Friday, September 21, 2007

Deja Vu All Over Again

You know, if the Mets were just going to lose by one run anyway, why didn't they just blow it in the 9th, as per usual? And it looked that way - based loaded, no outs, Jose Reyes strikes out. You know, as per usual.

Then something magical happened. Marlon (as in Marlon, I looooooooooove you!) Anderson hits a bases clearing double. Then Shirley Beltran comes in and gets another base hit, scoring Marlon. Sweet!

I'm thinking - Wagner comes in bottom of the 9th, this game is done.

Umm...what the fuck? a Pedro Feliciano experiment later (one fucking batter???) and a Jorge Sosa melt-down (plus a David Wright brain fart)...we are back where we fucking were on Tuesday.

1.5 games ahead.

The Phils breathing down our necks. AGAIN. And why aren't the Nationals playing THEM like they played us? HUH???

But riddle me this - why the FUCK wasn't Billy Wagner in there? Yeah yeah, I know. He pitched last night. (edited to add: I heard he was out with back spasms, although i didn't hear that in the game. what a fucking pussy)

But Jorge Sosa of course has been overused lately, we can't use that excuse. He's pitched in pretty much every game the last few series!!

Which leads me to this...

I have a new link up and some of you may think it's a bit "controversial."

But I wouldn't be The Coop without any controversy, so here it is:

Fire Willie. (Also, a special shout out to Blastings! Thrilledge for their interesting take on Manny Acta)

Now, over in my Coop Seal of Approval Links column, I have it listed as Fire Willie? Basically because you know I am not the biggest Willie fan. But I can't exactly say he deserves to be fired yet. I mean, the team has been having mental brain farts. But how much of that is focus. How much of that is feeding off their manager?

But in 2005, I criticized him, but he was new so I gave him a pass.

In 2006, I thought he had it way too easy, but the team was doing well and the players responded to him and everyone told me, this is a good thing.

2007, fool me thrice, shame on me. He is not a good manager. And like Blastings, I wonder, just wonder, where we'd be if Acta had stayed on and became our manager. Because he works with crap, doesn't have nearly the resources Willie has, and still managed to be .500 at home this year. And they are a fourth place team!

I got my postseason tickets yesterday. But like yesterday's game, I'm just not sure they can pull it off. Right now, the way they play...coasting through first 9, scoring a lot of runs in the 9th, then blowing it anyway, is not a championship team.

And you can throw all the case studies in the world at me to say they don't have to dominate.


Stuck on number nine. And if the Mets think they can depend on the Phillies losing to lower their magic number, they have another thing coming. YOU ARE PLAYING TO NOT LOSE, not to WIN. ENOUGH ALREADY.


GaryG said...


The problem looks like its the pen, but its more than that. I mean, look at the past number of games and starters aren't lasting that long, leading to an overworked pen. And Reyes is playing with his head between his legs. If its not one thing its another.

2007 has brought a new type of torture to Met fandom. In years past we were bad and we played bad. This year, we start with a big lead, and we choke at crunch time. I'd almost rather go back to meaningless games in September. This is too painful.

Anthony said...

Coop, there is no goddamn doubt that Manny is going to be a great manager and Willie will not. My only hope is that we can woo him back here when Willie is justly terminated.

dykstraw said...

(that was me)

debmc said...

It's as plain as the fat on my thighs (lol - ew) that there are some major problems with this team and the manner of its construction. It's a bad mix of Shirleys and other various assorted pussies and/or just plain blobs, with a bullpen full of has-beens and never-weres, capped off by a very strange Billy Wagner, indeed.

All led by the Pussy Posse Ringleader of the Mets Circus - Willie "My Guys" Randolph.'s enough to make any Mets fan hurl........... blech!

However, I have a strange prediction. If this team makes it to the postseason, they will win it all.

Have ye doubts? It's surely been that strange of a season.

dave said...

I'm with you about Willie but we can't blame him for this loss. David Wright doesn't make a throwing error in the 9th, game over. We win. Still no excuse for horrible pitching.

Julie said...

What about some blame on Rick Peterson? They are his pitchers too. Willie makes the moves, but Peterson must still be involved and take some of the heat.

Ceetar said...

Well, I think Willie gets too much of the blame. He's struggled lately, managing in a panic, but overall he's good. The manager is always a scape goat when things go wrong, and this is no different. 6 weeks from now Willie could be the most successful Mets manager ever.

And that fire willie guy is a misguided idiot. I was going to comment on his posts, but ultimately decided he wasn't someone worth debating.

Too many Mets fans want to embrace some lame-brained media concept that probably wouldn't work either. Acta? who knows, we could be worse. We wouldn't be much better.