Sunday, September 30, 2007

And In The End...

...None of it really mattered yesterday anyway.

...The guy with the pedigree, the proven vet, the one with the World Series championship under his belt not only probably saw his last game in a Mets uniform, but couldn't even get himself out of the first inning.

...The guy who said there was a team to beat this year proved he was right. Congrats, Phils. Just don't expect me to root for you.

...I wasn't as sad as I thought I would be. Rather I was more angry than anything else. The tears came down though, when I was home. Probably not a good idea for me to listen to "Fix You" by Coldplay on my iPod on my walk home ("When you lose something and it goes to waste...when you love something you can't replace...")

...Even Jose Reyes is not immune to Bronx cheers.

...Even David Wright can't carry the team 100% of the time.

...Carlos Delgado never came through when we needed him to this year, and when he did he got hurt.

...We realized we couldn't always get what we wanted.

...We ended the year with a whimper and not even anything remotely close to a bang. The day started with a sea of blue and orange, and ended in a sea of heartache.
But there were some minor miracles that happened along the way...

The bullpen finally came through today. Hooray.

The Mets got on base a lot due to walks and a not-so-hot Dontrelle. Of course, they didn't score runs. If they did, the game would have been a lot more interesting.

The 2007 Mets had not one but TWO 15 game winners on the team. The two young guys!

The fans were still believing into the 9th inning. Right to the very end. We are Mets fans. If nothing else, we never give up hope. We never stop believing in the team. heaven forbid you are the one who stops believing and they come back.

But like I said earlier, I think the general feeling is anger.

I saved a lot of money on playoff tickets too. But I get to use the credit for next season.

Although I felt such anger earlier, I cannot help but feel such disappointment and sadness too. I know I cannot give this drug up. I just can't. I signed on for this when I was 7. Sometimes, I wish I didn't! But I did, and it's a part of me. Love me, Love my Mets.

But I take a look and I see what could have been. This was what could have been.
This was supposed to be the year. It wasn't unfortunately. "Our season has come" the ads used to tell us. And just like that - POOF. It's gone.

RIP 2007 Mets.


dykstraw said...

I screamed off the upper deck, I talked Pin Man off the ledge (um, literally), I kicked over ever bottle I saw.

I don't have anything else to do.

GaryG said...

What's especially annoying is knowing that Glavine stunk in his last 3 starts and if he's good in ANY of them, we're playing October baseball.

I don't think I'll be watching much postseason baseball, kinda burnt out. Well, I'll root for the Cubs, who are the anti-Phillies, and its their time.

Mr. E. said...

A few musings from Mr. E...........
I was dancing a jig during Saturday's 7th inning stretch, I was so happy.
During today's stretch, I could'nt find the inner strength to get out of my seat.
A lady on the train asked me if she could cry with me.
I said no, lady.
Except for a few brief interludes, I been cryin since 1962.
I do my cryin by myself.
She just walked on.
140 days till pitchers and catchers.

Sassdawg. said...

I slept, slept well actually, I was drunken.

I have some thoughts. I would like to get a drive together, possibly something symbolic. I am leaning towards getting a giant paper shredder and inviting season ticket and plan holders to a giant shredding. After which we will send our shredded tickets back to the Mets.

Coop said...

That's all fine and good, Dawg...but if we want credit on our accounts, don't we need to send them back?

debmc said...

I really don't know what to feel right now. Or what to think. But I do know major changes need to be made to this team and maybe even the organization and the management team.

And nobody's immune, in my book, except for Wright.

But as you pointed out, Coop -- he can't do it by himself. He needs help. We need to get it for him. We need the right kind of leadership, we need to get younger, we need to get a better mix of guys, and we need guys who actually care.

Sassdawg. said...

As far as I know, I read the letter that they sent in the package, no we do not need to send them back to get credit.

Coop said...

Dawg, spread the word then. i think we know enough people who would be up for it

Zoe said...

Thanks for all my time in the Coop box, baby. We had fun even in the face of defeat.

Next year the team will fight back. And we'll be ready to scream for them again.