Wednesday, August 08, 2007

This Apple Doesn't Fall Too Far...

At the risk of sounding like a South Park episode, I learned something today.

That everything I say about the Mets, my dad could say too.

Mr. E and I attended a night weekday game for the first time in...oooh...I'm not sure how long. Maybe 2005? I think the last time was the night Ramon Castro hit the go-ahead home run to beat the Phillies in the 8th inning, right around the Wild Card race (which we ultimately lost, but so did the Phils, so there).

Anyway, Mr. E asks me on the train tonight, "What about Beltran, huh?" To which I reply, "He's a pussy." Then my dad starts bitching about how if *he* strains an oblique muscle, guess what, he still has to hammer his nails to build the house or add onto a renovation. It's LIFE. I say, when Delgado and LoDuca played hurt last year, no one realized it even though we all knew it. Why? THEY PERFORMED. Big difference in performing hurt players and those who hurt the team playing hurt.

Later at the game, we start heckling players. Alou was one of them. Needless to say, later he was absolved of any wrongdoing.

I also point out a spectacular catch by my boy, the big Stings. My dad likes him too. Good. I say, we should trade Beltran and keep him out there. Mr. E agrees. Although I'm not too sure how I feel about that, though it's been discussed here at length.

Mr. E starts complaining about LoDuca. How he begged Willie -- actually, as my dad so eloquently put it -- had the "sack" to tell Willie that he could play, that he wanted to be ready for the Braves series. How many ground outs did he have? Whatever. PLD needs to wake up. And smell whatever Alou (and Castillo, clutch!) did tonight.

Then Billy Wagner. Madon', as Tony Soprano would say. This dude wants to kill me.

A heart attack later, and now I don't care how many people he left on base. Of course I'd be singing a different tune if we lost.

But we won. I got to see a win with my dad. And baby, was it sweet. Of course, we are back at square one. A win tomorrow, we take the series AND a bigger lead in the East. How about THEM apples? That's what I call applesauce, beyotches.

Continuing with the apples theme...has anyone been to this site yet? Save the Apple. Apparently there is a grass roots effort to save the papier-mache apple hat at Shea. I guess you want to know my opinion. I love the apple. If the Mets move, they have to bring that screaming piece of crap with them.

If it doesn't go, it definitely belongs in the Hall of Fame. The thing is too cool for words and really brings me back to my youth. I used to totally dig it when it would pop out for Darryl Strawberry home run.

F-Larry. F-Frenchy. F-em all. Go John Maine. Afternoon game tomorrow, 12:10 pm. Later beyotches.


SNK said...

sorry i didn't get down to say hi and meet your dad- by the time we got upstairs, we were too tired and sweaty to move :) What a game!

Yes, Billy almost gave the Shea faithful a collective heart attack but all is forgiven now! Plus, with all ground balls, you can hardly get on his case for allowing those hits- they could have just as easily been outs.

Coop said...

S'all right there chica. We got some games coming up next month, we'll certainly see each other enough then!

The upper deck was quite full for a Wed night game, si?

BookieD said...

I was lucky enough to be in attendance last night. Damn, it was hot at Shea! I was sweatting bullets, sitting between my buddy and the heavy-set guy in the next box. Whatever, it was totally worth it. Great job by the bottom of the order, 'Sting's sick catch (and Reyes' dig in the hole earlier in the game) and, of course, Castillo and Alou.

There were a TON of fans there for a Wednesday night, but I guess everyone knows the importance of the series. It is so wierd that with the game tied in the 8th, 3/4 of the stadium is more concerned about the wave running through the Loge, Mezz and Uppers than what's goin on in the field. On the other hand, the constant noise gives the place a lot of energy.

Coop--I checked 3 stores in the stadium, and there is no 'Stings merchandise available anywhere. Interestingly, there were plenty of brand new Luis Castillo "jersey" t-shirts, but no Milledge to be found. Very annoying. Is there an impending trade we don't know about? I did pick up a nice pink Mr. Met onesie for the baby, so it wasn't a total loss.

Mama's of Corona is sooo freaking good. They'd better bring that over to CitiField.

Re: the Apple--I don't think we need to see the same crappy Apple in the outfield. I think this whole movement stems from misplaced nostalgic feelings about Shea Stadium. The place has to go, and we need a park (and a HR apple) befitting our new winning ballclub. What they should do, however, is put the original apple on display in one of the rotundas of CitiField with a plaque, so we can show our children the po-dunk that was Shea Stadium.

Coop said...

Books, surprisingly enough, there is no Oh Pea merchandise either. I think I've seen some Maine shirts. But Pea? No love. Metsgrrl knows some store online that you can get them. Perhaps she can refresh my memory since I need both Pea's and Stings.

You are not the only dad who went crazy to three different friend (Stings Devotee) was on a mission to find his little girl a Jose Reyes bobble head. No dice at any of the biggie stores, even the Diamond Club. Plenty of: Mr met, D-Wright (which I think he said his older daughter had but the little one definitely wanted Jose) and -- of all people -- Moises Alou. What gives?

debmc said...

I love you, Coop, you know that, but I hate that f**king apple in its present form. Really, I have no problem with AN apple at CitiField, just not THAT apple. It's the biggest piece of sh!t I've seen this side north of the Mason-Dixon line, lol.

And I don't know, you gotta give Paulie credit just for PLAYING! As a catcher, he's been so banged up this year it's not even funny. And he, unlike some other BP whose name shall remain unuttered *Shirley cough*, he actually provides other services to the team and to his pitching staff. So I kind of give Paulie a pass for now.

I'm sick and tired of seeing people ride the hides of players who are doing what they are supposed to be doing because to some, they want or expect these guys to pick up the slack for those who aren't *cough Shirley cough Delgado cough Green cough cough sometimes Alou."

Hee hee hee....

mr. met said...

Bury the apple! Put it (and us) out of it's misery.

Coop said...

Deb, I totally respect your opinion. If you notice, I don't really take a stand. I have mad love for the apple but like Bookie says, it's some misplaced nostalgia probably. I just remember being 8-years old and seeing that thing rise up for the first time I saw a HR at Shea. Insanity, I tells ya! Now, I don't really even notice when it goes up. LOL

And in case you didn't see, I wasn't exactly riding Paulie, it was Mr E, who believe me, any day of the week (including Sundays) puts you, me and Gary to shame with heckling and tough love for our guys. The only one who can beat him, I think, is Uncle Gene. Those two together are like the old guys from Muppets!

BookieD said...

Coop--I should clarify--the 'Stings jersey is for ME. Since I couldn't find anything for me, I got the onsie for the Baby. I saw a game-worn OP jersey in the "memorabilia" section of the Clubhouse store on the Field Leve. I'm sure the price is like $300 or something, but it is there.

debmc said...

You know what, Coop? Mr. E is probably right... lol hee hee hee! I sometimes think that even with all the riding, we're STILL too easy on some of these, these.... ****** pansies, lol.

Especially... well, you know who. I'll give you three guesses, and the first two don't count yuck yuck, lol.

As for that POS Apple, it's a nice idea done in a cheesy way, which is far different from a cheesy idea done in a nice way, which is basically a world of difference; the latter of which I would much prefer to see than the former! lol

SNK said...

coop - it was pretty crowded up there where i was sitting, but not as crowded as it likely would have been if not for the 900 degree heat/humidity and the transportation problems. cant believe that many people could GET to shea last night!