Monday, September 10, 2007


Visit Zoe for more info on the title reference...(and yes, darling, you will need to keep doing this for the rest of the series, thank you!!!).

Back to the game...

Is it hot in here, or is it just me???

Probably is just me, with the way Oh Pea performed tonight. Boo-yah!!!

Thank God for David Wright too. Any naysayers about his deserving of the MVP crown should be forced to watch the rest of the Braves' pitiful miserable season in penance. And boy is it pitiful. As if the Braves can't have it gets worse. Damn. I was looking forward to chanting LARRRR-RRRRYYY! this whole series.

But if one bad turn deserves careful what we wish for, I guess is the theory of this one...Carlos Delgado is looking like he'll be out for more than the original 10 days they gave him. I may have been hard on Carlos D this season but I do think he was truly coming out of his slump and I hate to see him go down, especially now. When we could really use his bat in the lineup. But for now, Shawn Green has to hold down the fort at 1st.

So that solves the Shawn Green / Stings playing time problem.

Now -- on the topic of playoff rotation, there have been numerous discussions over here and over there about it. The long and short of it is...if Pedro continues to pitch the way he has been, NO WAY he is out of the rotation in the postseason.

Duque stays because of his (hate to use this word) "pedigree," but we need to face facts, no one gets as locked into the playoffs as Duque does.

Then there's Glavine. Oh yes, we're going to keep the anchor of our rotation out of the playoffs!

So the odd men out are...Maine and Pea. There has been some discussion, repeated rumblings mind you, about where Pea fits in, if he is better suited for the 'pen. And the argument is, El Sid -- a dominant starter in the '86 season -- went to the 'pen in the postseason and singlehandedly (well, pitching-wise, he had a little help from Ray Knight and Darryl Strawberry, to say the lease) saved the team's collective butts in Game 7. And Pea has been compared to El Sid on more than one occasion.

But I have to say that I wholeheartedly disagree with putting Pea in the 'pen. He has been far too filthy and definitely gets locked into these games.

The way Maine has been performing of late, I hate to say it, our pitching stalwart at the beginning of the season needs to find his groove. So let's petition Willie to give him a day off soon (skipped rotation, if you will, hand the ball to Pelf or Humber, let them get their licks NOW) and see how he performs.

But here's the kicker and it's not just because I am a total Oh Pea homer...Maine is far more hittable...hitters have started to figure him out. That right there is the issue with Maine.

And that's my $.02!

But for now...Go Rockies. But it is sort of satisfying to know Pat Burrell abuses more teams than just the Mets.


Mike said...

Right now, Duque has to go to the pen.

dave said...

I like Ollie in the pen. The thought of Maine in the pen reminds me a lot of Aaron Heilman. Great stuff, but is guaranteed to give up a home run at some point.

El Duque is probably the best fit but that's not going to happen. Isn't it great to have this problem? Beats last year's predicament!

will said...

fucking pat burrell i swear

debmc said...

I think Maine is the pen guy, to be honest; at least, right now. He really hasn't looked good for awhile now, and maybe a "change of scenery," so to speak, might benefit him. :)

And Smoltz conceded the division last night -- how NICE of him, lol!

Zoe said...

Agreed that Perez might be a disaster in the pen. Did you see Beltran's post-game interview? He was all about giving Perez his props. He was like--"I told him to look at the video and keep pitching just like that."

writerhoward said...

Why has Maine lost his "groove"?

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