missing, lol.

Keith and Gary touched on this over the weekend, calling the Mets' clubhouse downright "glum" (something which many of us suspected and posted about), and how the mere presence of Pedro enlivened the clubhouse from "glum" to downright "giddy," lol.

So I think it's fair to say that Pedro's return both to the clubhouse and the rotation mean a whole new Mets team!