Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dana Brand, Eddie Kranepool (Society)...and Something Else...What Am I Forgetting...

Oh yeah, and a Mets win, Phillies loss. Magic Number is five. Sele and Schoeneweis actually save a game (Thanks, Will!). HELL YEAH BITCHEZ.

I was going to remark a little on the game, but why? Everything I could possibly say will probably be beat to death today and numerous blogs and frankly, like SNK and I were saying today, this team has not been good for my blood pressure. I can't relive what should have been and could have been when in the end, we won. And at this point, I take it where I can. And the Phils lost. And it looked like the guy that most people were and still are crying that we didn't get at trade deadline almost blew it there too.

So at least we are not the only 'pen visibly blowing games. But I promise, i won't harp on that.

But I do have this observation. It is Sunday, September 23. Do you know where your division winners are?

Well, as of now, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California in Orange County have clinched the AL West, and the Cleveland Indians have clinched the AL Central. To be quite honest, I haven't really paid attention to these divisional races, frankly because I've been paying attention to the Mets too much, and their heartbreakers this season -- my cardiologist loves baseball season, LOL. I mean, who doesn't pay attention to the AL East because that other team in New York and the Red Sox have been duking it out over the past few weeks.

Talk about a monumental collapse. ALMOST. If you want to see fans squirm, look no further than Red Sox Nation, with their Magic Number being SIX.

The Skanks haven't won anything yet. Lets keep it that way. Well, as long as we possibly can.

My point is - the AL East is nowhere near being decided yet. And whenever that's decided it looks like whoever finishes second there will be the WC for the AL.

The NL races are a bit complicated this year.

Well with the Mets win today, the Phils loss, there is FINALLY a little breathing room with 2.5 games (!!!). Yes, you read that right. YEESH. But keep the faith, we play tomorrow, Phils are off, the onus is all on the Mets.

The Wild Card in the NL is shaping up to be interesting. Unlike the AL East race, whoever finishes second in the division does not look as though they make the Wild Card. Well, maybe. San Diego is .5 games ahead of Philly in the race, with the Rox as the dark horse candidates in 3rd. Arizona looks to be a lock in the AL West, but also have a magic number of 5, while the Cubs ~ wonder of wonders ~ have a magic number of 4, with the Brewers 3.5 games behind, having lost today...seems to be also an unlikely candidate for the WC. (GOOD, so we don't have the possibility to face Suppan LOL).

Be careful what we wish for. We wanted a pennant race, a TRUE dyed in the wool pennant race, and we got one, dear readers. Strap yourselves in for this roller coaster ride. But not just any roller coaster...maybe the Tower of Terror is a better analogy.

I spoke with Mr. E yesterday and I remarked that I got our playoff tickets. He was surprised - home field hasn't even been decided. Well, if you are a season ticket holder, you basically buy out all "possible" games, then get reimbursed for the games not played (so I buy three possible NLDS games, but if only "two" possible are played at Shea, I get reimbursed for the 3rd game, etc). But at least I know that much is true, the games I could "possibly" go to.

Anything can happen in these next few days. ANYTHING. And it's going to be more than ever bargained for.


Oh yeah, I promised it wouldn't be long. But it was. Whatever. I'm done now.

So as per my title, I had a lot going on these past few weeks. One is -- back at the Wednesday game versus the Braves almost two weeks back, Zoe and I (and we were later joined by Will) took a detour through the Diamond Club. Where I ran into this illustrious fellow:

Well, today I was able to meet another Mets institution...actually a Mets blogger institution at Dana Brand's book party -- the Kranepool Society!

I feel like I've made it, ladies and gentleman.

But that's not to detract from the other wonderful bloggers I was able to meet face to face today -- besides Mr. Brand, a lovely man, by the way (as if there would be any other kind of Mets fan/published author?) -- Mike Steffanos from Mike's Mets, Mike Silva from Blog Talk Radio, Kathy Foronjy from the new fan documentary Mathematically Alive (this I gotta see!), and of course my homeys - the Payson Association - Zoe, SNK and Metsgrrl.

If you haven't read it or bought it yet, here is the link to Dana Brand's Mets Fan book site. He conducted a reading of some of the books passages tonight - some of the memories were good (running on the field in '69, though I definitely wasn't around for THAT LOL), bittersweet (the closing of Shea Stadium and opening of Citi), some just downright painful (like Kenny Rogers, where MG's TBF and I started simulated suicide missions, LOL). But all in all, from what I read, it truly captures the poetry and literary nature of baseball. Go out and buy it. NOW!

'Cause the Coop told you so!!


dave said...

Thanks for the link to the fan book site. Hadn't seen it before.

By the way love the Tower of Terror. Good analogy of this Mets season. My cardiologist doesn't care for me to be involved in either of them.

debmc said...

My, haven't you lovely ladies been busy.... lol.

And hey, you gotta admit, at least we gained a game back on the Phillies this past weekend, lol.

And oh, btw, did you see my thread on FU? Yeah, the one where I said that if our boys hang in and win the division, they will win it all.

Brave, huh? Either that, or monumentally dumb.... lol!

The Coop said...

No way, Deb, I think you are right on. LOL

SNK said...

Hey don't forget deb, i predicted that they were "world series bound" in early august...but even I wasn't dumb enough to predict what happens then, LOL. Whatever happens, 2007 has been a pretty memorable season, i'll say that.

debmc said...

Memorable.... well, Stef, I think that's one way to put it. LOL I can think of many others, but let's not even go down those roads right now... lol.

Oh, btw, right now I'm listening to Mike & MD on WFAN, and MD is expounding on and on about how there's no way the Yankees won't make an appearance in the Canyon of Heroes sometime early this fall...AND I JUST WANT TO PUKE! He HATES THE YANKEES, almost as much as most of us do. I don't think anyone gives the Mets the smallest chance for the ultimate prize this year...EXCEPT US, OF COURSE !!!!!!!!! Fuckers...... lol. Hee hee hee!