Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's Like Meeting the Man of Your Dreams...and His Beautiful Wife or Some Shit...

How about this for some irony?

What if I were to tell you that a first place had a very shaky relief pitcher. Said relief pitcher is brought in to get one out in a 3-1 game, with his team on top. Said relief pitcher also lets inherited runners score and allows the game to be tied.

Said relief pitcher gets the final out, to a mix of cheers (for the outs) and boos (for him even being in).

And what if I were to say when the home team scores the go-ahead run in the bottom of the same inning, said relief pitcher gets the WIN!!!!

As my friend SNK simply cannot script baseball.

I hope that Willie Randolph sees what we all see...that Mota should not be anywhere near a pitchers mound come October. I mean, idiots like us see it, we get it. Randolph needs to stop using him, give Collazo, Humber or Pelfrey more time in relief.


But enough of Guillermo Mota...and the faces behind him (pictures to come later).

Let's talk about the POSITIVES of the game.

Shawn Green! Ate his SMOLTZIES* this morning!!!


John Maine - save an inning where he walked the bases loaded AND a tying run to boot - managed to shake things off and pitched his ass off. Unfortunately, pitchers not deserving of wins GET wins in this game, but I'm sure this outing makes him go tete-a-tete with Sweet Pea for the postseason rotation.

And after last night's debacle, the team seems to be coming around. I mean, who here thought the team would just lay down like sheep after last night? Well, I didn't...but I can admit, it was certainly easy to!

Unfortunately, though Duque may take longer to do so...

COL-O-RA-DO!!!! Our magic number with Philly coming to town this weekend is 11!!



The game atmosphere was fun tonight. Zoe and I had a guest in the Coop box. Please, no crude remarks. Thanks. But we made section 14...erm...not-so-G-rated. We got yelled at a few times, but all in all, the crowd managed to come around and by the end of the night, we were all crude Mets fans. Sweet!


Bring on the Phils!!!!!!


SNK said...

haha good title! A night like tonight can't be scripted...I think Duque will be back - he is just sore from yesterday. Skip a start or 2 and he'll be ready to dominate in October :) Ya gotta believe coop!

debmc said...

Sounds like you ladies and "guest" lol had a great time last night. Me, I was in a classroom with a group of fifth graders, three of them named "Nick," lol. So of course they're Nicholas, Nick and St. Nick, lol.

And my feet are killing me. LOL It had to have been 100 degrees in that room *sigh.*

Anyway, back to the Mets. I have to admit, when Heilman took the mound last night I had my fingers crossed, and when Mota took his place, I brought out my rosary... lol. Well, I guess my prayers were answered, BUT NOT BY THOSE TWO! lol hee hee hee

Still, we won the game; Wagner was superb, the Mets evened the season series with the Braves (see, we CAN beat the Braves, or at least beat them as often as we lose to them), and I think any notion that this team may have had that the Braves are its nemesis have been disspelled (sp? lol), once and for all.

NOW if we can only work some of the magic on the Philthies..... lol :) !

will said...

lots of beer + mets (esp mota) = lots of vulgarity and cursing by me, and children should never be around, which unfortunately they were. sorry kids.

dave said...

Shawn Green owns Smoltz. I was listening to the game on the radio (thank you Cablevision for cutting my cable line while digging), and Ed Coleman was talking about how Smoltz should just hit Green every time he gets up and save himself some pitches.


Zoe said...

Coopie, I LOOOOOOVE you!

Of course, all this will make much more sense once I get the video up. Workin' on it!

will said...

i will never live this video down.

Julie said...

It's this fall action and talk around NYC that I miss...and I've only lived in Chicago for about 3 months. *Sigh*